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A dark word from a forgotten tongue

I was in a drunken haze when I found the place. It was in the depths of the night, in an ancient city, on a street haunted by skeletally thin lost souls, lurking in doorways. The entrance was a large dark archway, once perhaps an entrance to a grand build...


Moonlight BJ

... her mouth was so bored with nothing in it.

Kitty had been teasing me for a while on kik - saying things like her mouth was so bored with nothing in it. Unfortunately two previous offers of a BJ had to be refused owing to a prior commitment and me being absolutely knackered (go figure... didn't hav...

Theatre Fun

Flatmates flirty gf

This happened about 20 years ago when was flatting with 2 other mates. One of them had a girl friend who would often be in the flat with him . She was petite with quite large breasts which were not proportionate to her waist at all. Think big !! One eveni...



A woman of appetites.

The plan had been a night out. Some folks sat around the table drinking beer and talking, waiting for a friend of a friend to show up, a girl who’d been working overseas. When the expected party arrived she’d brought another friend, a foreign girl; her tr...

So flowy

A married woman in need

I was casually browsing on a dating site a few years back and messaged a random woman like all men do-message a hundred, 5 may reply :) She was online and responded. We got chatting and she mentioned that like me she was also married but had opted to put...


Last night in Bali

A first time experience

Around October last year, myself and a group of my friends from uni ended up going to Bali for the week. With many memorable adventures, we decided to end our final night off before heading home at the hotspot Finns Beach club. If you have ever been there...


Private striptease

I was shopping for some new lingerie and the stranger offered to buy it for me so I offered to let him be the first to remove it

We have had a couple of really awesome adventures here but last night started something I can’t wait to explore. Feeling pretty mellow and quite naughty I put on a sexy blue corset and black skirt, a black coat over the top to keep me warm, and my fuck bu...

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An evening to remember - pt 1

Dinner out, the mood is set for an aventurous evening

o Across the bay the sun began to dip below the city and the hills beyond, the last rays streaming across the now darkening sky and bathing all in their rich red glow. Soon the lights of the city begin to take over as darkness descends and the week comes...


When a sexy Bi Lady hit on me at Chapel Bar in Ponsonby

She was in for a treat and I warned her for a suprise.

It was a lovely Sunday avo at Chapel Bar in Ponsonby and I was with a group of friends chilling on the back deck listening to some House music. She walked in and we smiled at each other across the bar I knew she was a Bi women from her interesting style ....


Birthday Party

Blindfold Fantasy

So I had always fantasised about being blindfolded and fucked by strangers, the thought of walking along the street and a guy walks by looks at me smiles cause he knows he fucked me and I have no idea was really hot. So on my 45th birthday ex tells me he...

Cuckold Hill

The beauty of cuckold and outdoor play

We meet see each other’s profile on KS, click like and comment on pics and then like the profile. We begin to talk and share albums and we all like what we see. During our chats we get to know each other and like the quirkiness and intelligence in our con...

Summer Dip

Adventurous Seduction

We chat, we discuss, we question and then we press go. The whole time that we have known each other has only been online, we have swapped pics, we have messaged and we start to realise that we turn each other on. We like adventure, surprise, intrigue, nau...

bad boy good boy?

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Miss Hubbard steps out of the shower her long red hair dripping water down her small perky tits her pink nipples hardening as quickly as the goosebumps going up her sexy slender thighs as she steps out, She reaches for her towels rapping one around her hi...