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"A dark word from a forgotten tongue"
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I was in a drunken haze when I found the place. It was in the depths of the night, in an ancient city, on a street haunted by skeletally thin lost souls, lurking in doorways. The entrance was a large dark archway, once perhaps an entrance to a grand building, crumbling reclining figures framed the top of the arch, partially obscured by the power cables running in a scrambled cluster to the side of the entrance. I wandered down the passageway to a courtyard surrounded by terraced apartments, all was still and dark in the night. I don't know what drew me on. At the far end of the cobbled courtyard was another, smaller, dark passageway. There was a single electric light-bulb burning in the gloom by that entrance, struggling to illuminate a painted wooden sign which read; Belles de nuit . As I got closer I noticed an old movie poster on the wall; painted figures dancing around a staring face.

I entered the passage and after a short time it turned right before ending at a wall several feet later. To my left there were double swinging doors. The room beyond was a medium sized theatre of a kind that would have been common in this city in the 1890s. There were seats in rows, and at the front, in front of the stage, a scattering of round tables with chairs. On the stage a half naked woman strolled backwards and forwards waving a large and grubby fan of once brightly coloured ostrich feathers.

Taking a seat at a table, to the right and against the wall, I cast my eyes around. There were several other men at tables in the half light, each accompanied by a woman in a worn cabaret costume. The occasional rhinestone provided a glint here and there. 'Monsieur' came the voice. I looked up to find a woman silhouetted against the stage standing in front of me. She was accompanied by the heavy odour of perfume. Her fragrance affected me; I felt a subtle tension in my chest. She took a drink from a tray and placed it before me. The tall glass dripped with condensation in the dank air and I drank the refreshing liquid greedily. 'Monsieur' she repeated. I indicated the chair to my left, and she moved, turning and sitting next to me, facing the stage. As she came into the light I was taken with her beauty. Her hair was half up, dumped in a pile on her head, and was dark and full. Her eyes dark, clear, Spanish and intelligent, though guarded. Her long flowing dress was strapless and low-cut, presenting her full bosom to my eyes. And her lips were full and crimson. I sat and stared at her, she returned my gaze with a direct, disaffected gaze.

After a time she leant forward and breathed into my ear "Come with me". The corner of her mouth curled up slightly, and the tension in my chest spread, becoming a warmth in my stomach and groin. We stood and I followed her across the room to a door to the left of the stage. We passed through the door and I followed her along a passageway. The building was a rabbit warren of passages, stairways, and doors. As I followed her the heavy smell of her perfume mixed with the underlying smell of her sex; I became more and more intoxicated by her. Eventually she opened one of the doors and ushered me through. There was a large cast-iron framed bed and an antique ladies dressing table in the room. She stripped me naked, taking every opportunity to brush against my cock as the warmth continued to grow in me. She then sat me on the edge of the bed, stood back, unbuttoned the side of her dress, let it fall to the ground and then stepped out of it, revealing herself to me naked except for a corset. Her skin was pale with a touch of olive, her nipples resting on the top of the corset were medium in size, dark, and betrayed a little arousal. Her bush was full and dark, and the smell of her sex, which was making my head spin, increased in strength.

There was a knock on the door, she turned, showing me her big beautiful arse, and admitted another woman. The second woman had dirty blonde hair, and she quickly disrobed. They turned towards me and I noticed that I had my cock in my hand. They sat either side of me and I turned my head to the left, to the dark-haired woman, to that full and crimson mouth. We drank each other in, and as we kissed I felt the second woman's breasts against my side, her mouth on my neck, her hand on my inner thigh. Now that I was close I could smell the full feral odour of this dark-haired goddesses skin and hair. They pushed me back onto the bed and took turns riding me. Then they took turns licking each other clean, and then they turned and assumed positions on all fours on the bed. I rode them  both from behind, one after the other, like some kind of wild animal, eventually spilling my seed all over their full round arses. We collapsed together in a sweaty, sticky, tangled heap, and I slipped into unconsciousness.

I awoke to a strange scene. In a pool of light in front of the dressing table sat the two woman. They were both completely naked, and facing each other. After a long time staring into each other’s eyes they each took a turn standing, turning away from the other, bending over, and spreading their cheeks. After presented with her companion’s open arse, the other then leant forward and licked and kissed the arsehole. When they again sat facing one another, they uttered a strange word from an ancient language, then leaning forward they french kissed. After this ritual had been performed they came back to the bed, climbed on either side of me, enfolded me in an embrace, and together we slept.

When I again awoke there was no-one to be seen, I found my way out of the building, through the now abandoned theatre, and wandered the still shady early morning streets until I found a metro station.


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