Fullmoon Fever Other

Power of the moon…

The full moon is coming, I feel its undeniable pull. I can’t sleep, I am restless, I toss and turn, my hands are constantly running over my body, impatiently pinching, twisting, rubbing.

I spend my days tired, moody, edgy. Fantasising about men I see at work, the supermarket, on the street….dreaming about sinking to my knees and undoing their trousers. I am in a constant state of slick readiness.

I can’t wait for bedtime where I can l… Read more

Surprise Beach Encounter Other

First Fantasy…

It had been a long week for me, everything that could go wrong went wrong, my mind like a grenade just waiting to have the pin pulled.
Sitting staring at the TV but taking in 0% what do I want in life? what do I want to be? where do I want to be let's say, 5 Years Time? who the hell knows! Time for me to go and clear my head find a beautiful secluded spot down at the beach front, so I can kick back, crank up the sounds while I have a quiet one a… Read more

Always Ali Other

A train-ride to remember (Lesbian, Hetero, Romance)…

On the train between London and Brighton, you've got time to watch one of the world's biggest cities give way to country side, to dream about getting away for good one day, and to read your Sunday paper from cover to cover. But if you're the adventurous type, you might just find time to fuck with all the passion of two soul mates denied each other for too long. That's what happened to me, or should I say us not so long ago.

We'd not been getti… Read more

Mrs Robinson Other

My first time with an older woman…

I will always remember my first time with an older woman in vivid detail!!

I had just turned 18 when I first saw her. I was training at my local boxing club for an upcoming bout. I was doing some routine circuits, when I noticed a lady enter through the front door and sit on the adjacent bench. She waved at one of the young kids, here to pick him up. I continued my workout, I started hitting the heavy bag. At that point I glanced across at the… Read more

Hot for Teacher Other

A young man catches up with a former teacher…

Hot for Teacher

This is a completely true story of how I ended up hooking up with one of my high school teachers. This happened many years ago, but I still reflect on it occasionally, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face, and a slight twitch to my pants. No underage people are involved at all. I’ve changed some names and a couple of small details, but the majority of the story is true……

At the time I was 22 years old, single… Read more

Sail week in Croatia Other

My fun time with the captain…

When I was in Croatia last year, I attended sail week. It is 3-4 sail/spring break with a lot of young people who are from all over the world partying and lounging in the middle of the sea. So many hot guys and girls, between 18 - 30, its an experience I have always been told to go on and thought it would be perfect in my final year as a uni student.

I packed zero normal clothes. I packed around 5 or so bikinis, a pair of thongs to sleep in, … Read more

Awards night - part 2 Other

Morning after…

I woke up super wet the morning after. Lying on my front, I look over my shoulder to see something under the bed. John was eating me out from behind as I was asleep and woke me. Getting his attention I asked him what he was doing. He didn’t say anything and continued to proceed. I spun around on my back and let him continue, holding his head as he ate me out. I was super wet, he was doing a really good job. 

He then popped up, wanting to p… Read more

Awards night Other

A new meaning to PA…

Last year while I was in uni, I worked part time as a PA to a real estate agent who owned his own franchise of a major real estate company that shell not be named. He was in his early to mid 50’s, successful and made a name for himself in that world. For privacy reasons, we will call him John.

John invited me and a few other senior executives to the yearly awards night. We were up for a big award that night so it was a huge deal. He hired o… Read more

Last night in Bali Other

A first time experience…

Around October last year, myself and a group of my friends from uni ended up going to Bali for the week. With many memorable adventures, we decided to end our final night off before heading home at the hotspot Finns Beach club. If you have ever been there before, there are many different nationalities, hot guys and hot girls in swimwear drinking away from morning to night.

I ended up wearing a leopard skin bikini with a thong bottom. I bought… Read more

My girlfriends dress up party (girlfriends perspective) Other

Being a naughty girlfriend…

If you haven’t read my boyfriends perspective linked previously, it might pay as I may not mention some key aspects the same.

I’m Kate (as he calls me in the story), 19 at the time, young minded and always wanting to have a good time. Most of my time consisted of flat parties, heavy drinking, working out, studying and being young. This story was from 2017 when I was in university.

The theme as said before, was ‘Back to school’ the… Read more

My girlfriends dress up party Other

School girls gone wild…

A few years ago in my first year of University, I sober drove my girlfriend Kate to a dress up party. It was ‘Back to School’ themed, meaning her and all her friends dressed like sluts. Not normally a role-play enthusiast, I thought she looked extremely sexy. 

Kate was 19 at the time, brunette, 5’6, perky C tits and a fit athletic body. She was an ex competitive dancer and gymnast, known for having one of the best and perkiest ass’s … Read more

On The Lake With Lee Other

Lee's unusual fishing technique.…

“She’s doing that intentionally” I thought.

It wasn’t the first thought I’d had about Lee’s unusual technique and it had taken a moment to come to the conclusion that her handling of the fishing rod wasn’t entirely about convenience, comfort or playing the substantial trout on the end of the line.

When she’d hooked the trout in the corner of the bay as we idled parallel to the shoreline trolling the small lure, she’d yelp… Read more

My Girlfriends New Years Eve Other

Tease for the night…

Its New Year’s eve, end of school year, 12 of us staying in a hotel, and ready to party hard with a proper send off on the viaduct. We all are getting ready with the boys and boyfriends in one room and all the girls and girlfriends in another. Lads looked sharp, but our girls looked unreal.

I walked back to my room after getting a text to come grab my wallet, with my girlfriend just finishing off her makeup and my jaw dropped. My girlfriend… Read more

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Heaven, up the stairs or on her knees Other

Norty girls deserve to get to heaven, the road there is often filled with orgasms…

He opened the door and could tell by the noises coming from the kitchen that his entry had gone unheard. Quietly he walked to the kitchen door and was surprised by what he saw. She was wearing a light summer dress, her hair tied up, making her appear younger than she was. With the sun shining thru the windows, her dress was almost transparent, and he was seized by desire for the womyn. He went quickly in search of what he needed to fulfil his… Read more

Fair game, game on Other

Fantasy wrapped up into reality, who could dream of more…

I am startled awake to the sound of silence. Something woke me but I hear nothing except for the pounding noise of the blood rushing around my veins. I hold my breath and wait; I know something is ‘different’, I can feel it. I slowly let out my breath, wondering it if was a dream that woke me or... suddenly I hear noises coming from the hall way. I am the only one in the house and freeze at the thought of a stranger in my home. I slowly tipto… Read more

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My First Bi-MMF Experience Other

how I discovered that I have a bi side too…

Please note:
My story is written from my own perspective. Some aspects of them will be true based on my own experiences with names changed, while others will be pure fiction, I'll leave it up to the reader to decide which are fantasy, and which are fiction.

Up until a few years ago I had always considered myself to be a 100% straight man, But I have always liked bi stories and movies.

I had moved into my new place in early June, after ne… Read more

I'm a LOVE whore! Other


I'm a love whore!
I sit waiting patiently
after I post
for your acknowledgement
for your gratitude
that you were happy with what was sent.

This fixation on gratification
of something that was
a trivial thought
or a priceless soul clip!

Why do I need this

Because I love when
you love what I do!!… Read more

Shh, sit still! Other

- a wee poem -…

Shh, sit still
Close your eyes
Can you feel my breath as I lean in ever so close?

I can smell the musk on your skin - mmmm breath it in.
Inhaling like you were smoke, hold it, exhale.

I'll start with my tongue on your neck, just near your ear.

Slowly I trace gently, leaving a light wet line, moving down, tracing your shape
- the cool breeze coming through the window will do the rest.

The wet line sends shivers through your body as… Read more

Testing limits Other

Her plaything…

We met on KS, talked briefly a few times and really enjoyed Sarah's sexy mind but didn't expect anything more than chat.
Out of the blue I get an email suggesting we should meet. Turns out hubby was away over seas and there was a twinkle in her eye.

The address and time was given and some explanation it was just to chat. Well duly arrived on time and knocked, door opens and we eye each other up and get invited in..

Shes wearing a shapely … Read more

Lover of Mine Other

At the age of 20 I unknowingly got involved with a married man - only found out when I met his wife at a night club - I wrote this poem…

Lying on my bed

Listening to the chatter of the birds as they say their final farewells to another day.

Feeling the gentle breeze whisper its sweet nothings as it sweeps lovingly through my open window, caressing my naked body.

I think of you, imagining the weight, the closeness of your taunt body entwined with mine … unity.

Always knowing there is a secret bond we have hidden from others,
but something so strong can’t be broken,… Read more

The between meetings fun Other

Story I have wanted to do, someday i may get there…

Ok so this is a bit of a fantasy of mine, and was telling a friend last night and she said i should turn it into a story on KS, so here goes

We had been texting back and forward for a while, trying to get a time to catch up that both worked, we both worked crazy hours and had commitments outside of work that prevented us from ever being able to find a time that worked, we knew we were both horny, and were both frustrated as anything

I had … Read more

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As Yet Untitled Other

Must be getting old…

As yet untitled
Whilst browsing today I came across a photo that triggered a wonderful recollection. It was a beautiful woman, stocking and suspenders and a full, exquisitely manicured bush. A perfect triangle of dark brown public hair. I've not seen the like for many years and it took me back to the first.
I was young once, I remember it well, it was a Thursday.
It was a cold, wet winters evening, heavy rain on the slate roof of the bike shed… Read more

Messy fun Other

I lost another bet to a female friend...... this time she decided to dress me up in a bright yellow gstring and matching bra with a tight white singlet and some very tight black wetlook leggings and yellow heels.... I wore this outfit all day... in the evening while still dressed up we both drive to a mud bog and there she told me I was to walk to the other side and back, but first she put 20 uncracked eggs into the front and back of the legging… Read more

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wish two Other

Three wishes part two
As I told in the previous story I granted the love of my life three wishes. And she had only one fulfilled so far. And while we were chatting one Saturday
evening she asked me if I can remember that I promised her a while back three wishes. And how could I forget a night like the one we had back then. We had amazing sex and she was so satisfied afterwards that I was always waiting to hear from her what her next wish woul… Read more

Our naughty threesome Other

Well I was getting home from having a few drinks with a family friend ,when I walked down the drive way I could here some laughing in my back yard so I went for look next minute my girl friends mate comes running around the corner and she was only wearing her nickers ,she was only 18 and beautiful tits shDarleon uhicked up a dare card so she had to run around the house next thing I know I'm playing as well then it was my turn and Darlene dared… Read more

Drunk and got surprised ?? Other

So I'm at a party meet a sexy as girl end up leaving party with her we went to a park started kissing them she blew me after that she said fuck her ass cause she loved it so I lube up I put it in pump few times I went to go feel the pussy get it wet and that is when I realized she had a cock I freaked out pulled out then she jus pushed back and I ended up fucking her ass hole so hard for tricking me lol… Read more

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Caught in the storm Other

So I was away for work on an overnight trip with my female boss Kate when our return flight was grounded due to an incoming storm. My boss Kate is in her mid 40's and i'm in my late 20's so there is a bit of an age gap between us. We returned to the motel we had stayed at the previous night but they only had one room left and we had heard that most of the accommodation was being booked out quickly so we took what we could get. We entered the roo… Read more

Office Hours Other

I am in my office first thing in the morning when u come in wearing a white see through blouse with no bra on & a short short black mini skirt that shows your crotchless g string with grater belt with white stockings & black high heels ....

You see my face light up & see me trying hide my cock from starting to throb ... you purposely drop a file on the floor and bend over to pick it up to show me what ur wearing under mini skirt ....

I then… Read more

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Wife's friend Other

We were all having a few drinks at home and my wife's friend and her husband were over everyone was rather tipsy as the night progressed Paul feel asleep in on the couch so we put a blanket over him. Barbs made a comment about been out of luck tonight we just laughed and had a few more drinks then my wife said that she was going to bed we said we would call it a night but she insisted that we carry on and have fun. About an hour later barbs a… Read more

Watching Wife Other

My wife and I went for a trip back to her childhood camp ground. She had grown up there until her mid 20s every summer. When we arrived she introduced me to other people and families that holiday there every summer. This included her which I found out much later her first love.
Several days passed and we did what people do on holidays swam, fished but on one evening while returning from fishing I had a weird feeling like she was using every cha… Read more

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