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Erotic Stories

Exploring your own erotic fantasies or a partner's sexual imagination can be a liberating experience. Sensualising with one another can truly add that extra spark between the sheets and change everyday sex into a passionate mind-blowing pleasure.

Erotic experiences in swinging include dressing up roleplay, adding another person into the bedroom and group gangbangs.

Explore our erotica collections below and share your own pleasures.

It’s a beautiful sunny winters day and I’m feeling frisky. I decide to go for a walk along the beach. I love the feel and scent of the fresh sea air, it reminds me of the days I used to be young and carefree. On this particular day I decided to dress in t...

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A perfect pressure

I’d just been bored so I went to this country pub. The locals were friendly, and after several beers a bunch of us were sitting together talking. The women had been in another part of the bar but returned to the main bar and joined in the conversation mid...

On all fours and milked… I have fantasy about a new prospective playmate, and something I would find highly erotic to do to him, with and experience with him. He has a handsome, manly face and sparkling fun, sexy eyes, that would make the play so, so hot....

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My delicious sensual, sexual playmate arrives, and we share a passionate kiss and a glass of bubbles. Our play has developed and expanded with each meeting; it is a highly erotic mixture. We start to fondle on the settee – I have prepared the large leathe...

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Feelings im missing

I want to drop my clothes at the door

I want to drop my clothes at the door just as you get out of the shower then i start by looking deep into your eyes and don't worry you are going to feel safe now then I will blindfold you. Turning you around standing behind you as you feel my warm naked...

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Short and sweet

He inspires the naughty in me

I had no trouble cumming last night. I thought about driving over to your place...dress on, stockings, garters, no knickers, plug in. You take me inside, kiss me, tell me to bend over the table and lift my skirt up over my waist. Leave me there for a bit....

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The Hosts

A couple takes hosting to the next level

“Micah, where’s the bathroom?” Ever the gracious host, I showed her to the bathroom, and apologised for there being no lock on the door. She ignored my ramblings. “Can you wait outside for me? I can’t “go” if I think I’m going to get walked in on.” I nodd...

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Rough bark

Tapping into a recurring dream where BDSM meets Pagan tree

Here I am again. Surge of anticipation rushes with the mind is sparking by creative impulses...abruptly logic makes a re-entry, I know what to do. The rough bark will either ease or intensify my urge. Reaching out and up, on tip toes, arm...

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Letting Loose

She finally let's go and gets what she needs

She gets out of the Uber and nervously checks her messages. "Let yourself in the front door, down the stairs and into the bedroom. Get naked, lay on the bed and put on the blindfold I left out for you". Was she really going to do this with a man she'd nev...

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The Chair

A simple everyday item becomes the focal point of an erotic evening

We sat quietly in the hotel room at dusk. The curtains were wide open allowing the red early evening light to enter the room. Leaving the curtains open brought a sense of adventure too, knowing that if somebody really wanted to, they might just be able to...

Off Campus Slut

Undeniable Lust and Attraction

“Ms Barrington. Please stand up and share with the class what you are doing.” The lecturers stern voice bellows across the room. Everyone falls silent and I freeze, knowing I’ve been caught red handed. Oh, now I am in trouble, I think to myself. Blushing...

French Maid in Red Stilettos

Our First Chance Meeting

As I hear the apartment door open, I catch my breath. I knew I was running behind schedule, but it was just on 2.00pm. Surely the expected guest cannot have checked in already. Bent over the bed, I quickly pull at the bedsheets and a shadow catches my eye...



A dark word from a forgotten tongue

I was in a drunken haze when I found the place. It was in the depths of the night, in an ancient city, on a street haunted by skeletally thin lost souls, lurking in doorways. The entrance was a large dark archway, once perhaps an entrance to a grand build...

Take full control and blow my mind ~ fantasy

Blindfold me and let my other senses take over.

Im tied to the bed with my blindfold on, I’m not sure how this will all play out but I’m going to have fun regardless. I’ve been drip fed the bare minimum information. He wants to give me the best surprise ever so I leave him to do all the planning, he’s...

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Make my dreams come true

A fantasy that shall one day become a reality

Driving to the motel my minds racing at all the possibilities, I’m excited and hungry for all the cocks I’ll be pleasing. They don’t have a clue what I look like but I’m not worried about that I know that regardless of their physical expectations my mouth...