bad boy good boy? Dogging

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Miss Hubbard steps out of the shower her long red hair dripping water down her small perky tits her pink nipples hardening as quickly as the goosebumps going up her sexy slender thighs as she steps out, She reaches for her towels rapping one around her hips and using her other to dry her hair. Work had gotten the better of her she was sick of the arrogant teens she taught. At 32 she looked better than half the girls in her class, and the boys mad… Read more

When the Lions came to town Dogging

An Irish husband and Wife…

It was the Lions Tour of New Zealand in 2016 and I was working in Hamilton as a bartender the night they played in town. Swarms of people thronged and packed out every available space in every open bar, a mix of kiwis and those travelling from the UK to support their team.

As I was working, an irish husband and wife sat at the bar sparking continual conversation with me, unlike their companions they were savouring the drinks ordered, choosing… Read more

Dogging in Noosa Dogging

Braved it finally!…

Well it started in 2007 when I travelled to Australia and stayed with friends in Noosa for 3 months. I was 25 and looking for direction, but I was also shy and unsure of myself and who I wanted to be or become. As a result I spent 3 months walking around Noosa and the Noosa national park without really engaging with anyone or bettering myself or situation in any way.

One of my favourite walks was the track through Noosa national park that le… Read more

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One off at Spencer Park Dogging

One lucky dude…

So yesterday hubby and I decided to do a bit of walking and not hopeful for dogging but the weather yesterday was a bit mild actually...

I wearing a light jacket and leggings with a thong just in case. Along the seashore on the tree line we set up a picnic sheet on the ground and opened had coffee from the thermos.

I had nothing under the my jacket and was teasing hubby a bit. We got horny so I gave my husband head. Then suddenly a guy a… Read more