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Lesbian Stories

Sexual practices involving just women often display an engagement of erotic affection. If the women are exclusively sexually attracted to women only, they are classed as a lesbian.

However, it's fairly common that many women in heterosexual relationships have lesbian fantasises that they'd like to fulfil. For swingers, participating in lesbian sex can unlock many first-time bisexual experiences and introduce a taste for regular MFF threesomes. Desiring lesbian sex can raise many questions about a person's sexuality; bicurious, bisexual, gay or just happy to have an open mind.

Probe into the lesbian intimacies in our collection below. Are you also desiring a lesbian exchange or experienced one that you'd like to share?

This story is written by my wife as I think she would tell it best. A few years ago when I was 45 I played soccer in a women's league. At end of season we went to Nelson for a tournament. We didn't do too well and on the last night we drowned our sorrows...

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Private Bi Porno

An Invite Too Good to Refuse

I met Ali and her man following an online invite to swing. When we first met it was the four of us over a few drinks just to get to know each other. She and I were instantly attracted to each other but our men didn't really appeal to either of us and that...

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Toy Story

A little bit of Lady Love

We had been looking for new toys online, perusing the long and short of them, the thick and thin, strapped or strapless? So many to choose from, shapes, sizes, colours, contours, we were like kids in a candy store, only these sweets treats wouldn’t add in...

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My live in lover and her games.

The things I let happen to me.

My live in lover is younger than I am and we have now been together for 6 months. She's my Dom mistress and Im her Sub slut. The thing that keeps our romance fresh is we love playing games. She enjoys the anguish of sending me out to be used by others and...

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My night as an escort.

Learning to love pussy juice and give myself to others.

I was married when I was 18, to a sweet guy but the most boring man in christendom! I guess I knew I had outgrown him, when I started to have affairs with his friends. One day I realised it was time for me to move out and move on. I bought an apartment in...

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My 30's were the best years of my life, sexually that is. I wasn't a lesbian but easily could have been, I was married with two children and a husband that new I was bi. He was pleased that I could explore my sexuality without it having any impact on our...

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I was really feeling down having this breakup with my boyfriend and feeling guilty having sex with his dad. I went out last night myself to a club to have a d rink and have a change of scenery. A woman approached me and started to chat me up, she noticed...

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I'm a very nice looking girl, slim brunette with nice C cup boobs, my name is Jenny. I usually wearing sport clothes as I am a fitness freak, but this time as I was at a party invited by my friend Naomi, who had just moved in her own apartment after her y...

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This site is away I can tell the world about myself without anyone knowing who I am and is a real turn on putting this in print. Everything here is absolute fact, I am just a normal married wife living in Christchurch, to most of my friends, however a few...

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Well where do I begin? I'm a tennis trainer and I've being training Jesse for 2 months now and I must say she is pretty attractive my height long dark black hair with blonde streaks bright blue eyez blue as saphire nice looking firm soft breasts tight ton...

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We met at a friends party a few months ago and the drink was flowing and everyone having a good time, I went outside for some fresh air and another woman came out to join me so she sat down beside me and told me her name was Julie and that she couldn't ta...

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Every time I see her walk in to the room I want to walk over to her and kiss her but I'm too shy so I keep my distance she knows I want her but she has never made a move on me but tonight see can see me from across the room and she walked over to me with...

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In the warm summer night, her hair flew loosely in the warm breeze. The Ducati was what she thought about, what she cared for, what made her feel exhilarated, what never let her down and satisfied her true excitement. She rode the powerful 800cc engine be...

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Horny and On Heat !!!

Life had been going fairly and work was just awesome as it normally is, my own life was normal as any other married couples was witha family etc One day at work ,when an adult student that was attending my class said to me that he had met a woman on line...

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