Getting Healthy in The Redwoods Forest Fiction

A fantasy story although based in a real life place.…

If ever you get the chance to visit Rotorua, then spend some time in the mighty Redwoods Forest. The following stories are all fantasy but for some people may provide the opportunity to make it come true. Please feel free to comment and feedback as this helps to develop the story.

"It was the second day of our holiday to Rotovegas. My partner and I were being healthy so we decided upon a regime of a daily walk in the Redwoods Forest. The tall… Read more

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Good Clean Fun - part 3 Fiction

Spoiler alert. It ends in the shower, but not the one at work.…

Texts were exchanged over the weekend:

Jean: Sorry for the interruption last night. How did the rest of your night go?

Matt: No worries. Until Mel joined it was amazing. Beyond amazing. All ok with Mel? Maybe we can catch up this weekend?

Jean: Mel’s ok. She’s great. She just needed a friend. Thanks for understanding. I’ll make it up to you. Busy this weekend with Mel sorry. See you at work. xx

Matt: So Monday, usual timing?

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Good Clean Fun - part 2 Fiction

The charade is over and the fun begins…

After one too many drinks at bars along Courtenay Place, Jean took me aside when our colleagues were busy with their own drunken bullshit. She took me by the hand, turned and looked at me and smiled with a tipsy tilt, and then very seriously asked me to follow her to a quieter corner where we could talk.

With all the noise, even knee to knee in a corner we couldn’t hear each other. So she hiked up her skirt and pushed in even closer to me, … Read more

Good Clean Fun - part 1 Fiction

A new job and a new colleague…

I (Matt) had just started a new job on the other side of Wellington, closer to my home in Newtown and decided that I would help save the planet, and a few bucks, by commuting to work by bike. Wellington is not particularly bike-friendly, the motorists are especially thoughtless, but it’s the hills that really make me sweat.

I’m no Lance Armstrong, but keep fit enough to push my front-rower's body along efficiently enough. I’m just a tad… Read more

Airbnb hosting pt1 Fiction

A work on mostly fiction.. or is it?…

Story part 1

So, I rent some rooms to Airbnb guests to make a little money on the side.
I had a couple message me about renting a room for two weeks while they were in town for work. Great stuff, I accepted their booking.
I met them on arrival and was pleased they seemed nice and introduced themselves as Sarah and Martin.
She was bubbly and chatty and he was quite quiet but responsive to chat to.
They did seem like a slightly odd couple in… Read more

Extruded Fiction

The older man…

I would dominate you. You would be on your knees. Arse in the air and head forward. Your hands would be tied behind your back. Completely naked. Your arse cheeks would be caressed lightly with fingernails. No erogenous zones would be touched until I was ready. Your head would be resting on a pillow. Your sex would be getting wetter with anticipation, your labia engorged with blood and want. Despite the finger caress, you are vulnerable. A few pla… Read more

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Permission Granted Fiction

A generous wife and a hallpass....…

"And what about you, Ma'am, how do you like to be fucked?"

It's not a question you can ask every day, but....

They call it an expo, but really it's a junket - an unhealthy gathering of strong personalities swapping business cards, trading success stories and basically trying to out-pitch each other. If you were one with a wandering eye and a moral compass with a tendency to wander from true north, such events are the perfect opportunity to … Read more

The Playlist Fiction

An innocent car ride....…

I step out of the shower, beads of water running down my body, glistening. I grab a fluffy white towel from the towel rack and wrap it around me.

My nerves have already begun. Deep breaths I tell myself.

I head into the motel bedroom my outfit for the night laid out on the bed. Slowly I start drying myself, my hair, my back, my breasts, down the stomach, between the legs(although it won't stay dry long), the length of my legs and my feet.
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Kitty's Confessional Fiction

It had been a while since her last confession….…

Kitty hadn’t always been bad but it had been a while since her last confession….
As it was now December it was time for a little soul cleansing.
After a few deep breaths she headed into the depths of the church for her unburdening.
Taking a seat in the empty booth, a kindly voice behind the screen beside her prompted her to begin.
She began to recount her escapades of late – not going to church as regularly as she should, drinking, swea… Read more

Every Song has to End Sometime Fiction

A musician and an opportunity taken - voyeurism, masturbation, straight sex…

I'm a songwriter. A really good one. That's not wishful thinking or having delusions of grandeur, it's the simple truth. Problem is, I'm not a very lucky one. There are other songwriters around that aren't nearly as good, but they're a whole lot luckier than me. Me? I waited in the departure hall, along with the luckless and talentless, hoping someone might let me in.

My wife is unluckier still. She was the woman who had married the unlucky so… Read more

Wedding Night Nerves Fiction

She needs two men...…

The wedding is over. The bride is still all made up and dressed in her lingerie & heels. She sits alone on the bed looking at her dress and gets nervous. She loves her man but it’s just dawned on her that she’ll only ever have one cock to suck and be fucked with. Monogamous sex forever. Unless he could be talked into sharing...

She stands and looks at herself in the mirror. She’s wearing new white bra, thong & suspenders with lace top st… Read more

Pimms O’clock Fiction

Was it the Pimms that made it happen?…

Dear diary,

Ok, I know that I haven't written in you since a half-hearted attempt at the age of 8 but I've just returned from an amazing holiday with Matt and I need to write it all down, every little detail, so I don't ever forget it.

Let me set the scene for you, as a surprise Matt had arranged for our children to be looked after so we could spend a well-earned rest in a beautiful spot in the med. We were on our last day and had said hi a… Read more

Take Courage Pt 2 Fiction

The truth comes out…

This is a continuation of Take Courage, where James is deciding whether to tell his wife about his dalliance on the train with the delightful Leila. I try and write in a way that is as much about understanding the characters as it is about the exceptional sexual escapades they enjoy. Feedback welcomed, thanks for reading. RB


As I walked up the path to my driveway, Leila's words kept ringing in my ears.

"Please have courage, James."… Read more

Take Courage Fiction

Does he have the courage to take it further?…

30 degrees. Day after day. Relentless. Men with sweat-soaked backs, women with rivulets of sweat running between their swaying breasts. Slow trains, uncomfortable closeness, and the slow languid appreciation of people wearing not much at all.

I know nothing about pheromones, but I swear the air was heavy with them. It's like, without anyone actually being aware of it, they are constantly ready to fuck. Swollen with bloodlust.

I sat on the… Read more

Shoe shop encounter Fiction

A message exchange led to creating this story. Thanks Kitty for collaborating.…

Kitty was the last customer for the day in the shoe store - she'd been attempting to visit all week but life kept throwing up diversions.
The manager smiled warmly and invited her to have a seat on the couch, while he went into the back room and selected the sexiest red stilettos.
He walked out clutching the box, unsure of her reaction. She was sitting there, long sexy legs crossed waiting.
When he reached her he asked her to remove the sandal… Read more

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Lockdown is over Fiction

Finally. All that pent up energy can be spent.…

We couldn’t believe it. The news had finally been released. The lock down was over.
To celebrate I have a day planned. I pick you up just before lunch. As soon as I walk to the door your in my arms. Our mouths instantly lock together. My hands caressing you’re body. It’s been so long. It feels so good. You pant as I bite your bottom lip. Reluctantly we break apart. I take you by the hand and lead you to my car. Pulling up at Chateau on th… Read more

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Who’s there... Fiction

Another man, that’s who.…

They love sex. They love teasing, tickling, licking. They love fucking and being fucked. Sometimes they talk about their fantasies, but don’t often live them. Tonight will be different.

She is asked to shower and put on just a thong. And a blindfold. She is led to the bed and lays down on her back. He starts to slowly & softly kiss her from her mouth to her neck to her stomach. He massages her breasts and licks her nipples. He works his way… Read more

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A Carpark Quickie Fiction

A great way to break up a roadtrip...…

My wife and I had been away for a weekend and were heading home which was three hours drive away. I got a text from a mate wondering what we were up to. I replied that we’re driving back home. He called me and said they were also heading home after a naughty weekend and were stopping off in a town not too far from home for a light dinner and a break. Meeting up with them would only mean a 20 minute diversion so we agreed on a time and place to … Read more

Nice arvo for a bbq Fiction

Old friends catch up...…

The sun has been out all day and it’s been a busy day in the garden and doing chores around the house. Wife and I are hot and over it and stop for a break. She suggests we down tools and go and get some meat & beer for a bbq. We both shower and get changed. I’m just wearing shorts & tshirt and jandals. She gets dressed up and looks hot in jeans, heels and a white Levis top that shows off her great tits.

We head to the supermarket. She loo… Read more

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A Rugby Afternoon Fiction

Lets invite friends to watch the rugby...…

We had invited friends (I’ll call them Bob & Kirsty) to come over on a Saturday afternoon to watch a rugby test match. This wasn’t an going to be an ordinary afternoon though. We were wanting to experiment with a same room wife swap. We’d all been talking about it for weeks and today was going to be the day. There were rules for our lovely partners to observe though. They were required to wear their choice of either a slutty outfit or just … Read more

She's back ......and has approved this ...Yay Fiction

Mistress left and has come back.....…

FUCK I cry internally when will you let me cum…….

Relaxing in her satiated happiness she lay back on the bed….. glancing at my still hard cock which wants release she tells me not to put my panties back on but while naked she tells me to go and refill her wine glass. I go to the fridge to get her wine and as I bend down to get the bottle she wolf whistles me and says how she loves the view. I give my butt a little wriggle making my balls… Read more

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Early morning Fiction

The best way to wake up ;-)…

My place is very private, so in summer I always sleep with the curtains open. And I’m built into the side of a hill – waking up as it’s getting light, through the ranch sliders I can see past the deck to the sun just beginning to wash across the tops of the trees. These are the mornings I wish I wasn’t waking up alone ... I’d so much rather be just slowly reaching out to cup my hand over a lover’s cock while he’s still sleeping, fee… Read more

A Chance Encounter Fiction

A chance encounter at a inner city bar…

I head to a downtown bar, hoping to find some fun. I am wearing a short skirt with no panties and a top with a plunging neckline - no bra. As I walk in I spot two gentlemen having a drink. They both look over at me and then at each other and smile. I sit at the bar and peruse the cocktail menu. Out of nowhere the bartender places a drink in front of me. I look at him in confusion, "compliments of the two gentlemen in the corner" he says … Read more

Playing around Fiction

Just seeing if I should write more…

He wanted to meet for a drink but I like to live in the shadows, even when not meeting for this type of escapade I like to sit, to watch, to take it all in. But ironically especially when meeting someone I don’t know the darkness makes me feel safer. Tonight’s meeting has been planned well in advance - finding it difficult to fit it in between our busy schedules, my work and sport, his family, and just life in general. There is a knock at the… Read more

A story started on KS between us but she has gone......sobs Fiction

an interactive story with me replying to what she is a long read written over a month or so.....…

I woke up with the sun filtering through the curtains, promising a nice day.
I hadn’t slept for much of the night as the excitement and nervousness was building.
I looked again at the clothes laid out for me to wear that day. Standard jeans, a light-weight shirt, socks, and on top was the item I was most looking forward to wearing.
I cast my mind back to why I was to wear them… a few weeks ago idly browsing through the site a story had… Read more

Cuba Underworld Fiction

Much happens behind closed doors…

The ice cold northerly snaked through the alleyways and billowed up into the night sky.

Wellington has many nooks and crannies that reveal themselves if you look closely. There are a few bars that aren’t signposted. They lay behind innocuous doors and are typically located up on the second floor of nondescript buildings. Locals know them. There is one such door, in one of the alleyways off Cuba Street that leads down to a place like no other… Read more

An evening to remember pt 2 Fiction

The adventure continues.......…

She holds him close as the passion within her slowly subsides, her body moulded to his tall firm frame, and against her belly she can clearly feel his manhood, still full and hard. He begins to move against her, looking to somehow caress his arousal
“Oh dear – have I left you on the edge… “
Her hand sneaks down between their bodies to rub the bulge in his trousers, and soon slips into his clothing, his zip not closed in the rush to mak… Read more

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An evening to remember - pt 1 Fiction

Dinner out, the mood is set for an aventurous evening…

o Across the bay the sun began to dip below the city and the hills beyond, the last rays streaming across the now darkening sky and bathing all in their rich red glow.
Soon the lights of the city begin to take over as darkness descends and the week comes to a close.
In contrast to the hustle and bustle across the water, the small secluded bay is relatively quiet and peaceful – a number of locals have stopped off at the small bars and cafes to… Read more

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Every woman wants to be pulled over by a hot policeman Fiction

Just fuck me already…

I’ve always had a lot of respect for the police , police equals law , authority, power . It’s funny how some woman gravitate towards powerful people , it’s the thrill of seeing them vulnerable as you look up at them with their Crown Jewels deep in your mouth , hearing their moans and seeing through all the bullshit of their “strong persona “ ...... knowing in that moment you’re in control 😈

I have a fantasy ,while it may never… Read more

Salsa classes Fiction

Salsa is all about sex…

Salsa classes

It’s beginners class at the dance studio and I nervously sit there watching people arrive. All sorts arrive young old and then sexy a beautiful red haired vixen sashays into the room. Your confidence enthrals me and then once getting past your rich golden red locks your body excites me. The way your breasts lightly bounce as you walk in. The pink and blue material of your dress’s bodice obviously the only thing supporting the… Read more

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