An evening to remember pt 2 Fiction

The adventure continues.......…

She holds him close as the passion within her slowly subsides, her body moulded to his tall firm frame, and against her belly she can clearly feel his manhood, still full and hard. He begins to move against her, looking to somehow caress his arousal
“Oh dear – have I left you on the edge… “
Her hand sneaks down between their bodies to rub the bulge in his trousers, and soon slips into his clothing, his zip not closed in the rush to mak… Read more

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An evening to remember - pt 1 Fiction

Dinner out, the mood is set for an aventurous evening…

o Across the bay the sun began to dip below the city and the hills beyond, the last rays streaming across the now darkening sky and bathing all in their rich red glow.
Soon the lights of the city begin to take over as darkness descends and the week comes to a close.
In contrast to the hustle and bustle across the water, the small secluded bay is relatively quiet and peaceful – a number of locals have stopped off at the small bars and cafes to… Read more

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One night of being a (sort of) domme ... Part 2 Fiction

Continuing on from Part 1 (obviously)…

‘Did you bring the laptop?’ I ask, walking over to the bag I have to extract my own computer. You move to find yours, glad for something to distract you from how much you want to cum. There’s a bit of mundane working out of technology, but eventually we are in the KiwiSwingers chat site, both computers logged into my account. I set my computer up so that only I am visible on the webcam, while you can see the message received on the screen i… Read more

One night of being a (sort of) domme ... Part 1 Fiction

A little fantasy that comes into my head every now and then ... I'll write more later. I have some thoughts about what happens next, …

We’ve spent a bit of time getting to know each other online, chatted, seen each other on cam (although only briefly), and through various conversations you’ve agreed – with enthusiasm – to helping me explore the interest I have in being dominant ... although I tend towards the S side of the d/s equation most of the time, every now and then I get an urge to switch. But I like the idea of it being an ‘isolated’ thing – not part of a r… Read more

Every woman wants to be pulled over by a hot policeman Fiction

Just fuck me already…

I’ve always had a lot of respect for the police , police equals law , authority, power . It’s funny how some woman gravitate towards powerful people , it’s the thrill of seeing them vulnerable as you look up at them with their Crown Jewels deep in your mouth , hearing their moans and seeing through all the bullshit of their “strong persona “ ...... knowing in that moment you’re in control 😈

I have a fantasy ,while it may never… Read more

Salsa classes Fiction

Salsa is all about sex…

Salsa classes

It’s beginners class at the dance studio and I nervously sit there watching people arrive. All sorts arrive young old and then sexy a beautiful red haired vixen sashays into the room. Your confidence enthrals me and then once getting past your rich golden red locks your body excites me. The way your breasts lightly bounce as you walk in. The pink and blue material of your dress’s bodice obviously the only thing supporting the… Read more

Walking into a sexual ambush Fiction

He gets to enjoy my fantasy more than I do 😉…

~ A Fantasy that makes me wet thinking about it ~

I arrange with my lover to meet me at a motel , he thinks he will get me all to himself .... he’s sadly mistaken 😈

Watching him walk through that door seeing the way he looks at me as I spread my legs for him to see my glistening pussy juice ooze out of me . His eyes lighting up .... oh he knows he’s in for a good time .

I get him onto the bed and my mouth goes straight for his c… Read more

The Op Shop Fiction

I felt my cock stirring at the unexpected sight on offer.…

A couple of weeks ago, on the way back from work I went in to a charity shop on my way home. My partner and I had argued that morning and I didn't feel like seeing her right away. The shop was pretty deserted apart from a young man at the counter, who was reading a magazine.

"Pretty dead here, huh?"

"Always is this time of day, towards closing time" he replied, without looking up from what he was reading.

I spent some time looking at the… Read more

A Maid's dinner Fiction

Tonight’s rules are simple…

Velvet had a shower, a long relaxing shower, with plenty of time for reflecting on the three most exciting mornings she has ever had.

Velvet questioned why her? Does she look cheap and easy to buy? Does she look so average that a man would not care to hurt her feeling by asking her to have sex for money? Is he a psychopath that is going to kidnap her and kill her after torturing her?

Wait, batch 18, started service six days ago. Velvet was … Read more

The Fair Maiden Fiction

An interesting username inspired me to write this story…

Cumalot was a happy land. Its fields were green and fertile, its rivers clear and teeming with fish, and its people were horny fuckers who loved nothing more than to fuck and cum. One maiden was the fairest and horniest of the lot. She loved to be stuffed full of cock and cumming was her favourite thing of all. People throughout the land and from beyond would come to taste her sweet pussy and play with her magnificent tits. Her fame, like her leg… Read more

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A maids Day 3 Fiction

Another sleepless night for Velvet…

Another sleepless night for Velvet. Thoughts of what the next morning would bring, were running wild in her head.

The long shower she had before bed didn’t relieve the warm, most, pulsing sensation in her groin.

The alarm goes off, it is 5am. Velvet wakes with a start and a smile on her face. Although she only slept a few hours, she is not tired but excited.

Velvet is looking through her best lingerie, she wants to surprise Tony. Who k… Read more

A Maids Day 2 Fiction

Velvet feels her knees weaken under her…

10:30pm and Velvet is still awake. An early start, a whole day cleaning and yet her mind is going over and over the strip tease show she performed.
What if it was a trap and Tony has told her boss! What if he is not happy with her performance and he complains about her actual service!

Nobody said anything during the day and she had no awkward phone calls from the Lodge so it should be okay.
In the morning she will return the money even if sh… Read more

A Maids Day Fiction

Another day, another lot of guests to attend to.…

Another day, another lot of guests to attend to.
The Lodge was an old but luxurious resort. Guests were wealthy people from all over the world, mainly middle age couples and honeymooners.

Velvet is in the kitchen waiting for the silver trays to be loaded with breakfast croissants, fresh fruits and yogurt; she is on the early morning shift.

After delivering breakfast, she will start her cleaning duties.
The list of early breakfast is shor… Read more

Gazebo goodness Fiction

Exhibition at a Halloween swing party…

The party is loud… loud loud loud, and as we stand at the side lines. Halloween is our cup of tea, so to speak, and you in your Alice dress and me as your hatter stand; our hands explore each others bodies, sliding under clothing across skin, under elastic… This is our first party, first of this kind. Most couples come here to swap, to enjoy the evening in the arms or between the legs of a stranger. Even now we can see them pairing off, walki… Read more

A crowded dancefloor Fiction

We meet at a club, and make our way to the floor…

An off key voice sings words illuminated by a monitor in the dimly lit room. This casino dance floor is usually reserved for live bands but tonight it is an all out Karaoke and dance scene. The turn out is amazing and the room is packed. Cigarette smoke mingles with the metallic smell of body pressed against body as the crowd, empowered by the singer’s wholehearted and uncaring abandon of self-consciousness, packed tightly together on the dance… Read more

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Earning my release Fiction

Made to do humiliating things for the right to cum…

She called me up and said she wanted to play a game. If I did well, I would get to be treated like a real man and be allowed to have sex with her. If I failed, I would be tortured and humiliated. How could I refuse.

She orders me to wear a suit and the sexiest underwear I can find.

She seems pleased when I arrive and proceeds to rub her hands over my suit, gently brushing my growing cock. She laughs at my arousal and embarrassment for bei… Read more

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Me time , on impulse Fiction


To my new friends – You know who you are……………


I had been working really hard this week and every part of my body was aching. I had muscle pains in my back and arms and all I wanted to do is sleep, rest and relax.

Our house is usually busy with one activity or another. People getting up and making lunch for their days work … Read more

Waiting is Erotic Fiction

Our first meet in my head...…

I'd seen that you'd liked my profile. I'd looked at your profile you said and you were returning the interest, I couldn't remember looking but I was impressed with what I read and the picture I'd seen and here we were, across a cafe table from each other on another gorgeous summer day, meeting for the first time. You were brave enough to meet me with only a general description of what I'd be wearing and when you described what you'd be wearing … Read more

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This coming weekend.. Story of your beautiful wife Fiction

Only you can make it happen...…

I’m going to start your night with a massage and end it with an orgasm.

Picture my head in between your legs, because that’s where it’s going to be later.

I want to run my tongue along your clit until you cum... can’t wait to play with your pussy while your husband sits and watch... He would love to see your orgasm face. The sexiest sounds of you moaning.

I want that perfect body of yours underneath me. I want to fuck you on the… Read more

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It starts in the bar, Part 4 Fiction

When you’re watching, you don’t know who’s watching you…

I’m interested!” You say, “what do I have to do?”
“Well you are given a package at the bar which has a blindfold and a note inside, it’ll tell you to go outside into the ally, wait on the wooden crates and put the blindfold on, then your mysterious lover will turn up and fuck you. Does that sound ok?”
“Yes it does, I’m actually really excited,” you say.
“Of course you won’t really be outside, you’ll be in here in safe… Read more

It’s starts in the bar, Part 3 Fiction

When you’re watching, you don’t know who’s watching you...…

“So who are the actors?” you ask.
“Good question,” I replied, “the student is a customer just like you and the teacher is Carla, my accounts person who works here in the bar office, and they are very good friends. Would you like to meet her now.”

You look back to the porn tv and Carla the teacher is pounding her black strap-on cock into her friends pussy. The camera swaps from long shots of the two fucking and the face of the st… Read more

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It starts in the bar, Part 2 Fiction

When you’re watching, you don’t know who’s watching you.…

Then when it’s my turn to play and I turn around I catch you watching the porn again, it’s moved on since we started playing. The teacher and student are now both naked and the teacher is kneeling on the piano stool lying face down on the piano, her breasts flatten on the black lid, while the student is behind licking her pussy.
The students tongue is gliding up and down the teachers arse crack and seems to be in a state of genuine pussy wor… Read more

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The Playroom Fiction

an erotic encounter with Sir…

I arrive at the playroom and am instructed to change out of my street clothes into a black corset, garter belt, stockings and heels.

Once this is done I am blindfolded before being led into the playroom and strapped to the St Andrew's Cross where i soon feel the gentle swish and thud on my back from a luxurious flogger.

The rhythmic flogging soon hypnotizes me and I find I am day dreaming when all of a sudden THUD I am hit with force and … Read more

Milking my playmate Fiction


On all fours and milked…

I have fantasy about a new prospective playmate, and something I would find highly erotic to do to him, with and experience with him. He has a handsome, manly face and sparkling fun, sexy eyes, that would make the play so, so hot.
We meet for a drink and sexy fun conversation and banter, and then head off to a Hotel room. We light some candles and sip on a glass or two of champagne while kissing and fondling one an… Read more

It starts in the bar Fiction

When you watching, you never know who’s watching you.…

It starts at the bar

I watch you on the security camera entering the bar and remember you straight away. Even though I’ve got a good eye for faces, you’re not easily forgotten. I know I’ve got a soft spot for blondes but it’s not that, I’ve also got a soft spot for a tight arse in tight jeans and you seem to have both.
You walk straight to the bar and order a beer and while waiting for it to be served, you struggle out of your leath… Read more

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Peg me please..... Fiction

A friend's special request…

I dress in my sexiest corset, stockings and heels. Put on a plain black skirt and blouse, pack my bag of treats and drive over to his house, reaching down and rubbing myself now and then, feeling my excitement build.

I pull into his drive, walk up and let myself in. As instructed he is naked and waiting in bed for me, wine at the ready. I remove my blouse and skirt slowly, then take a moment to have a drink, allowing him to take in the view, a… Read more

And He makes 3 Fiction

What future possibilities may cum.....…

Her eyes fly open and she lays still, feeling her heart pounding and the sound of blood rushing in her ears. Closing them she draws a calming breath, focusing on bringing her heart rate under control.
It's a moment before she registers the warmth of the hand gripping her's and the deep voice in her ear.
"Breathe little one"
The sound of his voice and his warm breath on her skin calms her. Pulling her into his arms, he wraps his body round her,… Read more

What I Need Fiction

The mind boggles…

My husband has always attracted the attention of both female and male patrons in clubs, although he could not see what I was observing, his moves on the dance floor had both sexes flocking around (he’s as straight as a beam pole I might add) - men wanted to battle their moves out with him and women would grind up n down against him. This particular night (within the past 18 mnths) while I was watching our drinks at the table, my significant oth… Read more

Boneless in Bali Fiction

Room service gets personal sometimes…

The heat was glorious. I’d been lying there on the sun lounger for about half an hour, and had ditched the bikini completely after the first 10 minutes.
There’s something deeply sensual about the sun and a light gentle breeze on bare skin, so my thoughts had turned to my latest lover and what he had done to me, for me, when I saw him last.
I guess that’s why I didn’t notice the door to my courtyard opening or the sounds of footsteps. … Read more

When I get my hands on you... Fiction

Planning and thinking how I want to tease you till you beg…

This is a fantasy for someone, it's my first story but have text some of this to someone

Let's start things off with a massage. You on the bed face down, naked. I have moved the mirror on the wardrobe so that you can watch what I do to you in it. Using plenty of oil on my hands I start to rub my hands over your shoulders, and back, fingertips grazing the sides of your breasts, teasing, making you wish I would just reach around and cup th… Read more

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