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Fictional Stories

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies and writing about them can often be an erotic experience. Reading adult literature is a guilty pleasure that you can enjoy on your own or with company.

Fiction lets the mind run wild, imagining that you are the character in the story which can be the catalyst for introducing a new activity to your own sex life.

Write your own fictional erotic story here and get your creative juices flowing.

Highway 2 Fun (Final, Part 12)

The end of a sexy day at the wetland reserve.

Max was about to introduce his companion when she took off her helmet. “This is Amy.” he said. I was dumbstruck. “Max, I served these guys at the restaurant today. How do you know them?” Amy asked. “Why didn’t you just tell me what we were doing?” I loved...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 11)

The start of the end of a big day.

“We'll be coming back here Rod!” Jen said, holding her fingers to her lips, inhaling Amy’s scent. “But in the meantime boys, let’s go. Our final stop of the day awaits.” It was an uneventful trip back North. Well, uneventful compared to the rest of the da...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 10)

Fun in the carpark.

Amy swallowed hard and I thought I saw her face redden again, but in a different way. “Ok.” She agreed “But just to watch” she said nervously. Heading across the carpark with Amy, I saw Steve and his friend walking away from the back of Rod and Jen's SUV...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 9)

A finger-licking good meal, and some new friends.

It was a quick trip back to Woodville and we realised how much of a thirst and appetite we'd worked up, so we stopped at a BBQ and burger place heading into town. Rod backed the SUV into a park at the end of the car park, backed onto the fence and once in...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 8)

Rod's wish comes true

“Kate?” Jen asked. “Fuck! Yes please”, Kate responded to the unspoken question they clearly both understood. Jen kissed Rod deeply then broke away to look at him with a smile. Rod looked confused but when Jen reached down and gently tugged at Kate's butt...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 7)

Fun by the river

It wasn’t long before Maria came with a guttural moan, and a squirt of juices up Kate's arm, and then Jen turned her attention to us. She moved over to Jaime, taking his cock in her mouth pushing her backside towards Paolo who didn’t hesitate to bury his...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 6)

Just a group of friends having a picnic - yeah right.

Jen was pleased with herself that the timing had worked out so well. We were there a few minutes early, and there were 2 cars and a small van in the reserve opposite the Tui brewery. The back of the van was facing away from the road. An old guy was sittin...

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I fantasize

I fantasize about being full of cock Nice size cocks... In all 3 holes Full.... And thick white delicious creamy cum 😎 Waiting for you to eat it out of me To share it with me... Mmmmmmm I imagine having "friends " who enjoy participating semi regularly in...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 5)

Sometimes the journey is as much fun as the destination.

Can you drive please?” she asked me, but without waiting for a response added “Rod, back here with me.” I’d barely got back onto the road and Jen had already taken off Rod's pants and was sucking his cock, stroking it with her hand. I’m not sure he'd come...

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In my mind...

Oh to be full

I imagine you inserting your cock in my mouth, as my partner inserts his in my other holes....always vaginally 1st. You watch what he's doing, watch how my body reacts, watch what makes me squirt... Adding your tongue to the mix on occasion, sucking his c...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 4)

What goes on in Dannevegas stays in Dannevegas

We jumped into Rod and Jen's SUV and the couple in the motorhome were waving goodbye to the Audi when two large motorbikes - 2 people on each - pulled in, both with red blankets strapped to the handlebars. Jen looked at me with raised eyebrows. “That’s 15...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 3)

Our first stop.

Rod couldn’t stop fast enough. We pulled into the rest area drawing a nervous glance from the woman we could see in the Audi. “Shit” said Jen. “I almost forgot our own system” she said pulling a bright red sweater from under her seat and dropping it on th...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 2)

We hit the road.

“If you’re up for it, I have an idea.” Jen said with an excited look on her face. That was only about a month ago, and now we were ready to see if our arrangements would amount to anything. The idea was simple. Make it known that for the long weekend, the...

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Highway 2 Fun (Part 1)

Where the inspiration came from for our long weekend fun.

It had taking a bit of planning, but the main challenge was communication - striking the right balance between enough people knowing about it, so that it could happen, but not so many that Joe Public, or worse the media or cops, found out and started to s...

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Another mans wife for science.

Tom is a close mate, but I had always imagined what Elsie looked like.

So there she was… Sitting across the bar, looking directly at me. I told her I would be easy to find. My t-shirt, a dead giveaway for my affiliation with geek references and sci-fi movies. The series didn’t last long but is still a classic within the comi...

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