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Fictional Stories

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies and writing about them can often be an erotic experience. Reading adult literature is a guilty pleasure that you can enjoy on your own or with company.

Fiction lets the mind run wild, imagining that you are the character in the story which can be the catalyst for introducing a new activity to your own sex life.

Write your own fictional erotic story here and get your creative juices flowing.

Harmonious 1 month ago

The Surprise

A husband surprises his unsuspecting wife

How I ended up in a hotel room scantily clad with three naked strangers and my husband, was somewhat of a surprise to me. My husband Jay and I had been entertaining the idea of a threesome for quite some time and occasionally he would push the boundari...

Redfish 1 month ago

A lazy morning off

How good can shower sex be?

Your flatmate hasn’t left for work yet. We have both been up and about having breakfast and you have even had a shower. I was a little disappointed because I was looking forward to joining you in there, but now the job is done. You have been looki...

Reeney 2 months ago

Meeting THE Girl

The first part in a series, outlining our foray into polyamory

This last month or so has been an absolute rollercoaster which has taken me some time to sort out in my head. Let me tell you about the best part of it. The Girl. She'd never been with a woman before and my husband had wanted me to find a girl j...

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Big_Chest 2 months ago

The oily fun starts

You inside out

You were on your back. The oil ran generously down over and between your full lolloping boobs, and we rubbed it in gleefully, both excited at running our fingers over your slippery electric skin, the copious oil blending into into your generous now shi...

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chuie 3 months ago

Fun new toys

Do dreams come true

The early morning sun streams. into the bedroom belying the cold outside. Shimmering lights dance across the walls as the light shines through the stain glass windows of the villa. The windows were one of the reasons Mary had brought the house and the pic...

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chuie 3 months ago

Want a ride final chapter

What a way to finish the night

You want a ride chapter three Sitting in the back of the taxi Mary, dazed, sore and content didn’t even care that she was half naked in the back of a taxi with a stranger staring at her. As she thought about the past few hours she subconsciously starts...

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Subtommynz 4 months ago

Bi MMF -someone else's fantasy, am I brave enough?

A fantasy inspired by chatting to someone on here - pushing some boundaries....

I'm in the hotel room. More specifically, I am laying on the bed naked wearing a collar, leash and a blindfold. The door is held slightly open to allow my visitors to get in. Despite my nervousness and second thoughts about my putting myself in such a vul...

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chuie 4 months ago

Good morning

She wakes up and finds she is tied to the bed

Good morning You wake to find you are lying face down on the bed, strange you think to your self and why is it still dark? Until you realise you are wearing a blindfold. As sleep,leaves your brain you discover that not only are you blindfolded but also...

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Anonymous 4 months ago

Originally written under my old profile November 2019 On all fours and milked… I have fantasy about a new prospective playmate, and something I would find highly erotic to do to him, with and experience with him. He has a handsome, manly face and sparkl...

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BlenheimCouple2 4 months ago

Last of the Summer's Fun (Part VI)

Coming out, and warming up in the spa.

We offered to hide out in Kat's room until we could sneak out, but it was heading into the evening and it wasn’t likely that G&T would be going anywhere until tomorrow morning at the earliest. That plan wasn’t going to work. “Fuck it” Kat declared, after...

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BlenheimCouple2 5 months ago

Last of the Summer's Fun (Part V)

Back to our new friends' place.

I followed Chris's SUV out of the car park and we hadn’t reached the road before I saw Lea turn to look back at us and wave, before her head moved down and across to Chris and dropped out of view. Kat laughed and I smiled, knowing the wonderful experienc...

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BlenheimCouple2 6 months ago

Last of the Summer's Fun (Part IV)

Making new friends at the beach.

“We love sex with each other,” she said as she sat down next to him “and we love sex with others.” she added bluntly, putting her hand on Chris's thigh. Chris swallowed hard, and looked at me. “Is it ok?” he asked me. “Lea doesn’t need my permissi...

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BlenheimCouple2 6 months ago

Last of the Summer's Fun (Part III)

Skinny-dipping breaks the ice.

Lea shrieked as she hit the first small waves, just as I caught up with her running alongside her. Cold seawater splashed up on us giving us goosebumps and by the time we were thigh deep we were freezing. We dived in, coming up breathless with cold,...

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BlenheimCouple2 6 months ago

Last of the Summer's Fun (Part II)

Fun in the sun, alone on the beach.

We’d enjoyed a good hour laying in the sun, before we sat up and grabbed a cold beer from our chilly bag. We hadn’t heard any vehicles, so we were pretty confident that we were still alone on our end of the beach. I popped my head over the rise, and sure...

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