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3 hours ago
Straight Male, 65
0 km · Christchurch


not your average fish.

Life’s short,do everything ( today ), regret nothing, harm no one..... well that sounds pretty boring so now to lighten things up.

Although I do tell people I am divorced. The truth is I court her playing with a toy. I was afraid I might become redundant so before that might happen I killed her and buried her under a tree in the back yard. The only good things she taught me was how to breathe out my ears and to have a prehensile tongue.

I do have a slight problem when p€%#ing. I have to be careful to not stand on my knob. Some people think I have three legs and the pain is going away now that l am using it to bang in nails. I come with a speed controller on my head if you want me to go faster or slower. And if I run out of puff all you have to do is ram a fresh battery up my arse. I am easy to carry because I am fully inflatable. So all you have to do is retrieve me from your bag and blow me up. Although my blow up value is in a rather unusual place. It may require you to get down on your hands and knees. I don’t require a lot of attention and are not afraid of the dark so keeping me in your handbag and only getting me out when the mood takes you is no problem.

Of course you know it’s all shit........ or is it 🤔

Hi everyone. I am a free member, which restricts me to sending only three smiles a day. This can be misinterpreted as a lack of commitment. I can only enter dialogue after you have either replied with a smile or message.......




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