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During our first few chats he tells me he is a police officer- my mind starts racing about the fact he would have real handcuffs. This tiny piece of information turned me on something incredible. We arranged a daytime meet, while he was at work - on duty,...

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First Meeting

The time had come where there was no easing it in, she knew, it was time to ram it in.

It was 15 years ago A Thursday evening the last hour or two of light, We had been chatting for some weeks. So it was time to meet in real life back then I wasn’t much of a catch or so I thought just had a major break down in my own marriage well least I w...

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a captivating lady at a renowned resto-bar in Mt. Eden. We had arranged this meeting a few days prior, and by sheer coincidence, both of us arrived almost simultaneously. She was a vision in dark blue jeans, a pris...

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She stood before him, wearing that dress she liked, white, always white. Buttons undone to her thigh, maybe a bit too high. Undone from the top showing a touch of what lay beneath. The sleeves that slopped off the shoulder. He sat there approvingly, arrog...

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Nerves overcome

Cheating wife finally overcomes her nerves with a younger lover

Gun to my head, if I had to pick odds, I would have said 50/50. I knew she was nervous, she had been clear from her messaging all day that this was outside her usual realm of possibilities. ‘I don’t know if I should do this… I’m sorry’ came her message as...

An acquaintance had recommended that I get in touch with Miss Courtney as she would be perfect to guide me through my first trans experience. I had, for a long time, fantasied about being with a trans woman. These desires kept bubbling to the surface and...

My lady lover

You say you like soft touch

You say you like soft touch, so as my fingertips trace the line of your body, goose bumps form on your skin. Blind fold on,,, arms tied above your head. Your body arches with expectation,,,, God I love your soft skin. Your nipples hard,,, I want so much,...

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My day with Abi

After the fishing trip

We first met when you joined my Playtoy M and I after we had been fishing a few weeks ago and you seemed to enjoy our 3 some fun. I was very surprised when you sent me a picture of you completely naked and one hand holding your pussy open and being visibl...

Not a Good Girl

Inexplicably she opened her mouth and mimicked the act of sucking a cock.

She stood at her bedroom mirror blushing. It had taken little effort to climb into the shiny black latex dress and the look had caught her by surprise. This was by far the most risqué outfit she had ever worn. It wrapped tightly against her, every contour...

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A nice day out fishing Part 2

After we got back on land

We pulled into A's acreage and you took the fish inside while A showed me where everything was to clean the boat. She had a wicked little smile on her face and said she hoped I would enjoy the recipe she had planned for dinner. I grinned back at her and a...

5 cocks

My first multi cock adventure

It was an unexpected message. Do I want to meet up at 4pm. There maybe 3 to 4 guys there. I replied yes and the address was sent to me. I hadn't met Adam yet but messages were hot and the thought of getting to suck his cock was enough to get me there. Hey...

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A nice day fishing

Our day out on the water Part 1

I arrived at your place with the trailer attached and ran up to help you with a few things you wanted to bring fishing. I knocked on the door to find you totally naked and on your knees. You had my cock in your mouth in a flash and pretty quickly swallowe...

Of course it had to be the hot one… I took a seat next to my wife as he smiled at us. “What can I do to help today?” He asked, his smile white and perfect. He stood at 6ft 2, muscular frame and tanned skin. He had to be mid- late 20s, clearly intelligent...

Use me as your slut

Didn't win power-ball so ill do anything to and for you to please you...

Apologies in advance if this story sucks - it's my 1st time posting. A kinda stupid big half finished message. Sorry I won't come back until i can finish until I'm confident I can finish...... I just had to post it though.... fuck I'm a dick. Hope it's ok...


My husband watched as the cute couple kissed me on the bed. She had my head in her lap as she kissed me and caressed my breasts. She whispered can my husband f..k you. I was so turned on that I said yes. He came over the top of me and pushed my skirt up m...

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