Room 407 - L'Hôtel du Soir Fact

Could she? Would she? Yes she did ....…

Entering from the street Michele turned immediately to the right and found the old-fashioned lift. She pressed the "Call" button and waited for the lift to arrive.

It is a manual affair. Manually open the outer door, manually open the inner door, enter then close both doors and press "4" on the far side. It is a slow, gentle ride up - or possibly even back in time.

After a short ride Michele arrived at the fourth floor. Her heart was thumpi… Read more

The Bet: Part III Fiction

More Surprises.…

Sarah move to the side of the bed….I heard her lift something from the side and then felt her weight as she straddled my oil slicked chest. She began to grind her pussy into my chest, her legs moving smoothly, frictionlessly across the oil. Her hands came down to my shoulders as she leaned over me, nails digging in.

“I’m going to make myself cum again.” she said to me….I felt her raise her body and something was placed on my ches… Read more

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One off at Spencer Park Meetings

One lucky dude…

So yesterday hubby and I decided to do a bit of walking and not hopeful for dogging but the weather yesterday was a bit mild actually...

I wearing a light jacket and leggings with a thong just in case. Along the seashore on the tree line we set up a picnic sheet on the ground and opened had coffee from the thermos.

I had nothing under the my jacket and was teasing hubby a bit. We got horny so I gave my husband head. Then suddenly a guy a… Read more

The Bet: Part II Fiction


The next thing I felt was something cold touching my groin, there was a snap and sudden pressure, she’d clamped a large, heavy steel cock ring around my cock and balls! Oh oh…

“Once you are hard….I’ll make sure you stay that way” she laughed

Now I was bound tightly, spread-eagled, to my bed, blindfolded and a wide and heavy metal cock ring was constricting my balls and hardening cock.

I knew I was in trouble. I had been pr… Read more

The Bet Fiction

A surprise visit…

I woke up and started to stretch, but couldn’t move…”What the fuck”, my wrists were attached to something above my head. My headboard! …my legs too, attached by my ankles spread-eagled on my bed.

I thought that my room was still dark, then felt the constriction around my eyes, I was blindfolded as well. Now I was starting to panic. I was regretting the drinks last night, dammit I must have slept like a log!

I pulled hard at the … Read more

My night as an escort. Lesbian

Learning to love pussy juice and give myself to others.…

I was married when I was 18, to a sweet guy but the most boring man in christendom! I guess I knew I had outgrown him, when I started to have affairs with his friends. One day I realised it was time for me to move out and move on. I bought an apartment in the Auckland Viaduct and became friendly with my neighbour a single girl who seemed to be living a very exciting lifestyle.
We were both a bit pissy-eyed having drinks one afternoon, when she … Read more

Sex with a stranger Meetings

Never pass up an opportunity to have sex with a stranger.…

In some senses I am a creature of habit.

I enjoy walking. I have my favourite walking spots, at the reserve, at the beach, around the streets close to my home, sometimes with my sister and my dog, sometimes with just my dog, and sometimes just on my own. Mostly I recognise the people I see on these walks. I don't know them, but I see them often enough to smile and exchange friendly greetings. Known strangers or unknown friends.

Today was … Read more

The new neighbour part two Fiction

for those that read the first one and wanted more…

We left part one with Fiona getting down between Kate our new neighbour's legs after I had just deposited a load into her delicious pussy. Well I sat on our patio chairs and watched as Fiona and Kate got into a 69 position with Fiona on top.Fiona was really getting into licking my cum from Kate savouring the mixed flavours of her pussy and my load. Kate was underneath Fiona feverishly flicking her tongue at Fi's clit. Well it wasn't long before … Read more

The work place affair Romance

Her breasts were magnificent…

We worked together and after 6 months and a lot of drinks and sexual innuendo it began in a taxi.
We had been out drinking and as we were being driven home the talk with the other 2 in the taxi was sexually charged. I made a decision to advance our relationship and my hand slipped onto her thigh. I stroked her even with the rep sitting next to her. She looked at me smiled and gently parted her legs. Her hands covered mine as I stroked further up… Read more

My Firsts..... Fact

He was and still is a gentleman.…

It was a day of celebration and I was at a function partying up large. The man I had been working with for sometime was upstairs in his accomdation so I went to get him to come down. He was doing work and said he might come down.

He was sitting at a desk and I came from behind and put my arms around his neck and said hurry up. He said 'miss, you better go before I do something.'
We had an attraction to each other but never acted on it. I didn… Read more

trip home Fact


as alot of you know mrs tribe never ever wears underwear is shaved and has pierced nipples
so this info will help understand this story
we both going to a birthday party at 5 in afternoon we both get ready mrs tribe goes in a dress with low cut cut hulter neck top and in the right light the bottom of dress is see through
we turn up to party family and other people start turning up about same time. there are people and men we dont know there
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Two in one day Fact

...would be the 2nd cock I have had today..…

I had just returned from overseas and so  excited to get home to see the one I had been talking to daily and the one I had been seeing for a while. I arrived home to my family and the kids were overjoyed.
My hubby was happy to see me so we made love, it was a quicky. I actually can't remember it.  He had to go to work so I took the oppertunity to go see my lover.
He was busy at a function but we managed to meet up in an accomodation area.

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Growing Up Fiction

An old friend…

Amy and I had been good friends since primary school. As we grew older we progressed through the same classes and schools together. We lost contact just after our first year at college when her father took a job overseas and her whole family relocated. This was not long after we both started puberty and we started to understand what sexual longing was.
Many years passed and I grew into a sensual woman with a vivid memory of my fleeting early sex… Read more

Bedtime story Fact

Stories, within stories, within stories....…

I wrote a story, which led to another story, which led to explosive orgasms, which…..leads to this story.

Let me tell you the tale.

Her profile was attractive, her body beautiful. I had looked at her profile and pictures a number of times but, as she was in another city I did not contact her.

I saw her in chat a few times…but as a single woman, I did not contact her as I did not want to be one of the multitudes of single men who f… Read more

Boardroom Sex Fact

Ahh... The fun you can have in the office...…

Yes, there was one time, I worked in an office in Wellington quite a few years back, we were on the 12th floor of a building off Willis Street.

I used to work all sorts of hours there so had access to the building whenever I wanted.

One Friday night, after some drinks at work, my work mates and I went pubbing and clubbing in Courtenay Place. I was a little inebriated and saw a vision on the dance floor. I could only see her from behind bu… Read more

The new neighbour Fiction

a most pleasant introduction…

The house behind ours had been empty for some time. I had met the landlords and they said they were looking for but as yet hadn't found the right tenant. Being as I love being naked when at home I had thought nothing of walking around au natural for sometime knowing there was nobody except the empty house behind that could see not that I really minded anyone seeing me naked but I' am conscious in this day and age of politically correct tossers wi… Read more

Phone tease Fact

Teasing..... There's an app for that....…

I was talking to a KS friend on a messenger app and she remarked

"It’s a bastard reading the stories and getting aroused when there are kids at home. I really want to go off and play with myself but can’t!!!"

I replied "Hmm..... I'd be happy to play with yourself... 😉 (**Leering**)

To which she cheekily sent a photo of her face down on the bed with a skirt on and asked me

"what would you do? "

Below is my reply

Me: Mm… Read more

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Breakfast in bed Swinging

What does a naughty MILF get up to when she’s left along for an hour in a hotel room…

Rachel was a totally naughty MILF, with a body to die for and a sex drive to match. She had taken a liking to being fucked hard and fast by two guys and enjoyed several afternoon three ways in hotels with her hubby and Steve . Today was a little different as Rachel’s afternoon threesome was postponed to the next morning due to Steve’s work commitments. This delay had got Rachel more and more excited with the prospect of being taken by her two… Read more

Dress Romance

A perfect show....…

You had been telling me for a few days you had a treat in mind for me and I was full of adrenalin as anticipation crackled through me like electricity. We had just got back to the room after a few drinks, some ambiant music was filling air with seductive sounds. You were in the bathroom getting your surprise ready and I was sitting there wondering what delights were in store this evening...

Finally the door opened and you presented yourself to… Read more

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the sleepover Fiction

fun with .....…

My wife had gone away for 5 days on a medical conference and her college age daughter 18 asked if I minded if she had two of her buddies over for to ours for a sleepover. I agreed that she could on Friday night as I was going out with a pal from my Navy days and wouldn't be back till late. The only stipulation I made was that it was not to turn into a house party with all and sundry in the house and it was to be only her and her friends. Becky ag… Read more

Wildlife Fiction

what happened one day whilst on a wildlife walk in the woods…

The bay of islands has a plethora of places to explore. One day I anchored my boat in the bay of one such island and swam ashore. There were a few backpackers on the beach and a notice board which clearly illustrated a few trails you could walk to enjoy the flora and fauna on the island. As I had swum ashore I was dressed in only board shorts a t shirt and had my trainers hung around my neck whilst I swam. Well I decided on a trail that would tak… Read more

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a most pleasant afternoon Fiction

outdoor experience…

I had the afternoon off and it was a pleasant afternoon. Little did I know it would be such a good afternoon . Well there I was with an afternoon off on a warm spring day in Northland , what to do?? I decided to explore a local cove close to where I live in the bay of islands as I had heard it was a good spot to catch a few snapper and not very busy normally . Perfect I thought as made my way down to the beach. well to call it a beach is stretchi… Read more

As Yet Untitled Other

Must be getting old…

As yet untitled
Whilst browsing today I came across a photo that triggered a wonderful recollection. It was a beautiful woman, stocking and suspenders and a full, exquisitely manicured bush. A perfect triangle of dark brown public hair. I've not seen the like for many years and it took me back to the first.
I was young once, I remember it well, it was a Thursday.
It was a cold, wet winters evening, heavy rain on the slate roof of the bike shed… Read more

Thinking out Loud Fact

Something to think about.…

Feeling introspective this morning, need to think things through on paper. What am I looking for? Why am I looking? Why do I feel this if the place to find what I want?

My kink is so very vanilla, compared to lots on here, yet the people I've met have been wonderful. What am I searching for? I'm looking for something I used to have, still have in reality just not in close proximity.

Many years ago when I was in my late twenties, I met a won… Read more

River Quickie Fact

Outdoors fun…

Was a warm afternoon in Hamilton perfect for some outdoors fun. I was ment to meet her at her office and play there as she was ment to be only one working on the long weekend. That plan failed when she wasnt alone. So I met her at a spot that accessed a Walkway down to the river. There were quite a few people around but we were both so horny I knew this as when I first seen her I could notice her hard nipples pushing against her red blouse. We wa… Read more

You're the first Fiction

Be gentle, its my first time…

I could barely see in front of me as i stumbled in the darkness, dew soaked fern fronds brushed past my face and leaves crunched beneath my shoes.
I could hear her giggling in the darkness as her hand reached from the darkness and grabbed mine, leading me deeper into the dense trees,
"just a bit further" she whispered as she lead me up the path, her hand grasping mine in the cool night air.
Craggy roots paving the path as we stumbled for wha… Read more

History or Fantasy? BDSM

Men get out your lube and tissues, ladies, warm up those fingers...…

The bright golden sunlight only penetrated the thick mauve drapes dully, like the backside of a prosaic movie screen. No one watched the movie. The neighbourhood outside was conspicuously silent.
Inside, the atmosphere was a husky warm, smoky twilight. Cigarette smoke. SC pulled the white nylon cord taut and drew her ankle tight against the bottom post of the bed. A single four-poster bed with ivory satin sheets and two thick fluffy pillo… Read more

Enjoy this?? Let me know Fiction

How do you find this?? Any good?…

I'll relish the moment my tongue first tastes your wet sex and when my lips tug gently on your pussy, making you squirm and shudder. When the tip of my tongue brushes against your clit, your head rocks backwards and your eyes close to savour the intensity of your most personal pleasure Then I'll stand in front of you, watching as you slowly remove my briefs and un-curl my pulsing length and draw it towards your mouth. You lick your lips and look … Read more

A sensual seduction Fiction

Based on one of the single ladies profile pic 😉…

As you open the door and I enter the room my eyes are immediately drawn to your fantastic figure, cloaked in only a black lace body suit with a plunging v down the front of it, exposing a perfect, teasing amount of your beautiful, perfectly shaped breasts, your nipples pressed against the lace are just visible and so inviting, my glare moves further down your body to your perfect mound, still covered but ready to be unwrapped at any time to revea… Read more

Our first meeting Fiction

Sexual fun…

We looked at each other’s profile and liked what we seen, so after talking on line for a few days we decided to meet for a drink in person so after working out where we would meet and picking a time, I got there about 10 minutes early and found a quite spot near the back and where I could see the front door, my phone went ding ding then I see you walk through the door with your partner and you tell him to stay at the bar while we meet, so you g… Read more

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