Noise Nextdoor Fact

Too much courage juice can change a person.. True story…

Jo 50yo 5.5 ft brunette with a crossfit body physique big tits ass & thighs,
We spoke a couple of times my wife got to know her better, no kids, family lived in auckland single and very private, but in a good way, work drunk abit on the weekends, rarely got visitors just kept to herself.
Wife always told her she's welcome to come for a drink, & say the odd sex joke asking Jo if she's cleared the Cobweb's, Jo would laugh.
Was about 1ish in the… Read more

Shh, sit still! Other

- a wee poem -…

Shh, sit still
Close your eyes
Can you feel my breath as I lean in ever so close?

I can smell the musk on your skin - mmmm breath it in.
Inhaling like you were smoke, hold it, exhale.

I'll start with my tongue on your neck, just near your ear.

Slowly I trace gently, leaving a light wet line, moving down, tracing your shape
- the cool breeze coming through the window will do the rest.

The wet line sends shivers through your body as… Read more

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Under the sun Fact


N sent a message, he talked of a big black cock, there was proof. A video clip of his girlfriend sucking on his BBC was the proof, it did indeed look good to R, she had always liked BBC.
A phone call was made, N told R how much he wanted to fuck R with that BBC.
A hurried meeting was planned, R was in a rush to see and play with that good looking BBC, she imagined how good it would feel to have that BBC pounding into her pussy.
On the agreed … Read more

My first mature women experience Stepmom First Time

I grabbed her by the hips and held her pussy and ass next to my face…

I have been thinking about writing this for a while, she was the first mature women in my life

Bit of intro into the story, So my parents divorced when I was young. My dad remarried when I was 9 I lived with my dad, as every divorced kid me and my brother hated her, Dad married my stepmom J when she was in her early-30s

So nothing interesting happened growing up. Things started to change around the age 22 (thanks to all stepmom porn). J… Read more

MILF or (Mum I liked to fuck) Fact

Putting in the hard yards with a local MILF paid off…

Months of flirting, double entendres, and texting had lead to this. One of the MILFs from work, wearing just her lacy black underwear on my bed, with my dick in her mouth. I had the flat to myself and she had came round, one thing lead to another and here I was...about to ravish her. She was late forties, tall, redhead, perfectly toned body, firm round breasts. You wouldn’t even know she had had kids. I was lying there, admiring the view, her p… Read more

MMF are sooooo good Fact


There was a text from O asking what we were doing that afternoon, come on over for a few drinks and a BBQ, why not said R, sounds like it will be fun.
R disappeared into the bathroom to get tidied up, appearing with a big smile a little later.
We arrived and R greeted O with a huge kiss, it was his birthday
After a few drinks, O’s cock slipped out of his shorts “accidentally”, R had a grin on her face, she liked what she saw.
O hinted t… Read more

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MFM....can't beat it Fact

My favourite threesome so far…

I had two hot friends, I’d played with them both individually before but hadn’t fucked either of them. Ben let me know he was going to be in town in a few weeks….we got to talking bout a threesome and I knew straight away I wanted Sam to join us. It was all booked in.

I was nervous as all hell, my first group play time as a single woman. Excited but anxious, I drove to pick Sam up, then we headed to Ben’s hotel. We stood around, had a … Read more

My live in lover and her games. Lesbian

The things I let happen to me.…

My live in lover is younger than I am and we have now been together for 6 months. She's my Dom mistress and Im her Sub slut. The thing that keeps our romance fresh is we love playing games. She enjoys the anguish of sending me out to be used by others and not know whats happening to me. I love the dominating nature of her fucking when I come home and tell her about every juicy detail of the adventure.
We have now added Skype to our adventures… Read more

How to organise a gangbang Fact

Making Mrs Southbound smile…

We have been swingers for years. Mrs Southbound loves to play. We've been to parties and to clubs. We spent a week at a swingers' resort. We've met quite a few couples and had a recent MMF. A gangbang seemed like the next step.

The gangbang was organised through this site. We posted more pics to up our profile before we posted an ad announcing the event. I (Mr) did all the chatting.

From round one of contacts 17 blokes said yes. Tha… Read more

The work place 2 Fact

Passion and hunger…

She was in a room sitting on a stool looking through a microscope.
I walked in. Her ass looked amazing small tight. Her breasts beautiful in size and shape hanging loosely in her shirt.
I knew what I was going to do. She knew and the heat of passion was already firing up the situation.
I stepped in behind her sweeping her long hair to the side and began kissing her neck and ears. Knowing time was of the essence and that someone may find us my… Read more

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Twice the fun - part 2 Fact

Two into in…

After R, S and M had finished in the lounge, R led both S and M by the cocks down the hallway to the bedroom.
S stopped R and pushed her against the wall, holding her hands high up on the wall while he french kissed her.
M spread her legs and got down on his knees and tongued her clit.
R started moaning when M put two fingers in her soaking pussy.
This only lasted a short time, R had an orgasm and squirted on M face, her legs became weak and … Read more

A Pleasurable Business Trip Fact

Mixing business with pleasure…

Miss M and I had been talking, texting, flirting and sexting for months. It was fun exciting and I sensed it was just a matter of time before we took it to the next level and fucked.

Then the stars aligned I had to go away for work and Miss M was going to be close by...her was our chance. As the days got closer my nerves and excitement began to build. The day at the office went painfully slow and I had texted Miss M to see what she was up … Read more

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Spying by CDR Romance


She laid on the grass in the fields of sunflowers, she had had the most stressful day of her life and wanted an all over suntan,
Her body was white as snow and soft as velvet thinking, she was alone, all bare and looking rather toned.
Her breasts were just natural, glowing in the sunlight and getting a nice brown colour to them.
Her nipples were large and ready for some action.
No one around, just sunflowers, sun, peace and quiet.
What she d… Read more

Office Lunch Pleasure Fiction

This story is one to masturbate to while reading…

A story for my girl while I was away.....enjoy


It was just a usual day for us we both get up at the same time and while you are warming up the shower, I go and warm up the coffee machine and bring you a coffee in the shower. You take a sip and give me a kiss and say “thank you”. I pull you in close as our wet naked bodies press against each the feeling we had missed while I was away. Straight away you feel my cock starting t… Read more

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Twice the fun Fact

Two really do fit into one…

It was a quiet Saturday evening, we were watching TV waiting for the rugby to begin.
There was a knock on the door, M had dropped in with a few beers.
We all sat watching the TV and chatting about nothing in particular.
R excused herself to go and have a shower, something about boring TV was muttered.
The rugby got underway and we were both engrossed in the action.
The second half had just begun when R came back from her shower, a faint hint… Read more

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Buxom, the bomb, and so much more..... Fact

Oh yes....…

So folks....we have been in KS for a few years and had some interesting experiences but here is one to add to the chapters of fun. We messaged a couple and eventually met for a drink. She was very buxom, chatty and outgoing. Her husband not so much but still, nodded and consented to all discussion around fun ....... so we arranged a play date and the day arrived. It ended up with me the lucky husband being pleasured by 2 gorgeous ladies. One bein… Read more

Horny motel meeting Meetings

NSA meeting in a motel…

I put an add on a site saying I would be in a motel in Hamilton and had a fantasy I wanted to act out. Basically I was seeking a woman who would come to my motel, find the door open, with me laying naked on the bed. She would come in, sit on my face and make me worship her, have her fun and then leave.

It's a fantasy, and I had little faith that anything would come from it. Just as I was about to stop checking my e-mails and go to sleep I rece… Read more

What happened on the way to the bar... Meetings

Or - a timely and frustrating reminder that all is not always throbbing love harpoons and yawning, dripping pussies…

Since embracing the lifestyle, there have been so many new and exciting sensations and experiences to enjoy but by far the hottest of them all is being drawn along by people who ultimately fall flat and let you down. Nothing like that feeling of responding to strong interest only to then experience drawn out communication from the other party over a period of weeks or months. For your paramour to constantly set and miss dates to meet you but also… Read more

Double 00 Trouble... Part 2 Fiction

James Bond has never been this hot!…

She walks forward towards him, until they are intermittently close, her breasts almost touching his and his gun almost rubbed against her sex.
“And who are you anyway?” She asks.
“British Secret Service,” he said, “I’m Bond, James Bond...”

His gun now rubbing against her pussy he puts his other hand behind her neck and pulls her head towards his and begins to roughly kiss her lips.
After a minute he let’s her go and pulls ba… Read more

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Truth - part 2 Fiction

It will set you free…

My mind was in a fog.

I was sitting in our bedroom, naked and trying not to touch my cock. On the bed in front of me my wife Mandy was on her back, her legs in the air as her friend Alec lay on top of her. The bed was making rhythmical squeaking sounds as Alec’s cock thrust in and out of my wife’s swollen wet gash. The smell of sweat and pussy filled the room.

I briefly thought about the events of the previous week leading up to this - … Read more

Truth - part 1 Fiction

It comes out eventually…

It started with fog.

I was on my way to a work conference. Ahead of me lay three days of blissful freedom, interrupted only by seven hours a day of presentations and seminars. And free lunch - I was looking forward to the free lunch.

I had checked into my flight and was wandering around the airport, killing time until boarding. I was flicking through a car magazine in the bookshop when an announcement came over the speakers. With the genera… Read more

Testing limits cont Meetings

Her plaything……

continued ..

Sucking her clit and licking in small circles she grinds squashing my nose into her mons.. she enjoys this for a while stands then pushes me down on the couch so my head hangs over the edge of the pillow and straddles my face, rocking and grinding .. my tongue working into her pussy then out to her clit, my face getting covered in her juices.
After a short while she stiffens and the grinding slows, legs clamp around head and slo… Read more

Testing limits Other

Her plaything…

We met on KS, talked briefly a few times and really enjoyed Sarah's sexy mind but didn't expect anything more than chat.
Out of the blue I get an email suggesting we should meet. Turns out hubby was away over seas and there was a twinkle in her eye.

The address and time was given and some explanation it was just to chat. Well duly arrived on time and knocked, door opens and we eye each other up and get invited in..

Shes wearing a shapely … Read more

The Supermarket Carpark Quickie Fact

When you pretend to be strangers…

It was around dusk one mild autumn evening. We arrived at the supermarket at the same time parking alongside in opposite positions. “Hi, how are ya” he said, “yeah great thanks”, I replied.
We did our shopping, passing each other a couple of times in the aisle with a smile and nod to each other.
Well timed, we went through the checkouts at the same time and headed out to our vehicles. Not a word was said, just a couple of strangers.
Read more

A New Meaning to Jerez Fact

A short road-trip in Spain leads to some roadside fun…

A couple of years ago Julia and I decided to go and find a picturesque winery, Jerez de la Frontera, in Andalusia, Spain, that we heard is a must see. We found it alright, and the meaning of Jerez de la Frontera has a more naughty context to us ever since.

It was a perfect day for a scenic drive, the air was still warm from the summer months with a cool breeze blowing gently through the trees and fields of the country side. Summer was nearing … Read more

New Adventures In Cuckoldry: Part Two Cuckold

Taking It Offshore…

She leaned over me. She turned her head sideways to check that no one was looking and cheekily pulled down her one-piece swimsuit to reveal her fabulous, full breasts. “All yours this week, baby. Mostly”.

I smiled. I liked how she called me “baby”. She said it slow and lilting.

I eased back in the sun lounger, one leg hanging lazily over the side and scrunched my toes in the hot sand. I closed my eyes and wondered how did it ever … Read more

Spencer Park Beach Fiction

School holidays are over. Time for adult fun…

Spencer Park Beach fun

It was the first day that’s both the kids were back at school after the holidays.
We had been planning this for a couple of weeks.
With being new to Kiwiswingers we weren’t too sure what we were really after.
So to slowly break us in to the new lifestyle we decided on some live cam fun. Instead of the normal bedroom playtime we thought going to Spencer Park Beach could be a bit more exciting.
As we pulled up … Read more

A beast called hunger Fiction

A bad attempt at good poetry (or is it a good attempt at bad poetry? You be the judge.)…

Hunger is a beast
That roars in my breast.
Your lips, cherry-red,
Your eyes, full of hope.
Your body, warm and supple,
The beast must hunt!

The beast approaches,
The prey notices.
Her eyes become round,
Her tongue licks her lips,
Her body beckons.
Now is the time to strike!

The beast has her scent.
Lovelier than flowers,
Sweeter than honey,
The beast drinks its fill.
The prey, moaning,
Now begs for the kill.

So the beast … Read more

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Lover of Mine Other

At the age of 20 I unknowingly got involved with a married man - only found out when I met his wife at a night club - I wrote this poem…

Lying on my bed

Listening to the chatter of the birds as they say their final farewells to another day.

Feeling the gentle breeze whisper its sweet nothings as it sweeps lovingly through my open window, caressing my naked body.

I think of you, imagining the weight, the closeness of your taunt body entwined with mine … unity.

Always knowing there is a secret bond we have hidden from others,
but something so strong can’t be broken,… Read more

New Adventures In Cuckoldry: Part One Cuckold

An electric evening in Wadestown…

The hills around Wellington are home to some upmarket suburbs, and Wadestown is one of them. Nestled just above the city, it boasts winding, quiet streets. There are some grand houses hidden well back from the road, behind well manicured gardens and down secluded, private driveways.

The mood is old-money suburban, the height of proprietary. But facades can be deceptive. Wadestown, like many leafy suburbs throughout New Zealand, hides many dar… Read more

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