A massage in Gibraltar Fact

One day in Gibraltar and what a day it was…

Gibraltar oh my Gosh
Woke up this morning half asleep to find my blankets in a heap and clothes scattered all around me.
What happened last night?
Oh that’s right nothing -------again!
Looking out the balcony on the cabin I saw it rising majestically from the sea to the sky.
The rock of Gibraltar.
Needing some serious exercise, I decided I would walk to the top and not take the gondola or taxi. After all I had a lot of frustration to… Read more

What I Need Fiction

The mind boggles…

My husband has always attracted the attention of both female and male patrons in clubs, although he could not see what I was observing, his moves on the dance floor had both sexes flocking around (he’s as straight as a beam pole I might add) - men wanted to battle their moves out with him and women would grind up n down against him. This particular night (within the past 18 mnths) while I was watching our drinks at the table, my significant oth… Read more

A Slut After 40 Years Faithfulness Swinging

A good Catholic finds that sex can be a whole lot of fun.…

Originally written as letters to our local newspaper in response to a request for genuine ‘Older Swinger Lifestyle’ participants The original letters contained no bad language and not as much detail as this fuller account The responses supported our lifestyle and only a very small number have critical of us Interestingly too since we have now been to visit a local swingers club we have met and swung with ‘neighbours, a priest, judge, tea… Read more

Fishnets and fingers Fact

A little public foreplay can be a lotta fun…

We had been looking forward to this for months, chatting on KS, sending each other explicit pics and videos on a messaging app, and counting down the days until his work trip to Wellington.
I already knew exactly what his cock looked like and how well it worked. I’d seen how he jerked himself off. I knew about the delicious amount of chest hair and the strong arms. I had no secrets from him, either. And fuck, the enthusiasm in his messages ab… Read more

Long distance sext messaging fun 2 x Swinging

swinging, orgy, cuckold, dp…

So I picked you up, I had told you to put on your best panties and be ready for anything fun!

Mmm that’s hot - I get ready put my best panties on x I’m so horny and wet already with the anticipation

I blindfold you. I haven’t hinted anything of what’s in store for you ...you’re trembling with anticipation as I guide you to my car

Mmm exciting I’m getting impatient ... you play it cool you’re driving me insane!

You feel m… Read more

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Winters farewell Threesome

Last fling before Europe…


Frankie and Jack were heading off to Europe for the winter soon and wanted to have a final fling before they fly. The best option for everyone was to have Steve come down for the night and make it a total fuck fest as they would not be seeing each other for the next three months.

A simple plan is always the best option and Frankie had made this as simple as possible. Steve would be arriving in the late afternoon before jac… Read more

When the Lions came to town Dogging

An Irish husband and Wife…

It was the Lions Tour of New Zealand in 2016 and I was working in Hamilton as a bartender the night they played in town. Swarms of people thronged and packed out every available space in every open bar, a mix of kiwis and those travelling from the UK to support their team.

As I was working, an irish husband and wife sat at the bar sparking continual conversation with me, unlike their companions they were savouring the drinks ordered, choosing… Read more

Boneless in Bali Fiction

Room service gets personal sometimes…

The heat was glorious. I’d been lying there on the sun lounger for about half an hour, and had ditched the bikini completely after the first 10 minutes.
There’s something deeply sensual about the sun and a light gentle breeze on bare skin, so my thoughts had turned to my latest lover and what he had done to me, for me, when I saw him last.
I guess that’s why I didn’t notice the door to my courtyard opening or the sounds of footsteps. … Read more

The Beach Fact

Couple playing at beach invite me over…

Some years ago now I was at the local nude beach enjoying the hot sun on my cock and bum, one of the pleasures of nude sunbathing. The other pleasure of course is quietly enjoying the scenery.
The scenery on this day with the beach almost deserted included a couple in there early thirties quite close to me. In between dozing I noticed their hands slowly caressing each other in more and more overtly sexual ways. Pulling gently at nipples and then… Read more

The hired help---the second time Fact

that awkward moment when you dont know who`s going to make the first move…

It`d been 3 weeks since Ross had fucked me at the cottage and I'd hardly seen him at all during that time. I thought about him and what we`d done quite a bit and often thought I'd like to see him one more time and take time to enjoy him properly. One Saturday morning my husband said he was taking the kids into town to visit the Grandparents but I couldn't go because I'd been sick with the flu all week and didn't want to pass it on. As they lef… Read more

45th Birthday present Fact

Awesome night…

My Husband Andy said when we first got together that on my 45th Birthday he would take me to Venice, if we couldn't afford that then I could have whatever I wanted as a sexual experience, well guess what no trip to Venice however one awesome nights fucking.
We rented a secluded property at Foxton Beach for the weekend, two weeks prior I put an advert on KS for 4 guys who would like to have group sex with me as that was my sexual experience that … Read more

Fifty shades of Lucy - Part 2 Swinging

Lucy's sexual adventure when Ed is not around…

Lucy walked softly on the beach, feeling the wet sand under her feet. The sun was setting and it was getting dark. Aurelio walked beside her, his hand around her waist. He could feel her soft body beneath the elegantly sexy black dress. The deep V neck revealed a glimpse of her firm and enticing breasts. He looked at her lush lips and felt an irresistible desire to kiss her deeply.

He still could not believe he had the rare chance to take Lucy… Read more

When I get my hands on you... Fiction

Planning and thinking how I want to tease you till you beg…

This is a fantasy for someone, it's my first story but have text some of this to someone

Let's start things off with a massage. You on the bed face down, naked. I have moved the mirror on the wardrobe so that you can watch what I do to you in it. Using plenty of oil on my hands I start to rub my hands over your shoulders, and back, fingertips grazing the sides of your breasts, teasing, making you wish I would just reach around and cup th… Read more

The hired help Fact

He knew what I wanted…

My first husband and I managed a farm in the lower North Island. I was in my late 20`s and staff were hard to find. After lot's of advertising we settled for a couple in their 50's and although the guy, Ross' experience in farming was a bit limited we hired him because he was an interior decorator by trade and there was a cottage on the property that we wanted done up. Ross was a bit of a rough diamond but a good worker and we were pleased wit… Read more

Dominated Fiction

Inner sluttiness…

We have chatted online and exchanged messages - you telling me some of the things you like but not revealing too much of your inner sluttiness because some girls don't like to openly talk about the specifics of what they would like to happen to them. We arrange to meet in a bar in town. I ask you to wear a dress - preferably a nice little black number. It's a Saturday night - busy in town - with lots of people out and about. I am sitting on a bar… Read more

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Our wedding anniversary Fact

I was at the point of no return and knew I wanted this.…

My husband and I decided to have a romantic weekend away to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. He planned it all and all I knew was that we we`re going to stay at a nice Hotel in Wellington. It was a lovely place and Carl had booked an executive room with a big lounge and separate bedroom. Once we`d settled in, we freshened up and went down to the restaurant for a fabulous dinner then into the little house bar for some drinks. We sat on… Read more

Erotic MMF fantasy Fiction

My current favourite fantasy......…

Mr Naughty (Mr N) was my very favourite playmate. Sexy, cheeky, kinky and open minded. He was experienced in swinging, had done so much more than I had. One time I asked him what was on his bucket list, the one thing he hadn’t tried but would like to. His answer surprised me “Find a guy that I want to fuck me”. Well.…that was so hot. The thought excited the hell out of me. So, I thought, right. I’m going to find a man and help him fuck … Read more

Gissy Lady Fact

Part 3 Final…

After several more texts and phonecalls it was time to return to Gisborne, Tina had told me that she had meet up with a guys from Napier. who she was very keen on as he was talking about wanting a long term relationship, she had already been down and meet him twice and he had fucked her, so she said that if I didn't want to see her she would understand, I said I was not concerned if she was happy to meet with me.
Tina said that she would meet ho… Read more

The beginnings.. BDSM

Just the start…

He gets out of the car as I watch from the doorway, bowing briefly and asking for permission to enter. He gives her permission, and she heads up the stairs to the bedroom- she knows what the deal is by now.
By the time he closes the door to the bedroom she is standing by the bed, head down, bare except for her makeup as she waits for orders. Her wrists are crossed behind her back, making cuffing her just that much easier.
Bending her down over … Read more

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Gissy Lady Fact

Part two…

Okay so after my first meeting with Tina we stayed in touch by text and sometimes a phone call when I was away from home, it turned out that she was very shy and self conscious of her body, she was about 165cm and 60kg not bad looking, I convinced her that it was all in her mind after being rejected and criticised by her past partners.
During one of our phone calls I got her to get naked in bed and to start touching herself touching her nipples … Read more

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Gissy lady Fact

Part one Tina…

Several years ago I would visit Gisborne every six weeks on a sales trip, I was on a website called HAA, I meet this lady called Tina [NRN] she was about 47yrs old I was 63 at the time and getting nothing on the home front.
Tina and I e mailed and text for about 3-4 weeks then I was due to go thru to Gisborne so I arranged to meet her for a coffee at about 5.30.
We meet up and both felt very comfortable with each other, so I asked would she lik… Read more

I'm a LOVE whore! Other


I'm a love whore!
I sit waiting patiently
after I post
for your acknowledgement
for your gratitude
that you were happy with what was sent.

This fixation on gratification
of something that was
a trivial thought
or a priceless soul clip!

Why do I need this

Because I love when
you love what I do!!… Read more

My Insatiable Friend Groups

She's hungry for cock…

She was a total slut, gloriously unfussy

She was the type of slutty whore who will have sex with you, well, just because. She would have sex with pretty much anyone just because. She wasn't just the town bike; she was more like the town light rail. She loved cock, the way its hardness filled her throbbing holes, stretching her, using her. She loved coaxing a cock to give up its salty, sticky gift. She loved the way men would exhaust themselves… Read more

Easy like a Sunday morning... Fact

Sometimes, a woman gets thoroughly spoiled... this was one of my turns…

We had met for coffee earlier that week - an impromptu “so coffee, then?” after a few months of chatting online. The coffee meeting had gone well for me - I liked his green eyes, his height, and the breadth of his shoulders. The cheeky humour just as apparent in person as it was online was a bonus.

I still had questions about whether anything physical would happen - we both have busy lives and its trickier for married folk to sneak away. … Read more

Rendezvou to a thrill Cuckold

A fling with a married beauty....…

We decided to meet at the halfway point because it was only fair, just as we agreed to split the cost of the room. You brought Richard along as a safety net, and I was fine with that. We were, after all, strangers. Yes, even though we had been meeting almost daily on the computer over the course of the past year, our cybering had reached a point where we both agreed it was only logical to take things to the next step. We had become acquainted in … Read more

Exploring my dark side BDSM

A taste of BDSM…

I’m always excited and nervous before the first meeting, it’s the unknown. This first meeting was even more special because I was going to submit myself to something I had only seen in pictures and viewed with immense curiosity.
I have always said you can’t say you don’t like something unless you have tried it. I drove two hours for this new experience, and I must tell you it was well worth it.

Two hours building the levels of antic… Read more

Another True Story from a Playful Couple.....June 2019 Fact

More men please......…

We like to play together as a couple, we are so committed to each other and our adventures just get better and better.
Yes I would say I am a cuckold and yes I do get immense pleasure from seeing my wife touch, kiss, caress and play with other men, women and together as a couple when we do adventure sexually, often this drives us to want to do more, and do it more often.

A week ago we organised through different media what we wanted which was… Read more

Outsider BDSM

A fantasy yet to be experienced!…


We are sitting on the bed talking about tonight’s session and how you will be tying me up and blindfolding me so I don't know what will be happening to me.
Then your whole persona changes, You get to your feet and look at me with the eyes of my master, I lower my eyes and stand in front of you straight away,you didn't even have to say a word.
You Pull an open mouth hood out of your pocket with one hand and pushing me to my knee… Read more

Intensity Fact

It's what I crave…

Sex…I love it….it’s never been bad for me….but what is it that makes it mind blowingly amazing and leaves me weak-kneed and smiling for days, counting down until the next encounter? Intensity. It’s intensity.
That first glimpse of his face. The mouth. The eyes, locked on mine. The lips. Imagining caressing them with my tongue. I like a lived in face, character, beards and wrinkles. No pretty boys for me.
When he sits across the table … Read more

Our first couple fun at a park Fact

the sound of his fingers going in and out of her wet pussy at a fast pace echoed…

We had never played with a couple before as we could never click with the ones we had meet. One night out of the blue a friend of ours turned up on our door step and directed us to have a night out while she would look after our child.

Not knowing what to do with ourselves I suggested to Liz if we should try our luck again and see if a couple is up or a drink? Unexpectedly Liz supported this suggestion so away she went to get ready while I qu… Read more

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