The landlords daughter -Part 2 Fact

The opportunity…

The next few weeks were spent preparing for and doing my exams and thus I had no time to call or text her, though she invaded my mind at nite before bed. I would run my fingers across my cock thinking of her, sometimes I would stroke but I wont make myself cum.

When the exams were finally over I decided to send her a text to see what she was up to. We arranged a time for us to meet at my place for a few drinks. It was a time when her parents w… Read more

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The landlords daughter -Part 1 Fact


20 years ago being young and single I was flatting out like most youngsters do. It was my final semester at uni and we had moved in to a new flat. Adjacent to that was the landlords flat separated by a garage. When we moved in I noticed a beautiful teenager with wavy hair, a vest and very short shorts sitting outside. She quickly disappeared as we started to unload our stuff from the moving truck.

The rest of the week was spent settling in our… Read more

Gloryhole Pleasure Fact

Gloryhole fun…

I had always enjoyed reading of other people s experiences with Gloryholes. As a new year had begun I decided i was going to experience one myself at a local store that provided a backroom with them. I paid the fee and ventured into the backroom via a back door and into the semi darkness. It was very warm and could hear female moans of delight from the videos being played in the individual cubicles. I… Read more

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Sex is the best exercise Fact

If her perspiration is dripping onto you, that's a good sign…

We worked together, I was still married and our employer took a dim view of extramarital affairs. So we booked a cute little BnB in Christchurch.

It was a great start when she turned up with a tiny overnight bag. I like a lady who can travel light. Turns out you only need a small bag if you don't intend wearing any clothes for the next few days.

After a fun evening at a comedy show in town we went back to the room. She was already in be… Read more

So flowy Masturbation

A married woman in need…

I was casually browsing on a dating site a few years back and messaged a random woman like all men do-message a hundred, 5 may reply :)

She was online and responded. We got chatting and she mentioned that like me she was also married but had opted to put an open relationship in the description. Her and her husband were high school sweethearts and now at 40 they had 3 kids, the eldest being 21 and the youngest 14. We moved on to discuss our spo… Read more

Feels good to be bad.. pt2 Threesome

True story - mmf…

Mr was on the couch, pumping his cock over the sight of me pleasuring another man. I wanted his cock too. I got up off the bed and went and kneeled on the floor. I beckoned for them to come over to me and they didn’t hesitate. They were both standing over me, their two cocks hard in my face. I stared up at them both as I sucked one cock and the other then back to the first. The look of pleasure and sound of their moans as I sucked them both off… Read more

Feels good to be bad.. pt.1 Threesome

True story - mmf…

Mr and I had a romantic getaway planned. Nice little air bnb with a spa outside on the front deck. Little did I know he had plans for us to have company. We had fooled around with other girls before so it wasn’t new to us to have someone join in our fun but this time it was different.

We were out for dinner when he leaned over and whispered into my ear..
‘I’ve arranged for another cock to come and use you tonight’

My body lit up, … Read more

My First MFF First Time

First Visit to CCK/First MFF…

My First MFF

Around two years ago, possibly a bit longer now, I joined a traditional dating site, and met a lovely dark-skinned man – let us call him Mr Caramel. After a couple of “normal dates” with attraction simmering, we had a playdate at his place. A couple more of these and with our ease with one another growing he asked if I would like to go to a Swingers Club in the CBD. I have always been adventurous sexually, and after an 1… Read more

Delicious Men Fact

Making the most of opportunities…

We’d chatted on a different site - I hadn’t seen his face, nor did I know his name but it didn’t matter. I wanted him.
I organised a hotel - plans were made. I was there, ready, waiting. Nervous as hell but had a drink to calm me down. He messaged me, “soon my hands and lips will be on you”.

A knock at the door….a deep breath….I opened it to him. My god. Tall, blonde, blue eyes, beard, tanned, hot body. He pulled me into him an… Read more

Waiting for Sir Fact

On bended knees she waits.......…

2 months buildup...2 months of non stop messages....2 months and now we are here...

He has left the motel room to explore the city. I arrive and park the car, I head to reception where he has left a key for me. I enter the motel room to see toys laid out on the little dining table...there are impact toys, there are restraints, there are clamps...there are lots of different vibrator brain races at the idea of what the night holds.

Read more

An ice cube Romance

I start on your nipples…

We're sitting on the deck at your house. The one we built together. It's hot. You've made two cocktails in tall glasses with lots of ice. Your wearing little shorts and a bikini top. Not the kind of thing you usually wear but you know I think your tummy is sexy so you're doing it for me.

We've been friends for a while and lately that friendship has taken a more intimate path. We've kissed and I've confessed to having feelings for you. … Read more

Getting Healthy in The Redwoods Forest Fiction

A fantasy story although based in a real life place.…

If ever you get the chance to visit Rotorua, then spend some time in the mighty Redwoods Forest. The following stories are all fantasy but for some people may provide the opportunity to make it come true. Please feel free to comment and feedback as this helps to develop the story.

"It was the second day of our holiday to Rotovegas. My partner and I were being healthy so we decided upon a regime of a daily walk in the Redwoods Forest. The tall… Read more

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A little cleanup after diner Threesome

A continuation of the fun 3 people can have…

She slowly walks across the room as she heads for the door, her gate accentuating the natural curves of her hips and legs. She pauses at the doorway and turns towards us; "I shouldn’t be more than a minute," she coos, as a wry smile spreads across her lips. She then turns and heads down the hall. The husband and I exchange glances as he collects the dishes from the table and stacks them next to the sink and I turn on the warm water and gather a… Read more

Through the window Cuckold

Watching the girl I like get fucked by someone else…

I met Rachel at work. We didn't see each other every day but when we did, we seemed to get on really well. I started to think she fancied me. I definitely had the hots for her. I've been pretty lonely recently and she is really nice. I'd go as far as saying I'm falling for her. She's really fit, and lean and has a stunning smile. She has flaming red hair and the whole package is really head turning. She lives with a guy who I've met onc… Read more

Fullmoon Fever Other

Power of the moon…

The full moon is coming, I feel its undeniable pull. I can’t sleep, I am restless, I toss and turn, my hands are constantly running over my body, impatiently pinching, twisting, rubbing.

I spend my days tired, moody, edgy. Fantasising about men I see at work, the supermarket, on the street….dreaming about sinking to my knees and undoing their trousers. I am in a constant state of slick readiness.

I can’t wait for bedtime where I can l… Read more

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You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 8 Fact

The end of the affair…

The knocking at the door became more insistent. Mary started to move, so my cock slipped from her anal sheath. She arose from the bed and walked nakedly out of the room. The sight of this married Lady's body was enticing. She disappeared for a brief second, then returned. "Fuck," she said. She put on some tracksuit pants and a top. She said, "bloody neighbour's here. Be quiet."
I heard the door open. I heard another female voice ask, "are you o… Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 7 Fact

Crossing the line…

We soon discovered that as much as we wanted to screw each others brains out, organisation and logistics became part of schedules. With Mary being married and my teaching time for great quality sex was a premium. School also became a place to be careful as people tended to turn up at the most unfortunate times.
So for the next couple of months our encounters were limited to the odd fingering of Mary's pussy or a quick blow job. The time also mad… Read more

Good Clean Fun - part 3 Fiction

Spoiler alert. It ends in the shower, but not the one at work.…

Texts were exchanged over the weekend:

Jean: Sorry for the interruption last night. How did the rest of your night go?

Matt: No worries. Until Mel joined it was amazing. Beyond amazing. All ok with Mel? Maybe we can catch up this weekend?

Jean: Mel’s ok. She’s great. She just needed a friend. Thanks for understanding. I’ll make it up to you. Busy this weekend with Mel sorry. See you at work. xx

Matt: So Monday, usual timing?

Read more

Good Clean Fun - part 2 Fiction

The charade is over and the fun begins…

After one too many drinks at bars along Courtenay Place, Jean took me aside when our colleagues were busy with their own drunken bullshit. She took me by the hand, turned and looked at me and smiled with a tipsy tilt, and then very seriously asked me to follow her to a quieter corner where we could talk.

With all the noise, even knee to knee in a corner we couldn’t hear each other. So she hiked up her skirt and pushed in even closer to me, … Read more

Good Clean Fun - part 1 Fiction

A new job and a new colleague…

I (Matt) had just started a new job on the other side of Wellington, closer to my home in Newtown and decided that I would help save the planet, and a few bucks, by commuting to work by bike. Wellington is not particularly bike-friendly, the motorists are especially thoughtless, but it’s the hills that really make me sweat.

I’m no Lance Armstrong, but keep fit enough to push my front-rower's body along efficiently enough. I’m just a tad… Read more

Quick and satisfying... Fact

Sneaking in some action between work appointments...…

It’s the silly season, so finding times when we’re both free isn’t easy. Last time, it was two quick fucks in a half hour slot between online meetings when I was working from home. This time, I was on holiday already but his schedule was manic.
After circling the block twice he finally found a park and came in. I was in bed, showered but with no intention of getting up. Instead, I had spent the last half hour watching porn, getting increa… Read more

Airbnb hosting pt1 Fiction

A work on mostly fiction.. or is it?…

Story part 1

So, I rent some rooms to Airbnb guests to make a little money on the side.
I had a couple message me about renting a room for two weeks while they were in town for work. Great stuff, I accepted their booking.
I met them on arrival and was pleased they seemed nice and introduced themselves as Sarah and Martin.
She was bubbly and chatty and he was quite quiet but responsive to chat to.
They did seem like a slightly odd couple in… Read more

Out of town fun Fact

Hotel fun…

I was going across to Wellington for a meeting and staying in a cbd hotel. Keen to find some fun while there I had been messaging Kerry for a couple of days on another site. She was new to playing but her husband was away often on work trips and she said she had needs that weren’t being met.
We arranged to meet up at the hotel bar and had a drink. She admitted she was nervous as hadn’t done this sort of thing before and was worried someone… Read more

Hawaiian tropic Swinging

Waikiki sun…

The Beach

Frankie had spotted him on the 2nd day of their vacation, hanging out around the pool on the loungers. He was younger than her by at least 15 years, very well built and very hot. He was not there all day but just for a few hours each day. This lead her to think he was not staying at the hotel but simply using the pool and beach side loungers. Maybe he was a local or just staying at a different hotel in Waikiki that was not on the b… Read more

While She was in the Shower: Chapter 2 Fact

Coming out about my fetish: Going Rocky Horror Show…

I had set a precedent. And, over the coming months, it became a habit.

After dressing in her lingerie early on in our relationship, I regularly began to wear her panties, bras and other things when home alone. Usually I would have mindblowing orgasms with it. When I used the worn things from the washing pile, I was continually thanked for doing the washing after... It all turned me on.
Continually I fantasized and wished that she would take … Read more

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While She was in the Shower... Fact

One woman's lingerie is another bitch's thrill...…

16 years ago today, we were chatting on a dating site.. 20 December.
We each put out some online sentences of bait, hooked each other with a couple of pictures, then reeled each other in.
We arranged our first meet.

I didn't have children. She had a 10 year old. I always wanted kids. Whoop! Instant family! And I loved the picture of her black bra around her ample womanly chest....

So we met a few times, started getting comfortable toge… Read more

Musical Cheers Groups

Classical music nerds get naughty…

Music does things to me. It's a part of me. It's a constant. When I fell off the jungle-gym there was music coming from the room next to the sick-bay at school. It was bad, but it was music nevertheless. The first time I got drunk - there was music. Actually there was Madonna - Like a Virgin - how appropriate. The first time I had sex, and then the first time I was properly fucked - two different occasions as far as I'm concerned - there was musi… Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 6 Fact

The Married Lady wants to explore…

The next series of encounters were almost like Mary ticking off her sexual bucket list. It also gave me great insight into her shitty sex life with her husband. The Monday following our encounter in the classroom, Mary came up to me in the staffroom. She whispered, " I have never felt a guy come in my mouth." To which I replied, "reading room at lunchtime."
Sure enough during the lunch break I had my cock out and Mary's mouth working on it. My h… Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 5 Fact

Hot and spicy…

The following week was very interesting indeed. I was able to have some conversations with Mary but nothing more. On the Friday she left a note for me, "make sure you have condoms on Sunday."
On Sunday I got to school early so I could get my work done, as I anticipated that during the lunch hour I would be busy. Sure enough about 11.45am there was a knock at the classroom door. I opened it and in came Mary. She looked amazing or maybe I was just… Read more

Jill’s first MFMF Fact

True Story…

So I’m out and about for work and I get a message from Jill, my 20 year old fb. She’s recently had her first mff and told me she wanted to involve her flatmates partner some time in the very near future. She said her and her flatmate Marie had finished polytec for the day and had invited Marie’s boyfriend Steve around at 3pm for some fun and i need to come around.
I turn up and see a work van in the driveway. I’d never met Steve but tur… Read more

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