One Night out Dancing Cuckold

The night my wife wife is taken by a stranger…

Wellington has an interesting night life especially when my wife is in the mood. Here we were, this gent was sitting across the bar from my wife, his eyes hardly able to raise from the rhythmic motion of her body as it swayed in time to the beat. When she got down from the bar stool and onto the dance floor she could feel him watching her, she didn’t mind if he watched, her body swayed in time to the rhythm and suddenly she was lost in the mus… Read more

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Dreams are real Fact

but only for a moment in time…

The front door is unlocked as arranged, you enter and make your way upstairs and move to the hallway outside my bedroom door. You hear noises, soft moans and slowly open the door, peeking around the opening only to see me on the bed, dishevelled and legs spread. One hand is on my breasts, pinching and tweaking my nipples while my other hand is busy between my thighs, you notice how my fingers are glistening with my pussy juice as I work them arou… Read more

“When Angels Fall”. Part 2 Fiction

What happens when the Angels get horny and come down to earth to play with us humans...……

He would have usually stopped his play by now, moving onto the physical, in fact, he’d never gone this far before, it was all new territory. Part of him felt well out of his comfort zone but the other half was excited about where this was heading. The other unusual thing for his was having this beautiful woman calling the shots, she was definitely in charge here and strangely this really excited him. Somehow he’d always taken the lead with ot… Read more

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When Friends become more than...... Swinging


There had always been a lot of sexual innuendo when ever we met socially as couples with our good friends Sally and Dan, plus with them I had never hid behind the fact that I was I was bi and they certainly new I was confident, especially after one too many wines. We were two good looking couples if I can say so myself and jointly had mutual desires that were only obvious to us. When we had our first swinging experience at our home it was not un… Read more

The Table Fact

Setting the Table for her pleasure…

I had prepared the area carefully. As she came up the stairs, she would see it through the open double doors, it would be directly in front of her.

I had, of course, primed her with pictures to whet her appetite, but I knew that the impact when she saw it in person would be strong.

The table was a long 8-seater, sturdy and rugged, it was in my Dining room.

First, I had covered the table in a soft blanket, then placed a yoga mat on top. … Read more

A first meeting Meetings

Intensity ignited ...…

We met for the first time in the Foyer of my hotel. We had talked long distance and video chatted. It wasn’t a playdate, that had been made clear days earlier, but we were both looking forward to a night of drinks, music and dancing.

When I first saw her face to face I struggled to contain my pleasure….. She was gorgeous, vibrant, smiling, her dress cut low. I have long suffered from a lack of self confidence although I usually hide it… Read more

The Cemetary Fiction

A fantasy fulfilled…

The hot sun was on my skin, the gentle wind through my hair, the peaceful silence & the tranquil setting around me. Maybe that’s why I found these places so appealing. The old moss covered marble, the messages of endearment, and bunches of flowers; old & new, all played their part in the mystic of the cemetery. I loved visiting them, an erotic experience for reasons unknown.

I’d been wandering around this cemetery for ages, well over an ho… Read more

Early morning antics Fact

Perfect start to my day…

I drove the hour to his house early, got there, slowly stripped off and slid into his bed. I was hungry for his cock...went down and sucked him under the covers for a bit. Came up, we kissed hard and he fingered me, I was so wet, came a few times with him rubbing and slapping my pussy. Then we just fucked around for a while in the bed.

He told me to get on my knees, fucked me hard like that for sometime. I felt him fiddling around with somethi… Read more

Beneath BDSM

Beneath the surface, the prey is stirring…

The craving that hides, beneath kind words and lovely smiles

In a darkened corner, beneath warm fuzzies and light laughter

Lying dormant and waiting, beneath the sensuality that seeps forth

A forceful bite

Sharp claws drawing across flesh

Oh, there she is, that primal prey

All-consuming and fierce

Not for the faint of heart and mind

A worthy adversary she seeks

Intimidating and Rough

Intelligent and Alpha

The w… Read more

Message to a Friend Fact

He wants me to share my adventures...…

Oh it's so nice to be appreciated.

I've been chatting again with a local young man (28 I think) who I've had a few kinky sessions with over the last couple of years.

He gets off on debauching an older woman but I suspect he actually gets off on me being up for almost anything because his partner is comparatively conservative.

We met a couple of years ago, the first time for a drink in a bar, he told me last night that he was certain upo… Read more

“When Angels Fall” Fiction

What happens when the Angels get horny and come down to earth to play with us humans...…

“When Angels fall”

The night manager at a fast food restaurant entered his poor excuse for a office, just a glassed off box from the kitchen. Only senior staff were permitted in here and tonight it was only him so he knew he wouldn’t be disturbed. It gave him a few minutes rest from his teammates and the noise of the restaurant. Some how the alarms and cooking smells seemed louder and stronger in the middle of night shift.
But tonight … Read more

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Mr and me Fiction


I have a wee fantasy... I'm scared of sleeping with a woman, I'd rather a fantasy...

Would love to go to a concert, dance, drink and enjoy with my Mr.
I then would love a girl to come up to us. About 40ish, blonde and well endowed. Boob wise.
Talk to me lady, chat me up and you will be ours... Make me feel like you want me.

OK I know you want me... Mr is all over it. Back to our hotel... You and me ripping our clothes off, Mr in the co… Read more

Beach bums Fact

Part two…

He slowly worked his way up my body till his hands were on either side of my shoulders, his legs between mine pushing them apart and tip of his cock caressing the nub of my clit – it was like a homing beacon. He looked down at me with an ‘are you ready ‘, expression on his face, I nodded. Before I had a chance to think, he impaled me with such force, I could feel the tip of his cock hit the back of my womanhood – he groaned and took a m… Read more

Beach bums Fact

part one…

We decided to meet the following morning. An hour’s drive for each of us, and meeting in the middle. We had googled the spot for its semi remoteness, however even during the summer on a weekday we doubted complete seclusion.

We had chatted continuously and exchanging photos for a few weeks prior to this first meeting – I was still nervous. Online he was witty and confident, but in person, he was just as nervous as I was.

We met at th… Read more

The Dining Table BDSM

A daydream about a special someone- you know who you are... ;-)…

I'm sitting here at the dining table remembering you in that fucking hot outfit... Thinking how much I wish you were here in those fishnet stockings and sexy heels... Hands cuffed behind your back as I took you by the hair and bent you over the table, pressing your stunning breasts against the polished timber... A nice big ball gag in your mouth so I could enjoy your delicious whimpers and moans... Your shoes scrabbling against the floor as I as… Read more

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Just a Pub visit Threesome

Apologies due…

I had just dropped into the pub for a couple of pints on the way home and the opportunity to catch up with the news of the day on my phone. There were not many people there but as I sat down my attention was drawn to some new arrivals, a well-dressed couple who strolled in and sat down on a couch opposite me. As the lady turned I got my first proper look at her and almost choked on my beer. She was absolutely stunning. Tall, with long socks that … Read more

Blown into heaven 3 Romance

the continuing story of a conservative wife and her husband who wants her to enjoy more in life…

This story will be built based on reader’s feedback, fantasies and wishes but only slowly. Read parts 1 and 2 first. This part is just starting so please revisit in a few days time but give me ideas if you have...

Christine began to feel confused. One moment wanting to enjoy the freedom of being naked in the wild, to enjoy being seen by others, but the next moment an anxiety and guilt. She also kept thinking why she was getting these feeling… Read more

House party Spa Double BJ Fact

Fantasies do come true…

I was still new to the swinging scene and being lucky enough to be invited to a house party. The night got underway and as the drinks flowed people got chattier and more flirty. I was sitting in the Jacuzzi chatting with a woman but we were not alone. We were getting quite comfortable with each other and me being very turned on had a boner ready for action.
This being one of my first house parties (and definitely the first at this house) I … Read more

Unexpected FFM 3-Some Fact

A Girls Perspective !!!…

As a married women reflecting on my past telling the world my experiences here is such a turn on.

It had only been a few months since I came out to my husband that I had been bi since a young teen and had continued to have encounters with girls ever since. He was luckily excited that his wife was more than he ever imagined and encouraged me to never stop being me.

It was a Friday night and I was having an evening out with a girlfriend who h… Read more

Noise Nextdoor Fact

Too much courage juice can change a person.. True story…

Jo 50yo 5.5 ft brunette with a crossfit body physique big tits ass & thighs,
We spoke a couple of times my wife got to know her better, no kids, family lived in auckland single and very private, but in a good way, work drunk abit on the weekends, rarely got visitors just kept to herself.
Wife always told her she's welcome to come for a drink, & say the odd sex joke asking Jo if she's cleared the Cobweb's, Jo would laugh.
Was about 1ish in the… Read more

Shh, sit still! Other

- a wee poem -…

Shh, sit still
Close your eyes
Can you feel my breath as I lean in ever so close?

I can smell the musk on your skin - mmmm breath it in.
Inhaling like you were smoke, hold it, exhale.

I'll start with my tongue on your neck, just near your ear.

Slowly I trace gently, leaving a light wet line, moving down, tracing your shape
- the cool breeze coming through the window will do the rest.

The wet line sends shivers through your body as… Read more

Under the sun Fact


N sent a message, he talked of a big black cock, there was proof. A video clip of his girlfriend sucking on his BBC was the proof, it did indeed look good to R, she had always liked BBC.
A phone call was made, N told R how much he wanted to fuck R with that BBC.
A hurried meeting was planned, R was in a rush to see and play with that good looking BBC, she imagined how good it would feel to have that BBC pounding into her pussy.
On the agreed … Read more

My first mature women experience Stepmom First Time

I grabbed her by the hips and held her pussy and ass next to my face…

I have been thinking about writing this for a while, she was the first mature women in my life

Bit of intro into the story, So my parents divorced when I was young. My dad remarried when I was 9 I lived with my dad, as every divorced kid me and my brother hated her, Dad married my stepmom J when she was in her early-30s

So nothing interesting happened growing up. Things started to change around the age 22 (thanks to all stepmom porn). J… Read more

MILF or (Mum I liked to fuck) Fact

Putting in the hard yards with a local MILF paid off…

Months of flirting, double entendres, and texting had lead to this. One of the MILFs from work, wearing just her lacy black underwear on my bed, with my dick in her mouth. I had the flat to myself and she had came round, one thing lead to another and here I was...about to ravish her. She was late forties, tall, redhead, perfectly toned body, firm round breasts. You wouldn’t even know she had had kids. I was lying there, admiring the view, her p… Read more

MMF are sooooo good Fact


There was a text from O asking what we were doing that afternoon, come on over for a few drinks and a BBQ, why not said R, sounds like it will be fun.
R disappeared into the bathroom to get tidied up, appearing with a big smile a little later.
We arrived and R greeted O with a huge kiss, it was his birthday
After a few drinks, O’s cock slipped out of his shorts “accidentally”, R had a grin on her face, she liked what she saw.
O hinted t… Read more

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MFM....can't beat it Fact

My favourite threesome so far…

I had two hot friends, I’d played with them both individually before but hadn’t fucked either of them. Ben let me know he was going to be in town in a few weeks….we got to talking bout a threesome and I knew straight away I wanted Sam to join us. It was all booked in.

I was nervous as all hell, my first group play time as a single woman. Excited but anxious, I drove to pick Sam up, then we headed to Ben’s hotel. We stood around, had a … Read more

My live in lover and her games. Lesbian

The things I let happen to me.…

My live in lover is younger than I am and we have now been together for 6 months. She's my Dom mistress and Im her Sub slut. The thing that keeps our romance fresh is we love playing games. She enjoys the anguish of sending me out to be used by others and not know whats happening to me. I love the dominating nature of her fucking when I come home and tell her about every juicy detail of the adventure.
We have now added Skype to our adventures… Read more

How to organise a gangbang Fact

Making Mrs Southbound smile…

We have been swingers for years. Mrs Southbound loves to play. We've been to parties and to clubs. We spent a week at a swingers' resort. We've met quite a few couples and had a recent MMF. A gangbang seemed like the next step.

The gangbang was organised through this site. We posted more pics to up our profile before we posted an ad announcing the event. I (Mr) did all the chatting.

From round one of contacts 17 blokes said yes. Tha… Read more

The work place 2 Fact

Passion and hunger…

She was in a room sitting on a stool looking through a microscope.
I walked in. Her ass looked amazing small tight. Her breasts beautiful in size and shape hanging loosely in her shirt.
I knew what I was going to do. She knew and the heat of passion was already firing up the situation.
I stepped in behind her sweeping her long hair to the side and began kissing her neck and ears. Knowing time was of the essence and that someone may find us my… Read more

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Twice the fun - part 2 Fact

Two into in…

After R, S and M had finished in the lounge, R led both S and M by the cocks down the hallway to the bedroom.
S stopped R and pushed her against the wall, holding her hands high up on the wall while he french kissed her.
M spread her legs and got down on his knees and tongued her clit.
R started moaning when M put two fingers in her soaking pussy.
This only lasted a short time, R had an orgasm and squirted on M face, her legs became weak and … Read more

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