A Carpark Quickie Fiction

A great way to break up a roadtrip...…

My wife and I had been away for a weekend and were heading home which was three hours drive away. I got a text from a mate wondering what we were up to. I replied that we’re driving back home. He called me and said they were also heading home after a naughty weekend and were stopping off in a town not too far from home for a light dinner and a break. Meeting up with them would only mean a 20 minute diversion so we agreed on a time and place to … Read more

Nice arvo for a bbq Fiction

Old friends catch up...…

The sun has been out all day and it’s been a busy day in the garden and doing chores around the house. Wife and I are hot and over it and stop for a break. She suggests we down tools and go and get some meat & beer for a bbq. We both shower and get changed. I’m just wearing shorts & tshirt and jandals. She gets dressed up and looks hot in jeans, heels and a white Levis top that shows off her great tits.

We head to the supermarket. She loo… Read more

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A day off well spent Fact

Doing what I enjoy best.....misbehaving!…

I met him for a coffee. We’d chatted for a bit, I wasn’t convinced he’d be my type but as soon as I saw him I knew I wanted him. He was handsome, clean cut, gorgeous smile and nicely dressed. A cut way above average! We had coffee, chatted. I could see him checking me out when he thought I wasn’t looking. It was turning me on. Coffee done - he said he’d like to come to my place. Hop into my car and think about it, message him.

I sen… Read more

A Rugby Afternoon Fiction

Lets invite friends to watch the rugby...…

We had invited friends (I’ll call them Bob & Kirsty) to come over on a Saturday afternoon to watch a rugby test match. This wasn’t an going to be an ordinary afternoon though. We were wanting to experiment with a same room wife swap. We’d all been talking about it for weeks and today was going to be the day. There were rules for our lovely partners to observe though. They were required to wear their choice of either a slutty outfit or just … Read more

Couple erotic1 Fact

Naughty night…

Ok so this happened last night.So in Auckland city there is this place in k road you can go to watch a porn movie .I have been wanting to do this for a long time and finally persuaded the wife to reluctantly do it
She put on a super classy sexy dress and off we went
When we entered the movie house there were 3 other strangers there already watching porn.All 3 of them were sitting in dark corners playing with their cocks
We walked in and wer… Read more

Hot for Teacher Other

A young man catches up with a former teacher…

Hot for Teacher

This is a completely true story of how I ended up hooking up with one of my high school teachers. This happened many years ago, but I still reflect on it occasionally, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face, and a slight twitch to my pants. No underage people are involved at all. I’ve changed some names and a couple of small details, but the majority of the story is true……

At the time I was 22 years old, single… Read more

The Plumber Calls.......Again Threesome

That damned drip...…

That damned drip is back. The apprentice was a great quick fuck but he didn’t fix the leak! Wife calls the plumbing company and says she’s not happy and needs a tradesman. Unfortunately the only time that one can call around is the next morning.

Next morning duly arrives and she is getting ready to do her morning exercise routine before breakfast. She’s wearing a tight exercise bra, black yoga pants and trainers. It’s a beautiful day a… Read more

The Plumber Calls Meetings

What to do with a leaky tap...…

Wife looks after the home while husband is at work – a very normal situation. He travels and so he can’t always be around to fix things around the house despite being a handy, practical guy. It was while he was away on a trip that there was a problem at home. Wife calls him and says there’s a hissing noise and some water coming from under the sink. He obviously can’t help so he reluctantly says she will have to call a plumber in.

The p… Read more

The Girls Strip Swinging

Fantasy sexy fun with friends…

My wife and I met a couple who I’ll call E & S a few months ago and have really been enjoying each other’s company. We get together for drinks & dinner and have great conversations. We get on so well it’s like we’ve known each other for years. Invariably, as the drinks kick in, the chat turns naughty and flirty.
My wife enjoys E’s company, and I can tell they are sexually attracted to each other. I have caught the looks they sometimes… Read more

The Friend and the Stranger (part 1) Swinging

A fantasy, yet to be brought to fruition...…

She giggled nervously, betraying the almost-overwhelming sense of anxiety.

“More wine?” asked her friend, well aware of how she was feeling. He was a bit nervous too, never having been up close and personal with her before, but when she asked if he’d help her realise a fantasy he had to say yes. And besides, he’d had a thing for her for such a long time that he wasn’t going to pass up the chance to get next her 5’10” of delicious… Read more

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Dark Lovers Fact

once again we enter the darkness…

I pull into the motel parking lot. My heart beating out of my chest. I have worn the dress he chose for me with a sexy white corset and lace panties underneath. I know he is across the road somewhere waiting for me to enter the room where we will be plunged into darkness again.

I open the car door, step outside into the cool christchurch air, feeling my nipples harden from the change in temperature. I walk up the stairs to motel room number 7.… Read more

I still can’t believe I’m here...with her Meetings

That first meeting…

Well, gotta feed the machine right? Besides which, first meet, no play, that’s always been the rule. Get to know each other? Been doing a lot of that online already, but now it’s different, now she’s sitting right there beside me, now what?

Ok food is good, gives me a chance to calm down. Ok I haven’t lived a completely sheltered life, I’ve seen some stuff, done some stuff (deployed to a war zone for fucks sake) but nothing I’ve ev… Read more

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Nephew's 21st Fact

In the tent with hubby's nephew…

It all started 5yrs ago with an invite to J's ( Hubby) nephew's 21st birthday, this got me excited as I have always fancied T (nephew). T had a muscular toned body and a cheeky grin to match.
Saturday afternoon we were both preparing for the weekend away when J got a phone call that he was needed for work, there was no getting out of it as he was on call. J looked at me with a smile and said " why don't you go and have some fun", with my ba… Read more

First Time with Someone Else First Time

The nervous desire...…

Growing up I'd lived a fairly sheltered sex life mainly due to work and lack of females in country NZ at the time. Then as time went by while living overseas I'd met the lovely lady that is my wife.

After being married more than 10 years we hit a rough patch like many. My wife developed a medical condition which lead to no sex. After two years without any sex, with her permission I signed up to a website similar to this. There were plenty o… Read more

She's back ......and has approved this ...Yay Fiction

Mistress left and has come back.....…

FUCK I cry internally when will you let me cum…….

Relaxing in her satiated happiness she lay back on the bed….. glancing at my still hard cock which wants release she tells me not to put my panties back on but while naked she tells me to go and refill her wine glass. I go to the fridge to get her wine and as I bend down to get the bottle she wolf whistles me and says how she loves the view. I give my butt a little wriggle making my balls… Read more

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So....this is it Meetings

Nervous as hell, sweating bullets…

Everyone knows what it’s like, especially these days, you meet online and you get along great, awesomely even but you’re still just words on a screen. Either in the chat room or in text, it’s hard to put yourself out there, even harder to put the real you out there. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, this is it...that first meeting, just don’t...forget...to...breathe.

I turn off the key, it’s not easy finding… Read more

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It all started in a chat room Meetings

A fantasy unfulfilled....so far…

Like a lot of things these days, it all started in a chat room, people feel safe behind a keyboard, they can be who they want to be, not who they really are (in a lot of cases). My preference is to be real, the real me. Drop the mask, my wife keeps telling me, if they can’t handle the real you then it’s their problem not yours.

So here I am, the real me, like me hate me wanna fuck me? I’m good with that. I don’t have a filter between … Read more

Early morning Fiction

The best way to wake up ;-)…

My place is very private, so in summer I always sleep with the curtains open. And I’m built into the side of a hill – waking up as it’s getting light, through the ranch sliders I can see past the deck to the sun just beginning to wash across the tops of the trees. These are the mornings I wish I wasn’t waking up alone ... I’d so much rather be just slowly reaching out to cup my hand over a lover’s cock while he’s still sleeping, fee… Read more

A Chance Encounter Fiction

A chance encounter at a inner city bar…

I head to a downtown bar, hoping to find some fun. I am wearing a short skirt with no panties and a top with a plunging neckline - no bra. As I walk in I spot two gentlemen having a drink. They both look over at me and then at each other and smile. I sit at the bar and peruse the cocktail menu. Out of nowhere the bartender places a drink in front of me. I look at him in confusion, "compliments of the two gentlemen in the corner" he says … Read more

The Dark fantasy her Fact

from her…

From her

I drive into town, my car silent, my mind busy, knowing a stranger is lying waiting for me in a hotel room.
I pull into the familiar motel parking lot, I switch the ignition off and sit.

I send a message that I am here, I am nervous, nervous of the unknown, nervous of how I will pull this off.

I look at myself in the rear vision mirror. Searching for reassurance that I can do this. I finally fling open the car door and March to… Read more

Playing around Fiction

Just seeing if I should write more…

He wanted to meet for a drink but I like to live in the shadows, even when not meeting for this type of escapade I like to sit, to watch, to take it all in. But ironically especially when meeting someone I don’t know the darkness makes me feel safer. Tonight’s meeting has been planned well in advance - finding it difficult to fit it in between our busy schedules, my work and sport, his family, and just life in general. There is a knock at the… Read more

A story started on KS between us but she has gone......sobs Fiction

an interactive story with me replying to what she wrote.....it is a long read written over a month or so.....…

I woke up with the sun filtering through the curtains, promising a nice day.
I hadn’t slept for much of the night as the excitement and nervousness was building.
I looked again at the clothes laid out for me to wear that day. Standard jeans, a light-weight shirt, socks, and on top was the item I was most looking forward to wearing.
I cast my mind back to why I was to wear them… a few weeks ago idly browsing through the site a story had… Read more

The dark fantasy him Fact

an amazing hour…

I lay on the bed, naked, alone.

Nervous excitment washes over me, I am hard and ready, my mind replaying the plan.

Oh shit she's here, i can hear heavy breathing, a hand on the door.

The light is on but it will be gone, the door opens, then closes. I see a feminine hand reach for the switch.

Darkness, "oh fuck I can't believe I'm doing this" is what I hear, that voice calms the storm raging in my head.

Sir sits and watches.

A h… Read more

Cuba Underworld Fiction

Much happens behind closed doors…

The ice cold northerly snaked through the alleyways and billowed up into the night sky.

Wellington has many nooks and crannies that reveal themselves if you look closely. There are a few bars that aren’t signposted. They lay behind innocuous doors and are typically located up on the second floor of nondescript buildings. Locals know them. There is one such door, in one of the alleyways off Cuba Street that leads down to a place like no other… Read more

Choked and gagged with my own panties Fact

Another true tale as remembered by the Mrs…

I was in the shower, enjoying the hot water cascade over my body after a hard day’s work. You slipped in the bathroom door, naked and looking hot and horny as fuck. You opened the shower door, and my eyes were instantly drawn to your hard cock.
“Let's give those nosy neighbours something to feel awkward about tomorrow, shall we? Get out of the shower, pick up your panties, then come back here,” you commanded. I was instantly wet as soon as… Read more

Sail week in Croatia Other

My fun time with the captain…

When I was in Croatia last year, I attended sail week. It is 3-4 sail/spring break with a lot of young people who are from all over the world partying and lounging in the middle of the sea. So many hot guys and girls, between 18 - 30, its an experience I have always been told to go on and thought it would be perfect in my final year as a uni student.

I packed zero normal clothes. I packed around 5 or so bikinis, a pair of thongs to sleep in, … Read more

Awards night - part 2 Other

Morning after…

I woke up super wet the morning after. Lying on my front, I look over my shoulder to see something under the bed. John was eating me out from behind as I was asleep and woke me. Getting his attention I asked him what he was doing. He didn’t say anything and continued to proceed. I spun around on my back and let him continue, holding his head as he ate me out. I was super wet, he was doing a really good job. 

He then popped up, wanting to p… Read more

Awards night Other

A new meaning to PA…

Last year while I was in uni, I worked part time as a PA to a real estate agent who owned his own franchise of a major real estate company that shell not be named. He was in his early to mid 50’s, successful and made a name for himself in that world. For privacy reasons, we will call him John.

John invited me and a few other senior executives to the yearly awards night. We were up for a big award that night so it was a huge deal. He hired o… Read more

our first time First Time

our first sexual experience…

Well, we'd been married for 20+ years at the time and our sex life was getting better and better, probably due to more privacy as the kids were older and leaving home. Then one night as I was slowly stimulating my wife's clit in bed she said "how do you feel about a 3some?" I was a bit shocked to be honest! Was this a trick question? Was she talking about another guy? NO she was wanting to taste pussy.

I said I'd give it a go, trying not to be… Read more

Last night in Bali Other

A first time experience…

Around October last year, myself and a group of my friends from uni ended up going to Bali for the week. With many memorable adventures, we decided to end our final night off before heading home at the hotspot Finns Beach club. If you have ever been there before, there are many different nationalities, hot guys and hot girls in swimwear drinking away from morning to night.

I ended up wearing a leopard skin bikini with a thong bottom. I bought… Read more

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