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I’m Wearing the Missuses Panties

Her lover was gifted her panties last night.

This is a slightly exaggerated story that I love remembering. Last night my Mrs went on another date (around one or two a month). She is after all a hot Granny that so many young guys love to fuck! She’s usually out around 3 to 4 hours and returns home wi...

Young gun

2nd time

I told him the motel and room number and eagerly waited on the bed. I was wearing a black studded outfit complete with suspenders, stockings, heels, choker, cuffs and buttplug. The door opens, closes and locks, curtain pulled closed. I look around and smi...

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Fun on the run

I’d had booked a room in Hamilton for the weekend and was looking forward to some fun after a quiet couple of weeks with covid. I saw a friends profile pop up saying his other contact app wasn’t working - oh that explains why I hadn’t heard from him. I se...

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An unexpected journey

Like the hobbit, except with. Hotwife and her cuck

An unexpected journey She groaned beneath me as I kissed her, her 6th orgasm of the night approaching. Her heels dug into my ass as she ground her clit against me and I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer. “Oh daddy!” She moaned, loudly, unbridled....

Just One More -No Two More! Part 2

So here I am back ready to share some more of the story of us three the experiences and memories of it and how it changed my world

I found him to be a very wise man, he use to say to me "Good things happens to those who wait" and that was so true. About 99% of the time I could not wait for his next visit, it was almost like my body was counting the days and weeks off, knowing that th...

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Uninhibited sex with strangers

A life-long journey of hot sex, intertwined bodies and powerful spasms of ecstasy

Making love to your partner is intoxicating. Visually, sensually, audibly. You know what brings them to the edge and how to make them explode into spasms of ecstasy. Hot steamy sex, and a lot of it, makes for a fulfilling relationship. Watching your partn...

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Hotwife making her own way (2)

Jess heads off on another adventure.

“I’m going to fuck him” Jess told me with a glint of sexy naughtiness in her eyes, not looking for permission. I didn’t even get a chance to to reply before she kissed me, dropped my hand, and moved to him. I watched them chat. I watched them get closer....

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After a quick breather I take her hand a lead her and hubby to the bed where my favourite toy resides. Pulling her toward me , our lips lock and we devour each others tongues. Both moaning and touching everywhere. Her voluptuus ass, her shapely breasts ,...

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Hotwife making her own way

Jess creates her own path

Jess and I had been talking about my fantasies for a year or so after I had finally built up enough courage to confide in her. I had a few fantasies and kinks, but the most intense was my desire to see her pleasured by other men. I longed to see her fucke...

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Our sexy weekend Part 1. Mrs Perspective

The hottest beginning to an epic weekend

When I saw her I thought "Shit. Even more delectable than her pics".She was gorgeous and looked fantastic in her black leather jacket and mini white skirt.I cant help but wonder what she's wearing underneath ,her curvy body and milky skin 🔥😈 We had planne...

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Her First Time

A hotwife finding her way.

We had met for drinks and got on well. Some flirty banter, a laugh, some great wine and a frank discussion about what we each were after, boundaries and turn ons. I always find those discussions arousing and this time was no different, especially sitting...

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A mixture of fact and fiction - Out shopping

A chance encounter at the Supermarket

One of the things I love about this lifestyle is that you never know when something might happen. Take the other day for example, a normal everyday trip to the supermarket. Just your basic trip to shop for the week's groceries. Emily looked delicious as a...

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My first time with a couple

A young guy has his world blown open

Sex! Nothing can come close to the pleasure it brings. As many late teenaged boys I was hooked on it. I was lucky that I managed to have plenty of it and even some kinky experiences but I always wanted more. There were so many pleasures to try and each on...

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Kinky Klover ~ Mr perspective 🌹

New sub ~ put to the test

The night from my perspective was amazing.. but didn't start there. The emotional roller coaster started mid week when I thought I would go out of my way to see how far I could push you.... Several interactions confirmed this was a fantasy that you wished...

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The sexy encounter

Lovely curves

Being a basic member I am unable to message people and hence I resort to sending winks. There is hardly any response though. However I got lucky once and and then we proceeded to message each other. She was a single chick in late 30s. We decided to meet p...

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