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The Resistance

Lockdown adventures

The Resistance Let’s just say that Frankie and Jack view rules and regulations as guidelines rather than gospel. Level four lockdown for Auckland had dramatically impacted their swinging lifestyle. Living outside of Auckland the current restrictions had t...

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First KS Experience

You never forget your first, especially when it's that good.

I have been on and off KS a couple of times across the years but have very warm memories of my first experience. I was contacted by the male half of a couple in a neighbouring town. He asked what I was into and if I would be interested in pleasing his wif...

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♫♫♫do you wanna kick it in the backseat♫♫♫

We had been messaging each other for a while and he was such a tease, some exchanges had been extremely intense, but we just didn't seem to be able to meet due to distance and his work. I was starting to think we wouldn't get the chance to meet as my wint...

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The Noisy Motel Room

On a hot canterbury summer day....

Driving into town my excitement is high. Sir is waiting at the motel for me. It had been awhile since kitten has played and I need him. He had given me instructions that I was to follow otherwise there would be punishments. So there I was, driving 45 minu...

I live in a city in the South Island of New Zealand. When I was twenty four in the days before the internet I wanted to spice things up and experience a threesome. Back then there was a national newspaper that ran a lot of adult adverts, where people woul...

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I approached the bed ran my fingers up her thighs and listened to her moan with a mouthful of cock. Her body was so fucking hot and responded to my touch so well. I kissed my way up her inner thighs my glances switching from her already soaking pussy to h...

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A CCK Night

She Fucked me all night long

As I Sat in our hotel room, my nerves crippled me, Britt in the corner doing make up and curling her hair, transforming herself from a beautiful woman to a sexy little slut. I could tell she was nervous but nothing close to how I was feeling and she knew...

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I walked over to the bed where she was sitting. I took her hands in mine and introduced myself. She said she was nervous and I told her not to worry and that we would take it as slow as she required. I was still stunned by just how gorgeous she looked. I...

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We had been exchanging messages for a fortnight. They we steamy messages of what I wanted to do to her and questions about what they wanted from the experience. The messages were many and signalled how hot and wet she was. This only inspired me to make th...

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A morning to remember

She woke up, did not get what she asked for but got exactly what she wanted!

You wake up peacefully in our bed. Dark in the room, you ponder it must still be early. You lay still, not really wanting the day to start. Just wanting to stay relaxed in bed all day. Maybe pleasure yourself knowingly with your fingers. But, life must ha...

Another mans wife for science.

Tom is a close mate, but I had always imagined what Elsie looked like.

So there she was… Sitting across the bar, looking directly at me. I told her I would be easy to find. My t-shirt, a dead giveaway for my affiliation with geek references and sci-fi movies. The series didn’t last long but is still a classic within the comi...

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An early birthday treat

A sexy hot oil couples massage for the birthday boy

He had a big birthday coming up - but I wasn’t going to be able to see him. We’d planned an entire two nights together, an absolute luxury with a night away. He’d talked to me about an erotic massage place he’d visited before, I’d looked into booking him...

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Last of the Summer's Fun (Part VIII)

Finale. The night ends well.

“Next weekend, come back around for drinks?” Tracy asked earnestly, but awkwardly. “Or you’re welcome to stay the” Tracy hadn’t even finished the offer before Lea stepped over to Tracy and whipped Tracy's towel off before doing the same to Greg. “We’d lov...

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Last of the Summer's Fun (Part VII)

Series continued by request. The fun carries on after our spa together.

“How about you Chris and Matt go and fire up the BBQ. Leave us girls to talk.” Tracy ordered “If you behave, maybe I’ll think about sharing my toy with the girls after dinner” she added with a smile. The three of us wrapped towels around ourselves and hea...

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