Mediterranean Sunshine Swinging

Everyone loves the sunshine…

Mediterranean Sunshine

Ibiza. What a place to hang out, sun, crystal clear water and smoking hot people. Three nights of bliss on this Spanish island was a perfect start to the vacation. The boys were very hot, but some were not so interested in females and the girls with there thong bikinis and no tops were stunning.

Next stop Monaco. The Uber ride from Nice was a pleasant surprise for Frankie. Their driver was a stunning looking Frenc… Read more

Forbidden Fruit Fact

My mates mum…

So this was a few years ago I was 23 at the time I think.

My mates had just got a house together so there was a housewarming party. Was a good night from what I can remember I got very intoxicated and was unable to carry on to town afterwards with them. So my mates mum offered to get a taxi with me to make sure I got back to the flat ok.

So we both got in the backseat and off we went. It wasn't long until her hands started to wander up my… Read more

Married 40 years Sexless and Now Slut Swinging

A good Catholic girl discovers the joys of sex in Swinging…

Part two

Two plus two equals such incredible fun!
Remember after a dull and sexless marriage to Michael we'd together now found that sex can be incredible and gets even better when it's shared with others!

We woke up after a couple of hours of nourishing sleep still embracing our new lovers. Michael was with Jackie and I was with James. Not only was James cock much larger and fatter than Michael's I had enjoyed it so wonderfully ful… Read more

Going to Club CCK this weekend Swinging

Last time was fun....…

Last time we went was amazing.... I was wearing a short black skirt and top. Spent ages in the tent. My husband was kissing me and saw hands reach through the gaps. They started caressing my boobs through my top then one went down my leg and slipped under my skirt. I backed up to the tent wall and they were rubbing me with one hand and undoing my top with the other while my husband watched. I was getting so turned on as they pushed my skirt u… Read more

Red and Black Lace BDSM

Exploration of her submission into the dark…

She stands in the middle of the room, looking into the mirror. Looking at her own reflection. She knows why she must move, must do as she was instructed. Taking a deep breathe she slowly begins to strip. Removing one item and then the next. Keeping her mind focused on the task. Unbuttoning her top, hands moving from one button to the next until she shrugs it from her shoulders and lets it drop to the floor. Hands gently gliding down her torso til… Read more

bad boy good boy? Dogging

Submit yourself…

Miss Hubbard steps out of the shower her long red hair dripping water down her small perky tits her pink nipples hardening as quickly as the goosebumps going up her sexy slender thighs as she steps out, She reaches for her towels rapping one around her hips and using her other to dry her hair. Work had gotten the better of her she was sick of the arrogant teens she taught. At 32 she looked better than half the girls in her class, and the boys mad… Read more

Gee - good Catholic Girl finds sex so pleasurable - part 2 Swinging

Our first sex party…

Part two

Two plus two equals such incredible fun!
Remember after a dull and sexless marriage to Michael we'd together now found that sex can be incredible and gets better when it's shared with others

We woke after a couple of hours still embracing our new lovers Michael was with Jackie and I was with James Not only was James cock much larger and fatter than Michael's I'd found switching back and forwards between the two of them so… Read more

It starts in the bar Fiction

When you watching, you never know who’s watching you.…

It starts at the bar

I watch you on the security camera entering the bar and remember you straight away. Even though I’ve got a good eye for faces, you’re not easily forgotten. I know I’ve got a soft spot for blondes but it’s not that, I’ve also got a soft spot for a tight arse in tight jeans and you seem to have both.
You walk straight to the bar and order a beer and while waiting for it to be served, you struggle out of your leath… Read more

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Peg me please..... Fiction

A friend's special request…

I dress in my sexiest corset, stockings and heels. Put on a plain black skirt and blouse, pack my bag of treats and drive over to his house, reaching down and rubbing myself now and then, feeling my excitement build.

I pull into his drive, walk up and let myself in. As instructed he is naked and waiting in bed for me, wine at the ready. I remove my blouse and skirt slowly, then take a moment to have a drink, allowing him to take in the view, a… Read more

And He makes 3 Fiction

What future possibilities may cum.....…

Her eyes fly open and she lays still, feeling her heart pounding and the sound of blood rushing in her ears. Closing them she draws a calming breath, focusing on bringing her heart rate under control.
It's a moment before she registers the warmth of the hand gripping her's and the deep voice in her ear.
"Breathe little one"
The sound of his voice and his warm breath on her skin calms her. Pulling her into his arms, he wraps his body round her,… Read more

The Dream Threesome

Can dreams really cum true?…

It’s been muggy and humid all day, I’m in bed tossing and turning, trying to find a cool spot to lay.
My body is damp with sweat and I feel irritable and disinclined to sleep. I start thinking about him and the things we discussed over the weekend. He left earlier in that evening and I was missing him already.
I hug my pillow a sense of melancholy creeping over me. Trying to slow my breathing, I focus on taking deep lungfuls of air. This te… Read more

Toy Story Lesbian

A little bit of Lady Love…

We had been looking for new toys online, perusing the long and short of them, the thick and thin, strapped or strapless?
So many to choose from, shapes, sizes, colours, contours, we were like kids in a candy store, only these sweets treats wouldn’t add inches to the waist.
Finally deciding on a strapless, smooth, shiny black, 8” beauty that had us both grinning from ear to ear and made our panties damp just looking at it, we made our purcha… Read more

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Birthday stripper Cuckold

A visit from the police…

It was my wife's 35th birthday and I decided to do something a bit different this year. We went out of town and traveled to Christchurch where I had booked us a private airbnb apartment. We went out to dinner first then came back to the apartment to finish off our half empty bottle of wine we had started on earlier. As I opened a second bottle of wine the doorbell rang, my wife looking puzzled got up and answered. At the door there was a police m… Read more


Aussie women…

Part 1
This happened quite a few years ago, my wife passed away from cancer after a 9 month battle which I nursed her through, I was in my late 40s at this stage, running my own business. About 6 months after she passed away I decided to take a break up in Fiji, I had 3 clients there so thought it would be an idea to spend 5 days rest & recreation and a couple on business, it was close to 12 months since I having my last sexual intercourse, I w… Read more

I was a birthday present to a Hotwife Threesome

Simple little story about a good deed, and the ample rewards.…

I was doing a little shopping, picking up a few items, when I noticed her.

Tall, deceptively so. The two-inch platform, six-inch beige heels were too much for her to maneuver in her state. She stumbled along, beside, I assumed, her husband.

The put upon man looked embarrassed, as his wife's wobbling walk meandered along nearby. Every so often she'd stumble a little, her knee flexing outward, her foot turning. She looked drunk off her ass, a… Read more

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Cuckold dinner with Auckland Couple - Fiction Cuckold

I'll send you an email with instructions and a list of things to be done before I come over in the evening to spend time with your wife.…

I'll send you an email with instructions and a list of things to be done before I come over in the evening to spend time with your wife. I expect them to be followed to the letter. If so, you'll get a reward.

Once your wife is home from work you're to draw her a bath. You have the bathroom lights dimmed with candles and soft music playing. You're not allowed to touch her in any way other than bathing her. I want her pussy shaved and I want you… Read more

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The beginning of your cuckold life Cuckold

You and your wife have flirted with the idea of adding another man to your sex lives.…

You and your wife have flirted with the idea of adding another man to your sex lives. During sex you would ask her how she would love another cock to fuck or suck while you were there with her. You noticed her pussy always tightened up and she got wetter when you mentioned it, even though she always said no.

You would bring it up in conversation about her wanting a hotter or younger man and she would always giggle and tell you no.

One day y… Read more

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Hamilton Fun Fact

Lovely ladies…

Several years ago I worked in a clothing factory based in Hamilton, there were about 180 women working there, I had been married about 3 years, as with many marriage's, the first 18 months we fucked like rabbits then she became pregnant and sex was no longer wanted.
I started flirting with some of the women at the factory and going out at the end of the week to the pub drinking with the group, after my daughter was born there was still no room f… Read more

Ropes (part 1) BDSM

A story exploring rope bondage and Shibari…

Pulling into the motel car park Tom's mind wandered to the bag in his boot and the plans he had for the evening. He had been planning this for sometime and was looking forward to it!

He collected the key to the room and then walked up the stairs to find room 19. He had never stayed in this motel and didn't know what to expect. Tom was pleased to discover that Room 19 was at the end of the block with another room on just one side.

Pulling… Read more

A massage in Gibraltar Fact

One day in Gibraltar and what a day it was…

Gibraltar oh my Gosh
Woke up this morning half asleep to find my blankets in a heap and clothes scattered all around me.
What happened last night?
Oh that’s right nothing -------again!
Looking out the balcony on the cabin I saw it rising majestically from the sea to the sky.
The rock of Gibraltar.
Needing some serious exercise, I decided I would walk to the top and not take the gondola or taxi. After all I had a lot of frustration to… Read more

What I Need Fiction

The mind boggles…

My husband has always attracted the attention of both female and male patrons in clubs, although he could not see what I was observing, his moves on the dance floor had both sexes flocking around (he’s as straight as a beam pole I might add) - men wanted to battle their moves out with him and women would grind up n down against him. This particular night (within the past 18 mnths) while I was watching our drinks at the table, my significant oth… Read more

A Slut After 40 Years Faithfulness Swinging

A good Catholic finds that sex can be a whole lot of fun.…

Originally written as letters to our local newspaper in response to a request for genuine ‘Older Swinger Lifestyle’ participants The original letters contained no bad language and not as much detail as this fuller account The responses supported our lifestyle and only a very small number have critical of us Interestingly too since we have now been to visit a local swingers club we have met and swung with ‘neighbours, a priest, judge, tea… Read more

Fishnets and fingers Fact

A little public foreplay can be a lotta fun…

We had been looking forward to this for months, chatting on KS, sending each other explicit pics and videos on a messaging app, and counting down the days until his work trip to Wellington.
I already knew exactly what his cock looked like and how well it worked. I’d seen how he jerked himself off. I knew about the delicious amount of chest hair and the strong arms. I had no secrets from him, either. And fuck, the enthusiasm in his messages ab… Read more

Long distance sext messaging fun 2 x Swinging

swinging, orgy, cuckold, dp…

So I picked you up, I had told you to put on your best panties and be ready for anything fun!

Mmm that’s hot - I get ready put my best panties on x I’m so horny and wet already with the anticipation

I blindfold you. I haven’t hinted anything of what’s in store for you’re trembling with anticipation as I guide you to my car

Mmm exciting I’m getting impatient ... you play it cool you’re driving me insane!

You feel m… Read more

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Winters farewell Threesome

Last fling before Europe…


Frankie and Jack were heading off to Europe for the winter soon and wanted to have a final fling before they fly. The best option for everyone was to have Steve come down for the night and make it a total fuck fest as they would not be seeing each other for the next three months.

A simple plan is always the best option and Frankie had made this as simple as possible. Steve would be arriving in the late afternoon before jac… Read more

When the Lions came to town Dogging

An Irish husband and Wife…

It was the Lions Tour of New Zealand in 2016 and I was working in Hamilton as a bartender the night they played in town. Swarms of people thronged and packed out every available space in every open bar, a mix of kiwis and those travelling from the UK to support their team.

As I was working, an irish husband and wife sat at the bar sparking continual conversation with me, unlike their companions they were savouring the drinks ordered, choosing… Read more

Boneless in Bali Fiction

Room service gets personal sometimes…

The heat was glorious. I’d been lying there on the sun lounger for about half an hour, and had ditched the bikini completely after the first 10 minutes.
There’s something deeply sensual about the sun and a light gentle breeze on bare skin, so my thoughts had turned to my latest lover and what he had done to me, for me, when I saw him last.
I guess that’s why I didn’t notice the door to my courtyard opening or the sounds of footsteps. … Read more

The Beach Fact

Couple playing at beach invite me over…

Some years ago now I was at the local nude beach enjoying the hot sun on my cock and bum, one of the pleasures of nude sunbathing. The other pleasure of course is quietly enjoying the scenery.
The scenery on this day with the beach almost deserted included a couple in there early thirties quite close to me. In between dozing I noticed their hands slowly caressing each other in more and more overtly sexual ways. Pulling gently at nipples and then… Read more

The hired help---the second time Fact

that awkward moment when you dont know who`s going to make the first move…

It`d been 3 weeks since Ross had fucked me at the cottage and I'd hardly seen him at all during that time. I thought about him and what we`d done quite a bit and often thought I'd like to see him one more time and take time to enjoy him properly. One Saturday morning my husband said he was taking the kids into town to visit the Grandparents but I couldn't go because I'd been sick with the flu all week and didn't want to pass it on. As they lef… Read more

45th Birthday present Fact

Awesome night…

My Husband Andy said when we first got together that on my 45th Birthday he would take me to Venice, if we couldn't afford that then I could have whatever I wanted as a sexual experience, well guess what no trip to Venice however one awesome nights fucking.
We rented a secluded property at Foxton Beach for the weekend, two weeks prior I put an advert on KS for 4 guys who would like to have group sex with me as that was my sexual experience that … Read more

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