Private striptease Masturbation

I was shopping for some new lingerie and the stranger offered to buy it for me so I offered to let him be the first to remove it…

We have had a couple of really awesome adventures here but last night started something I can’t wait to explore.
Feeling pretty mellow and quite naughty I put on a sexy blue corset and black skirt, a black coat over the top to keep me warm, and my fuck buddy and I headed into town to check out the lingerie. After a couple of stops along the way at some of the regular adult outlets, he suggested we could try p&c in town. The idea of having a ra… Read more

Provocateur BDSM

Erotic art and her introduction to submission…

Read the title below the canvas.
Illuminated expertly, the work filled the darkened corner of the room. She studied the crescents, the curves, and lines of effervescing light on the dark, almost morbid background, Slowly the painting began to come alive before her, as if it was moving to welcome her approach. A little bewildered she let the scene play on her mind for a time – and then – realisation.
The outline of two … Read more

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An evening to remember pt 2 Fiction

The adventure continues.......…

She holds him close as the passion within her slowly subsides, her body moulded to his tall firm frame, and against her belly she can clearly feel his manhood, still full and hard. He begins to move against her, looking to somehow caress his arousal
“Oh dear – have I left you on the edge… “
Her hand sneaks down between their bodies to rub the bulge in his trousers, and soon slips into his clothing, his zip not closed in the rush to mak… Read more

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Wifes FWB Threesome

Meeting him for the first time…

Just recently, I happened to have a day off work and my wife mentioned she was off to meet her FWB s(he had been seeing him for a while), they had chatted and decided it would be a good chance for me to meet him, I had only chatted to him online and didn't even know what he looked like.
They had been meeting regular day times while I was working so had never had the opportunity to join them.

Loving seeing her being pleasured by another man, I… Read more

An evening to remember - pt 1 Fiction

Dinner out, the mood is set for an aventurous evening…

o Across the bay the sun began to dip below the city and the hills beyond, the last rays streaming across the now darkening sky and bathing all in their rich red glow.
Soon the lights of the city begin to take over as darkness descends and the week comes to a close.
In contrast to the hustle and bustle across the water, the small secluded bay is relatively quiet and peaceful – a number of locals have stopped off at the small bars and cafes to… Read more

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Frankies birthday surprise Swinging

Who was it that just fucked me?…

Frankies Birthday Bash

Birthdays were not just a day long event in Frankie and Jacks household. They usually lasted for at least a week of fun filled activities. Today’s birthday bash was kicking off at the local swingers club. Saturday nights were always packed at CCK. Hot couples were on the menu. Arriving in a stunning lingerie number, with a shimmery mesh mini dress over the set, Frankie was looking smoking hot. She was like a magnet to… Read more

A Masters story Pt3 BDSM

Back to our room, what sub saw…

Suddenly I am blinded as the blindfold comes off and the headphones with it, as my eyes adjust to my surroundings filled with light again, I focus in on my Master kissing Lisa, who is dressed in a similar state to myself, except she has stockings on with her heels. Jason is undressed as well and has my anal hook in his arse with one of the heavy chains attached around his neck holding the hook in place, I know from experience that standing is to… Read more

One night of being a (sort of) domme ... Part 2 Fiction

Continuing on from Part 1 (obviously)…

‘Did you bring the laptop?’ I ask, walking over to the bag I have to extract my own computer. You move to find yours, glad for something to distract you from how much you want to cum. There’s a bit of mundane working out of technology, but eventually we are in the KiwiSwingers chat site, both computers logged into my account. I set my computer up so that only I am visible on the webcam, while you can see the message received on the screen i… Read more

First couples play date Swinging

Part 1 (the initial meeting)…

The rules were already predetermined & it felt like a lifetime waiting for the date.
The anticipation was almost painful ! We met our new friends online during lockdown, chatting daily, discussing what we all wanted etc.
I think we all knew instantly that the connection was genuine.
Finally the moment came, we could actually go out, have a drink together & see if we could actually click in real life.

We had such an amazing night ! One drin… Read more

One night of being a (sort of) domme ... Part 1 Fiction

A little fantasy that comes into my head every now and then ... I'll write more later. I have some thoughts about what happens next, …

We’ve spent a bit of time getting to know each other online, chatted, seen each other on cam (although only briefly), and through various conversations you’ve agreed – with enthusiasm – to helping me explore the interest I have in being dominant ... although I tend towards the S side of the d/s equation most of the time, every now and then I get an urge to switch. But I like the idea of it being an ‘isolated’ thing – not part of a r… Read more

keys party Fact

sex party in the suburbs…

My wife at 40 become very sexually aware of her hot body ,not long after her new job,new work mates,new boyfriend
which she told me about by first saying i"Swallowed a mouthful of cum and couldnt swallow it all, some dripped out onto my boobs.Immediately i went into denial,didnt say a word 20 odd years of marriage.Well aparently the guys at work teased her if she didnt share her body around they would nark on her.She said too late i told my hus… Read more

The Electricians and my Payment Threesome

Change of Currency…

We finally finished building the deck and was ready to put a spa pool on it. Couldn't have come quicker either. We had a week of typical south island winter weather, and a bigger low was coming our way. We decided to speed things up. We went out saturday morning and found the perfect spa pool. Cash straight away as long as they could deliver that weekend. The manager agreed but couldn't get an electrician there for a week. I said we would arrang… Read more

Heading Home to Hubby loaded up Threesome

A night in town turned into a Bang Van…

Start of summer had hit and it had been years since I'd hit the town with the girls. My husband said to make sure I had a good night and make the most of it since I didnt do it often. I spent the day getting waxed, hair done, nails done and found my old clubbing dress. I squeezed into it. I wasnt large, but I hadnt worn it since I was 20. I just covered my ass cheeks and showed most of my chest. I put on my stilettos and by the look in hubby's ey… Read more

Accidental Dogging Dogging

What started out as an evening Wine......…

It was spring a few years ago now....
Hubby and I packed a small light dinner and a bottle of wine. We drove to a fairly secluded beach, parked up and got out. There was a handful of cars there but no one in sight. We looked around and saw a track heading up a hill and thought it would be since to enjoy dinner and a wine with a view. We weren't disappointed either. About 15mins up, there was a perfect grass area with an amazing view of the bay. … Read more

Bahamas, Wife and Lots of Men Groups

She gets more than she bargained for…

It was our first holiday together alone. We flew to a tropical island in the Bahamas, to a resort we fell in love with just the pics on the brochure.

We landed and set off to the resort a bit jet lagged. It was so hot, my husband stripped down to his boxers and I down to just my shoelace style G-string, and hopped into bed for a well needed sleep. About a couple of hours later there was a knock at the door. Hubby was fast asleep so I wrapped a… Read more

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Panties in the post Fact

He asked me to send him something dirty....…

We’d been chatting a little. He was young, interesting, sexy. Somehow we got talking about panties - and how he’d once been given a pair by a hot wife. And how much he liked it. I offered to send him mine. The thought of it appealed to me too.

I picked a black silky pair. Hopped into bed. Watched some dirty porn to get a little bit excited. Then I started to touch myself. Ran my hands over my body, played with my breasts, pinched my nipple… Read more

Escape Threesome

The lockdown was getting to much so we had to escape…


It’s been to much, the hours, the work, no rest, all just to much. I can’t cope I just need to run away but with the lock down still in place and I have to work where can we go. All I want is to be somewhere quiet near the sea and away from it all. I know rangitira flats that’s where. We look through book a Bach but they are all shut for the lock down.

That night you come home all excited
“I‘ve found it” as you stand in … Read more

Wife Saves the Stag do Groups

Plans go South and Wife Saves my Ass…

Not long ago, I was transferred to a town in the states for work. It was a pretty good neighbourhood, but with very few less coloured people. I started my temporary position trying to lift operations. The staff were great and gave me the nickname Little Snowy as I was smaller white fella compared to these big men.
3 months went by and 1 of the guys was about to get married. STAG DO ! They invited me and I was keen on making some mates, so I sai… Read more

My wife & German Glory Holes Groups

Wife becomes Glory Hole worker for a night…

We had 3 nights in germany on the last stint of our Tour of Europe. Hearing alot about Germanys Adult scene we decided to take a tour. After visiting a couple of bars and strip clubs, we came across a place when translated meant " The Hole in the Wall "
We went in, and there was a ticket booth. The guy was curious as to why I had brought my wife as it was basically the equivalent of all you can eat buffet but for sex. I explained we were from N… Read more

Last night of freedom part 2 Swinging

The sex continues into the great outdoors…

Mrs FB part 2

Both FB and I slowly stand up and slide out of each of our partners. You both sit up and hug us. Slowly I kiss Ruth her lips so soft and our tongues dance together. I wrap her in my arms relishing the smooth softness of her skin as my hands move up and down her back. The warmth of her breasts against my chest forces a moan and soon she wraps her legs around me not allowing me to escape.

You stand and guide FB into the lounge … Read more

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Every woman wants to be pulled over by a hot policeman Fiction

Just fuck me already…

I’ve always had a lot of respect for the police , police equals law , authority, power . It’s funny how some woman gravitate towards powerful people , it’s the thrill of seeing them vulnerable as you look up at them with their Crown Jewels deep in your mouth , hearing their moans and seeing through all the bullshit of their “strong persona “ ...... knowing in that moment you’re in control 😈

I have a fantasy ,while it may never… Read more

Wife Gives In and gets filled Part 2 Threesome

He came back and spent the night…

So he came back for another night, and this time spent the whole night with us....

We had an empty house to ourselves for the night and after a few afternoon drinks, decided to invite him over. His name is karl, and hes been working out. He came more prepared this time. A viagra for both him and hubby. Was gonna be a good night !
We jumped in the colonial tub for some shots and a nude soak, an hour went by of constant flirting, mild touching… Read more

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Truck Driver to the rescue Cuckold

Truck Driver Saves wife : Wife repays Truck Driver…

Written by Wife

It was mid winter in the South Island. I had been down south to comfort a friend who's partner had left her. I had to get home, but a large storm was about to hit the south island. It had already closed the lower passes and I had to get over the Lewis Pass before it closed. I headed through Christchurch, and was making a beeline for the Lewis pass. I had filled up with fuel, checked the tyres and was in go mode. I passed the H… Read more

The Pass Around Wife Groups

From 1 guy to the next till all were spent…

The House Warming
We had just moved to another town and brought our second house with a private yard and a pool. We had prepped food, chilly bins of ice and a Bbq.
My wife didnt know many people here, just a couple that she knew from years ago, but I knew a bunch of guys that shifted here for work.
It was mid summer so we kicked off the arvo with some drinks and a swim. The guys outnumbered the woman 12-2 with both women being married ( 1 w… Read more

Her First Bukkake Groups

She looked like a glazed Donut…

While we were in bed one night, my wife hinted she always wanted to be covered in cum, and have guys cum on her as she orgasmed.
The thought drove us both wild and we have amazing sex that night. A few months later, our found out that a travelling sports team was touring the south island and we staying at a place with spas, saunas and pools etc. I phoned up and asked about a room. They said the sports team had booked most of them and the only … Read more

Hung Hamner Hunks Threesome

Wife Can't Resist them…

It was mid winter and we decided as holiday was overdue. We searched for an ideal place and had never been to Hamner Springs. So we booked a little Chatel not far from the pools, loaded up the car and started the journey. About halfway there, my man said he was in the mood and suggested we pull over for a quickie. I had a better idea....
I reached over, unzipped his trousers, leant over and gave him some road head till her blew a massive load d… Read more

Wife Gives In and gets filled Fact

Best night of her life..... so far…

We had talked about it, and finally decided to do it. Our first MMF THREESOME as a couple. After searching for the perfect person, we found a guy that was well hung, presented, but a down to earth kiwi bloke. After exchanging emails, we invited him over. Started off all in bed watching some porn, when she reached down both of our pants and stroked both of us at the same time. After a while, she leant over and took him in her mouth, then switching… Read more

Salsa classes Fiction

Salsa is all about sex…

Salsa classes

It’s beginners class at the dance studio and I nervously sit there watching people arrive. All sorts arrive young old and then sexy a beautiful red haired vixen sashays into the room. Your confidence enthrals me and then once getting past your rich golden red locks your body excites me. The way your breasts lightly bounce as you walk in. The pink and blue material of your dress’s bodice obviously the only thing supporting the… Read more

Last night of freedom Swinging

How we survived lockdown?…

Mrs fb
Covid 19 update as of midnight tonight all New Zealanders are to go into lock down for the next 14 days. People are to remain on their property until further notice. Time outside is to be limited. Please do not panic access will be allowed to the supermarket and other stores.

“Well that certainly is going to be boring. What are we going to do?” Mr fb asked
“We could ask chuie and Ruth to come round. If they get here before midni… Read more

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You did this BDSM

Reflections of a primal prey and her takedown…

My neck is bruised

My body is aching

You did this.

My mind replays

My sex quivers

You did this.

My fingers press

My bruises twinge

You did this.

You did this.

Please Sir, may I have some more?… Read more

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