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Group Stories

Group sex epitomises one of the core associations with swinging, unlocking wild fantasies when sharing multiple sexual partners in the same room.

Gangbangs, orgies and bukkake events are often typical terms you'd associate with group sex and can yield a whole new opportunity for sexual intimacies. From first time experiences to hardcore practices, the group sex stories below should have most angles covered.

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hornyfarnorth 1 month ago

Ex girlfriend

Power cut well playing pool

This happened a few years ago when I was still with my ex, she was 4 foot 9, size 10, with E-cup tits and always horny. One night we were playing pool at the pub. She was wearing a low cut top which showed a lot of cleavage and a short mini skirt...

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chuie 4 months ago

You want a ride chapter 2

Mary gets the invite to the party

You want a ride chapter 2 Mary’s phone vibrated and beeped telling her a message had arrived. “You are invited to a Saints and Sluts party. Entry will only be permitted to those dressed appropriately no vanilla clothing allowed. Extreme dress will be re...

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Aotearoar 7 months ago

Come and Go

Three of us join an insatiable couple.

For someone freshly fucked, she looked tense. We had walked into the hotel suite and Mark was sitting on a chair in the corner. He was naked with a glass of red wine in his hand. He waved us in. His wife was laying on her back on the bed, also na...

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Anonymous 9 months ago

Musical Cheers

Classical music nerds get naughty

Music does things to me. It's a part of me. It's a constant. When I fell off the jungle-gym there was music coming from the room next to the sick-bay at school. It was bad, but it was music nevertheless. The first time I got drunk - there was music. Actua...

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Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master 1 year ago

Bahamas, Wife and Lots of Men

She gets more than she bargained for

It was our first holiday together alone. We flew to a tropical island in the Bahamas, to a resort we fell in love with just the pics on the brochure. We landed and set off to the resort a bit jet lagged. It was so hot, my husband stripped down to his b...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master 1 year ago

Wife Saves the Stag do

Plans go South and Wife Saves my Ass

Not long ago, I was transferred to a town in the states for work. It was a pretty good neighbourhood, but with very few less coloured people. I started my temporary position trying to lift operations. The staff were great and gave me the nickname Little S...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master 1 year ago

My wife & German Glory Holes

Wife becomes Glory Hole worker for a night

We had 3 nights in germany on the last stint of our Tour of Europe. Hearing alot about Germanys Adult scene we decided to take a tour. After visiting a couple of bars and strip clubs, we came across a place when translated meant " The Hole in the Wall "...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master 1 year ago

The Pass Around Wife

From 1 guy to the next till all were spent

The House Warming We had just moved to another town and brought our second house with a private yard and a pool. We had prepped food, chilly bins of ice and a Bbq. My wife didnt know many people here, just a couple that she knew from years ago, but I...

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Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master 1 year ago

Her First Bukkake

She looked like a glazed Donut

While we were in bed one night, my wife hinted she always wanted to be covered in cum, and have guys cum on her as she orgasmed. The thought drove us both wild and we have amazing sex that night. A few months later, our found out that a travelling spor...

Chapter 2. The idea of her being used and abused (on her terms of course) by multiple men excited me no end. I slowly introduced the idea to her but without much success. As much as I assured her she would be safe and respected, the jump from one other...

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noughty 1 year ago

Weekend with Lucie

the coming of age of a Hotwife

Chapter 1. It all started when I arrived home form work one day and my wife Lucie had decided she couldn’t wait for me. I opened the front door to the sound that I know only so well, my wife orgasming. Peering into the bedroom so not to disturb there s...

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Anonymous 1 year ago

Birthday Party

Blindfold Fantasy

So I had always fantasised about being blindfolded and fucked by strangers, the thought of walking along the street and a guy walks by looks at me smiles cause he knows he fucked me and I have no idea was really hot. So on my 45th birthday ex tells me...

subspace1 2 years ago

My Insatiable Friend

She's hungry for cock

She was a total slut, gloriously unfussy She was the type of slutty whore who will have sex with you, well, just because. She would have sex with pretty much anyone just because. She wasn't just the town bike; she was more like the town light rail. She...

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Me and a female bet decided to make a bet Lol well the bet was whoever won a best of 5 in pool then the winner could dress the loser in whatever they wanted and then tie them up, ring gag them and have 5 people (coz there were 5 games) fuck the losers mou...

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Friskies 3 years ago

The story of a night out I want to tell you a story but be warned. It will contain sex. Thinking about it, the story should be rated R18. I know now I have your attention. The story I am telling is true or is it a work of fiction? If you ask the person...

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