My Insatiable Friend Groups

She's hungry for cock…

She was a total slut, gloriously unfussy

She was the type of slutty whore who will have sex with you, well, just because. She would have sex with pretty much anyone just because. She wasn't just the town bike; she was more like the town light rail. She loved cock, the way its hardness filled her throbbing holes, stretching her, using her. She loved coaxing a cock to give up its salty, sticky gift. She loved the way men would exhaust themselves… Read more

Lost a bet Groups

Me and a female bet decided to make a bet Lol well the bet was whoever won a best of 5 in pool then the winner could dress the loser in whatever they wanted and then tie them up, ring gag them and have 5 people (coz there were 5 games) fuck the losers mouth.... well I was so confident I'd win coz we played pool a few times and each time I beat her easily....... so I agreed to the bet only to lose 😢 I Had to wear a bright pink and black gstring… Read more

a night out Groups

The story of a night out

I want to tell you a story but be warned. It will contain sex. Thinking about it, the story should be rated R18. I know now I have your attention. The story I am telling is true or is it a work of fiction? If you ask the persons who act in the story ,they might tell you the truth or maybe not. They could say yes, it is true, and it was better than you can imagine. Others will say, they wish that they were part of it. B… Read more

Road trip with the boys p3 Groups

On the 3rd day we arrived at Duniden at the boy's flat. We decided bbq for lunch and some beer. I was wearing a dress a transparent lacy nighty, heatpump is on ofcourse.

The house that they live in is owned by their boss. Their boss lives just in front of the property. He decided to come over for bbq as he knows I was there. From myprevious story, he already fucked my before.

The doorbell rang and I opened the door and he gave me a hug and … Read more

Road trip with the boys p2 Groups

So there I was on the picnic blanket on the ground. There was only one other vehicle in the area which was a van with a guy. The boys were foolin around lifting up my jacket exposing my bum and front tke guy who was watching from in his van.

Lucky I was prepared and had Brazilian wax done so I was nice and smooth. Hahaha

The boys dared me to walk to the man naked and give him a bottle of beer. It was kinda exciting and I have being a kill j… Read more

Out with the blokes, Road trip to Duniden Groups

My ex and his mates invited me to a road trip around the south island and ultimately Duniden to their flat and back to Chch. It was a 5 day.

My ex and 3 his mates rented a huge campervan for the 5 day road trip.

We headed out Friday around 3am. The guys picked me up from our place.

We head out going to Lake Tikapo first as I love yhe lakes.

An hours drive and I was startingto get a bit horny with all the boys. This was around 4rish… Read more

2 men from a bar and an old man from the motel Groups

I went out on friday in a bar at Riccarton Rd. I went by myself, I was feeling horny sexy that night Friday. So I was wantjng to get laid.

I was approached by a nice gentleman, he invited me over their table with his buddy. We 3 chatted and I got cozy with Nick the guy that approached me. Too cozy, he already fingered my pussy. Well I kinds pulled his hand in as he was caressing my legs.

His buddy tried to pick up a girl but a the end faile… Read more

My very first mmf as a single woman 😈 Groups

So I was out parting at a night club with a male friend and his friend joined us , we drank heaps and decided to go back to my friends place , his friend insisted on coming with . I just thought , his friends drunk so will just pass out while him and I go hard out ... Boy was I wrong !
We get back to my friends place and him and I literally start as we walk in the door , he pushes me onto his couch and sits on top of me playing with my boobs an… Read more

Gangbang in the sun Groups

it was a hot humid sunny day in January and I had been sunbathing at the beach, so when I got home I was wearing my bikini and a tight white singlet top barely covering my tits. My husband greeted me at the door. I have a surprise for you, he said. He knew i was keen to fuck a group of guys and had invited 3 friends over to make the fantasy happen. I walked out to the outdoor entertainment area and they were enjoying a beer. A nice cold wine was … Read more

Dogging Groups


Unfortunately yesterday I posted on the my stories my invite you guys for dogging yesterday 9 May at Specer Park. But it was not posted as it should have been in the my advertisement Anyway...

That is why there was not a lot of people were there. But as me and my hubby was walking to the forest bushes some men are actually looking at as as we went to area that had a few trees for cover.

There were only 2 people not including my hubb… Read more

2nd gangbang with the mates Groups

I just got homr today 1:30am from my ex and his mates. Their boss has a place in Sumner so he let them stay there while they do some training in Chch.

As per my last story my ex asked me if he and his friends can have another gangbang with me. I agreed, the night before I told my husband thay I wil be doing it with them .

He was a bit reluctant to agree ag first as our first one was a bit too rough and dangerou.

But in the end he agreed … Read more

A nice surprise Groups

We had been planning a session for a while and the day had finally arrived...I had spent the morning getting ready and was finally travelling in my car, my driving in autopilot as my mind wandered to all the delicious things about to unfold - I was enjoying the provactive scenes roll through me like a movie and became aware of a tightness in my pants as my body agreed with my mind..

Finally, I hit the street signs that let me know I was close … Read more

Gangbang Groups

My boyfriend is moving to Dunedin with his mates so were breaking up.

For a long time he wanted me to have sex with all of them at the same time, a 5 on 1. Iv been on a threesome with one of his mates and him. So I agreed, yesterday at their place we spend the whole day fucking. I went to their place at 9am and it was just sex sex sex...

He wanted it to be memorable so I agreed no condoms and yes to anals. We started with my ex and me kissi… Read more

Watching my girlfriend n her first bi experience Groups

My fantasy in my head of how I'd like imagine this happening would be hire hotel away for weekend, talk n plan if she'd like proceed. If so I'd hire female bi escort to come to our room my fiance is sitting chair with blindfold on dressed in black silk nightie, black lace g string and black lace top stockings I'd have the escort start off buy softly kissing her then passionatly then up n down her neck which I know she really loves her hand would … Read more

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New Holiday Experiences Part Two Groups

{This is the second part of this story - If you wish to read the first part first it was submitted on 25 November}

Breakfast finished Suchada put me in my place by ordering me to do the dishes and get the house clean while she and Lizzie disappeared off to have a shower. I was also ordered to have a pot of coffee ready for when they returned.
During coffee I was told that I needed to prepare the other guest room for her brother and to also cl… Read more

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New Holiday Experiences Groups

It started with a recent trip to Thailand. I had some spare air points and thought I would use them for a good break from the New Zealand winter and to catch up with some old friends from my time living in Bangkok.
Doug and Jenny were pleased to hear from me and suggested that we could spend a weekend at their holiday apartment in Hua Hin. We all travelled down from Bangkok in their car and arrived in Hua Hin at dusk on Friday. That night we had… Read more

The new stripper Groups

My wife, Sandy, and I have been married for almost seventeen years. Throughout our relationship, we have led a fairly conservative lifestyle: Two kids, suburban house, mainly conservative friends, minivan, etc. We've remained faithful to one another during this time, probably both out of love and respect for one another and the simple fact that our normal lives keep us too busy to even think about extra-marital activity. Though not perfect, our m… Read more

Our first threesome Groups

We showed up on a Saturday morning about 10AM, and Raquel was very welcoming. We came in and visited, and I was relieved that she seemed so cool. I had never met her, and I kind of expected her to be a real reformed prude. She really was pretty funny and we all had a good time over lunch. It was a damn hot day and Raquel asked if we wanted to get in her pool. We said sure and brought our stuff in and got our suits on. Raquel had a kick ass back y… Read more

Shocked at First but then the fun Groups

Tuesday night and I get a email from a friend to come round to watch the rugby and me being a CD he asked me to wear something nice and sexy, so into the shower and then dressed in a nice short mini skirt, stockings, high boots, lace panties, bra a nice lace top with all the makeup and wig. It was just on 7-30pm I arrived at his house to meet him at the door, he took me into his bedroom and he asked me if he could put a dog collar me and lead me… Read more

first time swinging Groups

Sitting at home a few years ago my partner and i at the time had a few friends over for drinks all up there was 5 girls and 2 guys, we were all drinking and flirting the girls were flashing there tits everywhere, so after about 3 hours of drinking my mate and i got dared to fuck the youngest girl there she was about 23 at the time, we both went over to her and started to strip her naked then we started to play with her tits and rubbing her pussy,… Read more

One Of Mrs K's Fantasies Turned Into Reality Groups

I rolled over to put arm around Mrs K for a bit of morning fun but realized as my arm hit the sheet she had gone to course, what to do imm. No ladies, not what you think, I get up put on the washing do the dishes and make the bed. I should tell you it was 10 o’clock when I got up, and Mrs K finishes work at 12.30, and I said I would have the housework do, as she was at course and I was on leave.
As I was finishing I got this great idea Mrs K h… Read more

In There! Groups

We always spoke about having a 3sum (fmf) us a hot horny hetro couple and a sexy bi/bicurious/lesbian.

Ideally at first we wanted her to watch, photograph, video, join in when asked....then as the night proceeded so would have the interaction between all 3 of us.

Anyway like I said "ideally" ...Well this was not the case lol

We find ourselves at another couples apartment with the understanding this was going to be a "meet and greet" ty… Read more

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Sailing together Groups

A few weeks ago I got a call from Aimie, one of my favourite lady friends, who happens to be a little older than most. “Tony, a week from Saturday is my birthday and I want to invite you to a party. Not the usual kind, though. John and I are going out on a yacht with another couple and we want to invite you and one of your lady friends to join us in a sex party.” I know that John is her husband and sometimes we get together and he and I make … Read more

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My Lady must be pleased Groups

Finally it had come to this. I was invited to fulfill her lady’s pleasure. I was selected with one other of her choice to present ourselves and spend an entire evening pleasuring her.

We made our way to the bathroom. Got undressed and ensured we were fully erect. It was made quite clear to us… “…don’t even think of coming without showing me how much you want to be here…”.

We were to wait until we were called by name. … Read more

The best Night Ever Groups

Ive always fantasied about my lovely wife Fi being fucked in the arse, mouth and pussy the same time , being drenched in cum and have cum leaking out of her holes after being pounded hard. I jerk off every morning and blow a big load over my stomch conjuring up multitude of scenarios involving my missus be fucked by other guys and girls.
But they always end with me unloading in her hot gaping arsehole!
We are both pretty fit, Fi goes to the g… Read more

A Stags Party Groups

In town friday night at a bar and couple of drinks, a male friend came over and asked if I wanted to come to a friends stag party saturday night, as he said all guys, but knowing I do like fun wanted me to come along.
We meet up late Saturday had a couple of drinks then away to the party, all the music going and my friend asked if I would do a strip for the boys, Ok so I put on a show and stripped naked, then the fun started 8 guys and they al… Read more

Fact Groups

Part One Dogging Round 2
We were keen to up the anti to more guys being involved in Dogging session #2 especially as we had also quickly decided to bring forward another fantasy/fun idea of a MMMF. Holy shit that is 3 guys on my foxy wife so multiple cocks, multiple pleasure and attention and so many different positions and opportunities. And only days away. So we being we decided screen the potential gents first and spent 2 weeks assessing and … Read more

What our holiday to Waiheke will be like Groups

Part I

Finally the big day arrives, after numerous chats over the net and in the KS chat room we eagerly jump into the car with the beach gear. As we pull up in the rental car we've described, the lady and the couple we've been talking to for the ast few months approach us. We all hug and make pleasantries and head off towards the beach.

We walk past numerous people on the beach and head to the secluded western end, after searching for the … Read more

Pole dance at home Groups

My partner is the best dancer ever and
Sometimes does an in house strip for me.
She has the longest legs and the most gorgeous
Butt, a lovely Tum and firm pert breasts with
Delicious nipples. As I watch her dance I can't help
but stroke my cock and imagine her pussy slowly
getting wetter, as she turns up the heat, and wonder
if she secretly wishes for a larger audience ...
Maybe another watching, aroused, hard,
Ready for anything… Read more

Hot 3 Way - Up on the Roof Groups

Now she's moving her hand up my skirt, as we are inviting you from across the bar to come over. Let us rub against you over your pants, in the crowded bar with the music pumping, then unzipping your pants and playing with the head of your cock with my fingers while you stand directly behind me, as I am dancing with her just slightly while she is in front of me.

The bar is packed and you’re feeling a bit tingly, your cheeks are burning a bit… Read more

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