The Plumber Calls Meetings

What to do with a leaky tap...…

Wife looks after the home while husband is at work – a very normal situation. He travels and so he can’t always be around to fix things around the house despite being a handy, practical guy. It was while he was away on a trip that there was a problem at home. Wife calls him and says there’s a hissing noise and some water coming from under the sink. He obviously can’t help so he reluctantly says she will have to call a plumber in.

The p… Read more

I still can’t believe I’m here...with her Meetings

That first meeting…

Well, gotta feed the machine right? Besides which, first meet, no play, that’s always been the rule. Get to know each other? Been doing a lot of that online already, but now it’s different, now she’s sitting right there beside me, now what?

Ok food is good, gives me a chance to calm down. Ok I haven’t lived a completely sheltered life, I’ve seen some stuff, done some stuff (deployed to a war zone for fucks sake) but nothing I’ve ev… Read more

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So....this is it Meetings

Nervous as hell, sweating bullets…

Everyone knows what it’s like, especially these days, you meet online and you get along great, awesomely even but you’re still just words on a screen. Either in the chat room or in text, it’s hard to put yourself out there, even harder to put the real you out there. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, this is it...that first meeting, just don’

I turn off the key, it’s not easy finding… Read more

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It all started in a chat room Meetings

A fantasy far…

Like a lot of things these days, it all started in a chat room, people feel safe behind a keyboard, they can be who they want to be, not who they really are (in a lot of cases). My preference is to be real, the real me. Drop the mask, my wife keeps telling me, if they can’t handle the real you then it’s their problem not yours.

So here I am, the real me, like me hate me wanna fuck me? I’m good with that. I don’t have a filter between … Read more

When a sexy Bi Lady hit on me at Chapel Bar in Ponsonby Meetings

She was in for a treat and I warned her for a suprise.…

It was a lovely Sunday avo at Chapel Bar in Ponsonby and I was with a group of friends chilling on the back deck listening to some House music. She walked in and we smiled at each other across the bar I knew she was a Bi women from her interesting style . She pointed at me and I could read her lips she said "I like you". She approached me and we stood by each other the energy was overwhelming so we found a corner table with a seat we could sit an… Read more

Bi Girls Meet Meetings

How a girl attracts another…

I am not a member of KS personally to meet other girls but I don't for a minute want to negate any other females enjoyment of the contacts they make through KS. As a 38 year old married bi women I like to meet other girls where there is a natural attraction and sexual chemistry that brings us together. I have been asked by straight friends who know i am bi how do I meet girls and how do I know they are bi or not. If any of you bi or bi curious la… Read more

Lovely lady opens up Meetings

More tales from the carpark…

My last carpark story made me think of another recent first date with a much younger lady, maybe 25. We met at a cafe mid afternoon when most of the punters were gone. She walked in wearing a stretch knit skirt, and some kind of sleeveless top with spaghetti straps which I can never remember the name of. In any case, the combo nicely showed off her very toned and significant curves. I'd say 36D maybe.

As per all good first dates, the chat tur… Read more

First ever ks meeting Meetings

I don't know what I was thinking but it all worked out great..…

I was laying in bed one morning, I had been left at home alone again though I didn't mind, I was enjoying the lie in. I had been on ks for a while but hadn't met up with anyone, I signed up because I wanted to meet like minded ladies but that was proving easier said than done, no worries though I still enjoyed checking out what the site had to offer and showing off my hot pics. A message popped up in my inbox, a guy messaging me saying that he h… Read more

Motel fantasy Meetings

what I wish would happen when I am in a hotel travelling for work…

I tend to travel for work a lot and spend a lot of evenings in my hotel or in a bar / restaurant with a table for 1.

I fantasise about meeting a dominant / assertive woman and for her to use me for her pleasure. Anyone like the sound of the following?

The motel room fantasy:
We exchange message on here and I give you the details of my hotel room. I get prepared and showered and assume the position you have ordered me to take - kneeling … Read more

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Summer Dip Meetings

Adventurous Seduction…

We chat, we discuss, we question and then we press go.
The whole time that we have known each other has only been online, we have swapped pics, we have messaged and we start to realise that we turn each other on. We like adventure, surprise, intrigue, naughtiness and more importantly, sex!
It is decided, the first time we will meet will be at midnight and on the beach on a warm summer's night.
During our discussions, the rules were set and the… Read more

The things I do for hubby (2) Meetings

Part 2…

As soon as we got back to the house I was straight down on my knees sucking 2 hard cocks and stroking them both at the same time. I was so turned on as I got to taste 2 different pre cum. The guys were loving me sucking them one at a time putting their cocks in and pulling it out of my mouth and hearing me suck them so hard hungrily. It was a game to them but I was hungry to play.

Sam and hubby each squeezed a nipple each making me moan into … Read more

The things I do for hubby Meetings

Part one…

It was set up. My darling had found a man keen to meet up and see where things go. I, while shy am always totally keen to see what will happen!

Hubby and I went to the agreed location and found our stranger standing at the meeting spot. I left hubby in the car and walked to meet the stranger on my own. Dressed in a mini denim skirt, no underwear and a spaghetti string low v-neck top showing all my cleavage and hard nipples poking through the s… Read more

A first meeting Meetings

Intensity ignited ...…

We met for the first time in the Foyer of my hotel. We had talked long distance and video chatted. It wasn’t a playdate, that had been made clear days earlier, but we were both looking forward to a night of drinks, music and dancing.

When I first saw her face to face I struggled to contain my pleasure….. She was gorgeous, vibrant, smiling, her dress cut low. I have long suffered from a lack of self confidence although I usually hide it… Read more

Horny motel meeting Meetings

NSA meeting in a motel…

I put an add on a site saying I would be in a motel in Hamilton and had a fantasy I wanted to act out. Basically I was seeking a woman who would come to my motel, find the door open, with me laying naked on the bed. She would come in, sit on my face and make me worship her, have her fun and then leave.

It's a fantasy, and I had little faith that anything would come from it. Just as I was about to stop checking my e-mails and go to sleep I rece… Read more

What happened on the way to the bar... Meetings

Or - a timely and frustrating reminder that all is not always throbbing love harpoons and yawning, dripping pussies…

Since embracing the lifestyle, there have been so many new and exciting sensations and experiences to enjoy but by far the hottest of them all is being drawn along by people who ultimately fall flat and let you down. Nothing like that feeling of responding to strong interest only to then experience drawn out communication from the other party over a period of weeks or months. For your paramour to constantly set and miss dates to meet you but also… Read more

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Testing limits cont Meetings

Her plaything……

continued ..

Sucking her clit and licking in small circles she grinds squashing my nose into her mons.. she enjoys this for a while stands then pushes me down on the couch so my head hangs over the edge of the pillow and straddles my face, rocking and grinding .. my tongue working into her pussy then out to her clit, my face getting covered in her juices.
After a short while she stiffens and the grinding slows, legs clamp around head and slo… Read more

Uber driver fingers me Meetings

An Uber adventure…

Yesterday the 2nd of the 1st month I decided to go to Sumner bcoz the weather great. Not so sunny and it's ward.

I booked an Uber for naughty a natu reason. I was wearing a loose singlet on top with no bra which my boobs and nipple peaks out even when I move a little and for lower was a short skirt with no pantie.

When he arrived, he was obviously shocked on my attire but remained professional. I placed a towel on the passenger seat before … Read more

that dating site Meetings

meet up…

Taranaki is a small place, using the dating site to find people with common interests is often tricky, so this time when I found a lady that was keen to meet, i jumped at it.

it was a brief conversation on line, she said she was free, I was free, so she asked me to come over to her place. i was so excited i could hardly contain myself. On the drive over I couldn't believe that I was finally getting to meet up with someone after months of searc… Read more

Sex with a stranger Meetings

Never pass up an opportunity to have sex with a stranger.…

In some senses I am a creature of habit.

I enjoy walking. I have my favourite walking spots, at the reserve, at the beach, around the streets close to my home, sometimes with my sister and my dog, sometimes with just my dog, and sometimes just on my own. Mostly I recognise the people I see on these walks. I don't know them, but I see them often enough to smile and exchange friendly greetings. Known strangers or unknown friends.

Today was … Read more

Friday on my Mind (Part 2 of 2) Meetings

The ride was short, but anticipation and excitement made it seem much longer before he pulled into the driveway and turned off the bike.

The back door was left open, and so he walked in to find her standing there with a cheeky grin on her face, as she walked up to him and without a word, resumed the kissing started at the café.

Unlike the cafe, this time there was no restraint and her hands grabbed his arse, ran through his hair, and l… Read more

Friday on my mind (part 1 of 2) Meetings

After another wintery blast, Friday finally brought a better day, crisp cool and blue skies.
The cafes around Devonport were busy with working people taking a long lunch, other were taking advantage of the school holiday break.

She was a Devonport local, sitting outside the cafe with sunglasses on. Slim, petite lady, mature, but knew the way younger guys looked at her she was very much a MILF
Quite conservatively dressed, with tight black … Read more

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nine years ago Meetings

This is not fiction this is how i became a older single woman on a swingers site.
9 years ago newly single after 21 years of being in a vanilla relationship ,
I went on a swingers site because i had a fantasy i wanted to do . I had thought about it often while in my vanilla relationship.
So I went to Mr Google and he gave me a list of dating/swingers sites and i went to the first one on the list and the rest is history lol
I did fulfil… Read more

Late Again Meetings

I slide my cock out of your ass, lick up my cum as it runs down your pussy, flip you over and kiss you as my hands reach for your tits one last time. It's almost 7 and you 'have a date'... so we hurriedly collect ourselves and head for the city. We're 15 minutes late but you text the guy while we walk, holding hands and snuggling in the cool December air. You're standing by the bar with him when I come in a little later. He's actually pretty hot!… Read more

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My ex is back for a quick vacation Meetings

My ex came back for a quick break from work. He's finished his orientation.

He called and he wanted to meet up and if I will still be cool to meet.

I still have very strong feelings for him so I agreed and we met for lunch today. It was very nice and sunny. After lunch he asked if it is okay if we have sex even though we've broken up. I gladly said yes. And we started kissing in his my car at the parking area.

We quickly drove back to … Read more

Rebound guy Meetings

I just recently broke up with my boyfriend and few days ago I had sex with his dad. This is in my last story.

So his dad texted me today to met to see how I'm going and to talk about what happened to us. I did want to talk to him and maybe apologize as I know he has a partner.

We met in a coffee shop in Addington and talked for a bit. I realized he was touching my hand quite a lot but I was kinda still upset and had mixed emotions so I just… Read more

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The waiter serves Meetings

The thrill ran through his body elctrifying every inch of his frame. He was, at the instructions of his hosts, wearing a white linen shirt, black pants and stylish black shoes. His arms bulged under the weight of the box of food and wine he carried. The smell teased him, particularly as he was not destined to eat any of it.

As he arrived at the door it swung open the couple exuding the same aura of excitement as he felt. "Hi Jimmy" they sa… Read more

Daddy's Girl Meetings

I let myself into your apartment, most of the lights are off and you don’t hear me come in as you walk through from your bedroom. I smile, you are just wearing your workout clothes. Easier to get off quickly. You’re reaching up to grab something you can quite get to, straining on your tip toes. Trying not to laugh your top lifts up, revealing the top of your perfect ass.
You don’t hear the guttural moan that slips out of my throat as I im… Read more

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time to get back into it Meetings

So I have not had sex in a year and a half. It is time to get my kinky on. I have been messaging an older guy and a younger guy (57 and 30) not sure what I am looking for so will interview for the job. Anyhow I am so freaking horny right now. I am 45 btw. I have arranged to meet both tonight at different times. Dinner with the older guy and hook up with the younger one. I really want some hot dirty 3 or 4 person get together but that can… Read more

Dunedin from the bush Meetings

They had never actually met. They had exchanged messages and some revealing pictures but never laid eyes on each other.

Between them their fantasy list was all-encompassing. Why not they thought try a liaison with out actually meeting? It seemed like a place to start because once they did meet they could never un-meet. So they hatched their plan.

There was no doubt that the physical attraction between them was real. They were yearning f… Read more

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Our First Time, continued Meetings

A brief continuation:

This is what I had been wanting to do all week. How many times had I already gotten all hot and wet just imagining grabbing that beautiful cock into my mouth. The two of us had already spent some steamy times together on cam so there was a highly charged sexual energy between us begging to be resolved. I could hear a whispered groan escape his mouth as my tongue worked its way along the hot shaft of his gorgeous cock … Read more

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