Unexpected meeting Gay

Hi everyone. Just another story id like to share.
Ive been seeing this guy hes top. And has a very satisfying cock .I say cock because its more than a month full .think and nice cut head. Hes got parter.and because I have waited for three weeks with only his cum left in my mouth. He surprised me with taking me into his room. Told me to close my eyes .and said im guna reward you .by funnily giving you want you have been working for. By this tim… Read more

Unexpected meeting Gay

Hi a short story. But very hot and steamy. In my mind I was meeting up with a guy.my second time. But this time .I wanted to be bent over and take this nice dick that he explained he had waiting for me. I nock on the door. It opens .was dark I stepped in and straight away he grabbed me pushed me to the floor. Before I could say anything. My mouth was full off this juicey hard fat rod .in and out .I went crazy on it.i was so horny. I would do any… Read more

Gym Friends Gay

(Hi everyone. This is a work of pure fiction. It's turned out gay as f*ck, so if that's not your thing, be warned. Otherwise, enjoy)

Thanks to deadlines at work and a recent bout of the flu, it had been almost a month since I’d last been to the gym, and I was feeling it as I slid off the rowing machine, my shoulders aching and my legs feeling like jelly. I wiped my sweat off the seat with my towel, grabbed my drink bottle, and slowly made … Read more

First time Gay

I was using the public toilet in Auckland city. When I heard another guy playing with himself groaning and moaning out of curiosity i peeped through the crack in the door to my surprise I was turned on and watching it was the biggest cock i have seen. I then left the toilets the much older gentleman followed me and asked me if I enjoyed what i had seen and heard i nodded my head rather shyly. He asked me if I was turned on and if id like to go ba… Read more

Straight but horny Gay

So I'm a straight guy, but it has been a bit of a dry spell of late so I'm browsing on kiwiswingers.co.nz and I add an add for a guy to come over to my place and jerk off together. I am 25, slim euro guy and am only looking for action right there and then, sadly had to wait for a few hours before a reply came back. I get a message from a 22 year old who is interested in coming round, so after a few messages and pics I decide to invite him round t… Read more

the mystery girl Gay

I was always slender and could pass as a girl. With no sisters I had a secret spot where I hid my clothes and I could dress up and think about cocks. I liked circumcised men best and soon worked out that most older men were cut so I would follow older guys into public toilets and stand next to them so I can check out their cock (and big guys - I like big guys too). They never seemed to notice me as I stared at their cocks. Some of the men had bi… Read more

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motel bi xdressing Gay

I arrived in chch late afternoon and went straight to my motel. Id decided to text paul and let him know id arrived and how excited i was that we would soon be meeting for real. Im in my mid 40s and married Paul is in his 60s we meet online about a year b4 in a xdressing chat room #brenda was is my girly name. Over the months we had webcam chats and swapped many fantasys. My fav was to dress in my wifes sexy lingerie and pretend i was her and pau… Read more

True stories from the Cruise Clubs: Something for the gay, bisexuals and bi-curious Installment TWO Gay

True stories with no embellishments and I'll add more when I get the time and if people enjoy them.

About time for more installments, not about the super cock that got away or the two pretty Asian guys that I ran away from. The mind boggles thinking about “if only I was as horny then as I am now.” Get to play with two guys, daisy chain suck, daisy chain fuck, sit on a cock and suck the other, fuck one while sucking the other, or..........… Read more