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Gay Stories

Gay erotic stories explore the homosexual attraction between men. These include males who are gay, bisexual or those who have want to settle a long term curiosity.

Planned gay meets or spontaneous encounters; homosexual adventures can start in a variety of casual situations or even unexpectedly during an MMF threesome. Delve into the erotic gay tales and explore the testosterone attraction.

New to gay sex or experienced it before? Share your own behind closed doors confessions with other readers.

Wdoptic 4 years ago

Hi everyone. Just another story id like to share. Ive been seeing this guy hes top. And has a very satisfying cock .I say cock because its more than a month full .think and nice cut head. Hes got parter.and because I have waited for three weeks with onl...

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Wdoptic 4 years ago

Hi a short story. But very hot and steamy. In my mind I was meeting up with a second time. But this time .I wanted to be bent over and take this nice dick that he explained he had waiting for me. I nock on the door. It opens .was dark I stepped in...

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(Hi everyone. This is a work of pure fiction. It's turned out gay as f*ck, so if that's not your thing, be warned. Otherwise, enjoy) Thanks to deadlines at work and a recent bout of the flu, it had been almost a month since I’d last been to the gym,...

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I was using the public toilet in Auckland city. When I heard another guy playing with himself groaning and moaning out of curiosity i peeped through the crack in the door to my surprise I was turned on and watching it was the biggest cock i have seen. I t...

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Jerk bud 6 years ago

So I'm a straight guy, but it has been a bit of a dry spell of late so I'm browsing on and I add an add for a guy to come over to my place and jerk off together. I am 25, slim euro guy and am only looking for action right there and then...

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mistress scarlet 7 years ago

I was always slender and could pass as a girl. With no sisters I had a secret spot where I hid my clothes and I could dress up and think about cocks. I liked circumcised men best and soon worked out that most older men were cut so I would follow older gu...

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johnmicheal 7 years ago

I arrived in chch late afternoon and went straight to my motel. Id decided to text paul and let him know id arrived and how excited i was that we would soon be meeting for real. Im in my mid 40s and married Paul is in his 60s we meet online about a year b...

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