Written by Wdoptic


Hi everyone. Just another story id like to share.

Ive been seeing this guy hes top. And has a very satisfying cock .I say cock because its more than a month full .think and nice cut head. Hes got parter.and because I have waited for three weeks with only his cum left in my mouth. He surprised me with taking me into his room. Told me to close my eyes .and said im guna reward you .by funnily giving you want you have been working for. By this time I went with it. Thinking hes guna fuck me .I was so horny cum dripping from my tip. I couldn't wait. He bent me ova and my hands and knees onthe bed. He started tounging my horny hole sucking and licking me. Thin I felt a warm feeling on the hard horny cock.it must have been his partner. Which I was all for it. As I was in his mouth. I felt what id been wanting. This nice thick warm cock entered me. It was everything I wanted. In and out I loved it. As he was slow jaming me his parter motion his way ware he was sucking me. And I was sucking his nice fat dick. It was so fat .and I was so horny. That it wasnt long befor he blow his load off creamy cum down my throat. I started gaging on his dick .which made him so hard. The feeling off cock in and out off me. I wanted more. And more they gave me. Different position. Two different cocks in me. Was mind blowing. This went on for asleast two or three hours. Thin we had a sort rest before I had to nice cocks in my mouth. Thin had turns riding both off them. So much more details. But id rather do it again with two guys and and a female to join. Have never cummed so much in my life. Being new to bisexual. Is way better than me just being straight. Need more.hope yous like