Aussie women…

Part 1
This happened quite a few years ago, my wife passed away from cancer after a 9 month battle which I nursed her through, I was in my late 40s at this stage, running my own business. About 6 months after she passed away I decided to take a break up in Fiji, I had 3 clients there so thought it would be an idea to spend 5 days rest & recreation and a couple on business, it was close to 12 months since I having my last sexual intercourse, I w… Read more

Hamilton Fun Fact

Lovely ladies…

Several years ago I worked in a clothing factory based in Hamilton, there were about 180 women working there, I had been married about 3 years, as with many marriage's, the first 18 months we fucked like rabbits then she became pregnant and sex was no longer wanted.
I started flirting with some of the women at the factory and going out at the end of the week to the pub drinking with the group, after my daughter was born there was still no room f… Read more

A massage in Gibraltar Fact

One day in Gibraltar and what a day it was…

Gibraltar oh my Gosh
Woke up this morning half asleep to find my blankets in a heap and clothes scattered all around me.
What happened last night?
Oh that’s right nothing -------again!
Looking out the balcony on the cabin I saw it rising majestically from the sea to the sky.
The rock of Gibraltar.
Needing some serious exercise, I decided I would walk to the top and not take the gondola or taxi. After all I had a lot of frustration to… Read more

Fishnets and fingers Fact

A little public foreplay can be a lotta fun…

We had been looking forward to this for months, chatting on KS, sending each other explicit pics and videos on a messaging app, and counting down the days until his work trip to Wellington.
I already knew exactly what his cock looked like and how well it worked. I’d seen how he jerked himself off. I knew about the delicious amount of chest hair and the strong arms. I had no secrets from him, either. And fuck, the enthusiasm in his messages ab… Read more

The Beach Fact

Couple playing at beach invite me over…

Some years ago now I was at the local nude beach enjoying the hot sun on my cock and bum, one of the pleasures of nude sunbathing. The other pleasure of course is quietly enjoying the scenery.
The scenery on this day with the beach almost deserted included a couple in there early thirties quite close to me. In between dozing I noticed their hands slowly caressing each other in more and more overtly sexual ways. Pulling gently at nipples and then… Read more

The hired help---the second time Fact

that awkward moment when you dont know who`s going to make the first move…

It`d been 3 weeks since Ross had fucked me at the cottage and I'd hardly seen him at all during that time. I thought about him and what we`d done quite a bit and often thought I'd like to see him one more time and take time to enjoy him properly. One Saturday morning my husband said he was taking the kids into town to visit the Grandparents but I couldn't go because I'd been sick with the flu all week and didn't want to pass it on. As they lef… Read more

45th Birthday present Fact

Awesome night…

My Husband Andy said when we first got together that on my 45th Birthday he would take me to Venice, if we couldn't afford that then I could have whatever I wanted as a sexual experience, well guess what no trip to Venice however one awesome nights fucking.
We rented a secluded property at Foxton Beach for the weekend, two weeks prior I put an advert on KS for 4 guys who would like to have group sex with me as that was my sexual experience that … Read more

The hired help Fact

He knew what I wanted…

My first husband and I managed a farm in the lower North Island. I was in my late 20`s and staff were hard to find. After lot's of advertising we settled for a couple in their 50's and although the guy, Ross' experience in farming was a bit limited we hired him because he was an interior decorator by trade and there was a cottage on the property that we wanted done up. Ross was a bit of a rough diamond but a good worker and we were pleased wit… Read more

Our wedding anniversary Fact

I was at the point of no return and knew I wanted this.…

My husband and I decided to have a romantic weekend away to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. He planned it all and all I knew was that we we`re going to stay at a nice Hotel in Wellington. It was a lovely place and Carl had booked an executive room with a big lounge and separate bedroom. Once we`d settled in, we freshened up and went down to the restaurant for a fabulous dinner then into the little house bar for some drinks. We sat on… Read more

Gissy Lady Fact

Part 3 Final…

After several more texts and phonecalls it was time to return to Gisborne, Tina had told me that she had meet up with a guys from Napier. who she was very keen on as he was talking about wanting a long term relationship, she had already been down and meet him twice and he had fucked her, so she said that if I didn't want to see her she would understand, I said I was not concerned if she was happy to meet with me.
Tina said that she would meet ho… Read more

Gissy Lady Fact

Part two…

Okay so after my first meeting with Tina we stayed in touch by text and sometimes a phone call when I was away from home, it turned out that she was very shy and self conscious of her body, she was about 165cm and 60kg not bad looking, I convinced her that it was all in her mind after being rejected and criticised by her past partners.
During one of our phone calls I got her to get naked in bed and to start touching herself touching her nipples … Read more

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Gissy lady Fact

Part one Tina…

Several years ago I would visit Gisborne every six weeks on a sales trip, I was on a website called HAA, I meet this lady called Tina [NRN] she was about 47yrs old I was 63 at the time and getting nothing on the home front.
Tina and I e mailed and text for about 3-4 weeks then I was due to go thru to Gisborne so I arranged to meet her for a coffee at about 5.30.
We meet up and both felt very comfortable with each other, so I asked would she lik… Read more

Easy like a Sunday morning... Fact

Sometimes, a woman gets thoroughly spoiled... this was one of my turns…

We had met for coffee earlier that week - an impromptu “so coffee, then?” after a few months of chatting online. The coffee meeting had gone well for me - I liked his green eyes, his height, and the breadth of his shoulders. The cheeky humour just as apparent in person as it was online was a bonus.

I still had questions about whether anything physical would happen - we both have busy lives and its trickier for married folk to sneak away. … Read more

Another True Story from a Playful Couple.....June 2019 Fact

More men please......…

We like to play together as a couple, we are so committed to each other and our adventures just get better and better.
Yes I would say I am a cuckold and yes I do get immense pleasure from seeing my wife touch, kiss, caress and play with other men, women and together as a couple when we do adventure sexually, often this drives us to want to do more, and do it more often.

A week ago we organised through different media what we wanted which was… Read more

Intensity Fact

It's what I crave…

Sex…I love it….it’s never been bad for me….but what is it that makes it mind blowingly amazing and leaves me weak-kneed and smiling for days, counting down until the next encounter? Intensity. It’s intensity.
That first glimpse of his face. The mouth. The eyes, locked on mine. The lips. Imagining caressing them with my tongue. I like a lived in face, character, beards and wrinkles. No pretty boys for me.
When he sits across the table … Read more

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Our first couple fun at a park Fact

the sound of his fingers going in and out of her wet pussy at a fast pace echoed…

We had never played with a couple before as we could never click with the ones we had meet. One night out of the blue a friend of ours turned up on our door step and directed us to have a night out while she would look after our child.

Not knowing what to do with ourselves I suggested to Liz if we should try our luck again and see if a couple is up or a drink? Unexpectedly Liz supported this suggestion so away she went to get ready while I qu… Read more

Camping part2 Fact

Summer fun…

Tania was gob smacked she thought Mike was sincere to her but he was face deep in my girlfriend's pussy we could see her writhing in pleasure in the full moon  on the picnic table. Her beautiful body under the moonlight grinding his face while his tongue was deep in her cunt.

Tania whispered to me in a heavy sigh, "I guess I started this." She had had a bit to drink and grabbed my hand and led me back to their car.

I was still thinking h… Read more

Cock Worship Fact

Cock Worship…

I have had this urge to do this to just a few guys; this scenario is a mixture of those events.

There is a definite sensual/sexual, connection/attraction between you and I online and I think that would be the same when we meet; so that said I would love to worship your cock.

We leave the bar/restaurant where we have met and go back to your apartment or a Hotel Room– it is warm and cosy inside, and you light some candles and pour us both a… Read more

The Table Fact

Setting the Table for her pleasure…

I had prepared the area carefully. As she came up the stairs, she would see it through the open double doors, it would be directly in front of her.

I had, of course, primed her with pictures to whet her appetite, but I knew that the impact when she saw it in person would be strong.

The table was a long 8-seater, sturdy and rugged, it was in my Dining room.

First, I had covered the table in a soft blanket, then placed a yoga mat on top. … Read more

Early morning antics Fact

Perfect start to my day…

I drove the hour to his house early, got there, slowly stripped off and slid into his bed. I was hungry for his cock...went down and sucked him under the covers for a bit. Came up, we kissed hard and he fingered me, I was so wet, came a few times with him rubbing and slapping my pussy. Then we just fucked around for a while in the bed.

He told me to get on my knees, fucked me hard like that for sometime. I felt him fiddling around with somethi… Read more

Message to a Friend Fact

He wants me to share my adventures...…

Oh it's so nice to be appreciated.

I've been chatting again with a local young man (28 I think) who I've had a few kinky sessions with over the last couple of years.

He gets off on debauching an older woman but I suspect he actually gets off on me being up for almost anything because his partner is comparatively conservative.

We met a couple of years ago, the first time for a drink in a bar, he told me last night that he was certain upo… Read more

Beach bums - Part 2 Fact

It was so worth the wait!…

He slowly worked his way up my body till his hands were on either side of my shoulders, his legs between mine pushing them apart and tip of his cock caressing the nub of my clit – it was like a homing beacon. He looked down at me with an ‘are you ready ‘, expression on his face, I nodded. Before I had a chance to think, he impaled me with such force, I could feel the tip of his cock hit the back of my womanhood – he groaned and took a m… Read more

Beach bums - Part 1 Fact

The first meeting after months of flirting ....…

We decided to meet the following morning. An hour’s drive for each of us, and meeting in the middle. We had googled the spot for its semi remoteness, however even during the summer on a weekday we doubted complete seclusion.

We had chatted continuously and exchanging photos for a few weeks prior to this first meeting – I was still nervous. Online he was witty and confident, but in person, he was just as nervous as I was.

We met at th… Read more

House party Spa Double BJ Fact

Fantasies do come true…

I was still new to the swinging scene and being lucky enough to be invited to a house party. The night got underway and as the drinks flowed people got chattier and more flirty. I was sitting in the Jacuzzi chatting with a woman but we were not alone. We were getting quite comfortable with each other and me being very turned on had a boner ready for action.
This being one of my first house parties (and definitely the first at this house) I … Read more

Unexpected FFM 3-Some Fact

A Girls Perspective !!!…

As a married women reflecting on my past telling the world my experiences here is such a turn on.

It had only been a few months since I came out to my husband that I had been bi since a young teen and had continued to have encounters with girls ever since. He was luckily excited that his wife was more than he ever imagined and encouraged me to never stop being me.

It was a Friday night and I was having an evening out with a girlfriend who h… Read more

Noise Nextdoor Fact

Too much courage juice can change a person.. True story…

Jo 50yo 5.5 ft brunette with a crossfit body physique big tits ass & thighs,
We spoke a couple of times my wife got to know her better, no kids, family lived in auckland single and very private, but in a good way, work drunk abit on the weekends, rarely got visitors just kept to herself.
Wife always told her she's welcome to come for a drink, & say the odd sex joke asking Jo if she's cleared the Cobweb's, Jo would laugh.
Was about 1ish in the… Read more

Under the sun Fact


N sent a message, he talked of a big black cock, there was proof. A video clip of his girlfriend sucking on his BBC was the proof, it did indeed look good to R, she had always liked BBC.
A phone call was made, N told R how much he wanted to fuck R with that BBC.
A hurried meeting was planned, R was in a rush to see and play with that good looking BBC, she imagined how good it would feel to have that BBC pounding into her pussy.
On the agreed … Read more

MILF or (Mum I liked to fuck) Fact

Putting in the hard yards with a local MILF paid off…

Months of flirting, double entendres, and texting had lead to this. One of the MILFs from work, wearing just her lacy black underwear on my bed, with my dick in her mouth. I had the flat to myself and she had came round, one thing lead to another and here I was...about to ravish her. She was late forties, tall, redhead, perfectly toned body, firm round breasts. You wouldn’t even know she had had kids. I was lying there, admiring the view, her p… Read more

MMF are sooooo good Fact


There was a text from O asking what we were doing that afternoon, come on over for a few drinks and a BBQ, why not said R, sounds like it will be fun.
R disappeared into the bathroom to get tidied up, appearing with a big smile a little later.
We arrived and R greeted O with a huge kiss, it was his birthday
After a few drinks, O’s cock slipped out of his shorts “accidentally”, R had a grin on her face, she liked what she saw.
O hinted t… Read more

MFM....can't beat it Fact

My favourite threesome so far…

I had two hot friends, I’d played with them both individually before but hadn’t fucked either of them. Ben let me know he was going to be in town in a few weeks….we got to talking bout a threesome and I knew straight away I wanted Sam to join us. It was all booked in.

I was nervous as all hell, my first group play time as a single woman. Excited but anxious, I drove to pick Sam up, then we headed to Ben’s hotel. We stood around, had a … Read more

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