The landlords daughter -Part 2 Fact

The opportunity…

The next few weeks were spent preparing for and doing my exams and thus I had no time to call or text her, though she invaded my mind at nite before bed. I would run my fingers across my cock thinking of her, sometimes I would stroke but I wont make myself cum.

When the exams were finally over I decided to send her a text to see what she was up to. We arranged a time for us to meet at my place for a few drinks. It was a time when her parents w… Read more

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The landlords daughter -Part 1 Fact


20 years ago being young and single I was flatting out like most youngsters do. It was my final semester at uni and we had moved in to a new flat. Adjacent to that was the landlords flat separated by a garage. When we moved in I noticed a beautiful teenager with wavy hair, a vest and very short shorts sitting outside. She quickly disappeared as we started to unload our stuff from the moving truck.

The rest of the week was spent settling in our… Read more

Gloryhole Pleasure Fact

Gloryhole fun…

I had always enjoyed reading of other people s experiences with Gloryholes. As a new year had begun I decided i was going to experience one myself at a local store that provided a backroom with them. I paid the fee and ventured into the backroom via a back door and into the semi darkness. It was very warm and could hear female moans of delight from the videos being played in the individual cubicles. I… Read more

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Sex is the best exercise Fact

If her perspiration is dripping onto you, that's a good sign…

We worked together, I was still married and our employer took a dim view of extramarital affairs. So we booked a cute little BnB in Christchurch.

It was a great start when she turned up with a tiny overnight bag. I like a lady who can travel light. Turns out you only need a small bag if you don't intend wearing any clothes for the next few days.

After a fun evening at a comedy show in town we went back to the room. She was already in be… Read more

Delicious Men Fact

Making the most of opportunities…

We’d chatted on a different site - I hadn’t seen his face, nor did I know his name but it didn’t matter. I wanted him.
I organised a hotel - plans were made. I was there, ready, waiting. Nervous as hell but had a drink to calm me down. He messaged me, “soon my hands and lips will be on you”.

A knock at the door….a deep breath….I opened it to him. My god. Tall, blonde, blue eyes, beard, tanned, hot body. He pulled me into him an… Read more

Waiting for Sir Fact

On bended knees she waits.......…

2 months buildup...2 months of non stop messages....2 months and now we are here...

He has left the motel room to explore the city. I arrive and park the car, I head to reception where he has left a key for me. I enter the motel room to see toys laid out on the little dining table...there are impact toys, there are restraints, there are clamps...there are lots of different vibrator brain races at the idea of what the night holds.

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You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 8 Fact

The end of the affair…

The knocking at the door became more insistent. Mary started to move, so my cock slipped from her anal sheath. She arose from the bed and walked nakedly out of the room. The sight of this married Lady's body was enticing. She disappeared for a brief second, then returned. "Fuck," she said. She put on some tracksuit pants and a top. She said, "bloody neighbour's here. Be quiet."
I heard the door open. I heard another female voice ask, "are you o… Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 7 Fact

Crossing the line…

We soon discovered that as much as we wanted to screw each others brains out, organisation and logistics became part of schedules. With Mary being married and my teaching time for great quality sex was a premium. School also became a place to be careful as people tended to turn up at the most unfortunate times.
So for the next couple of months our encounters were limited to the odd fingering of Mary's pussy or a quick blow job. The time also mad… Read more

Quick and satisfying... Fact

Sneaking in some action between work appointments...…

It’s the silly season, so finding times when we’re both free isn’t easy. Last time, it was two quick fucks in a half hour slot between online meetings when I was working from home. This time, I was on holiday already but his schedule was manic.
After circling the block twice he finally found a park and came in. I was in bed, showered but with no intention of getting up. Instead, I had spent the last half hour watching porn, getting increa… Read more

Out of town fun Fact

Hotel fun…

I was going across to Wellington for a meeting and staying in a cbd hotel. Keen to find some fun while there I had been messaging Kerry for a couple of days on another site. She was new to playing but her husband was away often on work trips and she said she had needs that weren’t being met.
We arranged to meet up at the hotel bar and had a drink. She admitted she was nervous as hadn’t done this sort of thing before and was worried someone… Read more

While She was in the Shower: Chapter 2 Fact

Coming out about my fetish: Going Rocky Horror Show…

I had set a precedent. And, over the coming months, it became a habit.

After dressing in her lingerie early on in our relationship, I regularly began to wear her panties, bras and other things when home alone. Usually I would have mindblowing orgasms with it. When I used the worn things from the washing pile, I was continually thanked for doing the washing after... It all turned me on.
Continually I fantasized and wished that she would take … Read more

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While She was in the Shower... Fact

One woman's lingerie is another bitch's thrill...…

16 years ago today, we were chatting on a dating site.. 20 December.
We each put out some online sentences of bait, hooked each other with a couple of pictures, then reeled each other in.
We arranged our first meet.

I didn't have children. She had a 10 year old. I always wanted kids. Whoop! Instant family! And I loved the picture of her black bra around her ample womanly chest....

So we met a few times, started getting comfortable toge… Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 6 Fact

The Married Lady wants to explore…

The next series of encounters were almost like Mary ticking off her sexual bucket list. It also gave me great insight into her shitty sex life with her husband. The Monday following our encounter in the classroom, Mary came up to me in the staffroom. She whispered, " I have never felt a guy come in my mouth." To which I replied, "reading room at lunchtime."
Sure enough during the lunch break I had my cock out and Mary's mouth working on it. My h… Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 5 Fact

Hot and spicy…

The following week was very interesting indeed. I was able to have some conversations with Mary but nothing more. On the Friday she left a note for me, "make sure you have condoms on Sunday."
On Sunday I got to school early so I could get my work done, as I anticipated that during the lunch hour I would be busy. Sure enough about 11.45am there was a knock at the classroom door. I opened it and in came Mary. She looked amazing or maybe I was just… Read more

Jill’s first MFMF Fact

True Story…

So I’m out and about for work and I get a message from Jill, my 20 year old fb. She’s recently had her first mff and told me she wanted to involve her flatmates partner some time in the very near future. She said her and her flatmate Marie had finished polytec for the day and had invited Marie’s boyfriend Steve around at 3pm for some fun and i need to come around.
I turn up and see a work van in the driveway. I’d never met Steve but tur… Read more

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Young and lots of fun Fact

True Story…

A number of years ago when I was in my mid forties I had a profile on another site.
I was contacted by a young lady aged 20. Normally I would think twice about progressing further with someone that age but we got on really well, talked on line for a while and agreed to meet up.
She invited me to her flat and answered the door in a robe. She showed me into the lounge and I turned around and the robe was on the floor. She was standing there nake… Read more

Window Fact

Did an upward glance find us there?…

We'd meet in a bar, and fooled around, and now she wanted me to come to her place in the middle of the day. It was one of those tiny Paris apartments on the upper floor of an old apartment build. Narrow staircase, shared toilet in the stairwell, one room, shower in the corner, kitchenette next to that. "My mother owns the place", she announced. "she bought the place so I would have somewhere to live while I study". And it was something to brag … Read more

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Paris Fact

The new ideas and the old city of love.…

It was a meeting arrange through a dating app. She was a chubby girl, very sexy, and a little bit edgy. Her story came out quickly; she was in an open relationship she said, but it didn't take much reflection to see that she was fucking her boss. There was a vengeful quality to her pursuit of lovers. Nonchalantly she described her ideology, the ideology that justified her choices, "I am polyamorous, I am in a relationship with Mr X and we are bot… Read more

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Groomed Fact

Luscious lovely.…

I’d been out and about drinking in the city. I dropped by the cafe because the light was on and talking to the girl cleaning up was a buxom woman in a bright dress that obviously she was wearing a bikini underneath. Immediately I felt her interest. We chatted for a while and then decided to go for a beer. We went to a noisy city pub with a dj and a dance floor. We danced a little then sat at the edge of the dance floor. Before I knew it we were… Read more

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You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 4 Fact

Two weeks later on a rainy Sunday afternoon…

It was a rainy afternoon and there I was in my classroom preparing for the new term ahead. The rain was quite persistent so I worked as hard as I could so I could get home as quickly as possible. I was slightly startled by the knock on the classroom door. I was more surprised when I opened it to find Mary standing there in a raincoat. "Can I come in?" She asked. I ushered her in, my mind a swirl of confusion.
Mary sat on a chair. I sat opposite… Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 3 Fact

The toilet and next day.…

There are 2 things about waiting for two minutes. First of all how long that time is. But more importantly how aware you are of the erection in your pants whilst waiting. In fact you feel as if people around you notice you have a boner and then gossip away. Yes that was my head space. Whether I waited 2 or 4 minutes I don't know. It was I had a need that required urgent scratching.
My next challenge was walking normally across a room filed with … Read more

You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 2 Fact

After the Zip…

So there I was standing in the staffroom kitchen colleagues around me enjoying a few drinks and a song. I also had a sultry married lady standing beside and my fly was open.
Mary leaned over, "keep talking and this will be good." So I took a sip of my beer and noted that nobody else could see what was happening behind the kitchen counter. I felt her hand brush and trace the outline of my cock. She then moved her hand to the top of underwear and… Read more

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You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 1 Fact

First job but a married Lady who you couldn't resist…

The year was 1991 and I had just got my first job after starving for 4 years at Uni. Life was pretty good, so I was surprised when I met Mary on our induction day. Mary was a married lady about 5.3. She had a slim body and a very conservative hair style. She seemed to rarely smile and was very shy. She was a proud mum of two kids and her husband was a bit of a dick.

As the weeks progressed I started to get to know her. She was 30 and had been … Read more

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An Evening to Remember Fact

Marie gets two…

Marie and I were in the back seat of the car. Her husband, Bob, was driving and my wife, Jane, in the front passenger seat, was paying her usual diligence to the road ahead.

“Bob, Pat’s got my boobs out.”

They were quality boobs, too, belonging to a slim, willowy body, set off by shoulder length hair, naturally blonde, slightly greying. But their crowning glory was her nipples, each of which grew long and hard at the slightest provoca… Read more

Zipless in Papakura Fact

Fucking before even saying hello.…

I selected the men who came around home to fuck Jane the teacher on a Friday or Saturday night - mmf, mmmf were the most common arrangements. She wasn’t much interested in that side of our little hobby, the organising. She set the age range, basically 40-50 like ourselves, medium build, and she said she preferred big dicks but it turned out that personality mattered most. Quelle surprise!

Why single men? We just found couples too m… Read more

The accidental swinger Part III Fact

Fantasy meets reality…

Perhaps I should pause and reflect upon the personal drivers behind Jane’s – and mine, to be fair – enthusiastic entrance into the swinging lifestyle. Why do we do it? Have you, fellow swingers, ever thought about this?

Funnily enough, while writing that, I was reminded of a swing club meeting where I was truly anticipating a nice time with a much younger, quite beautiful and highly intelligent art curator. Her and I had connected over… Read more

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The accidental swinger Part II Fact

That WAP teacher gets a good fucking…

Fast forward to Thursday night, and we eventually found ourselves in bed, awaiting the expected phone call – I could tell she was seething with anticipation because during the evening, every time I slipped a finger into her pussy, just casually, in passing, as one does, it was sopping fucking wet. We planned to put the handset of the phone (landline, in those days) right beside her pussy when we inevitably fucked so he could hear every squelch… Read more

The accidental swinger Fact

Horny WAP teacher…

I had just moved in with, well, let's call her Jane, after about three months of dating. We had met on NZD and immediately set about having intense, frequent, WAP sex.

One Wednesday night, cruising NZD on the living room computer while she was cooking dinner, as all good women should, I casually asked her for her password. She gave it up without a murmur, silly girl. Jane had a long involved profile, exceedingly well written as befitted her p… Read more

Trip to Hanmer Fact

Our latest trip was the best yet.…

He couldn’t wait. Finally out of work heading to his baby.

It was only a matter of minutes and he would be at her place.
The butterflies built in his stomach as he pulled up outside. It was always like this before he saw her.
His heart always skipped that beat. This time was a little different. He knew that this night was a special one away.
Humming to himself he walked up the driveway. She met him at the door. Tight skirt and a shirt… Read more

Couple erotic1 Fact

Naughty night…

Ok so this happened last night.So in Auckland city there is this place in k road you can go to watch a porn movie .I have been wanting to do this for a long time and finally persuaded the wife to reluctantly do it
She put on a super classy sexy dress and off we went
When we entered the movie house there were 3 other strangers there already watching porn.All 3 of them were sitting in dark corners playing with their cocks
We walked in and wer… Read more

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