Training on the farm Fact

My dream of being a farmer realised…

As a teenager, I dreamt about being a farmer. I was quite determined so a few months before my 16th birthday I went a stayed on a farm where I laboured for the summer. Every day began just before 5:00AM when ‘I’d go and get the cows in then help with the milking followed by grubbing thistles, fencing, moving stock. The day finished about 6:30pm after we’d milked for the second time and 3ashed down. On sundays our ‘day off’ we still milk… Read more

After the foursome Fact

Fucking, and being all fucked up…

It was quite some Friday. I’d left work early, headed home to shower and shave my pussy, then walked to a nearby hotel.
Waiting for me there was a friend from out of town and a married couple I hadn’t met before. My friend is in great shape with dark hair and eyes. He always dresses well and he always smells great. I had a low dress on because I know he loves my tits.
The wife of the couple was gorgeous - tall and lean with impressive imp… Read more

Balls Deep In Julies Arse Fact

Hard to beat the first time…

I work in an industry where there is a relatively small group of us who are self employed and we then assemble as necessary to deliver projects for clients across the country. Every month or two we do a road trip to check on clients and projects. Among our small group of 6 happens to be Julie, born in France and in NZ for the past decade or so. We are all in the mid-late 40s age bracket and get on well outside of work.

In January 2019 for a co… Read more

While her boyfriend watched & got off Fact

Sexy blond fun…

So after chatting on tinder with a European girl she finally agreed to meet me. She was travelling New Zealand for 2 months.
We had set a date and time to meet at a bar. First impressions of her was she was quietly spoken, shy, intelligent, very beautiful & had a beautiful figure. As the drinks flowed we were getting along quiet nicely & seemed to both be mutually attracted. We decided after a couple of drinks to move else where. Onto another ba… Read more

Ottoman Playdate Fact

Ottoman Play…

My delicious sensual, sexual playmate arrives, and we share a passionate kiss and a glass of bubbles. Our play has developed and expanded with each meeting; it is a highly erotic mixture.
We start to fondle on the settee – I have prepared the large leather ottoman with a fluffy towel that envelopes it.
We kiss again, tongues exploring one another’s mouths, and he starts to pull and squeeze my nipples, just the way that turns me on, and I… Read more

He likes to watch Fact

My 1st time with a couple.…

I was living in Becks, Central Otago at the time and I am telling you all the women are taken up, it is such a small community no one plays. So I got onto a dating site that also promoted casual hookups.

Here I am freshly separated in the middle of nowhere with serious blue balls and prepared to travel, well it took a while working out how to chat with couples (six months) till I got a live one in Balcutha. Their profile was obviously created… Read more

Friday night in unicorn land Fact

How to end a week perfectly…

He was running late and I was falling asleep, so I asked him to let himself in quietly and give me lots of slow foreplay to get myself back in the right headspace.
When he arrived, I was lying in bed with one of my sexiest slips on, sleepy and relaxed. He growled a little when he moved the sheet back and saw what I was wearing. He kissed me gently and started slowly running his hands over my body, murmuring in appreciation. He quickly stood up a… Read more

Cougar Fact

My first time…

I will always remember my first time with an older woman in vivid detail!!

I had just turned 18 when I first saw her. I was training at my local boxing club for an upcoming bout. I was doing some routine circuits, when I noticed a lady enter through the front door and sit on the adjacent bench. She waved at one of the young kids, here to pick him up. I continued my workout, I started hitting the heavy bag. At that point I glanced across at the… Read more

Surprise in Hastings Fact

Part three…

Well there, I am back, Now my father always told me that a gentleman always dose what a woman asks of him, so I did just as Ruth asked, yes I got her to kneel on the side of the bed, I slowly pushed the Coke bottle back inside her cunt as far a it would go, I then applied lube to my hard cock and pushed it deep inside her arse just as she wanted, all the while I have the video going recording the whole event, she reaches back and takes hold of th… Read more

Surprise in Hastings Fact

part two…

Well after I had finished pounding Ruths arse and filling it with cum, we both collapsed onto the bed both exhausted, I then got up and bought a damp towel back so that we could clean ourselves up, I wasn't worried about the stains on the sheets as I had never stayed at this motel before and was going to again.
We lay there talking and then I started stroking her amble breasts pinching her nipples and watching them grow hard, I then started suck… Read more

Forbidden fruit-1 Fact

"what do you do when your friend tells you she`s having an affair"?…

A long time friend of mine told me in confidence that she was having an affair. Well, not so much an affair but that she had a guy she met with sometimes for sex, and just sex. The more she told me the more envious I became. This guy she was meeting was a bit younger than her, she's 49 and he's 30. She'd go into explicit detail about what her did for her and it got to the stage where I just wanted to hear more and more. Sure enough eventuall… Read more

Surprise in Hastings Fact


About 4-5 years ago, I made contact with a woman on this site who lived in Hastings, her profile said that she was 42 years old average build, 185 cm tall and reasonably active, we made contact and exchanged messages and agreed to meet for a coffee on the Monday afternoon, she text to say she couldn't make it as she had to look after some kids at the school where she was a teacher, we then arranged that she would meet me at my Motel on the Thurs… Read more

meeting a mature Fact

our first meet…

I was in Palmerston North for work, unfortunately I was with work mates and sharing a room.

I always visit this site, check for personal meetings, check out all the amazing pics and have a general nosy.

Im sitting in the hotel room. I log on to the site on my phone. There is one lady I had been chatting to that lives in Palmy, I was hoping she might be online or something like that.
She wasnt online. I left her a message letting her know I… Read more

My first KS Lunch Fact

Cannot wait for the next.…

I was excited I messaged her saying I had arrived She messaged me saying the door was open. This was the first time we had met. My heart was racing.  My cock was hard with anticipation.  We met in the dimly lit hallway.  Her in a tight little black dress. We were like magnets and it wasn't before we embraced and kissed deeply. She apologized for not wearing undies. As on cue I had to check.  Her pussy was silky and wet I caressed her lips enj… Read more

Mfm Fact

First meeting…

So after much conversation with a couple here we finally exchanged phone numbers. It was the mr that contacted me as he had a specific scenario in mind. He told me he was in charge at home and that he wanted to meet me at a bar. What he was hoping to have happen was his wife would arrive with him and they would sit across from me he would text further instructions as the night went on but to not expect anything which was fine with me

The day … Read more

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The confession Fact

His wishes granted…

I was feeling very frisky late afternoon, and decided to contact one of the couples that I befriended in the lifestyle. We have met a couple of times before and it lead to some memorable evenings. They were up for fun and the husband enjoyed to see and hear how his wife was pleasured.
When it got to much for him to witness he would join in and she would have all the attention she could handle.

I was pretty confident that they would be gam… Read more

Pregnant, Horny & Beautiful Fact

She Found me.…

Something amazing happened, 3 days after I posted the follow up story I received a message from a woman on this site asking whether I was B...… and I said yes I was, she then said that she was Clare and that she had really enjoyed the story that I had written about us.
It turned out that Clare was now a widow as her husband had been killed in a motor accident in Fiji while he was on active duty about 4 years ago, she was now single living in t… Read more

Sexual Memory 1 Fact

One of many moments of releasing inhibitions…

I still get wet when I visualize the first encounter with my now husband like it was yesterday, when I'm alone and have the need to release some tention this is one of my go to stimulants.
Sitting at the Viaduct having Friday night drinks with my boss the conversation was starting to bore me, so while in the bathroom I called a colleague who was still working to find out what she was up to for the evening, my ears perk up when I heard she and … Read more

Pregnant, Horny & Beautiful Fact

Fabulous Lady Follow up.…

Well I have been asked is there any thing else that I would like to tell you about my pregnant lady friend, the answer is yes as we had a great few months together and I would like to share more of that with you.
On our 3rd meeting after we had finished fucking ourselves crazy we were just laying naked on the bed in the sun, talking and relaxing, my hands were as usual wondering all over her beautiful body, I slid my hand down between her legs a… Read more

Birthday present Fact

A birthday present…

Transferring across from my old couple account NapierCouple

A few years ago Matt was asking me what I wanted for my birthday. Meals out, jewellery, clothing, trips away, the usual. Instead, I told him what I really wanted to do was to fuck his hot flatmate.
Living together as people in their early twenties we saw a lot of each other, walking around in towels, hanging out in pyjamas. We’d walk in on him and a girl in the lounge, we’d be w… Read more

Pregnant,Horny & Beautiful Fact

Fabulous lady…

Several years ago when my wife had turned off sex I was using a website called Have an Affair looking for women to fuck on a regular basis.
I saw this profile from a woman in her mid thirties and just though I would be cheeky and see if she was interested in possibly catching up, considering my profile said late fifties [ slight lie].
We made contact and exchanged some general information about each other she was an Army wife, he was overseas o… Read more

Forbidden Fruit Fact

My mates mum…

So this was a few years ago I was 23 at the time I think.

My mates had just got a house together so there was a housewarming party. Was a good night from what I can remember I got very intoxicated and was unable to carry on to town afterwards with them. So my mates mum offered to get a taxi with me to make sure I got back to the flat ok.

So we both got in the backseat and off we went. It wasn't long until her hands started to wander up my… Read more


Aussie women…

Part 1
This happened quite a few years ago, my wife passed away from cancer after a 9 month battle which I nursed her through, I was in my late 40s at this stage, running my own business. About 6 months after she passed away I decided to take a break up in Fiji, I had 3 clients there so thought it would be an idea to spend 5 days rest & recreation and a couple on business, it was close to 12 months since I having my last sexual intercourse, I w… Read more

Hamilton Fun Fact

Lovely ladies…

Several years ago I worked in a clothing factory based in Hamilton, there were about 180 women working there, I had been married about 3 years, as with many marriage's, the first 18 months we fucked like rabbits then she became pregnant and sex was no longer wanted.
I started flirting with some of the women at the factory and going out at the end of the week to the pub drinking with the group, after my daughter was born there was still no room f… Read more

A massage in Gibraltar Fact

One day in Gibraltar and what a day it was…

Gibraltar oh my Gosh
Woke up this morning half asleep to find my blankets in a heap and clothes scattered all around me.
What happened last night?
Oh that’s right nothing -------again!
Looking out the balcony on the cabin I saw it rising majestically from the sea to the sky.
The rock of Gibraltar.
Needing some serious exercise, I decided I would walk to the top and not take the gondola or taxi. After all I had a lot of frustration to… Read more

Fishnets and fingers Fact

A little public foreplay can be a lotta fun…

We had been looking forward to this for months, chatting on KS, sending each other explicit pics and videos on a messaging app, and counting down the days until his work trip to Wellington.
I already knew exactly what his cock looked like and how well it worked. I’d seen how he jerked himself off. I knew about the delicious amount of chest hair and the strong arms. I had no secrets from him, either. And fuck, the enthusiasm in his messages ab… Read more

The Beach Fact

Couple playing at beach invite me over…

Some years ago now I was at the local nude beach enjoying the hot sun on my cock and bum, one of the pleasures of nude sunbathing. The other pleasure of course is quietly enjoying the scenery.
The scenery on this day with the beach almost deserted included a couple in there early thirties quite close to me. In between dozing I noticed their hands slowly caressing each other in more and more overtly sexual ways. Pulling gently at nipples and then… Read more

The hired help---the second time Fact

that awkward moment when you dont know who`s going to make the first move…

It`d been 3 weeks since Ross had fucked me at the cottage and I'd hardly seen him at all during that time. I thought about him and what we`d done quite a bit and often thought I'd like to see him one more time and take time to enjoy him properly. One Saturday morning my husband said he was taking the kids into town to visit the Grandparents but I couldn't go because I'd been sick with the flu all week and didn't want to pass it on. As they lef… Read more

45th Birthday present Fact

Awesome night…

My Husband Andy said when we first got together that on my 45th Birthday he would take me to Venice, if we couldn't afford that then I could have whatever I wanted as a sexual experience, well guess what no trip to Venice however one awesome nights fucking.
We rented a secluded property at Foxton Beach for the weekend, two weeks prior I put an advert on KS for 4 guys who would like to have group sex with me as that was my sexual experience that … Read more

The hired help Fact

He knew what I wanted…

My first husband and I managed a farm in the lower North Island. I was in my late 20`s and staff were hard to find. After lot's of advertising we settled for a couple in their 50's and although the guy, Ross' experience in farming was a bit limited we hired him because he was an interior decorator by trade and there was a cottage on the property that we wanted done up. Ross was a bit of a rough diamond but a good worker and we were pleased wit… Read more

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