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Factual Stories

New sexual experiences for couples, old or young, can start expectedly. Quite often even the most faithful relationships can take a new direction during a regular night out with friends, a weekend away, or when bumping into an attractive stranger. Swinging can start a new life or improve an existing relationship.

There's plenty of arousing encounters that have been discovered by swingers and confessed below for others in a similar situation to enjoy.

Experienced a sexual exchange that has brought out a naughty side? Submit your own encounter for others to admire.

I love my Sunday mornings. Usually the one day of the week when I get to have a luxurious slow start…cup of tea, toast, book - I’m a creature of habit. But my mind goes back to another Sunday morning. A different place. We’d had a con...

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Unicorn 1 month ago

Unintended consequences

When a pragmatic solution creates a whole new problem

Like the rest of us here, I’m on a swinging site because I love having great sex. Touch and physical pleasure are important to me, and a regular part of my life. I’m also single and have a job that can be quite demanding, so during lockdowns it...

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ChiwiTiger 1 month ago

A Curious Coffee Meet

You never know how far a first meet will go...

The dating site coffee meet was going well, professional caucasion guy, very vanilla, but with an enticing cheeky smile. Hearing his excitement about working on his bach in the Marlborough Sounds had me thinking of dust, and sweat... saltiness, cool breez...

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Cinnamon_Skye 1 month ago

Afternoon Delight

Opportunity is everywhere

“I’m going for a walk, what’re you doing, we should meet up...” It was another gorgeous afternoon and the dog needed to stretch his legs yet again. I suggested the park about halfway between our houses and we both set off from opposite directions....

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Miss H 3 months ago

The spank bank

The things the get me over the edge

When I masturbate I like to recall something hot that I’ve done recently - a fresh memory to get me over the edge. Lately I've been remembering an amazing coconut oil hand job I gave to a friend. He was very good to me - he had rung in another guy to hel...

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Mrs Dane 3 months ago

In the Office

Fun in the Office

It was an ordinary workday, but it was wet and cold outside. So Hubby (Mr Good) went into the office to do some paperwork, and I was sitting in the lounge reading a book. I all of a sudden felt rather horny and decided to go and see if I could 'help' Mr...

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Anonymous 3 months ago

On my way home hun

Based on a true story (names changed)

It was getting later into the afternoon now and I had a glow on from the drinks and was feeling good but I knew we had a long drive back however, so I messaged my friend to come pick me up. I said my goodbyes to friends, it had been a good birthday party...

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Sammy arrives at the cafe in a summer dress. hair up and nice simple makeup. She comes and joins me at a table, sitting opposite me. We have some small talk about our journeys on the road and the weather as we order coffee. After some small talk I turn o...

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Peter2014 4 months ago

the next step - feeling those ties

Nothing like talking control

As we drive back to town, I ask how being naked in the woods felt, and how aroused she is.......she nervously talks about how turned on she is, and tells me her panties are soaking wet and her hearts pounding. I tell her to open the bag on the floor of th...

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Anonymous 4 months ago

Ottoman Playdate

Ottoman Playdate

Originally written under my old profile mid 2019. My delicious sensual, sexual playmate arrives, and we share a passionate kiss and a glass of bubbles. Our play has developed and expanded with each meeting; it is a highly erotic mixture. We start to fon...

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Anonymous 4 months ago

Cock Worship

Cock Worship

Originally written May 2019 under my old profile. I have had this urge to do this to just a few guys; this scenario is a mixture of those events. There is a definite sensual/sexual, connection/attraction between you and I online and I think that would be...

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Essay13 4 months ago

From Palmy to Palm City: Part 6:

My tongue becomes her surfboard

I glance at the digital clock beside the motel room bed, the 4:30 late afternoon sun pouring brightly through the window. The sun wasn't the only thing about to go down... I whisper in my blindfolded woman's ear to sit on her knees with her legs apart a...

Doggerman 4 months ago

CCK - March (a)

Is this the real life? (Yep).

Saturday, March, CCK. The glory hole curtain had been replaced with a two sided glory hole that accommodates two women on their backs on a massage table, with nothing but their waist down visible and legs suspended by soft ankle cuffs. I had Jx (asian, w...

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