keys party Fact

sex party in the suburbs…

My wife at 40 become very sexually aware of her hot body ,not long after her new job,new work mates,new boyfriend
which she told me about by first saying i"Swallowed a mouthful of cum and couldnt swallow it all, some dripped out onto my boobs.Immediately i went into denial,didnt say a word 20 odd years of marriage.Well aparently the guys at work teased her if she didnt share her body around they would nark on her.She said too late i told my hus… Read more

Panties in the post Fact

He asked me to send him something dirty....…

We’d been chatting a little. He was young, interesting, sexy. Somehow we got talking about panties - and how he’d once been given a pair by a hot wife. And how much he liked it. I offered to send him mine. The thought of it appealed to me too.

I picked a black silky pair. Hopped into bed. Watched some dirty porn to get a little bit excited. Then I started to touch myself. Ran my hands over my body, played with my breasts, pinched my nipple… Read more

Wife Gives In and gets filled Fact

Best night of her life..... so far…

We had talked about it, and finally decided to do it. Our first MMF THREESOME as a couple. After searching for the perfect person, we found a guy that was well hung, presented, but a down to earth kiwi bloke. After exchanging emails, we invited him over. Started off all in bed watching some porn, when she reached down both of our pants and stroked both of us at the same time. After a while, she leant over and took him in her mouth, then switching… Read more

Knives and nails Fact

Which one actually dominated...…


She was already topless when he entered the room. The room was dimly lit by candles and he could see her silhouette carved into the shadows cast on the walls. He walked over and turned her around and pressed himself against her back. Gently, he wrapped a blindfold around her eyes and led her to the bed where she lay down in anticipation.

She felt him grab her wrists and lift her arms above her head where they were ent wit… Read more

A threesome that was different Part 2 Fact

There was more to come…

So lying there in the afterglow with two woman, I am thinking can this get any better. I mean I had filled one's ass with come whilst the other pounded her pussy with a dildo. So here we are me in the middle, two lovely ladies lying with their heads on my chest just chatting, when I noticed an evil glint enter Sarah's eye. She said, "want to go for a home run?" Well in for a penny, in for a pound!
She got up from the bed and went to her wardrobe… Read more

(5) fifth journal entry from my younger lover Fact

Hamilton, Waikato 2020…

Trusting Sir.
Today I wait on the bed in a pretty bra and panties, blindfold on. Sir comes in and guides me back out to the lounge, leaving me draped over the chair while he gets ready. The same position when I was belted the last time. Didn't love that and here we are again. Sir drags the belt over my back. Are you nervous? Yes Sir, Good.
But he ties my wrists up instead and gives me instructions. Count and see what happens. At my pace. One th… Read more

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A threesome that was different Fact

What an experience.…

I was lucky enough to know a lady who enjoyed all of the aspects of anal sex. She loved her anus being licked, fingered and fucked. She also enjoyed rimming and fingering your ass. What I didn't know was that she also enjoyed anal sex with other woman.
Guys, I am sure you have all had this experience where in the bless of her ass filled with come, sweat covering your body, her head on your chest, she looks in your eyes and says, " we have a thre… Read more

When girls will be girls..... Fact

Married and very bi…

I have had a number of experiences throughout my life as a married bi girl. For my friends most would never believe the things I have done, but one or two possibly not surprised and my husband, well he knows everything, almost.
With hubby's approval I was out with Liz a close and also bi friend in Christchurch on a Friday evening at a nice bar just enjoying each others company over a few wines, but also aware that as the night goes on that we ar… Read more

(4) fourth journal entry for my younger lover Fact

Hamilton, Waikato 2020…

My request: more edging please, Sir
Last night Sir asked me what I wanted to include in today's session. He doesn't have to ask. He knows I trust him and will go along with whatever he plans. But he's asked so I'll answer.
I've been missing the feeling of having my wrists tied. And edging... I want to be teased.
So today Sir arrived and tied my wrists the way I like it. No blindfold today.
There I am, spread out on my bed, wrists up above my … Read more

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21 and visiting Scotland Fact

She knew…

I had not long turned 21 and had flown to the UK to meet up with a mate to celebrate his 21st down in Reading, all of this was great fun but his family were heading over to France for a week so decided to head up to Scotland and meet up with my Scottish cousin’s who live in a fairly rural area, I could the train and and met my old uncle at the station and he took me home to their house and we drove past the family farm, this is where Jim my cou… Read more

Un-denied pleasure, with just a hint of pain Fact

When the heat hits different spots, the fine line of pleasure and pain melts away…

It wasn’t a fantastic night as he trudged up his stairs, he was tired and grumpy, not to mention fucking sore! He was sick of working these long hours, all he wanted to do was sleep for 24 hours and not have to worry about his phone going off. Just relax and be alone, some major downtime was needed, and was needed NOW. Her face flashed before him, without thought or desire. No! He didn’t need to see her and he tried to shake all thought of h… Read more

Love and Sex Part 3 Fact

What happened next?…

So I pick up the third part of this story from, "now it's my turn."
She told me to stand up. We both stood there, naked looking into each other's eyes. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, I opened my lips and our tongues met. At the same time her hand reached down and gripped my cock. She slowly started to stroke it as she kissed my lips and neck. Using her free hand she started to tweek my nipples. At this point she started to stop ki… Read more

The awakening Fact

The exciting journey ahead…

As most of you would have realised by now, we are very new to this and we are very much looking forward to seeing where this amazing ride takes us.

Firstly, a very special thanks to the amazing couples that we have been communicating with.
You have taken us under your wings & your advice, kind words & understanding is very much appreciated 😘

It's such an incredible turn on to step outside our comfort zone, beginning to share more and mo… Read more

(3) Third journal entry for a younger lover Fact

Hamilton, Waikato 2019…

This is my account of my third session with clayton2019
No touching, he said.
I haven't seen Sir in a week. We are meeting today. Exactly 7 days. No touching he told me until we meet.
It's been so hard! I didn't even realise I tuck a hand between my thighs as I'm trying to fall asleep. Sir was very clear. No touching at all. I can tell you it's been a bloody long week.
And last night Sir told me he wants me to spend the day with no panties u… Read more

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The dog walk Fact

A night to remember (part 3)…

Part 2 was all we were going to share tonight but due to the fact we are in lockdown, as crazy as it sounds, the last month has been incredible for us as a couple.

We have always enjoyed spending time together and although I am an essential worker, my hours have been almost halved but Mrs R has been working from home full time.
Amazingly, we are so much more relaxed than usual.
I have been assigned house to husband duties but trust me, it h… Read more

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The dog walk Fact

A night to remember (part 2)…

If you have just jumped into part 2, you probably should check out part 1 for a bit of background.

For the rest of you (that like us) check on the new stories everyday, we shall continue..................

So we are on lap 3 of our usual 2 lap walk around the park............I am harder than I think I have ever been before & I'm also very sure that Mrs R is dripping wet with anticipation !

We were nearly half way around & have barely spok… Read more

First Time Love and Sex- Part 2: The Next Day Fact

Love and guilt…

So if you have read part 1, no need for a recap. If not beautiful blonde lady, on bed, lot's of stroking and come everywhere at the finish. She leaves in the early morning.

So you know that feeling you wake with after a night of sensual and joyful sex. That was me but I had to go to work. I must have looked like the cat that had drunk the cream but had only had 3 hours sleep because a colleague said to me, "mate you look like you been up all n… Read more

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First time love Fact

Falling in love and sex…

Many years ago I was lucky enough to be in charge of a block of University students. Part of that role involved ensuring that they were all safe and cared for. Around about 2 weeks into this role, my friends decided to have a party in the flat in which I had been given as part of this job.
It was a hot Waikato evening and we were sitting around playing the guitar and drinking games. People were coming in and out of the flat, both old and new res… Read more

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The dog walk Fact

A night to remember (part 1)…

It started like any other day in lockdown, going about our usual business in the morning, coffee, breakfast, computer screens etc.

Finally a break & time to take our very disobedient dog for a walk at the local park, its not great fun for us but we know it has to be done.

We are on the first lap when Mrs R notices a red station wagon come flying into the carpark & park outside the public toilets.
"What a fuckin dickhead !" she says.

As… Read more

(2) Second journal entry for a younger lover Fact

Hamilton, Waikato 2019…

This is my account of my second session with clayton2019
Blindfolded, spanked then fucked. Yes, please!
Leave door unlocked for arrival at 2.30pm. Wait on all fours, blindfold on. Make sure you can't see anything. Leave my tie next to you on the bed. No speaking.
Just reading these instructions was such a turn and here I am on all fours. The blindfold is a soft silky scarf, feels amazing and I can't see a thing... But I can feel. The sexiness … Read more

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Hotel Massage Fact

I just lay perfectly still…

I was on holiday at a resort in Indonesia. My sister had paid for the trip so I went along with her for eight days of rest and relaxation. As with most of these places a beauty spa and massage room was part of the deal, so on the second day after an afternoon by the pool sipping cocktails, I decided I'd go for a massage.
It was a very discreet little place and the deal was that you undressed in the changing room and take a small towel with yo… Read more

(1) First journal entry for a younger lover... Fact

Hamilton, Waikato 2019…

Snippets from my first ever D/s session with Clayton2019
...I'm on all fours, dressed in sexy lingerie, staring at the wall. Right before he comes in, my heart is racing so fast and I'm breathing in short shallow puffs. Somewhere in my mind I think I'm going to pass out and he hasn't even touched me yet! His first touch was a gentle touch to my lower back, meant to soothe/reassure me. We had talked about it and I was expecting it, but in my hype… Read more

Bouncer's story Fact

It wasnt his birthday…

I got asked to be security at a 40th birthday on the outskirts of Hastings. Reubs who was an old school mate of mine and his wife Kim the birthday girl. So the night was getting started people where coming in, drinks and entertainment. I mainly watched the outside of the farm and the carpark. The party was happy and I knew a majority of the community so there was going to be no trouble out here.
But there was one area in particular where reubs t… Read more

First ever couples experience Fact

Opening my mind to a whole new world…

It was the mid 90s, I was in my 20s and I was dating Diane who was a couple of years younger than me. She still technically lived at home but was spending most nights at my house.

We used to hang out quite a lot with her workmate Jackie and her husband Steve who were a couple of years older than us both but we had a lot in common and got on really well. I’d always thought Jackie was quite sexy looking and I know Steve thought the same about… Read more

Dilemma part 2 Fact

Sometimes instinct serves you well ......…

The second trip to Auckland and night spent with Emma was as good as, if not better, than the first. A couple of weeks later on my next trip she txt me to say she has a surprise for me. A knock on the door was answered to find Emma there with another girl. “This is my friend Marie” she announced “and she is as much fun as me”. Marie was a similar age to Emma but whereas Emma was cute and cuddly with enormous tits, Marie was a little gee… Read more

Dilemma part 1 Fact

Sometimes you have to go with instinct.…

A few years ago I was in Auckland for a series of meetings, staying in a CBD hotel. After dinner I went back to my room and logged onto a site and changed my location to Auckland to see who was about. Was late at night and pretty quiet but I got a message from Emma. Her profile said she was 28 but she looked younger than that. Cute face, cuddly body and enormous firm tits. We got talking and then she gave me her phone number and we chatted for a … Read more

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My First MFM Fact

First MFM…

My First MFM

Many, many years ago I had the same lover (let’s call him Mr L) for many years; after quite some years together a close male friend of his (let’s call him Mr C) joined us for MFM (at the time I had no idea of a name for this kind of sex/play). After many months of Mr C joining my lover and I at Motels/Hotels just for titillation, it was a very gradual process, and with my confidence growing a perfectly timed opportunity ar… Read more

Threesome Fact

Wife’s first threesome…

I’d been chatting with a couple on another site for a few weeks. I’d been off and on there over the years, especially before I was married when it was dial up speed and the internet was slow as a snail. Bill and Judy had been married for 10 years and thought it was time to experiment to spice up their sex lives. Judy had a fantasy for 2 cocks at once.
They ran their own business from home so it was easy for them to take time away from work.… Read more

Beats working Fact

Casual fun with a younger lady…

I was out of town for work. I’d been talking on kik to a younger lady off another site, teasing really and swapping naughty pics. I messaged her mid morning to say I was in town and all I got back was a message saying “ I’m not working today, I’m at home, my address is .......”. Ubered to her house where she met me at the door and led me straight into the bedroom. We stood there kissing, her hair was still wet from the shower, god she … Read more

Two feet to Heaven. Fact

I was the only male care assistant among 30 plus female carers and nurses…

The next shift with Amanda (name changed) was again two weeks. This time the nurse said Amanda had said my reflexology was helping her irritable bowel syndrome, and she was happy for me to take 45 minutes as I was so caring and kind. I kept a straight face and thanked her. 02:00 went up again to the top floor, Amanda relined, so massaged the feet for 18 minutes and only going just above the knee and back. I wondered if the nurse had told her abou… Read more

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