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Officer on Duty

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During our first few chats he tells me he is a police officer- my mind starts racing about the fact he would have real handcuffs. This tiny piece of information turned me on something incredible. We arranged a daytime meet, while he was at work - on duty, this made the situation even hotter. However, at the same time wary - what if he was on some sort of undercover mission, trying to catch people out? Yes, ridiculous I know 😂.

Luckily for me, living in Taupo is very central and I can travel to many places within a couple of hours drive, so we arranged to meet the following week, as he would be relieving while the usual officer was away 🤭 - (how exciting is that thought), we just had to figure out how to make it work, neither of us knew the area so it did make it more difficult.

I had only seen his body pic, which was extremely sexy, and I really didn’t want to get a face pic prior this time. We had talked about somehow incorporating my hood and not even seeing him, but that was going to be a bit difficult as we were just going to play either outside somewhere or in the car. Plus, I always need to peek, at least after the deed.

He was often sending me pics with his uniform on, and it would drive me crazy - just looked so hot.

The day of the play date arrived, the weather was a bit average, part of me couldn’t be bothered getting ready as I would have liked to stay in bed longer. I got up, had coffee then showered, trying to figure out what to wear. He’d sent a message that morning with some “requests”. I grabbed a “dress up” box from my wardrobe and found a leather bra and G-string - perfect, then I grabbed a black skirt and low cut top and proceeded to get dressed. I grabbed a bag and put a few things into it - towel, hood, lube, sp2, condoms, I lubed my buttplug, and eased it into my ass, slipped my jandals on and hopped in my car. I decided to remove the plug for the drive cos it felt a little uncomfortable and I thought he might like to watch me put it in when we meet.

He told me to keep checking my messages in case something came up - luckily nothing did. He told me to let him know when I reached a particular spot on my journey, so he knew how far away I was. He asked for my number plate, which I told him.

As I neared the destination my nerves started to take over, my heart was thumping a bit louder and faster than normal, I could feel my pussy starting to tingle and getting wet. I drove up the road and there ahead on the other side of the road is a police car, I drive past as arranged and looked over to catch a glimpse but couldn’t really see what he looked like. I looked in my rear view mirror and see his car make a U-turn and his lights started flashing. By this time I was already giggling and so I pulled over. He pulls in behind me and gets out of his car, I wind my window down, he leans down, and I see his face - omg he is hot!!!! He says “do you know why I pulled you over?” I shook my head, and he replies “cos I’m gonna fuck you” - I just about melted there and then. We chatted a bit about where we should go and he said the station house is empty, it’s a bit musty - I said that sounds perfect.

He told me to follow him and wait in the car so he could check it was clear. There were a couple of guys mowing the lawns at the house so he called me to figure out how we could sneak into the house. He checked the house was empty and waved me over - I followed him into the house, down the hall and into an empty room, he pulled the curtains and turned on the lights then grabbed me and we started kissing. He is such a good kisser and I felt completely relaxed with him, he asked if he needed his police vest - I nodded at him, so he went back out to get it. While he was away I laid the towel out and took the stuff out of my bag. He returned wearing his vest - he looked so sexy.

Kissing again, hands starting to explore each other’s bodies, he asks if I’m wet as his hand reaches down, lifting my skirt. I feel his fingers on my skin, then I quiver as they slide inside me - mmmm yes, he says. Still kissing he guides my hands down his body feeling and caressing his bulge through his trousers. Within seconds he’d cuffed my wrists. I couldn’t believe how fast and easily he did it.

I told him I didn’t have my plug in but I could put it in now if he wanted. I knelt down and got the plug, my wrists are still cuffed and I’m thinking how I was going to do it - I managed to get some lube on the plug and then sat on the floor, leaning back a bit I reached down between my legs, and gently pushed it inside. With that he comes over and pushes me backwards spreading my legs and buried his face in my pussy. His tongue and mouth feel magical, my hips start to lift wanting to be closer. He grabs the sp2 and runs it over my clit and pussy - feels so good when I’m not doing it myself. He moves forwards and starts kissing me and I can feel his cock on my pussy. I move my arms so I can hold him and he pushes them back over my head and pins them to the floor, I’m lifting my hips to rub his cock with my pussy, feels so good, it’s so hard I just want it to slide inside me. He keeps saying he should grab a condom all the while kissing me, pinning my hands to the ground and rubbing his cock on my pussy. Then I feel the slight pressure of his head parting my lips and slide into the warm wetness inside me. Oh god it feels so good, the rhythm is fantastic, I can feel every inch of him. Every time I lift my arms to hold him he pins them back down which turns me on even more. Moans start escaping my mouth which he promptly muffles with his hand, this only intensifies my excitement and I feel the heat and tension rising throughout my body. Faster and harder and I sense he is going to cum soon too, the thought of that pushes me over the edge and the release feels incredible, then I feel the deep thrust as he fills me with his cum.

We lie on the floor catching our breath and talking about this and that - he’s great to talk to.

A few minutes pass and he comes back over to me and pushes his sexy cock into my mouth, which I feel harden as I’m sucking on it. He’s holding my head and I can feel his cock on the back of my throat. He’s a perfect size for my mouth and I can taste both of us. I really wish my hands were free so I could feel his sexy body. It sounds and feels like he is enjoying me sucking him, and I am certainly enjoying it. Then he tells me to lie back down and we fuck once more - much to my wet cum filled pussy’s delight.

Written by cybil

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