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Midnight Blue

"Living out your fantasy"

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She had been wet with excitement all week.  What they had planned was stepping into new territory.  It was public, it was taboo, it electrified Clarissia and she was beyond horny thinking about it all the time.

Jack and Clarissa had been chatting to Sébastien for a while now, a single guy, but no ordinary single guy.  They had met him briefly at the end of the night at a friend’s party, Clarissa and him talking for a moment, sharing a brief kiss as they left.  He had left an impression on her.  They had started chatting online and getting to know one another.  He demonstrated emotional intelligence and restraint.  They began discussing the idea of a threesome.  He asked her what she wanted out of it and if she had any fantasies she wanted to play out.  At face value he appeared to be someone who understood her fantasy and recognised the role he could play in it.   He wanted nothing more than to help fulfil that for her, for them.    He listened astutely to all she had to say.  He suggested he arrange the evening, taking care of all the details.  Clarissia had always taken pleasure in men who were confident and could take control.

Friday arrived.  Jack and Clarissa packed an overnight bag and drove into the city late in the afternoon.  She was wearing long loose pants that wrapped around her bum, a fitted white t-shirt, heels and sunglasses, feeling elegant but maybe dressed for a corporate lunch rather than a hot date.  This was the beginning of the foreplay, and she was feeling ready for whatever lay ahead.  Sabastian had left a key to the hotel.  Her instructions ‘Go to the concierge, the room is under your name Clarrissa’.  Jack was parking the car and would come shortly.

The hotel was classy, she was feeling classy, but she also had a hot little secret which left a smile on her face.  Would the concierge know, did the women at reception know?  She felt naughty and was overcome with excitement. 

She found her way to the room.  As she opened the door, she was welcomed by large windows that opened out to extensive balconies with the harbour beyond.  Wow!  She felt weightless as she sailed across the room and opened the doors wide letting the breeze bring her back down to earth.  She came back into the room and wondered around.  On the desk a little package, chocolates, a bottle of red (Jack’s favourite drop), and a simple note ‘Hope you have time for a bath!  See you at 7.00 Clarissa’.  She had goosebumps.  She opened the package and found a scented bath bomb.  Heaven.  No detail left to chance.   It was perfect and she felt like a total princess.

Jack arrived in the room.  They embraced and kissed deeply in anticipation of the night that lay before them both.  He could see and feel her excitement (and had been all week) of her anticipation for this night.  This had been a fantasy Clarrisa had held for some time.  Being picked up in a bar by a stranger and taken back to a hotel, maybe a public display of affection, sneaky kisses, touches.  Making others inquisitive about what may be going on in front of them.  It was risqué and she loved this.  Jack grabbed her pussy hard, taking her breath away.  ‘You will keep’ he said, ‘you will keep’.

They unpacked a few things, relaxed a short time, she showered and slipped into a sleek black dress and stiletto heels.  Clarissa had purchased new lingerie for the night.  She had slipped this on in the bathroom so Jack couldn’t see.  He needed something special too she had thought and seeing her in this would be part of his experience.  She walked from the bathroom to find Jack laying on the bed.  He looked at her and commented on how sexy she was looking.  She melted.  How lucky was she being married to this incredible man.  Emotion came rushing through her, mixing with both her nervousness and excitement.  This was a big step for them.  They had not stepped across this line before, actively singling off in the lifestyle.   He had been supportive and encouraging in allowing her to experience this fantasy.  Compersion is something that requires a high level of emotional intelligence.  It is selfless and she recognised this in this moment.  She kissed him deeply once more, grabbed her phone, ordered an Uber.  ‘Enjoy yourself and don’t feel the need to rush back’ he said as she left.

She walked down the hall, feeling like a total rockstar, but one with a show never performed before.  Her nerves were firing.  She breathed deeply trying to calm herself.  The uber collected her and made its way across town.  She arrived and made her way up to the rooftop bar.  It was new to her too.  When the lift opened, she was treated to warm luxurious tones, gold, bronze, crystal, velvet all backlit with soft sultry lighting.  It was sophisticated and glamourous, ticking all of the boxes in her fantasy.  

She made her way to the bar and pulled up a stall.  She glanced around the room, catching his eye at the other end of the long bar.  He was well dressed and had an air of confidence about him.  She looked away, opened the drinks menu and chatted to the barman.  The bar was busy was low lit and had a sexy female DJ in the back corner.  She ordered a drink.   She saw him walking towards her.  ‘Hi, my name is Sébastien.  Would you mind if I brought you a drink?’  He had listened to everything she had told him and was playing out her fantasy perfectly.  She said yes of course as the barman presented her with an expresso martini.  ‘Would you like to come over and join me where it is a little quieter and the view is better?’   The barman made eye contact, making sure this was ok. She nodded as she collected up her coat and followed him across the room.  She took a stool at the bar, he stood next to her and smiled.  ‘How did I do?’  ‘Great, absolutely perfect’ she laughed.

From there they talked, getting to know one another a bit more.  They drank champagne, he touched her leg lightly.  They talked, they flirted.  Out of nowhere he pulled her head towards his and kissed her, gently but firmly before letting her go.  She wasn’t expecting that.  She could see two of the barman had been watching her.  The look on their faces as they watched on was enough.  She was loving this.  How could something that was so wrong feel so good?  She felt good.  Married for 20 years it was a long time since she had experienced something as risqué as this.  They had been swinging for quite a few years which was exciting, but this was new.  Another glass of champagne, another very public kiss and she found herself lifting her dress up above her knee, his hand exploring further.  ‘I cant wait to get you out of this dress’ he whispered.  ‘Shall we go?’ she whispered back.  Clarissa turned and then stopped.  Behind her the sky tower was rose red against a midnight blue sky.  If you reached out from the balcony you could almost touch it.  She breathed it in.  Was this a dream?  It felt like a scene out of a movie in which she was the leading lady.

They walked to the lift.  They were alone and there were 20 floors to get down.  The lift doors shut, he grabbed her and kissed her firmly.  His hands chasing her curves with hunger.  She melted.  She was wet and she was ready for what the next phase of the night may bring.

The uber came and they began the drive to the hotel.  His hands tracing up the line of her leg; a kiss.  They arrived at the hotel, made their way to yet another lift and she was kissed again.   All this was part of the fantasy of course, all previously mentioned in conversation.  He had noted it all and she was putty in his hands because of it.

The keycard beeped and they arrived at the room.  Jack was surprised they were so quick, but also open to seeing her again.  She walked up to him and kissed him deeply.   ‘Did you have fun?’ he asked.  Clarissa’s smile said it all.

Sébastien had left a bottle of champagne in the hotel and Jack began pouring a glass for them each.  They moved towards the lounge and opened the balcony doors to the night sky.  It was a stormy night, with a mix of cloud and drizzle, the deep dark sky was erotic.  They sipped wine and chatted a little.  Sébastien placed his hand on her leg while Jack caressed her other side.  It didn’t take long for things to get heated, some passionate kissing and touching with Jack suggesting she remove her dress and heels.  She did so eagerly.  She wanted to show off her new lingerie.  She walked into the room, is was deep midnight blue which showed off her skin beautifully.  Clarissa suddenly felt herself getting shy.  She was on display and felt awkward but the two men encouraged her into a little spin so they could enjoy what was on offer for the evening.  She picked up her glass of champagne and leaned on the door to the balcony, turning to cast a look their way.  They both got up and started towards her, sensing the invitation that lay ahead.  She walked over to the balcony and leaned out into the night sky.  She rose up on her toes further exposing her bum to the men.  It didn’t take long before she felt Sébastien’s hand run over her buttocks, grab her around the waist and pull her around for a deep passionate kiss.  He was hungry, his hands making their way around her body, over the soft blue lace and suspenders.  Her sensors were heightened, her skin cool from the stormy night, his hands warm as they made their way over her skin, his mouth hot over her lips, his tongue deep, her pussy warm and damp in anticipation.  The three of them made their way across the balcony, taking in the night sky and her glorious body exposed for all to see.  A large the ferry boat cruised past very slowly.  It was close, in full view of them all.  She was going to be theirs and she wanted the world to see.

As the boat moved away, she felt herself being pulled back inside to the warmth of the room.  Her glass taken from her hand, ever so carefully, two hands cupping her face before his lips came down on hers.  He pushed her gently backwards pushing Clarissa onto the bed.  There were hands everywhere, exploring unchartered territory.  She let out a gentle moan and closed her eyes, letting the pleasure wash over her body.  She opened her eyes again to see Jack kneel over her, his erect cock ready for her mouth.  She eagerly grabbed it and began licking, nibbling and then taking it all in right as Sébastien went down on her pussy.   Sucking, licking, devouring before finally slowly pushing his fingers inside her.  Two men, two beautiful men enjoying her in every way, her fantasy playing out so beautifully.

It got wet, really wet.  It was hot, hard and damn sexy.  Clarissa’s body rolled through many orgasms, she felt sexy, connected and enjoyed by both men in the most delicious of ways.  Often not knowing who was doing what to her, she soaked up every drop.

The evening wrapped up for the three of them.  They had all lay on the bed, gently touching, stroking and chatting.  It was relaxed, it was easy, the way this can be with the right people.

Then Jack and Clarissa were left alone.  Their re-connection sex was always amazing.  Somehow your body desires more after a night like this.  Clarissa felt both hot sexual tension and deep intimacy while she made love to Jack that night. The perfect way to finish her fantasy night….

Written by Circus

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