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About Us

Rock solid happily married couple looking for chemistry, fun and connection with other couples (and on occasion singles).  We enjoy intelligent conversation over a glass of wine and a good giggle never goes a miss (watch out for the sarcasm).

We are open minded, accept people from all backgrounds and ages, but do require some common ground and chemistry on which to form a connection. 

We love the party scene as a great away to meet like minded people and have made many friends along the way.  If you're having one, drop us a message.  We are well behaved and vouched (let our friends tell you what we are like!)  We have enjoyed plenty of fun nights at CCK, but equally enjoy a more intimate setting once a connection has been made.

We Are Looking For...

  • Grounded couples with strong relationships. We love a sexy mind and attitude and people who are not afraid to be themselves. 

  • We LOVE four way play (as opposed to pairing off).

  • Mrs Circus is sexy and sensual, loves to kiss and oozes passion with the right connection.   She likes confident men/woman with a sexy attitude and a bit of spunk (no pun intended)

  • Mr Circus knows how to please!  A gentlemen who can take control where it matters. 

We are genuine people and always keep our word.  If we say we will meet then we will.  We know how expensive babysitters are and how precious your time is!

+ Have proper photos of the Mr's physique and sexy attitude on your media. If photos are only of the woman how does Mrs Circus know that you are hot, sexy and fun? Or are you hiding behind your hot wife ... sort it out!

+ We don't accept friend requests unless we have actually met you and the connection is legitimate.  

+ Finally. If your profile has no body pics and/or says nothing and/or your message also says nothing then we probably won't respond, sorry.


+ We are most likely to meet you at a party or recommendation by trusted friends, not on KS. Being desperately needy for attention is not a turn on. Badly taken selfies of your dick in a toilet or room that your mum no longer cleans for you, tell us immediately that you have no sophistication, game or style. Mrs C needs all of these things in spades. She is a classy successful woman who has high standards.


Circus organized a lovely date for us out towners which seamlessly flowed from drinks, to dinner and beyond - as if we were long time friends. Circus as a couple is confident and flirty, deliciously sexy and fun. What more could you want besides another date? We look forward to the next time our paths cross and will be reliving the evening memories with cheeky smiles on our faces. This duo is the real deal and we feel honored to be one of the rings in Circus' tent.
The date worth the 62-day wait… First flirted with Mrs Circus at a Penthouse Party in July. Immediately clicked but timing was off (not an infrequent occurrence at a party as people pare off for fun)… but spent an incredibly five minutes kissing and exploring her wonderful body right before everyone had to leave… thus beginning the steady buildup of excitement, anticipation and - yes - LUST. Finally had a chance for a night of adventure with Mr and Mrs… and it was about as excellent as a first date can be. To say anymore wouldn’t do justice to the evening. But there’s always the photos….. 😉😈😏


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Female Couple
Age: 32 - 53
Distance: 209 km