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First Time Stories

Experiencing a sexual encounter for the first time is a rememberable occurrence for everyone. A first time experience doesn't necessarily just stop at losing your virginity during your teenage years, it can also include unlocking a new sexuality, exploring a new interest, or adapting a change in lifestyle like swinging.

Have you ever been curious about being bisexual, gay, or want to feel what it's like to be a crossdresser? Have you ever thought about breaking the sexual normalities and considered sex toys, adding an extra partner to play with in the bedroom, or getting involved in a gang bang? An introduction into a new lifestyle like swinging can fulfil longstanding desires and liberate a relationship.

Share your first time experiences with the rest of the erotic story community by writing your encounter below.

Anonymous 5 months ago

Young Lust

Young, dumb, and full of cum.

We were both kids; she was straight from home and into a University hostel. I noticed her on the first day. There was a group of guys cluttering up the hall and as I pushed past and there she was, sitting on the floor in the open doorway of her room. Her...

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Maverick2019 6 months ago

My Sexy strangers fantasy.

Exciting morning fantasy

I had this gorgeous man message me on KS, not all messages get my attention but for some reason this one did and in his message he gave me his Kik name, so I messaged him straight away. We started messaging each other and exchanged pictures and there...

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Anonymous 6 months ago

Things were starting to hot up now and Mr Caramel and I head to the room to the front, to the left of the bar area. I had already observed a tall, lean but not too lean attractive guy earlier that afternoon with a female. We had exchanged glances and sm...

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Anonymous 7 months ago

About 5 years ago l made contact with a couple on this site they were from Greytown we exchanged messages during which l confessed l was interested in possibly trying out a little guy on guy stuff as l was interested in seeing what it would be like to act...

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Anonymous 7 months ago

My First Sunday Roast (Part One) Around two and a half years ago, before I joined KS, my FWB at that time Mr Caramel and I decided to attend CCK on a Sunday afternoon. We had been several times that year, generally on a Saturday night, but never on a...

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Anonymous 9 months ago

My First MFF

First Visit to CCK/First MFF

My First MFF Around two years ago, possibly a bit longer now, I joined a traditional dating site, and met a lovely dark-skinned man – let us call him Mr Caramel. After a couple of “normal dates” with attraction simmering, we had a playdate at his pla...

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Anonymous 10 months ago


Looking at your picture.

I’d like to alternate sucking your nipples and kissing your neck while I stroke your inner thigh and pussy lips until you are wet and slippery enough to finger your hole while I tickle your arse cheeks with my free fingers. Then I’d like to run my tongue...

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m_hrlw 10 months ago

Mrs Robinson Part 2

Thing heat up

I pulled my head back, scooped her into my arms and fell back onto the sofa. Now my arms were hooked under her legs. She was leaning down with all her weight, pressing her pussy toward my eager open mouth. But my powerful arms and shoulders held her above...

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Anonymous 1 year ago

First Time with Someone Else

The nervous desire...

Growing up I'd lived a fairly sheltered sex life mainly due to work and lack of females in country NZ at the time. Then as time went by while living overseas I'd met the lovely lady that is my wife. After being married more than 10 years we hit a roug...

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twoseekingfun 1 year ago

our first time

our first sexual experience

Well, we'd been married for 20+ years at the time and our sex life was getting better and better, probably due to more privacy as the kids were older and leaving home. Then one night as I was slowly stimulating my wife's clit in bed she said "how do you f...

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alter_ego 1 year ago

First time for everything

Never judge a book by its cover

I use to work at a school. Like most schools, there is an abundance of female staff. But in these PC times, you have to pick out who you can share a joke with, or who doesn't mind a swear word thrown into a conversation. Lets just say, that for a school o...

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Anonymous 1 year ago

Bonjour indeed

A taste of France mmmm

I was slowly making my way toward the train for the Palace of Versailles. I was only 50% sure I was in the right place so I went up to a girl standing alone. I asked about the train for the palace and she said she was going there too. I said, oh great d...

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Ninky_da_kitty 1 year ago

Cougarbait, hooked.

Who know how international relationships could be so explosive

When we first met, we were out with friends and we didn't really chat much at all. I was quite a bit older than you and felt that it was just a ‘hormonal’ thing. Your gorgeous accent and quick smile, not to mention your lovely eyes. All together a very im...

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