First time fisting First Time

A great visit to Ohakune…

Hi this is a true story that took place several years ago in a small town called Ohakune, I was a sales agent that called on a couple of outlets in the town, at the time my wife was going through some health challenges and I was getting no sex on the home front, I got talking with a staff member Tena,in one of my clients businesses and found out that she was a widow, she was about 48-50 yrs old short and reasonably large 160cm & maybe 110kg. we e… Read more

My first mature women experience Stepmom First Time

I grabbed her by the hips and held her pussy and ass next to my face…

I have been thinking about writing this for a while, she was the first mature women in my life

Bit of intro into the story, So my parents divorced when I was young. My dad remarried when I was 9 I lived with my dad, as every divorced kid me and my brother hated her, Dad married my stepmom J when she was in her early-30s

So nothing interesting happened growing up. Things started to change around the age 22 (thanks to all stepmom porn). J… Read more