First Time with Someone Else First Time

The nervous desire...…

Growing up I'd lived a fairly sheltered sex life mainly due to work and lack of females in country NZ at the time. Then as time went by while living overseas I'd met the lovely lady that is my wife.

After being married more than 10 years we hit a rough patch like many. My wife developed a medical condition which lead to no sex. After two years without any sex, with her permission I signed up to a website similar to this. There were plenty o… Read more

our first time First Time

our first sexual experience…

Well, we'd been married for 20+ years at the time and our sex life was getting better and better, probably due to more privacy as the kids were older and leaving home. Then one night as I was slowly stimulating my wife's clit in bed she said "how do you feel about a 3some?" I was a bit shocked to be honest! Was this a trick question? Was she talking about another guy? NO she was wanting to taste pussy.

I said I'd give it a go, trying not to be… Read more

First time for everything First Time

Never judge a book by its cover…

I use to work at a school. Like most schools, there is an abundance of female staff. But in these PC times, you have to pick out who you can share a joke with, or who doesn't mind a swear word thrown into a conversation. Lets just say, that for a school once you work that out, there can be some very interesting topics.
Anyway, I was at work this particular Saturday, nothing unusual about that, when I noticed Julie, the assistant principal  in h… Read more

Bonjour indeed First Time

A taste of France mmmm…

I was slowly making my way toward the train for the Palace of Versailles. I was only 50% sure I was in the right place so I went up to a girl standing alone. I asked about the train for the palace and she said she was going there too. I said, oh great do you mind if I go there with you - my French is worse than my map reading. She kindly said yes and we got onboard. She sat in a seat facing me. Maybe 23, 5'3, size 6, 32B cup, crazy corkscrew cu… Read more

First ever couple swing for both First Time

Sexual excitment for two married couples…

So here we are , married couple of 10 years. The initial meet went well so we head back to the hotel and have a few drinks, i quietly tell mr2 to fill the spa. Once full and steamy couple2 remove themselves from the room to chat. In that time we start kissing passionatly and hands wonder due to the excitment , mrs pussy was so wet and my cock was so hard. I slowly undress my wife down to her sexy lace underwear just as couple2 arrive back in room… Read more

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Cougarbait, hooked. First Time

Who know how international relationships could be so explosive…

When we first met, we were out with friends and we didn't really chat much at all. I was quite a bit older than you and felt that it was just a ‘hormonal’ thing. Your gorgeous accent and quick smile, not to mention your lovely eyes. All together a very impressive and enticing package. I found you attractive and just loved your shy nature and quietly spoken manner.

We had innocently touched, our fingers brushing as we handed drinks around,… Read more

Fence First Time

Replacing old fence ( Part 1 )…

Well need a new fence
We have new neighbors the have just moved in late last year, they are a nice couple with a young family.
I mention to him a few weeks ago that it would be nice to replace the fence soon as it is worse for wear, great he said so he needed to talk to wifey as what when and how it was going to look...
so when i see her next i will ask the most important question... does she want a Gloryhole in the fence...??
Part 2 will f… Read more

Working from home First Time

A day working from home turned into more than work…

My wife is gorgeous and incredibly sexy and we had talked for a long time about adding some spice to our sex life. We had been online and she had been on cam several times and played with herself in front of some men.

One day she had decided to work from home while I was away with work. I had been thinking of her all day and how I loved her body and all I could think about was having her suck on my cock. I decided to come home early and surpri… Read more

1st encounter via the KS community First Time

Smile for the setting Sun…

Was I nervous in the beginning? Of course I was. Equally excited also, I’d expressed lustful intentions toward a lady a few years my senior via message through the KS site 3 days preceding that msg Id received an open invitation to meet at her house.

Rubbing my eyes in disbelief! This woman had a size 8 figure, long flowing hair carefully and seductively groomed, remembering well, it was extremely exciting and also met with trepidation that… Read more

First time fisting First Time

A great visit to Ohakune…

Hi this is a true story that took place several years ago in a small town called Ohakune, I was a sales agent that called on a couple of outlets in the town, at the time my wife was going through some health challenges and I was getting no sex on the home front, I got talking with a staff member Tena,in one of my clients businesses and found out that she was a widow, she was about 48-50 yrs old short and reasonably large 160cm & maybe 110kg. we e… Read more

My first mature women experience Stepmom First Time

I grabbed her by the hips and held her pussy and ass next to my face…

I have been thinking about writing this for a while, she was the first mature women in my life

Bit of intro into the story, So my parents divorced when I was young. My dad remarried when I was 9 I lived with my dad, as every divorced kid me and my brother hated her, Dad married my stepmom J when she was in her early-30s

So nothing interesting happened growing up. Things started to change around the age 22 (thanks to all stepmom porn). J… Read more