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The Meeting

"A stranger in a hotel"

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“You have never actually met him, only exchanged email messages, so you certainly do not know him....  who is this man, what is he really like, what does he want, what do you want?  You pull out the email note to read it again...  “Ibis Hotel Room #621....  8:00” is all it says.


You are early...  you pace the street looking in windows trying to look for things to distract you until 8:00; Kirkaldy’s are having a sale.  But it is not working, although the wait is almost reassuring, putting off the inevitable, or is it?  You arrive at the front door of the hotel, you wonder, is this wise, no probably not you tell yourself, but you can’t resist, a shiver, you recognise as both fear and anticipation.


You push the button, the lift seems to take forever to come; again the wait is almost reassuring.  The bell rings and you jump; the door slides open and you step inside.  Thankfully, the lift is empty...


The lift seems to move in slow motion towards the 6th floor...  your mind rehearses what you know about this man and how the evening might proceed.  All too soon you arrive at the floor, the moment of truth, your mouth is dry, your legs feel a little weak and there is an empty feeling in your stomach - the hallway is empty but brightly lit.  You find the room and hesitate; a strange man in a strange hotel room, this is completely out of character, out of your comfort zone.  You regret not having had that drink before leaving home.  Are you going to go through with this...  no...  but yes...  you glance nervously up and down the hall and knock.  .  There is no turning back now.  The door opens...  the room is dark, but with a deep breath, you step inside.


A hand takes yours and leads you into the room, the door swings shut, a moment of panic the room is now completely black and you can see nothing, you move to speak, but a finger presses across you lips, the hand and the unseen man leads you into the dark.  You stop and turn around, but all you can see is the sliver of light from hall coming under the door.  Your eyes are beginning to adjust, but just as they do, you feel a soft material, silk perhaps, run across your face and gently, firmly, tied behind your head.  Now the darkness is complete.  Where is he, what is happening, you think and speak at the same time...  no response.  A quick wave of fear...  quickly suppressed...  you are committed, a game is in the making, where will it end...


Your coat is slipped off your shoulders to slid to the floor, fingers fumble slightly at the buttons of your blouse, and they are undone one at a time, before the material is pulled gently from the waistband of your skirt.  It tickles and you shiver slightly and you feel the rise of the goosebumps.  The blouse is pulled from your shoulders to disappear into the dark.  You step forward to clasp him, but he avoids you.  Fingers at the waistband of your skirt, the fastener undone, the zip descends.  It slips over your hips and falls to the floor.  Unthinkingly you step from it and kick your shoes free too, and realise that you are falling into his game....  where is he, there is no touch, you stand there in the dark in only your bra and pants.  A sudden thought of irrational resentment - you dressed for him; to excite him; and it is too dark, he has not seen you!


Fingers graze you back making you jump.  The strap is unclasped and your breasts slip free, nipples already erect, waiting, tingling, in anticipation for touch, any touch, only the smell of an after-shave that you cannot place.  Hands at your hips, he is in front of you now, grasping the band of your panties.  You feel warm breath on your belly as your last piece of clothing is removed.  The warm breath blows across your groin, unconsciously your hips thrust slightly forwards and you reach out for his head that must be there, but he avoids your grasp - again.  You suddenly realise how vulnerable you feel, naked, no words, but excited, you feel the wetness begin to grow....  this is too much.  Time is moving so slowly.  Out of nowhere a sudden warmth and pressure envelops a nipple, a mouth, a tongue, pulling gently and with a slight pop....  then nothing....  bastard!


The hand grasps yours again, and leads you forward.  Your shin hits something soft, the edge of the bed, a hand between your shoulders pushes you gently forward, off balance you stumble forward onto the bed, too late to resist.  It is warm and soft on the crisp sheets, you hear some rustling, where is he, what is happening.  You jump as a drop of warm oil hits your back and then another, they fall, plop, plop, plop, leaving a small trail down your spine from your neck to your buttocks.  Warm hands press down on your back.  Your skin is electric as he kneads your shoulders and back.


You try to concentrate on the touch, the massage, but you cannot.  The anticipation is leading your mind ahead of him, your groin feels strangely empty, your pussy needs him, your hips move against the new sheets.  Slowly the massage moves down your back, faster, faster, your mind cries, but he does not comply.  Oil and pressure across your arse.  So close now, but he moves outwards across your buttocks and down onto your thighs and on to your calves.  Almost unconsciously your legs part, willing him to touch, to explore, but nothing, your pussy feels still more empty, and oh so wet.  You shiver.


Your hand pushes under your hips and you find yourself, release, relief, but it is not to be....  his hands grasp your shoulders and rolls you onto your back, he grasps your wrists pulling your hand away from your sex and pushes them under you, behind your back.


A sense of vulnerability hits you again with a jerk and you have to force yourself to relax, oh so hard, this is too much to resist!  Oil and hands on your thighs again.... your legs part slightly and your back arches pushing up against, towards, his touch.  A small dribble of oil runs into your groin and into your sex.  You cry out.  But again his fingers skirt-wide and up onto your belly, and between your breasts.


Again, out of nowhere, sudden warmth and pressure envelops a nipple, a mouth, a tongue, puling gently and with a slight pop releases it.  Then still more warmth as a tongue explores you belly button.  You will him to go lower, but warmth envelops the other nipple, rolling it in his mouth; a graze as the edge of a tooth touches, you roll sideways slightly to free a hand, but he presses down with a firm hand on your belly.  He is really teasing you now, and you need him to stop.  Movement on the bed.  You try to work out where he is and what he is doing; you feel warmth of breath on your pussy.  He is blowing gently, your hairs stand up and goosebumps return, fingers trace your inner thigh, to the edge of your lips.  You want to scream out, but then the fingers retreat again.  The overwhelming emptiness in your groin and your still growing wetness, “I need more” your mind screams.


The fingers are back; as they trace up to the edge of your sex again, how long is he going to torment you like this.  And still, he has not said a word.


And then your world explodes as his tongue suddenly traces into your sex and his lips grip your clit, a rapid shift of pace, tongue dancing.  Arching from the bed, you grind towards his face.  This time he lets you and pushes back against you.  Relief and pleasure...  at last!


Fingers move from stroking the outside of your inner thigh and lips to exploring your inside, testing, running through your wetness.  You jump, if that is still possible as his other hand pinches a nipple.  You feel like you are falling.  Is it still dark?  Are you still blindfolded?  You can’t tell, and no longer care.  You are losing yourself in him.  Panting you feel the darkness surround you and the wave of sensations flood over you, you are slipping, falling, you let go, abandon yourself, as the waves of your orgasm grip you, you are his, for the moment….


Written by Calgary80

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