Another good morning Masturbation

Short and sweet…

It’s just light as I open my eyes. I can feel your warmth next to me. You’re still sleeping, turned towards me, almost exactly where you were when we finally fell asleep last night. I’m happy to wake up next to you ... this is still a novelty, and I like it. Lying on my back, watching the sun shift across the trees outside, I think about last night. As I do, my hand slowly slips down between my legs. My skin warm, smooth, my labia still a l… Read more

Caught online Masturbation

Husband catches me.…

So I just happened to be looking through the computer and I came across a live cam of a couple of guys. Both on separate screens. They were both wanking themselves so hard I thought their time was almost over until my messenger popped up. Both saw that I had just come online and saw that I was watching them. I didn't realise that they could see but I was on my own so I thought I would quickly have a play.
I thought it only fair that given I was… Read more

Private striptease Masturbation

I was shopping for some new lingerie and the stranger offered to buy it for me so I offered to let him be the first to remove it…

We have had a couple of really awesome adventures here but last night started something I can’t wait to explore.
Feeling pretty mellow and quite naughty I put on a sexy blue corset and black skirt, a black coat over the top to keep me warm, and my fuck buddy and I headed into town to check out the lingerie. After a couple of stops along the way at some of the regular adult outlets, he suggested we could try p&c in town. The idea of having a ra… Read more

XXXX Internet cafe Frankfurt Masturbation

Porn mastubation…

This was many years ago, while I was travelling around Europe. Like my other story, it was in Frankfurt. My trusty guide handbook of adult XXXX of places available, came up trumps again.
This was listed as an internet café, showing porn.
Upon entering, I was struck by the size of it. It was like a warehouse. I'm hopeless at determining size, but it would've been about 20 paces across from each wall.

Now I've been to a few XXXX video lounges… Read more

New Lace Panties Masturbation

Ever the exhibitionist…

I love lace. I love the way it covers, but reveals, and accentuates the form it is upon. It's elegant and sexy, and I adore it.
Needless to say, I love lacy panties, and today, I found a beautiful new pair that made its way into my basket while xmas shopping.

I went about my day, all the while, smiling every time I remembered that I had something beautiful waiting for me to slip into.

I get home from work, and I have a date, how convenien… Read more