Birthday stripper Cuckold

A visit from the police…

It was my wife's 35th birthday and I decided to do something a bit different this year. We went out of town and traveled to Christchurch where I had booked us a private airbnb apartment. We went out to dinner first then came back to the apartment to finish off our half empty bottle of wine we had started on earlier. As I opened a second bottle of wine the doorbell rang, my wife looking puzzled got up and answered. At the door there was a police m… Read more

Rendezvou to a thrill Cuckold

A fling with a married beauty....…

We decided to meet at the halfway point because it was only fair, just as we agreed to split the cost of the room. You brought Richard along as a safety net, and I was fine with that. We were, after all, strangers. Yes, even though we had been meeting almost daily on the computer over the course of the past year, our cybering had reached a point where we both agreed it was only logical to take things to the next step. We had become acquainted in … Read more

New Adventures In Cuckoldry: Part Two Cuckold

Taking It Offshore…

She leaned over me. She turned her head sideways to check that no one was looking and cheekily pulled down her one-piece swimsuit to reveal her fabulous, full breasts. “All yours this week, baby. Mostly”.

I smiled. I liked how she called me “baby”. She said it slow and lilting.

I eased back in the sun lounger, one leg hanging lazily over the side and scrunched my toes in the hot sand. I closed my eyes and wondered how did it ever … Read more

New Adventures In Cuckoldry: Part One Cuckold

An electric evening in Wadestown…

The hills around Wellington are home to some upmarket suburbs, and Wadestown is one of them. Nestled just above the city, it boasts winding, quiet streets. There are some grand houses hidden well back from the road, behind well manicured gardens and down secluded, private driveways.

The mood is old-money suburban, the height of proprietary. But facades can be deceptive. Wadestown, like many leafy suburbs throughout New Zealand, hides many dar… Read more

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We meet for coffee after lengthy chat online…

We meet for coffe after lengthy chat online. I walked in the establishment and immediately recognized her. Maybe it was her sex drive flowing out or more likely her looks were just little pit of place for early evening. She had jet black long hair, black leather pants that tightly followed her long legs and perfect ass. Black top reavealing décolletage of her pushed up tits. And you could guess black shoes with high heels. She was dressed to ki… Read more