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Cuckold Stories

A cuckold experience involves a male and female couple, where the female is sexually dominant and in control. She can have multiple sexual partners at her choosing and decide whether to include her male partner on a voyeuristic basis or a consenting submissive involvement. Cuckold is a well known interest amongst swingers.

The prominence of the male partners' involvement tends to lead to his humiliation, seeing or knowing that his wife or girlfriend are being pleasured by other lovers, superior in comparison, fulfilling her sexual needs that he fails to do so. Cuckolding relationships can happen after years of marriage. Cuckold husbands can seek their own sexual gratification hearing about their wife's string of sexual partners, which can strengthen a relationship and bring their own sex lives to a whole new level.

Have you enjoyed being a cuckold or have a tail to share? Declare your experiences by writing your own cuckold story below.

ShesaScorpio 2 months ago

The Cuckold

A little fantasy role-play

He sits on a chair in my room. Naked. Ankles tied to the chair legs - wrists bound together with bondage tape. I allow him to watch me get ready for my lover. Black lace bra, satin panties, suspender belt, stockings clipped into place. I do my make-up, my...

Couple_for_fun 6 months ago

New Invite BBC

Looking for a Bull

A bbc male had messaged us here on KWS. We exchanged a few messages and we were keen on finding a more regular male, bbc bull to be exact. We shared some photos, some emails and messages and had a date to meet purely for a meet and greet, no play. The...

funtimesforall 7 months ago

Sat night fun

A night I won’t forget in a while

We started chatting for a couple of weeks ago, getting to know each other when she asked if I was free on Saturday night. I said I was and she asked me to come around around 830 asking if I would be keen on helping her cuckold her husband. I arrived just...

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Anonymous 9 months ago

Through the window

Watching the girl I like get fucked by someone else

I met Rachel at work. We didn't see each other every day but when we did, we seemed to get on really well. I started to think she fancied me. I definitely had the hots for her. I've been pretty lonely recently and she is really nice. I'd go as far as...

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Anonymous 10 months ago

Summer afternoon.

She wanted it bad, and she felt no hesitation.

I’d been working on the house for a few hours that day. The owner, an acquaintance who owned a bunch of houses, a property investor, had taken to living in this one even though it wasn’t finished. It was a nice house, and would end up being a real beaut....

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master 1 year ago

Truck Driver to the rescue

Truck Driver Saves wife : Wife repays Truck Driver

Written by Wife It was mid winter in the South Island. I had been down south to comfort a friend who's partner had left her. I had to get home, but a large storm was about to hit the south island. It had already closed the lower passes and I had to ge...

Anonymous 1 year ago

Carpark fun

Just like being teens again

We agreed to meet at the department store. I found her in the perfume section by calling her phone. She was dressed in Sunday best: a long navy coat, heels and pearl earrings. She was nervous. We went for a coffee nearby. Her eyes told me she was wet. I s...

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Seamus 1 year ago

The Making of a Man

Naomi takes sympathy on a stranger

With her ‘little black dress’ clinging tightly to her slim body and my arm around her waist, Naomi and I walked out the foyer of our hotel into the bustling city street. Her sexy high heel shoes accentuating the length of her already long legs were clack...

DickandJane 1 year ago

Jane’s big adventure

An experience to remember.

Jane and I had always talked about a threesum with another male. It ignited her curiosity and certainly left her more than a little turned on by the thought of it. Jane is an attractive blonde with curves in all the right places. She looks fantastic i...

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Anon 2 years ago

Birthday stripper

A visit from the police

It was my wife's 35th birthday and I decided to do something a bit different this year. We went out of town and traveled to Christchurch where I had booked us a private airbnb apartment. We went out to dinner first then came back to the apartment to finis...

Mikey_Innuendo 2 years ago

Rendezvou to a thrill

A fling with a married beauty....

We decided to meet at the halfway point because it was only fair, just as we agreed to split the cost of the room. You brought Richard along as a safety net, and I was fine with that. We were, after all, strangers. Yes, even though we had been meeting alm...

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Wildbull 3 years ago

My first time with Hotwife + cuckold couple

We meet for coffee after lengthy chat online

We meet for coffe after lengthy chat online. I walked in the establishment and immediately recognized her. Maybe it was her sex drive flowing out or more likely her looks were just little pit of place for early evening. She had jet black long hair, black...

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