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Our Nature Adventure

"When I brought a friend along"

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I gave you instructions on where to park and where to go once you had arrived. My friend and I arrived and saw your car and I was a little disappointed yours was the only one there. I gave him a nudge and told him its going to be a good day and we headed off down the bushwalking track. A short distance along we headed down into the bush and found both you and the cuck. He was naked, caged, blindfolded and bound kneeling to a tree and you were naked, blindfolded and waiting patiently on your knees with your palms up like a good cum hungry slut.

I had briefed my friend on the scenario that lay in front of him and as I leant against the tree, watched as he dropped his shorts to reveal a solid 9 inch monster which he gently rubbed across your lips. You realised immediately that it wasn't my cock and there was a quick look of panic before you wrapped your hands around it and tried to inhale his massive member. You moaned about how big it was and you didn't know if it would fit anywhere. You got your answer when my friend grabbed the sides of your head and started to face fuck you, making you gag. I heard a whimper from the cuck and looked over to see him leaking.

After a little while of my friend face fucking you he pulled away and moved you onto all fours. He slipped on a condom and slid his fingers down into your slit and found your soaked pussy which he used to coat the head of his cock and positioned at you open hole. As he first entered you, you grunted and moaned which got louder as I saw you push back against him. You started to lose control and started hurling abuse at your cuck, about how he's about to hear his wife be fucked by a monster cock, and how he would never be able to compete against me and my friends. He whimpered as I watched him leak more.

By this stage I had had enough and knelt in front of you. I pulled your blindfold off for you to be presented with my rock hard cock which you started sucking furiously. My friend had nearly managed to fit his whole length inside you and you moaned out what was happening to your cuck in between sucking my cock.....

"Fuck...his friends cock is so big. I can feel it banging against my cervix"

"I'm so fucking full."

"I'm so happy you found this Bull for us"

My friend grunted and said your slut pussy has nearly made him cum. I nodded and my friend pulled out, pulled the condom off, walked over to the cuck and blew a massive load over his face and chest. I grabbed your head and made you watch as the cuck nearly lost his composure but suddenly remembered he wasn't allowed to cum....yet. I moved in behind you and slipped inside your well stretched pussy. My friend apologised for leaving you gaping and I shrugged and told him there's other holes I haven't fucked yet. This made you push back on me and moan how I can do whatever I wanted to you. I applied a dollop of lube to your tight little asshole and pushed first 1 then 2 then 3 finger inside you. All the while your moaning and describing what's happening to you to your cuck husband.

I heard a sound behind me and turned to see a fellow nature walker with his decent sized cock out, just slowly stroking and watching. I pulled out of your pussy and slid deep inside your ass in one thrust, you pushed back and shuddered out an orgasm. I fucked your ass relentlessly. I looked at my friend and he was hard again and slipping another condom on. I pulled out and grabbing your hair pulled you over to him as he lay on his back. You nearly came again as you slid down onto him. I moved in behind you and teased your sloppery ass with my cock and then punched in deep as you came loudly with both of us inside you.

Our observer made a noise and I could see he was about to cum. I instructed him to cover the cuck which he did well. I was impressed with the amount of cum this guy had. The cuck sucked him back to life and I told him to face fuck you until he's ready to blow again. This scene continued on for a while until all 3 of us were ready to cum. We pulled out and proceeded to cover the cuck in hot sticky strands of cum. All over his face and down his chin.

Like a good cumslut you cleaned each of us up with a smile and a well fucked look on your face. Our bushwalking friend thanked us and departed. You and I and my friend cleaned ourselves up, got dressed and got ready to depart. You untied your cuck husband and I instructed you to lead him back to the car the way he was. Covered in 4-5 loads of cum and he wasn't allowed to clean off until he got home.

I dropped my friend off and went straight around to your house which was a surprise for the both of you. You and I then spent the rest of the afternoon sucking and fucking while your cuck hubby catered to our needs and whims. You told me how grateful you are that I'm your Bull and had managed to tick another thing off your Fuckit List. Next thing on the list will be a gangbang at a local sex cinema with your cuck husband taking all the loads.

Now....where to find 7-8 well endowed guys who don't mind fucking a wet juicy pussy, but cumming in a cucks warm mouth?

Written by ricjen123

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