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Cuckold Stories


Use me as your slut

Didn't win power-ball so ill do anything to and for you to please you...

Apologies in advance if this story sucks - it's my 1st time posting. A kinda stupid big half finished message. Sorry I won't come back until i can finish until I'm confident I can finish...... I just had to post it though.... fuck I'm a dick. Hope it's ok...

Our Nature Adventure

When I brought a friend along

I gave you instructions on where to park and where to go once you had arrived. My friend and I arrived and saw your car and I was a little disappointed yours was the only one there. I gave him a nudge and told him its going to be a good day and we headed...

When I got your cucks key

When I claimed you and your cuck

I turned up and parked in his space. I saw you quickly shut the curtains and knew you were ready for me. I walked in the door and you were there, naked, kneeling and presenting me with his key. I took a picture of you wrapping the chain around my cock and...


Lying on the couch, she whispered quietly; "Daddy?" "What baby?, why are you whispering, I can barely hear you!" "I'm horny!" she said a little louder, but shy like, ah, she meant business then! "Horny for what?" he said without any hesitation, but in ant...

How embarrassing

When swinging takes a darker turn…

They moved inside, tension in the air, Justin’s wife Amanda moving slowly as his gaze danced over her. He would never be able to look at her the same. “Did you enjoy your first time watching me get fucked?” She asked, nonchalantly as she flicked on a lamp...

Gangbang Anyone?

I'm a believer in dreams cumming true!

My Master has allowed me to flirt and tease men that excite me and me them, so as to gather some eager participants. I send them pics and tell them what I’d like to do to their cocks, how I’d like to have My Master lay me out for them to touch, view, lick...

Unexpected edging

Cuck nearly blows his load during cleanup

Unexpected explosion I knelt on the carpet by the door as I heard the car pull up the driveway. I heard the muffled voices outside the front door as I knelt on the carpet behind the lobby door, butt naked, hands behind my back. The room was flicking with...

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Dirty pussy

A slightly older woman inducts me into the world of eating creampie

The run “You like knowing I’m a slut don’t you?” She messaged. It was a Saturday morning and as a 18 year old male, I lay in the bed of my flat wondering what the day entailed. “Yes ma’am”. There was something about her. Although 6 years older than me, sh...

An unexpected journey

Like the hobbit, except with. Hotwife and her cuck

An unexpected journey She groaned beneath me as I kissed her, her 6th orgasm of the night approaching. Her heels dug into my ass as she ground her clit against me and I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer. “Oh daddy!” She moaned, loudly, unbridled....

Black, knee high boots.

Deep conversation, without uttering a word.

Two years ago, I sent a message out to a couple. The photo that drew me in was this woman, standing on a balcony facing away from the camera, long, curly, red hair glistening in the sun. She had long legs, a tight waist and a beatiful ass. I reached out t...


Cucks first meal

An introduction to his new role, complete with a snack

My fingers delved to my clit, instantly relieving some of the pressure. It was Sunday morning and I still could feel my fiancees loads dribbling from me from last night as he lay asleep beside me. My phone vibrated again and I flicked the message open. "D...


Cuck cleanup

Bound cuck awaits the return of his hotwife

You struggled against your bonds, each of your limbs isolated to the four corners of the bed. Your cock ached against its chastity cage. It had been a week since you had been allowed to come but the last three days had really been torture locked like this...


The Cuckold

A little fantasy role-play

He sits on a chair in my room. Naked. Ankles tied to the chair legs - wrists bound together with bondage tape. I allow him to watch me get ready for my lover. Black lace bra, satin panties, suspender belt, stockings clipped into place. I do my make-up, my...