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An unexpected journey

Like the hobbit, except with. Hotwife and her cuck

An unexpected journey She groaned beneath me as I kissed her, her 6th orgasm of the night approaching. Her heels dug into my ass as she ground her clit against me and I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer. “Oh daddy!” She moaned, loudly, unbridled....

Black, knee high boots.

Deep conversation, without uttering a word.

Two years ago, I sent a message out to a couple. The photo that drew me in was this woman, standing on a balcony facing away from the camera, long, curly, red hair glistening in the sun. She had long legs, a tight waist and a beatiful ass. I reached out t...


Cucks first meal

An introduction to his new role, complete with a snack

My fingers delved to my clit, instantly relieving some of the pressure. It was Sunday morning and I still could feel my fiancees loads dribbling from me from last night as he lay asleep beside me. My phone vibrated again and I flicked the message open. "D...


Cuck cleanup

Bound cuck awaits the return of his hotwife

You struggled against your bonds, each of your limbs isolated to the four corners of the bed. Your cock ached against its chastity cage. It had been a week since you had been allowed to come but the last three days had really been torture locked like this...


The Cuckold

A little fantasy role-play

He sits on a chair in my room. Naked. Ankles tied to the chair legs - wrists bound together with bondage tape. I allow him to watch me get ready for my lover. Black lace bra, satin panties, suspender belt, stockings clipped into place. I do my make-up, my...


Summer afternoon.

She wanted it bad, and she felt no hesitation.

I’d been working on the house for a few hours that day. The owner, an acquaintance who owned a bunch of houses, a property investor, had taken to living in this one even though it wasn’t finished. It was a nice house, and would end up being a real beaut....

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A Masters story Pt3

Back to our room, what sub saw

Suddenly I am blinded as the blindfold comes off and the headphones with it, as my eyes adjust to my surroundings filled with light again, I focus in on my Master kissing Lisa, who is dressed in a similar state to myself, except she has stockings on with...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Heading Home to Hubby loaded up

A night in town turned into a Bang Van

Start of summer had hit and it had been years since I'd hit the town with the girls. My husband said to make sure I had a good night and make the most of it since I didnt do it often. I spent the day getting waxed, hair done, nails done and found my old c...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Truck Driver to the rescue

Truck Driver Saves wife : Wife repays Truck Driver

Written by Wife It was mid winter in the South Island. I had been down south to comfort a friend who's partner had left her. I had to get home, but a large storm was about to hit the south island. It had already closed the lower passes and I had to get ov...


A Masters story Pt3

Back to our room

Suddenly the headphones and blindfold are removed, she blinks with the assault of light and is trying to take it all in. what she can see is not what she expected. I am kissing the blond, she has lost her dress and bra, she is down to her stockings and he...


The Making of a Man

Naomi takes sympathy on a stranger

With her ‘little black dress’ clinging tightly to her slim body and my arm around her waist, Naomi and I walked out the foyer of our hotel into the bustling city street. Her sexy high heel shoes accentuating the length of her already long legs were clacki...


Fuck of as lifetime

Handcuffed, blindfolded and in walks a stranger.

With a lifetime of threesomes, swinging and amazing adventures I didnt think i could beat some of the amazing experiences I have had, but i was wrong. We had chatted about fantasies and "What have you never done but wanted to" and she was aroused by the i...