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How embarrassing

"When swinging takes a darker turn…"

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They moved inside, tension in the air, Justin’s wife Amanda moving slowly as his gaze danced over her. He would never be able to look at her the same.

“Did you enjoy your first time watching me get fucked?” She asked, nonchalantly as she flicked on a lamp to gently illuminate the room. Her figure looked so trim in the black hugging dress. Justin couldn’t get the image of the man’s massive hands roaming all over her body from his brain.

He nodded in response, breathing for what felt like the first time all night. They had swung with multiple couples before but this had been the first time she had been the only one playing.

“I really did!” Justin exclaimed. Amanda examined her nails, almost bored.

Justin was a little taken aback. He had expected their usual excited post-swinging debrief but this was… different…humiliating…. Somehow he liked it.

Justin’s cheeks burned red as he nodded, his cock twitching unintentionally in his pants. She giggled at him before continuing.

“It was so nice to finally be satisfied by a real man again… finally a guy who could last longer than 30 seconds… and could go more than one round…. And had a massive cock!” She said, looking at him down her nose with almost distain in her voice.

Justin shifted uncomfortably. Harsh, but ultimately true. His cock was now throbbing. It had been over a week since he had cum, a long torturous week building towards tonight’s events. She had made list of excuses not to have sex all week, but he ultimately knew it was a ploy to tease him. As if reading his mind, Amanda sighed.

“Go on the then, pull it out” she said, yawning. He reached down and unbuckled himself, his pants dropping to the floor. He seemed so inadequate after what Amanda had taken less than an hour earlier.

She rifled though her bag, nodding for him to sit on the couch. He removed his clothes and did so, looking up to see his wife hand him a condom.

He looked confused and Amanda shrugged her shoulders.

“Put it on?” She suggested, as if he was stupid. She tossed her handbag on the couch beside him.

“But… but…” he stammered, confused and concerned. “But we haven’t used condoms in years….and you are on the pill… another man just came inside you!!”

She shrugged her shoulders as if to say take it or leave it. He frantically tried to roll the silicone sheath down his greasy shaft.

He knew he wouldn’t last long, but her nonchalant attitude was humiliating and added to his frustration.

“Well to be honest…” she said, moving into position with a knee either side of his hips. She was close, almost face to face but looking down at him. “After knowing what a real, alpha man’s cum feels like inside me, why would I want your beta dribble inside me?”

With that she sank back on him, Justin crying out in pleasure. Even though the rubber, she was warm and wet. She paused and held herself still, his worm buried inside her.

She didn’t move, yet again confusing Justin.

He tried to hump upwards and she adjusted, pinning his legs with her feet and his arms with her hands.

He grunted in frustration as she leant over, licking his earlobes and growling into his ear.

“We both know this isn’t going to last long” she quipped, teasing him. “So just hurry up and cum already…”

He whimpered, knowing she was right.

He could feel his balls tighten already.


‘Not yet… please not yet’ he begged his body.

“Come on, let’s get this over and done with” she sighed, like a chore. It was working and she felt him pulsing inside her. “You’re pathetic…… and little…. And you never last long enough to satisfy me…:”

As the final word was spoken, he ejaculated, rope after rope of thick creamy cum oozing up and into the condom.

It wasn’t an orgasm, with little pleasure, just a physical response. An ejaculation.

He gasped, embarrassed.

Amanda immediately dismounted, sliding forwards and pulling the condom off and up beside his face.

Justin felt vulnerable, embarrassed.

Amanda smiled and giggled.

“I love you” she said, reassuringly. “But I believe we both know the next step in our swinging adventures is going to involve you being cucked… so are you ready to taste your first load of cum?”

Written by Nzwifehunter

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