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Hotwife Stories


Sunday morning text

My girl gets a Sunday morning extra creampie

It’s a rainy Sunday morning around 9am, we’d only just awoken and snuggling, slightly hungover from Saturday night. I was spooning her from behind and getting hard as she gently pushed and nestled her peach-shaped ass back into me as she got hornier, soft...


Craigslist Invitation Part One

He watched as she she took our cocks in her mouth.

I had just ended a long term relationship and moved into my own apartment near the city. I was so excited that a woman had responded to one of my Craigslist ads back when that was the norm for anonymous hookups. She had mentioned that her and her friend w...

Bbq with friends

Hot Coals and sweat

I had just finished rolling the beef roast and was relaxing in the bbq area with a cold beer when I heard their car come down the driveway. I had another mouthful of beer then headed up the path to meet them. We hadn’t seen Briar and Craig for a few weeks...

An unexpected journey

Like the hobbit, except with. Hotwife and her cuck

An unexpected journey She groaned beneath me as I kissed her, her 6th orgasm of the night approaching. Her heels dug into my ass as she ground her clit against me and I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer. “Oh daddy!” She moaned, loudly, unbridled....


Cuck cleanup

Bound cuck awaits the return of his hotwife

You struggled against your bonds, each of your limbs isolated to the four corners of the bed. Your cock ached against its chastity cage. It had been a week since you had been allowed to come but the last three days had really been torture locked like this...

It’s my party and I’ll cum if I want to

In the darkness of a grope tent anything is possible

It’s Saturday night of the party, you and Brian arrive a little later, not wanting that awkward first couple conversation. As you walk down the drive you can hear laughter. Knocking on the door you give Brian a kiss, looking at each other knowing that wha...


On my way home hun

Based on a true story (names changed)

It was getting later into the afternoon now and I had a glow on from the drinks and was feeling good but I knew we had a long drive back however, so I messaged my friend to come pick me up. I said my goodbyes to friends, it had been a good birthday party...

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Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Heading Home to Hubby loaded up

A night in town turned into a Bang Van

Start of summer had hit and it had been years since I'd hit the town with the girls. My husband said to make sure I had a good night and make the most of it since I didnt do it often. I spent the day getting waxed, hair done, nails done and found my old c...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Accidental Dogging

What started out as an evening Wine......

It was spring a few years ago now.... Hubby and I packed a small light dinner and a bottle of wine. We drove to a fairly secluded beach, parked up and got out. There was a handful of cars there but no one in sight. We looked around and saw a track heading...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Bahamas, Wife and Lots of Men

She gets more than she bargained for

It was our first holiday together alone. We flew to a tropical island in the Bahamas, to a resort we fell in love with just the pics on the brochure. We landed and set off to the resort a bit jet lagged. It was so hot, my husband stripped down to his boxe...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Her First Bukkake

She looked like a glazed Donut

While we were in bed one night, my wife hinted she always wanted to be covered in cum, and have guys cum on her as she orgasmed. The thought drove us both wild and we have amazing sex that night. A few months later, our found out that a travelling sports...