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An unexpected journey

"Like the hobbit, except with. Hotwife and her cuck"

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An unexpected journey

She groaned beneath me as I kissed her, her 6th orgasm of the night approaching. Her heels dug into my ass as she ground her clit against me and I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Oh daddy!” She moaned, loudly, unbridled. “Fuck me…oooh please daddy as hard as you can…”

Her dirty talk had been driving me insane. “Fuck daddy you are so much bigger than my husband” she moaned. “And last so much longer…..Fuck you fill me properly”

I sat up slightly, spreading her legs wide as my balls slapped against her, sloshing in the lady juice that had dribbled from her over the past 2 hours of solid fucking.

“Ugh” she moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. “Ffuuukkkkkkk”

I could feel the familiar pulsing of her cunt, her moans and panting louder and more rapid as her orgasm broke free of her body. It was like an earthquake, ripping through her body with her cervix the epicentre.

She grabbed my right hand and dragged it to her throat. “Choke me daddy” she begged before grabbing my left hand and sucking on my fingers. I could feel her groans reverberating through my fingers as she gasped and writhed underneath me, flood after flood flowing from her as waves of pleasure pushed out of her.

I glanced down at my cock as it slid in and out from her smooth pussy, lubricated with her juices. My trimmed pubes provided a good clean view of my veiny member as it thrashed her.

“Fuckkk” she groaned into your fingers as she continued to lick them like the good little slut she was. “I’m coming AGAIN baby”

I felt the pulsing deep  in her and it only added to my pace, removing my fingers from her mouth to steady myself on her headboard but maintaining the pressure on her throat.

I could feel the electrical charge of her body through my hand, feel the intensity of her breath. Her hand grabbed at my arm, digging her nails in while the other steadied herself on she sheets, straining the fabric as she grasped at them. Her moans became frantic and panicked as her body was pushed over the edge yet again.

Like a stick dropping over the edge of a waterfall, she rapidly lost control of her body, her hips grinding all over me as she moaned and groaned like a possessed demon. She screamed out as she climaxed, her body jerking over and over as juices flooded around my cock until they dripped from my balls.

I felt my balls pull tight, the pleasure erupting from deep within me. I could feel each drop of my hot cum shooting along the length of my swollen eight inch throbbing cock. I growled like a predator, releasing her throat and grabbing at her legs in fear of snapping her neck from the overwhelming sensations.

My eyes jammed shut and the darkness soon exploded like fireworks, my jaw aching as my whole body clenched. My hands moved to her hips, grabbing  and driving her against me as my cock erupted inside her. It seemed to last forever.

Wave after wave of pleasure and come shot from my body, as my head swirled, some animalistic caveman instincts taking over. I felt her fertile pussy flooding with my seed, pushing her over the edge once again as she climaxed one final time.

I collapsed forward in exhaustion, nearly clashing heads, drained of all energy and semen. We kissed instinctually before my cock softened and slipped from her. She adjusted her legs to allow me to lay beside her and we spoke as the glow slowly faded.

I kissed the sweet from her brow. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard“ I whispered to her. She smiled in pride.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard or that often” she retorted as we both smiled and kissed, satisfied with such an amazing session.

“I wonder if your husband jizzed himself in his little cage” I questioned. “But I don’t have the energy to sit up and look”

“Don’t make me laugh” she said. “It makes the cum dribble out” She twisted her head slightly before shaking her head. “Doesn’t look like he did. I don’t know if i should be proud or disappointed”

“Hmmm” I replied with a a smile, playing with the wedding rings on her finger, “I don’t think you SHOULD be fucking other guys on your first wedding anniversary”

She giggled again before playfully pushing my chest. “Stop!” She giggled. “You are making me even messier!”

“Well let’s get you cleaned up then” I said with a smile, sitting up. “Cuck, come here I need you”

I glanced down at her, and she bit her bottom lip with nervous excitement. This has been something they had both wanted for a while but it was finally coming together.

I watched with joy as he tried to move towards me without loosing balance. His hands where handcuffed behind his back and his feet were cuffed together at the ankles. There was a short chain connecting the ankle and wrist cuffs together and he had been kneeling so he had very limited movement available.

I laughed quietly as I watched him crawl across the floor, his tiny cock swollen and red inside it’s steel cage. As he got closer to the foot of the bed I spread his wife’s legs further and she relaxed back into the bed.

He approached, wiggling across the floor like an injured penguin. As he got closer, he looked up at me with pathetic eyes, his face about 6 inches from her used out pussy.

It was an amazing sight to see, the reluctance in his eyes as my white semen dropped down her taint. His pathetic cock strained against the stainless steel cage it was locked in and I smirked.

“Clean her up” I ordered. “Every last drop of my seed you filthy little cuck”

He turned his eyes towards her puffed and swollen lips, my cum mixed with her juices smeared all over her. He leaned forward, sticking out his tongue and licking the base of her lips. He then parted her lips and delved deep, scooping my mess out with his tongue and swallowing it with a reluctant groan.

He reset, adjusting his lips and I smiled seeing my cum traced on his face. I laid back down beside her and we began to kiss as I listened to him slowly slurping and sucking on our juices.

I could feel her breathing heavy and panting before she broke the kiss, staring me in the eyes as our hands wandered over each other’s flesh.

“This is so fucking erotic” she whispered, quiet enough that only I could hear. “I can’t believe this is finally happening”

“Don’t forget down her ass, cuck” I said, still looking her in the eyes from inches away. “I made a mess of her make sure you get it all….”

We kissed deeply and erotically, my tongue forcing itself inside her mouth before she sucked it like a cock which caused a reawakening of my loins. She let out a slight moan and she kissed me harder.

Breaking the kiss she looked at me shyly. “I have one last fantasy” she whispered. “One last thing I’d love to try….”

I smiled and I knew it was kinky if she had to ask. “Anything babe” I said nodding to her. “You know I’m down for whatever you need”

“Anything?” She said,sitting up on an elbow and looking at me.

I nodded and she sat right up, using her left arm to push me slightly down into the bed as she did so.

“I think you have done a really good job at cleaning me up” she said to him as he continued to lick. “But you missed a few spots”

I could tell he had stopped as was looking up at her but I couldn’t quite see him from my position.

“Over here?” She said pointing down between my legs. I was shocked.

“But…” his voice trailed off as she slapped him square across the face.

“You are not allowed to speak!” She said extremely firmly. “Now get over here and clean daddy’s cock”

I kept my eyes on her as she glanced with a smile then looked back down at him as he shuffled around. I smile spread across my face as I felt the warmth of his mouth for the first time.

He began to lick the base of my shaft, long slow strokes up to the tip. The effect was instantaneous and I felt blood rushing to my loins, within moments a full erection forming. I kept my eyes on her face and her grin grew.

He flicked his tongue all around me, then up one side and down the others. Her face was so impressed as he took the tip of me in his mouth, swirling his tongue and collecting the mixture of our fluids, swallowing it back.

“Take it all” she encouraged him. “Suck daddy’s dick for me… mmm that’s it”

She smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair. He began lowing himself deeper and deeper onto my length, each stroke onto me, taking slightly more.

I had to admit, he had amazing technique. At first it was the kink of it all, that this cuck was degrading himself so much he was sucking my cock at his queens request. But as it continued, it did feel pleasurable. I’d never desired a man’s touch but there was something about this situation that was very fun.

“Mmmmmmm” she groaned as he choked slightly, the head of my member gaging the back of his throat. She guided him off by gently tugging his hair, leaving a wet film of spit over my length. She guided him lower before stepping over my torso.

“Suck daddy’s balls” she instructed as she positioned her sloppy pussy over me and lowered herself down. I groaned at the combined pleasure of his warm tongue and her hungry cunt. “Make sure they are nice and full so I can drain them again”

Written by Nzwifehunter

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