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An innocent car ride....

I step out of the shower, beads of water running down my body, glistening. I grab a fluffy white towel from the towel rack and wrap it around me. My nerves have already begun. Deep breaths I tell myself. I head into the motel bedroom my outfit for the nig...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

We finally finished building the deck and was ready to put a spa pool on it. Couldn't have come quicker either. We had a week of typical south island winter weather, and a bigger low was coming our way. We decided to speed things up. We went out saturday...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Heading Home to Hubby loaded up

A night in town turned into a Bang Van

Start of summer had hit and it had been years since I'd hit the town with the girls. My husband said to make sure I had a good night and make the most of it since I didnt do it often. I spent the day getting waxed, hair done, nails done and found my old c...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Bahamas, Wife and Lots of Men

She gets more than she bargained for

It was our first holiday together alone. We flew to a tropical island in the Bahamas, to a resort we fell in love with just the pics on the brochure. We landed and set off to the resort a bit jet lagged. It was so hot, my husband stripped down to his boxe...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Wife Saves the Stag do

Plans go South and Wife Saves my Ass

Not long ago, I was transferred to a town in the states for work. It was a pretty good neighbourhood, but with very few less coloured people. I started my temporary position trying to lift operations. The staff were great and gave me the nickname Little S...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

My wife & German Glory Holes

Wife becomes Glory Hole worker for a night

We had 3 nights in germany on the last stint of our Tour of Europe. Hearing alot about Germanys Adult scene we decided to take a tour. After visiting a couple of bars and strip clubs, we came across a place when translated meant " The Hole in the Wall " W...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Wife Gives In and gets filled Part 2

He came back and spent the night

So he came back for another night, and this time spent the whole night with us.... We had an empty house to ourselves for the night and after a few afternoon drinks, decided to invite him over. His name is karl, and hes been working out. He came more prep...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Truck Driver to the rescue

Truck Driver Saves wife : Wife repays Truck Driver

Written by Wife It was mid winter in the South Island. I had been down south to comfort a friend who's partner had left her. I had to get home, but a large storm was about to hit the south island. It had already closed the lower passes and I had to get ov...

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Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

The Pass Around Wife

From 1 guy to the next till all were spent

The House Warming We had just moved to another town and brought our second house with a private yard and a pool. We had prepped food, chilly bins of ice and a Bbq. My wife didnt know many people here, just a couple that she knew from years ago, but I knew...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Her First Bukkake

She looked like a glazed Donut

While we were in bed one night, my wife hinted she always wanted to be covered in cum, and have guys cum on her as she orgasmed. The thought drove us both wild and we have amazing sex that night. A few months later, our found out that a travelling sports...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Hung Hamner Hunks

Wife Can't Resist them

It was mid winter and we decided as holiday was overdue. We searched for an ideal place and had never been to Hamner Springs. So we booked a little Chatel not far from the pools, loaded up the car and started the journey. About halfway there, my man said...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Wife Gives In and gets filled

Best night of her life..... so far

We had talked about it, and finally decided to do it. Our first MMF THREESOME as a couple. After searching for the perfect person, we found a guy that was well hung, presented, but a down to earth kiwi bloke. After exchanging emails, we invited him over....