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Bahamas, Wife and Lots of Men

"She gets more than she bargained for"

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It was our first holiday together alone. We flew to a tropical island in the Bahamas, to a resort we fell in love with just the pics on the brochure. We landed and set off to the resort a bit jet lagged. It was so hot, my husband stripped down to his boxers and I down to just my shoelace style G-string, and hopped into bed for a well needed sleep. About a couple of hours later there was a knock at the door. Hubby was fast asleep so I wrapped a towel around myself and answered the door. Standing in the doorway was a very muscular dark skinned man named Nathan. He was the guest manager, and had brought a bottle of wine as a welcome. He put his hand out to shake my hand and went to hand be the bottle. Still half asleep, I reached out and my towel and it dropped, exposing everything except my pussy. I quickly picked the towel up in embarrassment, but he assured me I had nothing that needed hiding on that floor of the resort. My husband had booked the adult sector of the resort, which allowed nudity, open sex anywhere in that part of the resort including the private spa pool and swim up bar. I blushed, thanked him and went to close the door, when he insisted we come to happy hour by the pool, where guests drank for free on their first night. I went back to sleep thinking about what we could up to and after another 4hrs, we were both awake and in the mood for a couple of cocktails. We made our way down to the pool, hubby wearing his boardies and I was wearing a skimpy white bikini he had brought me for the holiday. We got there to see that apart from another couple, we were the only lighter skinned people there and it was mainly stunning bahama stallions swimming enjoying a few beers to the music. We dived in and swam up to the bar, and the bartender knew we were on our first night. The cocktails started flowing and i started getting a bit flirty and playful. Most of the guys were checking me out and a couple had flirted. I even caught my hubby grinning as one brushed his hand over my breast as he reached for his beer which made me incredibly horny. I said to my hubby, we needed to get to the room for a shag as I couldnt take it. The bartender overheard and said, "no you dont" as he reminded us about the rules, just no sex in the pool. A bit nervous we climbed onto one of the poolside beds as started to have our first experience at sex in front of others. I went crazy and came 3 times, after the third, he said i should invite another guy over to join us and I couldnt let that opportunity go ! I glanced around to see 4 guys all had their monster cocks out having a play while watching... 1 ??? I called them all over, as hubby nearly blew a load instantly. He asked if I was sure I could handle it, and I just nodded and said I'm gonna try. 1 by 1 they took turns fucking, stretching and filling my used hole with the biggest loads of cum I'd ever felt, but after a while I noticed different faces on top of me. I didnt care, I was overrun with lust and the feeling of loads on my face, chest, in my mouth and in my pussy was driving me crazy and I couldnt stop no matter how much my pussy was aching. It wasnt enough, I had the guy with the biggest cock lay on the bed, it was 12 or 13 inches and was nearly as round as a beer can, but it was so wet and stretched, it didnt take much effort to take it all, still wasnt enough. I beckoned hubby to enter my ass, something that only happens on his bday. He started with a finger my ass and worked it till he could get his cock in. It was too much for him and after 5mins he blew another load. From there my ass was filled, wet and ready and one of the other guys who took his place, and another, and another, until my ass was gaped open. All With the 12" man still in my pussy ( champion of stamina ). Just when I thought I had done it all, the last guy in my ass, took it out and slid it in my pussy with the other guys. It was a bit much but I took it and I got better, ALOT better ! I was in heaven, and after a few minutes another guy climbed in front of him and slid his whopper into my ass again while another presented his meat to my mouth. So there I was, covered in come with 4 stunning black men inside me, 2 in my pussy, 1 in my ass and one in my mouth with another in my hand. After about 10 or so minutes, they all finished up and went back to the pool for a beer leaving me on a bed covered in sweat and more cum that I've even seen. We headed back to the room with sore legs and very worn out holes to have a shower, but not before hubby had to go another round. He was still crazy horny and said I was welcome to whoever I wanted as long as he was there. We fucked for bit and jumped in the shower, and went back to the pool that evening for nibbles and more drinks. They guys tried again, but i had to say no as i was too sore for anymore. We did have alot more fun that trip, especially in the spa pool but not as crazy as that day. As we left the resort, the guest manager handed me a USB stick, and assured it was the only copy. When we got home, we watched it curious as to what it was. The entire gangbang was filmed from discrete cameras. Turns out, what I thought was an hour or so was nearly 5hrs, and 4-6guys turned out to be 22 different men, and they all had at least 2 turns each, some 3 or 4. We watch the video once a week before sex, and since then had multiple threesomes and smaller gangbangs, and we are all to happy to put it on as foreplay. The guys and girls that join us go crazy. We head back there for our 40th next year, and are hoping for something even bigger and better. Well that's our story, and even as I've been writing it, it's got me so horny I've been using my vibrator on myself. Some might say I went to far, but I think we didnt go far enough. I couldn't have asked for a better husband that enjoys seeing me in absolute ecstasy with other men. Amazingly, my holes did go back to just about normal, and the guy with the 12" monster, well hubby found out he visits NZ twice a year for work so will be seeing him when lockdowns over Tags: bbc, cumming, cumshot, cumslut, gangbang
Written by Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

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