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The swinging lifestyle engages singles and partners in relationships to engage in sexual practices with a variety of other partners. Many people choose this lifestyle who have a sexual drive that requires different fulfilment than what they currently have.

Swinging is seen as a healthy outlet that can help increase the quality, quantity and variety of sex. Swinging can take place in the privacy of many homes, hotels, swinging clubs and safe private outdoor areas like dogging locations.

Having friends with benefits, experiencing life-changing encounters, or finally relishing a long-standing curiosity - let other readers enjoy your swinging story.

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My first multi cock adventure

It was an unexpected message. Do I want to meet up at 4pm. There maybe 3 to 4 guys there. I replied yes and the address was sent to me. I hadn't met Adam yet but messages were hot and the thought of getting to suck his cock was enough to get me there. Hey...

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My husband watched as the cute couple kissed me on the bed. She had my head in her lap as she kissed me and caressed my breasts. She whispered can my husband f..k you. I was so turned on that I said yes. He came over the top of me and pushed my skirt up m...

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After having performed so well in her last (and first ever gang bang) with 4 guys, it was time to up the anti and test her impressive skills on a bigger group of guys. A date was set, a nice hotel room booked and invites were sent out to the lucky success...

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Her first time at a sex club

Every time she saw cock, she had to have it.

My husband ( Steve ) and I live in a small town. There aren’t a lot of opportunity to play, although we do have a couple of friends ( Jack and Heather ). Who we quite often get together with to have a fun session with. You could say Heather is slowly find...

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A couple join us

My Master is in charge

There is a knock on the door and my master goes to let Mike and Sara in while I busy myself in the kitchen making snacks. I am wearing a short dress with no panties underneath, aswell as some benwa balls inside me, stimulating me with every movement. As t...

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All I ever wished for

All I ever wished for

My husband (Alan)and I have been communicating with Jeff online. We had agreed to meet at his house for a no sex fun evening. My husband Alan and Jeff were like brothers. When he found out my name was Joy he said “Joy by name and Joy by nature.” We all hi...

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My virgin night swinging.

It was so hot and delicious to kiss another man’s wife.

My virgin night swinging. After matching online and chatting with Mr, we agreed to meet up for a meal to see if they would find me suitable to play with. The meal conversation was informative around swinging where both Mr and Mrs shared their experiences...

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Gangbang Anyone?

I'm a believer in dreams cumming true!

My Master has allowed me to flirt and tease men that excite me and me them, so as to gather some eager participants. I send them pics and tell them what I’d like to do to their cocks, how I’d like to have My Master lay me out for them to touch, view, lick...

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After an evening at some Auckland bars we were a little tipsy and decided to head up to CCK. Enroute Anna whispered "tell me three naughty things you dare me to do while you watch.. " After some quick thought I told her... "I want to watch you kneel in fr...

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Better than phone sex

Taboo encounter for my wife

Emily and I had been married for a few years, since our mid twenties. We were adventurous, and had started experimenting just a little for a year or two with some threesomes. Only ever FFM and with girls we had met on an online swinging site. We both love...

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Anna and Matt

My husband rolled aside allowing the stranger full view of me. I could see his cock go rock hard as he watched. Hubby quietly moved further away on the bed leaving me totally exposed to the stranger. As I looked at the stranger I slowly started to rub my...

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Fun at CCK

Were you the guy watching....

Entering the lower room at CCK, I lay on the bed as my husband knelt above me. I was wearing a black short skirt and stockings with white top. I knew a guy was watching me standing beside the bed. Only inches away from me. He watched as my husband slid my...

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bi foursome

first bi foursome in a long time

It had been a long time between drinks – in fact it felt like forever but finally we were back together and after a few days of rather tempestuous sessions, it was time to branch out! It had been a hard choice – did we go for a bi female, bi male -- but i...


First time experience

As we climbed into the taxi. Both high and tipsy ,nervous and excited. Looking into each other's eyes scared of our own reactions to what is about to happen.... Arriving at the destination her pussy dribbling down her thigh.. My cock seeping with pre come...

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Back when Craigslist was a thing i struck up conveith a younger couple. They asked if i would like my cock licked by a guy.. I said why not as long as she was there too. The day and time was agreed. 7.30 at sandy point invercargill. I arrived she got in m...

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