Turning Her Bi Swinging

Oil Galore…

We were at dinner with friends on a warm Christchurch night where as usual the conversation had sexual undertones. They new I am bi and had never hidden from it, I had told my husband not long after we were married and has been part of my and our life ever since. We were seated at the table with her beside me and our guys opposite when the conversation got on to the benefits of my recently having my pussy hair fully removed by laser treatment and… Read more


I thought it was only going to be a quiet evening with some friends over for my birthday .... was I wrong!!!…

Hubby and I had just gotten back from a romantic dinner for my birthday treat. It was an amazing night, great food, lots of wine and at that stage feeling a little tipsy, we had already decided that we were going to be staying in town the night. We walked to our nearby hotel, a beautiful luxurious resort style, right on the waterfront. It was a picture perfect night and the water was glistening.

As we walked inside the room, unbeknownst to… Read more

An afternoon delight Swinging

A prequel to Ep. 3…

Lucy kissed Ed goodbye and walked to the gate of the wharf. She could feel her heart starting to beat faster as her nervousness raised. In five minutes or so she would have a few hours with Aurelio alone and who knew what was going to happen. It’s been almost 3 months since she last met him, not mentioning this would be the first time just by herself. She sat waiting on a bench at the gate and looked out at the scenery. It was a hot sunny day a… Read more

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A Slut After 40 years of marriage part 3 Swinging

Michael goes bi…

A Slut After 40 Years in a Sexless Marriage
Part 3

In Only A Few Weeks We’ve Changed to Becoming Enthusiastic Open Marriage Proponents

Well that first party where Michael and I enjoyed so many different lovers in such few hours really excited us both. Micheal has established his sheer joy at seeing me sexually pleasured with a multitude of cocks and mouths - mouths of both sexes too. As we at last began to talk about our wonderful recol… Read more

Ep 3: A quickie Swinging

An impromtu meet up in the dark of Lucy…

Lucy's phone vibrated, signalling a new message. "Hey, are you still in Devon?". She couldn't help smiling, sensing something adventurous coming her way. Though she had decided to pop over to Devon tonight anyway to go dancing as there was a live jazz band there, she was almost sure that would be it, that she would just have a night out and then go home. After all, it was communicated to her that this man who just texted her would be busy all wee… Read more

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Married 40 years Sexless and Now Slut Swinging

A good Catholic girl discovers the joys of sex in Swinging…

Part two

Two plus two equals such incredible fun!
Remember after a dull and sexless marriage to Michael we'd together now found that sex can be incredible and gets even better when it's shared with others!

We woke up after a couple of hours of nourishing sleep still embracing our new lovers. Michael was with Jackie and I was with James. Not only was James cock much larger and fatter than Michael's I had enjoyed it so wonderfully ful… Read more

Going to Club CCK this weekend Swinging

Last time was fun....…

Last time we went was amazing.... I was wearing a short black skirt and top. Spent ages in the tent. My husband was kissing me and saw hands reach through the gaps. They started caressing my boobs through my top then one went down my leg and slipped under my skirt. I backed up to the tent wall and they were rubbing me with one hand and undoing my top with the other while my husband watched. I was getting so turned on as they pushed my skirt u… Read more

Gee - good Catholic Girl finds sex so pleasurable - part 2 Swinging

Our first sex party…

Part two

Two plus two equals such incredible fun!
Remember after a dull and sexless marriage to Michael we'd together now found that sex can be incredible and gets better when it's shared with others

We woke after a couple of hours still embracing our new lovers Michael was with Jackie and I was with James Not only was James cock much larger and fatter than Michael's I'd found switching back and forwards between the two of them so… Read more

A Slut After 40 Years Faithfulness Swinging

A good Catholic finds that sex can be a whole lot of fun.…

Originally written as letters to our local newspaper in response to a request for genuine ‘Older Swinger Lifestyle’ participants The original letters contained no bad language and not as much detail as this fuller account The responses supported our lifestyle and only a very small number have critical of us Interestingly too since we have now been to visit a local swingers club we have met and swung with ‘neighbours, a priest, judge, tea… Read more

Long distance sext messaging fun 2 x Swinging

swinging, orgy, cuckold, dp…

So I picked you up, I had told you to put on your best panties and be ready for anything fun!

Mmm that’s hot - I get ready put my best panties on x I’m so horny and wet already with the anticipation

I blindfold you. I haven’t hinted anything of what’s in store for you ...you’re trembling with anticipation as I guide you to my car

Mmm exciting I’m getting impatient ... you play it cool you’re driving me insane!

You feel m… Read more

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Fifty shades of Lucy - Part 2 Swinging

Lucy's sexual adventure when Ed is not around…

Lucy walked softly on the beach, feeling the wet sand under her feet. The sun was setting and it was getting dark. Aurelio walked beside her, his hand around her waist. He could feel her soft body beneath the elegantly sexy black dress. The deep V neck revealed a glimpse of her firm and enticing breasts. He looked at her lush lips and felt an irresistible desire to kiss her deeply.

He still could not believe he had the rare chance to take Lucy… Read more

When Friends become more than...... Swinging


There had always been a lot of sexual innuendo when ever we met socially as couples with our good friends Sally and Dan, plus with them I had never hid behind the fact that I was I was bi and they certainly new I was confident, especially after one too many wines. We were two good looking couples if I can say so myself and jointly had mutual desires that were only obvious to us. When we had our first swinging experience at our home it was not un… Read more

First night at a swingers club and with couple Swinging

About a year ago after one of my overseas trips, I was looking forward to coming home and seeing Katherine and the family. Whilst away we had kept in contact by text and FaceTime. We arranged for Katherine to fly up and meet me in Auckland where we could have a couple of days before returning to the reality of family life.

I arrived in Auckland early morning on a warm summers day and slowly made my way to the Domestic terminal enjoying the fr… Read more

Doing it for Lene Swinging

My best friend at work is Lene. She has a doctorate in biology and works at the same research facility as me. Lene came from Holland with her family when she was a teenager.

She’s a goofy nerd and I love her more than my own sisters. She has never had a proper boyfriend because she is super shy. Not that plenty of guys haven’t tried – you see, Lene is smoking hot, she dresses like a grandmother and has a terrible haircut but under th… Read more

Txt msg from wifey Swinging

We go to the party and we’re given an envelope with instructions that the male has to chose from a list of sexual scenarios that will then be played out for other couples to watch. And you chose.....
to take me to the studio with a huge bed. You’re being forceful and rough because you’re turned on by what you chose - you refuse to tell me. I’m trying to move away but you grab my nipple and slowly squeeze & my pussy reacts aching for cock… Read more

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A night at the club... Swinging

We arrived at CCK around out usual time of 9pm. Emily looked stunning on one of her shortish floral dresses, and I knew she had on my favourite black and pink lingerie underneath. We had to wait a few minutes to be let in as Carl was processing what looked to be a couple with a third. The guy looked to be in his late 40s and had a younger girl on a collar and leash. The third of the group was a slim blonde lady in her early 40s, who we later fou… Read more

Melbourne hotel pt3 Swinging

Okay readers so I left you last time with her up against the door and my two fingers inside her.

I kept them in for what seemed like an eternity. I thought my fingers might cramp being bent like they were to tickle her g-spot but it wasn't more than ten minutes probably. And the way she kept encouraging me by sticking a tongue in my ear and moaning meant I didn't want to stop.

Finally her legs started to buckle so I stepped away and asked … Read more

Melbourne hotel pt 2 Swinging

Okay so back where we left off...

She blonde, mid 30s, 5'8'', size 9, glasses, suburban mum I'd say but didn't ask. She had a decent rack for sure. He, bald, skinny maybe 70kg. I imagine she wears the pants, if you know what I mean.

The hotel had 6 lifts but only one ever carried anyone, so the damn thing had like 8 people in it. I stopped behind her and ran my hand over her arse. No one could tell but her man who looked mildly perplexed.… Read more

Melbourne hotel pt 1 Swinging

It was my birthday recently so I decided to treat myself to a long weekend in Melbourne staying at a very fancy hotel. Late Saturday afternoon a friend bailed on me so I decided to stay in order room service and watch darts on TV. There was speedway too. Anyway come 11pm it was time to leave for the strip club. As I opened the door I heard the unmistakeable noise of a woman moaning as she was being fucked. Which to me equals instant raging hard-… Read more

Home after road trip with th boys Swinging

Skipping my story from the road trip for a while.....

While the boys drove me back to Chch, I told the boys really mess me up before giving me back to my husband.

In the campervan we had one last gangbang. My ex started by going down on my and kne of his friend fed me his. I was on my back on the bed while his friend humps his dick in my mouth and my ex eating me.

My ex then entered his fingers in my pussy while he lick my clits. Not l… Read more

My Introduction to the Bi life Swinging

How I Discovered My Bi Self

After a lifetime of swinging with my wonderful wife she developed a medical condition which realistically ended her wanting or being able to have sex again. What a bummer I know but a man still has needs and I turned to visiting escorts. Wow the variety and availability is possibly as wide as it was in our swinging days. I met with girls barely legal to mature grannies and each and everyone had some wonderful experi… Read more

Our Only Regret Swinging

My Only Regret
A lifetime of Swinging

A brief introduction will help enlighten somewhat upon just how we got to our existing life.

I met my wife to be just as became of legal age of sexual consent. I was jut a year older and had very limited experience having been responsible for deflowering my first ever ‘conquests’. That alone tells you what a rotten kind of male I was back then and of that I’m not proud. My dat… Read more

The other guy Swinging

My wife M and I have been married for 11years now.
She is a beautiful chick with short light brown hair and a body that I can tell other men find attractive.
I have always had fantasies about seeing her with other men but only began to talk about them to M a few years ago.
Since then we have often enjoyed talking about my fantasies whilst we make love, describing how I would watch another man take her and make her cum.
About two weeks ago, wh… Read more

My first bi 3some Swinging

I matched with a girl from Auckland named Stacey on Tinder 4 years ago when I was 32. She was a pretty blonde in her early 30's with a slim but curvy body and nice tits.

Stacey had a partner named Andrew and it turns out they were looking for a guy for her to experience her first mfm. I had taken part in one mfm previously about 10 years earlier and had loved it. But I always wanted to do it again because my level of intoxication meant I wa… Read more

Looking for a bi-curious couple to try something like this... Swinging

The beer was cold, the spa was warm, and the champagne bubbles tickled the ladies’ noses. The meet had gone well so far; Miss and I like being naked and relaxed and it was great to meet another couple who felt the same way. Taking turns to get in and out of the spa provided a great chance for the perve… firm nipples and hard cocks… wet bodies to watch and admire and day-dream a little about what was to come next.

We swapped a few stories… Read more

The Hitchhiker Swinging

2 days ago I went for a drive to Queenstown to meet up with friends. On my way I usually stop over at Lake Tikapo to rest and relax a bit. I passed by a hitchhiker, young tall and fit fellow. So I stopped and asked where he is heading, he was on his way to Queenstown as well so I let him get a ride with me.

It was a hot day so I was wearing a very transparent blue top that you can see straight though my tits. and a very short skirt. It was n… Read more

Another night with our couple friend Swinging

We met up again with Dan and Natalie at their place last night.

After after a few drinks we were at it again. Natalie started by taking off my hubbies shirt and pants off and giving him head. Me and Dan were watching as I rub Dan's bulge. Natalie is really good giving head, she swallowed me hubbies balls as well.

I then proceeded to undress Dan and give him head as well. I also sucked on his balls while jacking him off. Then Dan said sit … Read more

My new boyfriend Swinging

Following my last experience with the couple Dan and Natalie now named and with their friend Alex.

We meet up with the trio a couple of times after that. But just recently I have been going out with the friend Alex.

Tuesday night I slept with Alex but I realized I am developing feelings for him.

It was our 3rd time sleeping together. Our day started out like a date. We went out to Fox & Ferret for dinner and had a few drinks and then we… Read more

History never repeats... Swinging

The first time it happened was a bit of a surprise.
My phone rang - I’d had a cellphone since the early days and still have my original number today.
It was my ex. We’d broken up nearly 5 years earlier.
She was saying that she’d moved back from overseas but never called me as she was too embarrassed.
She offered to take me on a 2 week holiday in Fiji.
It sounded appealing as she was super hot and ultra attractive n]but something made m… Read more

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Meet up again with the couple + a friend + a surprise guest. Swinging

Since my last story, we were invited again by the lovely couple over to their house and they have invited a male friend over that they said is very very well gifted below.

We came by their place last night Tuesday. They introduced us to their cute friend, who I find really attractive. After the introductions and few drinks. The wife started on their friend where she kissed him and slowly undressing each other while we sat on the couch and I … Read more

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