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Well, let me relive a happening in my life and try and share it with you all. I was working for a Company in 2011. At the time I was travelling from Pretoria (South Africa) to my place of work which was approximately 90km away in Springs. So to miss traff...


First Time Experience with an Older Woman

First Time Experience with an Older Woman

New to this but grateful to share my story on a NZ website. This happened about 10 years ago in my early 20s. I somehow became curious about older woman and a lot of the clubs/bars I went to were filled with people my age. Long story short, I came across...


Cucks first meal

An introduction to his new role, complete with a snack

My fingers delved to my clit, instantly relieving some of the pressure. It was Sunday morning and I still could feel my fiancees loads dribbling from me from last night as he lay asleep beside me. My phone vibrated again and I flicked the message open. "D...

I had completely forgotten I wasn’t wearing knickers. We stopped and sat at a park bench Andy was so turned on he started kissing me saying how naughty I was and did I enjoy it I did very much. He run his hand up my thing gently rubbing my smooth pussy li...