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First Time Experience with an Older Woman

First Time Experience with an Older Woman

New to this but grateful to share my story on a NZ website. This happened about 10 years ago in my early 20s. I somehow became curious about older woman and a lot of the clubs/bars I went to were filled with people my age. Long story short, I came across...

French Maid in Red Stilettos

Our First Chance Meeting

As I hear the apartment door open, I catch my breath. I knew I was running behind schedule, but it was just on 2.00pm. Surely the expected guest cannot have checked in already. Bent over the bed, I quickly pull at the bedsheets and a shadow catches my eye...


Last night in Bali

A first time experience

Around October last year, myself and a group of my friends from uni ended up going to Bali for the week. With many memorable adventures, we decided to end our final night off before heading home at the hotspot Finns Beach club. If you have ever been there...


Unwanted mmf

But by whom? And why? And will they change their mind....

This story is based on true events and a version from the other party is a story on this site might be surprised at the different perspectives! I’d been looking forward to this night for weeks. G had brought us tickets to a degustation dinner a...