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Off Campus Slut

Undeniable Lust and Attraction

“Ms Barrington. Please stand up and share with the class what you are doing.” The lecturers stern voice bellows across the room. Everyone falls silent and I freeze, knowing I’ve been caught red handed. Oh, now I am in trouble, I think to myself. Blushing...



A dark word from a forgotten tongue

I was in a drunken haze when I found the place. It was in the depths of the night, in an ancient city, on a street haunted by skeletally thin lost souls, lurking in doorways. The entrance was a large dark archway, once perhaps an entrance to a grand build...


A Quiet Night In!!

Interracial 3 some for a white wife slut

Well what do we do now? Darren said to Kate I’m not sure, lets have a drink a smoke and decide. Ok sounds like a plan Darren said. They both walked down the hall from the kitchen to their bedroom. The room was petty new, the huge bed took up most of the r...

Theatre Fun

Flatmates flirty gf

This happened about 20 years ago when was flatting with 2 other mates. One of them had a girl friend who would often be in the flat with him . She was petite with quite large breasts which were not proportionate to her waist at all. Think big !! One eveni...

The next few weeks were spent preparing for and doing my exams and thus I had no time to call or text her, though she invaded my mind at nite before bed. I would run my fingers across my cock thinking of her, sometimes I would stroke but I wont make mysel...

20 years ago being young and single I was flatting out like most youngsters do. It was my final semester at uni and we had moved in to a new flat. Adjacent to that was the landlords flat separated by a garage. When we moved in I noticed a beautiful teenag...



Something overheard.

I wasn’t at that place ever as a paying guest. I had made contact with a beautiful girl who worked there, and she had invited me to curate some artwork on the walls. It was midday and we were standing in one of the orgy rooms, surrounded by big vinyl sofa...

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The countdown

Start of a night for Sir and kitten

Sir leads kitten from the bathroom by the freshly attached nipple clamps, he is freshly showered, dried by kitten and dressed in light clothing, kittens hands had been lingering and teasing, it had been too long since they had last played. Attention kitte...


Dark Lovers

once again we enter the darkness

I pull into the motel parking lot. My heart beating out of my chest. I have worn the dress he chose for me with a sexy white corset and lace panties underneath. I know he is across the road somewhere waiting for me to enter the room where we will be plung...


From her I drive into town, my car silent, my mind busy, knowing a stranger is lying waiting for me in a hotel room. I pull into the familiar motel parking lot, I switch the ignition off and sit. I send a message that I am here, I am nervous, nervous of t...


The dark fantasy him

an amazing hour

I lay on the bed, naked, alone. Nervous excitment washes over me, I am hard and ready, my mind replaying the plan. Oh shit she's here, i can hear heavy breathing, a hand on the door. The light is on but it will be gone, the door opens, then closes. I see...


When a sexy Bi Lady hit on me at Chapel Bar in Ponsonby

She was in for a treat and I warned her for a suprise.

It was a lovely Sunday avo at Chapel Bar in Ponsonby and I was with a group of friends chilling on the back deck listening to some House music. She walked in and we smiled at each other across the bar I knew she was a Bi women from her interesting style ....


The Reward

Hard work is its own reward..

Geez it’d been a hard day. I had gotten up at the crack of dawn with a grim determination to finish the retaining wall that ran along the side of the house on our small farm. I had wrestled with the posthole borer, hefted timber posts, poured bags of ceme...