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An extra special treatment

"A first woman-on-woman encounter"
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I have been getting treatments from a local beautician for about 3 months. Her name is Holly. She is a self-starter, works for herself and has built up a successful business servicing clientele who speak highly of her. Word-of-mouth brought me to her when I moved to the area, and I'm so pleased to have a regular booking with her as she is always fully booked up.

Since meeting her, I really looked forward to my appointments, as we get on really well. Despite me being her customer, she treats me like a friend and we often have deep and meaningful chats while I'm with her in her clinic room.

Holly is a gorgeous soul. She's in her early 30s, has dark auburn hair, a clear complexion and always has a bright smile - a person many would call a natural and down-to-earth beauty. I find her extremely attractive inside and out. Each time I see her, I get flutters in my stomach and get a bit giggly. She's the first woman who has made me feel this way, which excites me in more ways than one.

It was at an appointment some weeks ago where towards the end of my Brazilian wax treatment, something happened that made me realise the feelings were mutual. Once the waxing job was complete, which is never the most pleasant of experiences (even though Holly is great at making me feel relaxed as possible), there was a lingering of her hand as she rubbed my area with the aftercare lotion. I thought I was imagining it. Deep down I wanted it to be real. My body was certainly telling me something was happening, because before I realised what I was doing, I parted my thighs just an inch and my hips adjusted themselves.

I looked at Holly. Her alluring hazel eyes looked intensely at me, pupils fully dilated. She told me how beautiful I was before bending forward to softly kiss my neck and gently touching my inner thigh with the tips of her soft fingers.

She asked me if I'd like a massage to finish the session, and with heavy breathing, I nodded with anticipation.

With both her hands placed firmly on my hips, she suggested I roll over on to my front, and coaxed my body into a new position, getting me to remove the rest of my clothes on the top of my body. By this time I was feeling really hot and was more than happy to oblige. She checked in how I was feeling, and all I could manage to say was "I really need this."

Laying on my front, I was aware there was moisture between my legs confirming how much Holly was turning me on. As she started to rub massage oil between her hands, the sweet smell of lavender hit the air and I all my senses were intensified 10-fold.

As she started rubbing the oil into my lower back and buttocks she gently asked if she could straddle me, of which I murmured "of course, please do". She climbed up on to the bed and with her thighs either side of me, positioned herself onto my ass cheeks. I let out a small groan as I realised she didn't have any underwear on under her skirt and I could feel her hot wetness against my skin. She proceeded to rub my back, with an intensity that almost brought me to the brink, with her thumbs pressing in and circling my muscles in all the right places. As she moved her hands over my back, her hips swayed in a rhythm that my body synchronised to. She moved her oiled hand to between my thighs, then entered her delicate fingers inside of me from behind. I was in absolute ecstasy.

Kissing my neck she whispered in my ear, asking how much I liked it, and if I wanted more and harder. I could hardly talk. She kept on going until I was seeing stars. Then she flipped me over and coaxed me into a position so we were as close as we could possibly be to each other, entwined, kissing each other deeply.

For what seemed like eternity, our bodies were in an euphoric state that had me floating on cloud 9 for weeks.

It is an experience I will never forget, and for my first time with a woman, Holly has certainly sparked a deep passion that I want to explore further.

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