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Swingers Stories

Boasting some of the most exciting erotica from New Zealand's largest swinging community.
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And so it began

The passion was so intense there was no choice but to follow it

In the early 2000s, I was contracted to play rugby for a club in Italy, I was young keen and excited about the adventure but completely alone on the other side of the world. Coming from rural NZ, my interpretation of sex was getting drunk and picking up s...

Crazy Foursome

Post Breaker Bay Adventure

It was a brilliant Wellington summer's day. Perfect for a trip to lie naked at Breaker Bay. A short drive and then a walk along the beach and I found my spot. I love being naked outdoors in the sun but if there is also a perving opportunity, then that is...

The dog walk

A night to remember (part 1)

It started like any other day in lockdown, going about our usual business in the morning, coffee, breakfast, computer screens etc. Finally a break & time to take our very disobedient dog for a walk at the local park, its not great fun for us but we know i...