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Her first solo lesbian experience

"Exactly what it says on the (shaved) box"
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She was nervous, but she came to greet me at the road, and we went inside. She showed me up to her bedroom, where I immediately took my top off and told her to touch me, guiding her hands towards my tits. She did, and when I felt she was a little more comfortable, I touched her back, and started to kiss her, but not deeply.  She thanked me for making the first move.

Then we took the rest of our gear off and got onto the bed. I told her to lie down, and she did, and I kissed her mouth again, then her neck, chest, and nipples. She gave a few little moans, and told me she'd forgotten how gentle a woman can be, and that it was nice. I reminded her to tell me if I was doing anything that she didn't like.

I made my way down her belly, giving the skin some gentle nips on the way, and settled between her legs, kissing my way down her left thigh. Then I stroked my fingers around her labia to tease her. I could feel that she was wet. Then I started to suck her starting at her vagina and working my way up. She gave a bigger moan as my tongue hit her clit, and I locked and sucked for all I was worth.

After I'd had to come up for air a couple of times, I used my thumb to play with her clit while I grabbed my clit licking toy and used it on her. I put a finger in her pussy and could immediately tell there was room for more, so another finger went in, too.

I located the little ridges of the g-spot and started rubbing with the flat of my fingers. She said she was close to coming, so I hooked my fingers then, and she came, moaning.

She had a little rest before I grabbed her SP2 and the sucking function did it's magic again.

Then it was my turn, so I asked her to grab a towel and I folded it underneath me, while lying back.

I told her that she needed to suck my nipples, which she did. Then, having taken my lead, she traced her fingers over my thighs and brushed over my clit, which was very sensitive by that point - I was so horny.

When she was ready, she licked my clit, alternating between fingers and tongue - I was pretty close to coming when she used the SP2 on my clit and made me come everywhere, basically soaking that towel and rendering it unusable. She looked a bit shocked, but excited, given that it didn't take long for her to bring me on.

Then I told her to come for cuddles.  I took the picture, which she had already said was okay to take and share among my playmates.

We chatted for a long time, and I asked her whether she wanted to go again. Unfortunately, her flatmates, who had been asked to make themselves scarce for a couple of hours were due home, and I was starting to get a bit chilly, so I got dressed, gave her a nice hug and a kiss at the gate, and left for home.

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