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Lesbian Stories


Round Two

Part Two - Continued from An Unplanned Encounter

Kay and I had hooked up for the first time at party, been all over each other in the taxi back to her place. And well, just getting through the door had been quite spectacular. We were laying on the floor by the door, me naked, her panties and mini skirt...

An Unplanned Encounter

Part One - How it started, first of a series

Kay and I never planned to become lovers, it just sort of happened. We moved in the same social circles and knew a lot people in common, but the two us had never really paid that much attention to each other, just casual acquaintances. Seems a little odd...

Tease time

My fiancé tells me about her day

Flirting fiancée My muscles ached from the gym as I stepped into our large tiled shower. It had been a long week. “Do you mind if I join you?” Said Rosie from outside the glass as the hot water steamed over my aches. She was already naked, her long brown...