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My First Bi-Sexual Experience

"How I found out that I love the taste and touch of a woman.."

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Author's Notes

"The following is a true story. Non-Fiction erotic literature at it's finest."

I had never really thought about being with another woman, I was straight and loved men and loved the feeling of a dick inside me... But I was also kinda shy and reserved when it came to sex.

So after I left school and was working in the Capital City, I had a girlfriend - Jamie who was my bff and we would do everything together. She'd stay at my flat in the city every weekend and we'd go out to the clubs and have some great drunken nights out before coming home and falling sleep in my bed together.

Jamie was much more outgoing and promiscuous than I was so occasionally she would bring a guy home with her but due to my small flat along with my flatmates she would end up having sex in my bed next to me while I tried to get some sleep lol.. You can imagine the things I heard, i'd try to ignore them but one time I couldn't help laughing when I heard her say "umm excuse me? Wrong hole bro..." I giggled so much into my pillow as the guy tried to apologise and carry on before she said "Moment ruined! Thanks! Bye!" But he was able to persuade her to give him another chance and they carried on their fun.

There was always a guy she'd bring home who would try and get me to join in but that didn't appeal to me at all so i'd always respond with a big "Hell no!" before rolling over and pretending to go to sleep. I must admit, there was one time when I was kinda horny and listening to her have got me so worked up that I sneakily started playing with my pussy while they banged, wishing it was me getting fucked instead of her because this guy was hot!

So that became a regular thing, her having sex next to me in my bed. And Jamie was such a cool chicky that I loved hanging out with that I just got used to it and didn't mind at all.

I didn't like hooking up on first dates or with guys that I just met in the club so I wouldn't bring guys home with us. But I wasn't having much luck with that and one night I met this really hot guy Nate, I hadn't had sex in a while so I thought I may as well! Jamie didn't find her a guy so the three of us went back to my place together and it was her turn to sleep next to me while I had sex!

So, Nate and I start making out in bed and then we are naked and i'm loving it so much that I forgot Jamie was in bed with us. So, as I love sucking dick and feeling a throbbing hard cock in my mouth, I asked him if he wanted to bring his dick up to my face so I can suck it for him... It had been a lil while since i'd had a hard dick in my mouth and I was loving it so much as he knelt next to me and I was bobbing my head up and down while stroking my pussy and getting it nice and wet so that he can slide right in there once I have had enough blow job fun... I can hear Nate saying "best blowjob of my life..." as i'm moaning with my mouth full. And in the middle of this intensely pleasurable moment I suddenly feel a tongue start licking my pussy! It felt so amazing, I just thought it was Nate so I reached down to stroke his head and I felt long curly hair, I was a bit confused because I could hear Nate moaning up my end of then bed.. Then I touched the face between my legs and the skin was so smooth and soft, and the tongue felt so silky on my pussy... Then I heard Jamie say "Mmmm you taste so delicious and sweet hun..." I got a bit of a shock and pulled my lips off Nate dick and looked down to see Jamie eating my pussy out and I must admit that it looked soooo hot and sexy! I asked her "What are you doing?" and she replied "I'm eating you out girl, is that ok? Do you like it?" I could only reply "Uh-huh!" before I took Nate's dick back in my mouth and the three of us were all moaning and having a great time together. I still remember it like it was yesterday...

In the end Nate fucked me while Jamie sucked on my tits, and after I had a big orgasm I said that Nate could fuck her if she liked while I was ready to drift off to sleep.. But then hearing Jamie getting fucked doggy style and having an orgasm of her own I got all horny again and said "I want some of that!" and Jamie replied "in a minute girl i'm about to cum again!" Then Nate started fucking her hard and fast, I loved the sound of their bodies slapping together as Jamie's moans got louder and louder until she let out one big sexy sigh and slumped down with her head in the pillows as her body was twitching and shaking in ectasy. Jamie slid herself off of Nate's cock and pulled me up onto my knees then positioned me on all fours in front of Nate. Jamie took my face in her hand and turned me toward her and gave me a passionate kiss with her tongue deep in my mouth, it was the first time I had ever kissed a girl and it felt amazing! I put my tongue deep in Jamie's mouth and we made out for what felt like ages before she pulled her tongue away from me and said "Thank you babe, you're such a honey.." Jamie then took Nate's dick in her mouth and got it nice and hard and wetted up so it would slide nicely into my pussy. As Nate slid his rock hard dick inside me, Jamie lay down so that her head was under mine so that we can continue kissing as I'm getting fucked doggy-style, she whispered in my ear "I have been wanting to do this with you for sooo long babe..." and I couldn't really say anything back apart from "i'm so glad you did my darling!" And we kissed deeply as Nate pounded me from behind until both him and I came at the same time.. It was amazing and we all went to sleep together, Jamie and I fell asleep in each other's arms.

I loved that night and that experience so much, it really opened my eyes to the bi-sexual world and how much I had been missing before that night.

Jamie, Nate and I had a few more nights together which was always awesome. Jamie continued staying at my place every weekend but most nights we'd go out to the clubs and if we didn't bring guys back we would just come home and have a shower together before jumping in bed for some amazing lesbian sex hehe I love it! Of course we went out toy shopping together, and we did have a foursome together with two guys we met once. But I really loved making out with Jamie, my favorite was having her on top of me in a 69 and she loved it when I would reach up to grab my ankles while we did it and then she would reach back and hold my wrists so that we were fully deep in the 69 position with nowhere else to go but each other's pussies...

I was so upset when Jamie decided to move to Australia and we still keep in touch, she has come back for holidays and we have amazing sex together, she is easily the best kisser and pussy eater I have ever been with...

I will always remember that first night I experienced being with another female, just thinking about it gets me wet hehe... I'm so glad I wrote this down so I can keep the memory fresh in my head, I hope you liked reading this as much I enjoyed writing it and who knows... Maybe I'll share some more stories of my experiences in the bi-sexual world with you one day..

xxx Amber xxx

Written by amberpure

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