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Bi sex first time. Stories

bi sex first time.

turning my ex part one

threesome givign my ex his first Bi experience

Could they turn her ex lover ! Now – I normally have a very very strong rule of never going back – but well surely a bad girl has to break the rules every now and then! I had arranged to go camping for the weekend and an old flame – who still very much de...

Two Ladies Look After Me in My First Threesome.

Early in 2022 I had a threesome for 3 nights in a row while up North in Tauranga.

Threesome One: The first time EVER this is a true story. Booty, my partner and I had been talking with a user that we had first met on reddit. We were in Wellington and she was up north. Naturally the logistics around this would be difficult from the get...

Opening Up

This changed me totally and for ever.

Opening Up After 35 years of a wonderful sex filled Swingers Lifestyle one could be excused for thinking it couldn’t get any better but then you’d be so wrong. I sat back and watched my lover almost gagging as she tried repeatedly to swallow my full lengt...

Male Bi-pleasures

Finding my Bi-side

Homophobic - until I see and can’t resist that hot, rigid and throbbing cock.

For all of my life I was basically a homophobe. As a teenager I’d been offered some cock play with a mate, at least he’d been a mate until I booted him out of my life. I was a heterosexual male, a well endowed and horny male I wasn’t gay Together with my...