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Finding my Bi-side

"Homophobic - until I see and can’t resist that hot, rigid and throbbing cock."
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Author's Notes

"A true account of my lost virginity."

For all of my life I was basically a homophobe. As a teenager I’d been offered some cock play with a mate, at least he’d been a mate until I booted him out of my life. I was a heterosexual male, a well endowed and horny male I wasn’t gay

Together with my wife who’d just then presented me with the ultimatum of “let her date (‘fuck’) others” or she’d break off our engagement to be married. We were teenagers she just been deflowered by me and was an innocent 16 year old and with me, a know it all 17 year old male chauvinist.

That was my first surprise. Instead of being furious and throwing her out of my life my cock became instantly erect and steel hard! I agreed to my fiancé’s demands and we went on to enjoy well over 30 years of swinging and swapping partners. A wonderful lifestyle right up until she suddenly went right off sex! I later found the reason but that didn’t change her mind. Yes I could fuck her whenever I wanted but really I respected and loved my wife and wasn’t prepared to just use her that way.

Still of course I had needs and I was perusing the ads for a escort, a lady to pleasure for an hour when I saw this pic of an absolutely staggeringly gorgeous red head. What a fantastic rack and a figure to die for. She was 1.82mts tall and behold had a really impressive cock! A cock of 200mm length and really thick girth. My interest was whetted and I reasoned with myself it wouldn’t make me gay just to have a play with this lady. She was a lady after all but a lady with a cock.

A quick phone call and I’d arranged an hour with Sonya a Brazilian Tgirl the next evening.

I made some excuse to wife and set off via the cash dispenser to Sonya’s flat. Tingling with trepidation I quickly rang the doorbell as I knew that if I hesitated I’d turn and run. Sonya answered promptly and welcomed me in with a hot kiss as she pulled me in to this lovely tight embrace. As I recovered my breath I couldn’t help but be impressed. She was 100mm taller than me and all I could see was this absolutely hot beauty ready to pleasure me. I paid the fee and was led to the bathroom to shower. That was such a short shower but I was most meticulous in ensuring maximum cleanliness of ALL my pubic and anal areas.

Sonya began her seduction of me with super kisses and I found myself naked alongside this beautiful lady. We kissed each other just about everywhere it’s possible to kiss and I soon found myself up close and very intimate with a hot throbbing and hard circumcised cock. I actually couldn’t resist and found myself welcoming with difficulty accommodating this gorgeous cock deep in my mouth. I learned then just why so many of my lovers enjoyed going down on

me. Who’d have believed I was gagging trying to take her cock deep into my throat. I was transported into another world a world where all I wanted was to pleasure this beautiful cock. Sonya was busy too orally pleasuring my own cock with eager and expert experience. As I was about to cum she easily switched positions and had me on all fours lubing my virgin man pussie. I just couldn’t wait to honour this beauty with my anal cherry and strangely felt privileged. Very soon I felt her finger easily enter my rectum and this warm feeling as she massaged my prostate. Soon one finger became two and then three. A new and different feeling not unpleasant but not distasteful either. With baited breath and now some fear of was I indeed capable of taking such a large cock as this into me without pain and permanent damage! Sonya of course was well experienced and constantly reassuring as she held my man pussy open and presented her cock to my virgin arse. I gripped the bedsheets and gritted my teeth as I felt a pressure in my rosebud. Ever the practiced and experienced lady that she was she gently and steadily increased increased the pressure and ‘pop’ my sphincter opened my cherry gone. I felt full and different. If that was full then I’d never have believed that only the bell end was yet in me! After a pause and Sonya playing with my balls to distract me she progressively continued her assault to enter these never before possessed depths. Boom I felt Sonya’s balls pressing on my balls. All the time she played with me and constantly reassured me and soon she was withdrawing around half of her length before refilling me to her maximum length. I began to feel a warm and increasingly pleasurable feeling spreading through my entire body and as the speed and intensity increased I found I was thrusting back trying to meet my lovers thrusts with my own. It wasn’t to last long as my own cock spurted without any touch spewing my load of manseed on the sheets and I collapsed helpless flat on the bed reminding me of the many lovely ladies I’d had in an identical position! I don’t really remember clearly but I do know that Sonya continued fucking me to her own ejaculation. After a while I regained somewhat my composure and thanking her over and over again for such an incredible and beautiful experience. Sonya led me by my cock to the shower and we gently and lovingly soaped and rinsed each other back to reality. As I was leaving we again shared a truly passionate kiss and embrace for my journey home.

I felt somewhat sore for a few days but I did have that just fucked look for many, many more days afterwards.

I did try to see her again but sadly she’d left and I had to seek another cock elsewhere. Yes since Sonya I’ve enjoyed several additional lovers and I’m proud to be truely bisexual. I’ve been fortunate to have much more experienced lovers show me the immense pleasures ti had from another male. I wish I hadn’t wasted so many years denying myself the wonderful sexual pleasures to be had from both sexes.

Male Bi-pleasures

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