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First time Stories

first time

We were sitting listening to music on a friday night when a friend came by we started having a few drinks talking laughing me and my friend were talking about random stuff ,then abby said she was taking a shower,soon as she finnished she joined us in her...

Found… in Translation

A nervous first encounter

As first dates go, it couldn’t have been much better so far. I’d been in the big city for work and even in the dimly lit hotel bar nobody would be able to tell. She looked amazing in a black dress and heels, conversation flowing as freely as the drinks. I...

Two Ladies Look After Me in My First Threesome.

Early in 2022 I had a threesome for 3 nights in a row while up North in Tauranga.

Threesome One: The first time EVER this is a true story. Booty, my partner and I had been talking with a user that we had first met on reddit. We were in Wellington and she was up north. Naturally the logistics around this would be difficult from the get...

That ass

Every guy whose fucked a girl from behind has that one memory of a perfect ass

Phat ass All red hot blooded males know what I’m talking about. There is a view of a perfect ass, bent over a bed that will always stick in your mind. No matter how long ago you saw it, it’s perfection will be burned into your memory. Not only that, you w...

Hotel back door explorer

He takes her anal virginity after a hot night of hotel passion

“What are you doing…” she said playfully, turning her chin towards me in the dim hotel light. She lay face down, her smile evident as my right hand explored between her ass cheeks. “Trying my luck” I said with a grin, my middle finger gently circling the...