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Am I a cuck?

"My first experience exploring a new fantasy"

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Author's Notes

"Would love any feedback or comments on this. What are your thoughts? Do you think I’m a cuck for loving this expwr"

My heart was pounding as I watched him walk across the carpark.

He was as he said in his pictures and bio. I breathed deeply as he opened the door to my Ute and got in the back beside me, holding out a hand to shake mine.

“David” he said, introducing himself. “How are you doing?”

“Nervous” I replied honestly.

“Fair enough mate” he said. He seemed calm and gave me a reassuring smile. He was tall and handsome, a short haircut and muscular long arms.

“It’s a pretty hot fantasy. I loved it the minute you suggested it….sooooo…” he said, shifting slightly to make himself comfortable. “Show me your girl…. show me Samantha”

I was already hard as a rock, but hearing him say her name made me shudder.

“Sure” I said, a small break in my voice giving away my nerves. Reaching down into the compartment in the back of the front seat, I pulled a stack of A4 printed photos.

Throbbing and shaking, heart in my throat, I handed them to him.

“Mmmm” he groaned, inspecting the image on top, “she is beautiful”

She looked fantastic, with an upper body shot while wearing a blue bikini. She had a big beautiful smile framed by loose blonde hair. Her ample c cup breasts were classically on display and I felt his eyes burning as the scanned all over the image.

He adjusted the photos to his left hand and grabbed at his cock through his dark green shorts. Although the fabric was thick, I could see from the outline he was much bigger than mine.

He flicked the photo over to the next image, her on the same beach standing facing away and looking back over her shoulder at the camera. She was wearing matching bikini briefs that showed her round ass and toned legs.

“Oh fuck” he groaned. “Her ass is fantastic”

I watched in awe as he slowly stroked up and down his shaft through his pants, building his erection.

He turned to the next photo, our bedroom with her bent over the bed on all fours, a perfect view of her ass, black lacy panties covering her modesty.

“Holy shit…” he grunted, clearly liking what he saw. He paused, unbuttoning his pants and adjusting slightly. He lowered his zip and slid his hand inside his underwear to continue his stroking motion.

Flicking to the next photo it showed her laying on her back, taking a selfie of her body, breasts and pussy clad in thin, pink lacy lingerie. His stroking increased pace once more and I could tell he was raging hard.

Flicking to the next image he let out an involuntary groan, with her in basically the same position but naked. It was cropped and angled strategically to show her jawline down, legs crossed slightly to leave something to the imagination.

He adjusted slightly and I watched as he pulled his cock upwards and out of his underwear. I held my breath for a moment as I watched him stroking it over her naked body.

It was huge, at least 8 inches, maybe bigger. His greasy precum smeared all over the large purple head as he tugged up and down its engorged length.

He flipped to the next photo, her face once again visible as she lay face down on the bed. The image was taken looking back over her so you could clearly see she was naked excluding a tiny red g string which separated her ass cheeks.

His grunt of approval was followed by his adjustment, pushing his pants down to his knees to fully release his cock and balls. They were swollen and I knew he had been edging for a couple of days in preparation for today, his trimmed back pubes giving an excellent view as he continued to stroke his throbbing cock.

The next image caused his cock to jump, it was back to the view looking from behind her. Expect this time she was looking back over her shoulder with desperate eyes, her panties peeled down to reveal the top of her ass crack.

“Mmm fuck yeah Samantha” he groaned as if talking to her. He had accelerated his stroke fully, his hand fully engaged in long fast strokes along his huge veiny cock.

The next image was zoomed in on her pussy, her pink lips puffy and engorged. There was a clear, visible slick line of juices dribbling from her and he let out a deep moan before releasing himself and holding up his hand in front of me.

“I need some lube” he said, not even looking up. “Spit in it”

I didn’t even hesitate, spitting into the palm and watching him rub it all over his throbbing length before resuming his rapid pace. I could see he was getting closer and the images of her were getting naughtier and naughtier.

Be flipped to the next one, a collage of three images of her and a thick, flesh coloured dildo with a suction cup placed on a mirror. She knelt before it, the first image from beside showing the tip of it in her beautiful lips. The second showed her from the same position but with the dildo buried down her throat and the final one the same, except from above, showing her eyes open staring up at the camera. It was the perfect point of view shot.

“Fuck….” He hissed, passionately. “She’s got skills”

His stroking got more and more rapid and although my eyes were firmly fixed on his huge bulging cock and how amazing it looked being stroked over her, I could feel his eyes searching all over her, ogling her.

My own cock ached as I watched him get harder and harder, his big, smooth balls swinging with each stroke. I became very nervous I may jizz in my own pants and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and we were down to the last couple of photos.

He turned over to the last page and instantly groaned. I watched how cock swell even harder and how strokes even more powerful and I barely understood how he hadn’t cum. He held his hand out for more spit and without even asking I immediately complied, aching to see him get back to rubbing himself.

The image showed her from behind, naked, bent over on all fours on our bed. She was looking over her right shoulder, face filled with desperate passion. She was reaching back with her left hand to spread herself, providing him the perfect view of her ass and dripping wet pussy.

“Oh fuck Samantha” he groaned, sitting up slightly. I knew he was really close now and the sloshing sound of my spit on his cock filled the car as he masturbated over her. He rubbed the tip up and down the photo on her pussylips leaving a smear of fluids. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was.

I could feel him twitching and I knew it was time. He flicked over to the last page and the effect was almost instantaneous, his groan loud and he angled his cock down so it was pointing at the photo.

The image itself was perfect. I’d taken it earlier that morning as a point of view looking down on her as she knelt not naked, looking up at the camera with desire in her eyes. Her left hand was behind her head holding back her hair while her right hand pinched hard at her exposed nipple.

Her mouth was open and her tongue out, it was one of the sexiest photos ever taken and it was a position she had been in many times as I’d coated her face in cum. This time was a little different though.

Written across her chest in black permanent marker were the words;

“Come on my face, David”

He seemed only to happy to comply as his balls tightened and he lurched forward, a small dribble of white cum dribbling onto her tits. He groaned her name loading as he pulled, a thick eruption of semen blasting across her pretty face.

“OooohhHHH SAMANTHA!” He called, rope after rope blasting into her face and tits. As he shook I grabbed the photo to make sure she got completely coated as he lost control.

By the time he was finished he slumped back into his chair, satisfied groans exiting his exhausted body. I sat frozen, shaking slightly in shock as the paper slowly absorbed his cum.

He sighed, reaching out and wiping some dribbled cum from his hand onto the corner of her photo and pulled his pants up over his softened cock.

“Fuck that was amazing” he said turning to me. I couldn’t look, I just kept staring at my cum soaked love. “Do you want to do it again the same time next week?”

I just nodded. That was all I could do before he opened the car door. Before he got out and left, he grabbed the photo from my hand and crumpled it slightly.

“But next time… “ he said, stepping out and turning back to me. “… next time you will suck me rather than than making me wank. Cuck”

Before I realised what was happening he was stuffing the cum soaked photo into my gaping open mouth before shutting the door.

I groaned in shame as I tasted his manseed. I shuddered and knew desperately that I couldn’t wait until next week. Watching him walk back across the carpark, shame burned in my cheeks and I froze.

I felt the warmth on my balls before I realised what was happening. I shuddered, letting out a pathetic whimper as my cock dribbled, flooding my underwear as i jizzed myself.


Maybe I am a cuck?

Written by Nzwifehunter

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