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Romance Stories

Sex with swingers doesn't tend to start and stop as a one-off one night stand. Relationships are often built up over time and manifest into a regular exchange and exploration of sexual feelings on an emotionally connected level.

This trusted experience can heighten the erotic enjoyment, leaving both parties feeling connected on the same sexual wavelength. Love or lust? Some may say just enjoy the feeling of romance whilst in the moment.

Have you ever felt that extra connection during sex with someone who you aren't in a relationship with? Express your tales here for other readers to appreciate.

On Kapiti Coast

Morning sex on the beach

We’d spent the night camping on the beach. The surf is very quietly lapping against the shore. It’s early morning g in the summer, the light not yet with us. We’re lying tucked up in bed inside the tent. Curled, entwined together, spooning, naked. I revel...

How best to apply sunscreen

Oral sex in the sun by the pool

One thing you wouldn't guess that turns me on? The smell of sunscreen. When I get a dose of that scent... I get a familiar glint in my eye, and you know what I’m thinking! I'd love to lay you down on a towel, face down outside by the pool on a sunny day....

An afternoon in the vines

Joyful sex in the summer sun

It is summer. You’re joining me on holiday in Blenheim, a quick visit before you have to go away again. When we first meet, at the airport, after so long we hold each other in a warm embrace. I pull you close to me and close my eyes and remember the happy...

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An ice cube

I start on your nipples

We're sitting on the deck at your house. The deck we built together. It's hot. You've made two cocktails in tall glasses with lots of ice. You're wearing little shorts and a bikini top. Not the kind of thing you usually wear but you know I think your tumm...

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A good morning

Not really about swinging, but I thought I'd see how this goes

My place is very private, so at this time of year I always sleep with the curtains open. And I’m built into the side of a hill – waking up as it’s getting light, through the ranch sliders I can see past the deck to the sun just beginning to wash across th...

Sunday Morning

How Sunday mornings should be.

We wake slowly Sunday morning to the sound of rain pelting on your roof. I get up, wrap my fluffy bathrobe around me and nip to the bathroom. I come out and you have been waiting right there, legs crossed and say, hurry up as you push past and close the d...

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Blown into heaven 3

the continuing story of a conservative wife and her husband who wants her to enjoy more in life

This story will be built based on reader’s feedback, fantasies and wishes but only slowly. Read parts 1 and 2 first. This part is just starting so please revisit in a few days time but give me ideas if you have... Christine began to feel confused. One mom...

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The work place affair

Her breasts were magnificent

We worked together and after 6 months and a lot of drinks and sexual innuendo it began in a taxi. We had been out drinking and as we were being driven home the talk with the other 2 in the taxi was sexually charged. I made a decision to advance our relati...

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A perfect show....

You had been telling me for a few days you had a treat in mind for me and I was full of adrenalin as anticipation crackled through me like electricity. We had just got back to the room after a few drinks, some ambiant music was filling air with seductive...

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Mrs C

I know you get excited by the fantasy of me being with another man. I like that fantasy too. When you ask me to tell you about other men I have been with, I tell you that there hasn’t been anyone else because we got together when we were teenagers and I n...

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Sammi D Rei

“Thanks Sophie, they smell amazing” the boss man - illustrious proprietor of this private aircraft hangar, smiles up at me as I carefully place the basket of freshly baked lemon cheesecake muffins down in front of him to share. They’re his new favourites...

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We had a 6 year long fling which cooled when she got married. This was a moment filled with talk of what ifs and after several wines and a couple of smokes she suggested a spa. I stood up and took my clothes off as I walked towards the pool. I glanced bac...

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She good looking a primary teacher and met me through Tinder I’d been in the Uk on holiday and created a profile as I was very horny. The add was simply a photo (I’m told I’m a handsome man) “6’ English man,,blue eyes, brown hair” “im told a hard man is g...

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This was my first piece of writing, based on my true experience back when I was studying in Aussie. It definitely won’t be the best piece of work you can find on the Internet, but I am writing this the best I could. Sorry if there are some errors in my En...

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