An ice cube Romance

I start on your nipples…

We're sitting on the deck at your house. The one we built together. It's hot. You've made two cocktails in tall glasses with lots of ice. Your wearing little shorts and a bikini top. Not the kind of thing you usually wear but you know I think your tummy is sexy so you're doing it for me.

We've been friends for a while and lately that friendship has taken a more intimate path. We've kissed and I've confessed to having feelings for you. … Read more

A good morning Romance

Not really about swinging, but I thought I'd see how this goes…

My place is very private, so at this time of year I always sleep with the curtains open. And I’m built into the side of a hill – waking up as it’s getting light, through the ranch sliders I can see past the deck to the sun just beginning to wash across the tops of the trees. These are the mornings I wish I wasn’t waking up alone ... I’d so much rather be just slowly reaching out to cup my hand over a lover’s cock while he’s still sl… Read more

Sunday Morning Romance

How Sunday mornings should be.…

We wake slowly Sunday morning to the sound of rain pelting on your roof. I get up, wrap my fluffy bathrobe around me and nip to the bathroom. I come out and you have been waiting right there, legs crossed and say, hurry up as you push past and close the door.
I snuggle back in, order an uber coffee for you and a chai for myself before you are out of the bathroom. You sneak back drop your robe to the floor and slip between the sheets and snuggle … Read more

Blown into heaven 3 Romance

the continuing story of a conservative wife and her husband who wants her to enjoy more in life…

This story will be built based on reader’s feedback, fantasies and wishes but only slowly. Read parts 1 and 2 first. This part is just starting so please revisit in a few days time but give me ideas if you have...

Christine began to feel confused. One moment wanting to enjoy the freedom of being naked in the wild, to enjoy being seen by others, but the next moment an anxiety and guilt. She also kept thinking why she was getting these feeling… Read more

The work place affair Romance

Her breasts were magnificent…

We worked together and after 6 months and a lot of drinks and sexual innuendo it began in a taxi.
We had been out drinking and as we were being driven home the talk with the other 2 in the taxi was sexually charged. I made a decision to advance our relationship and my hand slipped onto her thigh. I stroked her even with the rep sitting next to her. She looked at me smiled and gently parted her legs. Her hands covered mine as I stroked further up… Read more

Dress Romance

A perfect show....…

You had been telling me for a few days you had a treat in mind for me and I was full of adrenalin as anticipation crackled through me like electricity. We had just got back to the room after a few drinks, some ambiant music was filling air with seductive sounds. You were in the bathroom getting your surprise ready and I was sitting there wondering what delights were in store this evening...

Finally the door opened and you presented yourself to… Read more

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A letter to my husband Romance

I know you get excited by the fantasy of me being with another man. I like that fantasy too.

When you ask me to tell you about other men I have been with, I tell you that there hasn’t been anyone else because we got together when we were teenagers and I never had a boyfriend before you.

I haven’t been telling you the truth. I’ve had a secret all this time. I haven’t wanted to tell you because I made you wait until we got married… Read more

Mile High Romance

“Thanks Sophie, they smell amazing” the boss man - illustrious proprietor of this private aircraft hangar, smiles up at me as I carefully place the basket of freshly baked lemon cheesecake muffins down in front of him to share. They’re his new favourites and I return his warm smile. Boss man gave me my first real break into aerial photography many years ago and has consistently contracted me to do all his photography work since.
I blush s… Read more

A tryst Romance

We had a 6 year long fling which cooled when she got married. This was a moment filled with talk of what ifs and after several wines and a couple of smokes she suggested a spa.
I stood up and took my clothes off as I walked towards the pool. I glanced backwards and saw her staring. Her look was both furtive and wanton at the same time. She said she was going to get into a bikini.
There are moments in my life where I wished I had a camera and t… Read more

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Holiday romance Romance

She good looking a primary teacher and met me through Tinder
I’d been in the Uk on holiday and created a profile as I was very horny.
The add was simply a photo (I’m told I’m a handsome man)

“6’ English man,,blue eyes, brown hair”
“im told a hard man is good to find”

We matched quite quickly and met up for a drink which ended up with her coming back to my hotel room.
She clearly enjoyed herself and made herself available… Read more

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An Unexpected Trip to Cairns, Australia Romance

This was my first piece of writing, based on my true experience back when I was studying in Aussie. It definitely won’t be the best piece of work you can find on the Internet, but I am writing this the best I could. Sorry if there are some errors in my English writing, but hope you guys enjoyed this. =) Cheers!

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------… Read more

blown into heaven 2 Romance

Please read part 1 first.

The moment Jay lifted Christine in the air and passed on the idea that she should feel free to be touched by the air and the hungry eyes of others in a way where it could potentially happen at that moment (people walking nearby could see her naked breast - and being licked) made her feel ecstatic. A sudden feeling of liberation and deep love - that her dear hubby has reminded her of her right to enjoy the erotic pleas… Read more

blown into heaven 1 Romance

This was the day when Christine (C from now on) started feeling liberated in ways she could never have imagined till then. Her partner Jay (J from now) arranged a surprise birthday gift and went with her for a weekend break to a beach resort in Northland. It was a warm sunny day. C and J in their mid-late 40s, had been together for 25 years and their two children -twins- are now on their own just having completed their studies and on an OE trip… Read more

Like a Dance Romance

The two lovers fell into bed together, both spent from their respective days. He smiles as he feels her fit snugly against his back. It was like a jigsaw coming together. All the stress of the day evaporated from him one he felt her against him. Then he felt two soft kisses against the top of the neck, his right hand slid over his hip and rested on her thigh. A third kiss on his neck and both smiled. It was like a dance played out to a choreograp… Read more

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Lingerie Shopping Romance

We were in that little Italian deli, having had a lovely pasta lunch. Standing at the counter, wondering whether to get a few deli items to take home, I noticed there was a spot of sauce on your face, wedging myself between you and the counter so you are pressed against me, I flick out my tongue, licking the sauce from the side of your sensuous lips and diving in for a quick kiss while there.

You leaned against me, pressing me lightly to the c… Read more

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Most erotic birthday ever.. Romance

I was on my way home as I was givin 3 goldfish from a very dear friend.. then all of a sudden I recieved a text asking to meet someone, the same day as my birthday. I was not sure as I had to be home. Then I thought what the hell I will.. I instantly fell like a sckool girl at the age of 14 again. Here sat a man with burbons awaiting at the park with a water fountain with fish swiming around.
We hit it off straight away as if we have known each… Read more

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A vision of you and me in Hot shower Romance

I had a vision of you and me in the shower. I would have had the soap in me hands and washed your body. My soapy hands would have covered your skin with a nice light massage. I would have started with behind you, soaping your shoulders and neck. Then, my hands would have found their way down your arms and then up your sides. I would have pulled you into me and you have felt my growing excitement against your bare ass as my hands would have found … Read more

Fuck Me...... Romance

The only aphrodisiac I need is your voice. Hearing you speak my name beckoning me to answer, telling me you want me. So I tell you that your the answer to every question I have ever had about love. Without words I use my tongue to tell the tale about us, tracing the outline of your body. Kneeling before you I feast my eyes on your masculinity and all its divinity and I praise you, because all of that is for me.
I begin to indulge myself of al… Read more

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A walk in the woods Romance

The day was hot, blistering sweat poured along the nape of Christy as she walked through the wild ravine woodlands. She had gotten lost after taking a wrong turn along the path as she searched for some water for her leaking radiator. She pulled up her skirt and tied and tucked it around the waist, and vented herself. She was tired and now getting worried as she had walked more than two hours ad she had not relocated the path that she veered from.… Read more

Weekend Surprise Romance

I had had spent a long 5 weeks working on a job in Melbourne away from my family and it looked like I was needing to stay for an additional 2 weeks. I had been talking to my wife earlier in the week as it was going to be our wedding anniversary in the weekend and I had hoped I would have been able to get home for this and spend a long weekend at home with family, but it appeared that I would have to remain in Melbourne. We were both disappointed … Read more


I am a cd just love dressing up and taking walks in the parks, a couple of months ago I dressed up for a night out, put on my high boots,stockings, white lace panties,black leather mini skirt,bra, and nice top with all the makeup and wig, a couple of drinks and away to the park just after dark, I passed a few couples out walking most said good evening I just nodded and walked on, I stopped on the bridge in the park looking at the ducks when I see… Read more

waiting Romance

Time drifts by
Your mind churns,
replaying moments that have past
of what could have been
or should have been
should you leave the door open?
should you let him see more?
let him know that you know?
thats the thought you play in your mind

as you lie in your bed
as you slide your hand under

under the waistband of your panties
fingers seeking that sweet spot
the one that makes you gasp
that makes your body tingle
and running thr… Read more

The Beach House Romance

I stand with you on the hard wooden deck of our seaside home, you stand in front on me leaning back on my chest, your long hair gently moving in the breeze as the wind wisps past, the sun slowly dipping on the horizon I lean in and pull open my long coat and wrap my arms around you keeping you warm, leaning in and kissing your neck whispering in your ear "you look lovely tonight, resting in the best place in the world, my arms." The sun drips a … Read more

Just Carry On Romance

Just cayy on with what you are doing and don't mind me.

I'll just sit here and slowly kiss my way up your legs. Tender kisses while my hands softly massage those curvey stocking clad legs.

Ease yourself foward just a bit - so my tongue can trace around the soft flesh at the top of your stockings. Kisses linger longer as my mouth enjoys the touch of your skin.

mmmmm your delicate aroma smells so sweet, making my breathing more rapid.

Read more

heaven Romance

i,ve run a nice warm bath and put some bubbles in for a bit of a treat. i wash my self down and shave my legs and pussy, mmmm so smooth. i touch my self a little and start to feel my insides quiver. i,m am getting ready for you. i dry my self down and put on some perfume. i dry my hair and strighten it, and put on a black g and a half cup bra, i check my self in the mirror and am pleased with the results. then a little make up, i decide on just s… Read more

Farm dreams Romance

I dont live on a farm but we are surrounded by them. There is a worker for the farm next door who drives by often. He is a gorgeous maori man with light brown eys and a tight body from his physical job.

One day I hear his bike and stop to wave. He doesnt drive by though. He stops, walks up to me and I say hello, he just grabs me and kisses me. He pulls away for a minute and says "I have been wanting to do that for so long". I silence him by k… Read more

If you passed me by in the street? Romance

If you passed me in the street would you take a second glance. Would you start to dream about kissing my soft red lips hard and pulling me to you. Would kiss my neck and make breathless while your hands feel me. Take one nipple in your mouth and suckle while I moan and hold your head to keep you there. Then move to the other nipple as my hand moves down to feel you rise for me. Could you feel my hips lift to you and press into yours. then slide a… Read more

Romance Romance

A few weeks or so on the Kiwiswingers chat there was some discussion on
what boys like, there were various ribald answers, I asked what girls
like, and one of them said 'Romance'

Soo - A few words sort of fell together....

I asked you what girls do like?
And this is what you said.
"Romance me! Romance me!
If you want my bed.

Bring me wine and chocolates,
Fresh cut flowers too.
Do these little things for me,
and I'll be good f… Read more

Reunion Romance

She checked the time as she came through the front door. One hour till his flight arrives!, just enough time to get ready and meet him. She checked the phone for messages then went through to their bedroom, turning on the shower in the ensuite and stripping off the jeans and t-shirt she had worn as she dropped the children off at their grand parents. She stepped into the shower enjoying the feel of the water on her skin, but no time to linger tod… Read more

Tease - A poem inspired by webcam Romance

TEASE This is a poem I published a while ago. I hope you enjoy it.

Slowly, silently, sensually
finger tip brushing,
opaline nail teasing.
Following the parting
the sweet crimson
of your lips.
Corners turned upwards.
Eyes sparkling, inviting
unspoken words hanging
in the air
musk permeating every pore
glands straining to release.
Teasing, enticing,
ecstatic anticipation
as breathing stops.
Time, suspended.
Read more

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