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Seven stories

Some memorable encounters

Groomed. I’d been out and about drinking in the city. I dropped by the cafe because the light was on and talking to the girl cleaning up was a buxom woman in a bright dress that obviously she was wearing a bikini underneath. Immediately I felt her interes...


A morning to remember

She woke up, did not get what she asked for but got exactly what she wanted!

You wake up peacefully in our bed. Dark in the room, you ponder it must still be early. You lay still, not really wanting the day to start. Just wanting to stay relaxed in bed all day. Maybe pleasure yourself knowingly with your fingers. But, life must ha...

How best to apply sunscreen

Oral sex in the sun by the pool

One thing you wouldn't guess that turns me on? The smell of sunscreen. When I get a dose of that scent... I get a familiar glint in my eye, and you know what I’m thinking! I'd love to lay you down on a towel, face down outside by the pool on a sunny day....

From Palmy to Palm City: Part 6:

My tongue becomes her surfboard

I glance at the digital clock beside the motel room bed, the 4:30 late afternoon sun pouring brightly through the window. The sun wasn't the only thing about to go down... I whisper in my blindfolded woman's ear to sit on her knees with her legs apart and...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Wife Gives In and gets filled Part 2

He came back and spent the night

So he came back for another night, and this time spent the whole night with us.... We had an empty house to ourselves for the night and after a few afternoon drinks, decided to invite him over. His name is karl, and hes been working out. He came more prep...

Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

Wife Gives In and gets filled

Best night of her life..... so far

We had talked about it, and finally decided to do it. Our first MMF THREESOME as a couple. After searching for the perfect person, we found a guy that was well hung, presented, but a down to earth kiwi bloke. After exchanging emails, we invited him over....

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Boneless in Bali

Room service gets personal sometimes

The heat was glorious. I’d been lying there on the sun lounger for about half an hour, and had ditched the bikini completely after the first 10 minutes. There’s something deeply sensual about the sun and a light gentle breeze on bare skin, so my thoughts...


Easy like a Sunday morning...

Sometimes, a woman gets thoroughly spoiled... this was one of my turns

We had met for coffee earlier that week - an impromptu “so coffee, then?” after a few months of chatting online. The coffee meeting had gone well for me - I liked his green eyes, his height, and the breadth of his shoulders. The cheeky humour just as appa...

Testing limits

Her plaything

We met on KS, talked briefly a few times and really enjoyed Sarah's sexy mind but didn't expect anything more than chat. Out of the blue I get an email suggesting we should meet. Turns out hubby was away over seas and there was a twinkle in her eye. The a...