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From Palmy to Palm City: Part 6:

"My tongue becomes her surfboard"
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I glance at the digital clock beside the motel room bed, the 4:30 late afternoon sun pouring brightly through the window. The sun wasn't the only thing about to go down... I whisper in my blindfolded woman's ear to sit on her knees with her legs apart and hold onto the headboard. I lay on my back on the soft mattress and slide between her thighs, under her arse, pushing her legs a little wider until my shoulders were between them and her pussy was above my face. Slightly pink and swollen from my previous efforts, my tongue wanted it so badly again. I could see her big bouncing boobs, glorious nipples. My first touch was mischievious licks up her inner thighs, which brought an open lipped response as she exhaled quietly. Teasing is such fun. My tongue was greeted with nicely parted lips and I went for my slow circle movements once again, co-inciding with my left handed fingers doing circles around her anus. Quiet sounds of approval showed the attention was welcomed. I stitched to a few slow long straight licks upwards from vagina to clit, then sucked gently on her clit, using my lips and suction to draw it into my mouth without contact with my teeth, then resumed circles once again with a higher tempo. She tasted divine and suddenly bucked on my tongue as I failed with an attempt to slide a finger inside her arse. Clearly it wasn't welcomed so I withdrew and brought up the other hand to enter 2 fingers into her cunt instead. Past the fuzz of her longish pubes and the more distant boobs with now pert nipples, her face contorted into some only-during-sex-do-you-see-it expressions. The fingers inside her and tongue movements had clearly found some pleasure spots and was therefore reaching the peak of my own sexual enjoyment too. The joy of seeing the power of my tongue take a woman's cunt, nipples and face into its control. This is my kind of fun. A good view of it all, check. Pussy juices arriving, check. Arousing odours, check, Nipples erect, check. Head and chin flopping, check. Mouth smiling and gasping, check. The only thing I couldn't see was rolling eyes, but I could imagine the rolling behind the blindfold, of eyes that I still had never seen before.. As her noises grew more frequent, I clenched her butt cheeks gently in each hand as she came once again.. I so love be straddled while on my back and a woman surfing my tongue with her pussy. The sun was now down. It was 5.05. I covered her up in the duvet. Her lingerie that her and I were both wearing was scattered on the floor. My work with this blindfolded stranger was now done. For today anyway.

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