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The Chair

A simple everyday item becomes the focal point of an erotic evening

We sat quietly in the hotel room at dusk. The curtains were wide open allowing the red early evening light to enter the room. Leaving the curtains open brought a sense of adventure too, knowing that if somebody really wanted to, they might just be able to...

Bi MMF -someone else's fantasy, am I brave enough?

A fantasy inspired by chatting to someone on here - pushing some boundaries....

I'm in the hotel room. More specifically, I am laying on the bed naked wearing a collar, leash and a blindfold. The door is held slightly open to allow my visitors to get in. Despite my nervousness and second thoughts about my putting myself in such a vul...

From Palmy to Palm City: Part 6:

My tongue becomes her surfboard

I glance at the digital clock beside the motel room bed, the 4:30 late afternoon sun pouring brightly through the window. The sun wasn't the only thing about to go down... I whisper in my blindfolded woman's ear to sit on her knees with her legs apart and...


The Playlist

An innocent car ride....

I step out of the shower, beads of water running down my body, glistening. I grab a fluffy white towel from the towel rack and wrap it around me. My nerves have already begun. Deep breaths I tell myself. I head into the motel bedroom my outfit for the nig...


Private striptease

I was shopping for some new lingerie and the stranger offered to buy it for me so I offered to let him be the first to remove it

We have had a couple of really awesome adventures here but last night started something I can’t wait to explore. Feeling pretty mellow and quite naughty I put on a sexy blue corset and black skirt, a black coat over the top to keep me warm, and my fuck bu...


Birthday Party

Blindfold Fantasy

So I had always fantasised about being blindfolded and fucked by strangers, the thought of walking along the street and a guy walks by looks at me smiles cause he knows he fucked me and I have no idea was really hot. So on my 45th birthday ex tells me he...


Motel fantasy

what I wish would happen when I am in a hotel travelling for work

I tend to travel for work a lot and spend a lot of evenings in my hotel or in a bar / restaurant with a table for 1. I fantasise about meeting a dominant / assertive woman and for her to use me for her pleasure. Anyone like the sound of the following? The...

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The Table

Setting the Table for her pleasure

I had prepared the area carefully. As she came up the stairs, she would see it through the open double doors, it would be directly in front of her. I had, of course, primed her with pictures to whet her appetite, but I knew that the impact when she saw it...