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Birthday Party

"Blindfold Fantasy"
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So I had always fantasised about being blindfolded and fucked by strangers, the thought of walking along the street and a guy walks by looks at me smiles cause he knows he fucked me and I have no idea was really hot. So on my 45th birthday ex tells me he has a surprise for me, he tells me to get myself sexied up, put on my fav lingerie, so I did as I was told, cause I'm a good girl 😁 He then told me to get on bed and blindfolds me. It went quiet for a while then I hear voices, then there's a mouth on one of my boobs and another on the other. Then another mouth/tongue kissing me. I was fucked, sucked, licked, cum on all night. It was fucking mindblowing and to this day, other than my ex I have no idea who the others were. A few months later the ex and I were at a bar having a good time. Both a little drunk and I'm a friendly type anyway without alcohol, anywho am chatting away to a table of people both male and female, we are all just having a good time, Warriors playing on big screen even better. I'm dancing with whoever is on the dancefloor and this guy comes up to me and says, you were a great fuck. I turn and look at him and not sure what I heard was right, its noisy, I yell in his ear pardon and he says I'd love to fuck you. Long story short I introduce him to my ex, we have a great night and the 3 of us cab it back to our place. He gets what he wants and I'm stuck on what I thought I heard him say first to me, so I ask both of them if he was one of my blindfold fucks for my birthday, they both denied it but me thinks he was.

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