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Bi MMF -someone else's fantasy, am I brave enough?

"A fantasy inspired by chatting to someone on here - pushing some boundaries...."
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I'm in the hotel room. More specifically, I am laying on the bed naked wearing a collar, leash and a blindfold. The door is held slightly open to allow my visitors to get in. Despite my nervousness and second thoughts about my putting myself in such a vulnerable position, I am hard as a rock and quivering with excitement. This all began a couple of months ago when I got chatting to a rather cool and flirtatious woman, let's call her Jess, in the chat room on KS. We got talking about fantasies. Jess said she had always wanted to experience a bi mmf 3-some. I told her that that I was interested in being dominated by a couple. The fantasies became merged in the discussion. We continued to exchange messages and chats. Then one day I got a message with instructions to book a hotel and how to present myself. So here I am... After what seems like an age, I hear the door open and whispered giggles as people enter the room. I feel a hand brush over my body, I tense with anticipation. I hear a Jess's voice whispering in my ear "good boy, we just need to bind those hands and then we can begin". In a weak and nervous voice I give my consent and offer up my hands which are quickly cuffed. Next she tell me "Good, now before I get to you, I need to get to know Mike a little better. Say hi Mike". I don't hear a reply from Mike, just the sound of 2 people kissing and wresting with each others clothes as they climb onto the best next to me. The sound of their passionate kissing and moaning as they make out right next to me drives me wild. Mike speaks for the first time. "I think someone needs to get you wet before I fuck you". Someone pushed my hands over my head just before she reverses herself onto my face. She seems pretty wet already as she manoeuvres her pussy onto my mouth and tongue. Being a good slave, I go to work with my tongue and do one of my favourite things and tease and worship her pussy. It sounds like she is enjoying herself as she grinds herself into my face. There is movement on the bed as Mike gets up and demands Jess sucks his cock. I hear the unmistakable of Jess giving Mike an energetic and deep BJ. It is not long before I feel Jess tense and shudder as she begins to climax. I keep teasing her clit with my tongue as she cums on my now soaked face. She climbs off and turns around to give me a deep passionate kiss, I am hit by the taste of his cock on her lips and tongue. "I think you might deserve a treat" she says as she orders me up into my knees. Next thing she is kissing me again, but pulling Mike's cock close to our mouths. I'm really not too sure about this, but go with it as I want to do anything to please here. Next thing Mike's cock is mixed up in our kiss, then my head is grabbed as he thrusts himself into my mouth. This carries on for a while, Jess telling me how turned on this is making her. Guiding my hand to her vagina so that I can feel just how wet all this is making her. Before long Jess is demanding that Mike fuck her. I am ordered to lay on my back as she climbs above me as if we are about to 69. Finally my blindfold is removed, just in time to see Mike's cock penetrate her right in front of my face. There is nothing I can do to keep out of the way as his balls sway inches from my face. From time to time, the actions slows down as Jess brings her pussy onto my face and I am forced to lick her, sometimes with some cock in the mix too. I am intoxicated by the sounds, smell and taste of the sex happening right in front of my face. This seems to go on for an eternity until Mike announces he is getting close. With a wicked grin on her face, Jess turns around and kisses me. "I'll let you fuck me if you suck his cock whilst you do it". All this time, I have had no stimulation at all and am desperate to get some stimulation. I can do nothing but nod. Jess lays down as I prepare to enter her. Finally mu cuffs are removed. I cannot resist a bit more of a taste, but my leash is pulled tight by Jess and then Mike. As I enter Jess just as Mike, who is sound standing by the bed, pushes his cock into my mouth. I struggle with my rhythm but manage to get something going. Mainly as Mike is essentially fucking my face. I sneak a peak at Jess, she looks like she is in ecstasy. She told me when we chatted this is the thing she wanted to do the most. Who am I to decline such a sexy woman her wishes? The moment I dread happens pretty quickly as I feel Mike tense in my mouth as he starts to cum. I am humiliated as Mike blows his load in my mouth and all over my face. My discomfort is slightly relieved as Jess pulls my leash and drags my face to her, kissing me and licking the cum off my face as we continue to fuck. In doing so, Jess tenses as she cums again. Then it all ends, Jess pushes me away before I get to cum. I am left alone on the bed as she and Mike head off to the shower together.

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