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21 May 2021

From Palmy to Palm City: Part 4. Helping myself

Exploring the contents of her lacy black knickers....


4 minute read

I glanced and checked the black mask still covered her eyes. Below her nose, her lips were gently together in a relaxed state, oh so inviting. But now it was time to head further south. She still hadn't ever set eyes on me. At this point I gently grabbed her hand in mine and then moved my butt around and rubbed her hand over my panty-clad arse. I loved the feel of her warm hands around the curves of my bum. The feel of her warm hands on the silky material of her knickers that I was wearing. Ever so slowly I moved her hand over the front of the panties. The feeling of me guiding her hand slowly moving over the silkiness that contained my cock was an out of this world thing entirely. I put fingers lightly across her torso in random lines and circles across her torso, just the faintest of fingertip touches. After half a dozen I drove my finger lightly into her belly button, causing her stomach muscles to contract. She was a bigger girl, but with skin this smooth I couldn't care less. I went back to her torso, covering her stomach with light kisses. Then my tongue lightly doing slow circles around her tummy. I moved my body so that my kisses went below the knickers to her inner thighs where I teasingly edged closer to the crotch and the knicker's treasure box. Fuck, she looked so good and ready... I walked to the foot of the bed, put my knees up on it between her shapely calves and grabbed the waistband of her knickers. With a swift movement I pulled down and she obligingly raised her hips to give clearance for them to be withdrawn to her knees. A big bush of pubes was now exposed. Further up an expectant smile was on her mouth. I quickly re-positioned my body and buried my mouth between her thighs. Things opened up down there fairly quickl;y. On first contact, she instantly transferred her wetness onto my face. The area between my nose and top lip immediately had the strong smell and taste of wet cunt before my tongue had even started. I inhaled and felt my own panty-clad cock fighting with the waistband of the knickers I was wearing. I set to work, gently, lightly at first. Then teasing circles. Long slow licks the full length of her slit. Darting flicks towards the top of her clit. I mixed it up, though with a slightly increasing tempo. I started to hear more groans of ecstasy from the head of the bed. My hands were bored, so they went wandering. At first the left hand went north. Tongue still going, the hand lightly teased the torso until it reached her breast, Coinciding with tongue circles, my finger did circles around her nipple. Then I suddenly made contact with the nipple and did a spontaneous tweak as I did a long hard lick inside her widening lips. My other hand simultaneously slid 2 fingers inside her vagina... She gasped and arched back. I continued licking and fingerfucking. The time between moans became less and less and I could feel her vagina pulsing around my fingers. Very quickly there was no silent moments at all and I could feel her shoulders and head writhing in ecstasy at the top of the bed. She flushed with a little more wetness and then her hands reached to gab my shoulders as she came, and then she lightly pushed me back to withdraw. I sat up a little. Her face was rosy-cheeked. I moved my knees off the end of the bed and stood up, walked around to the side, She stayed motionless. I pulled the duvet across, covering over her exposed bum, the knickers around her knees and half on bra. I jumped in bed next to her to be greeted by the masked face saying the first word of the afternoon. "Fuck!" was all she said. I put my finger across her lips. No words were supposed to be spoken. I rolled us both over, to relax in her post orgasm glory. I spooned her. t wasn't long before she broke the rules again.

Tags: bbw, blindfold, crossdressing, motel, orgasm

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