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The Chair

"A simple everyday item becomes the focal point of an erotic evening"
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Author's Notes

"First story here. I hope you enjoy it. A truncated retelling of an enjoyable evening from a few years ago."

We sat quietly in the hotel room at dusk. The curtains were wide open allowing the red early evening light to enter the room. Leaving the curtains open brought a sense of adventure too, knowing that if somebody really wanted to, they might just be able to see in slightly.

The centre of the room was clear except for a single upright dining chair with a soft leather seat. I poured two glasses of red wine and we both took a small sip.

"I'd like to see you on that chair." She put her glass down and slowly moved across the room wearing only her bra and underwear. She sat down backwards on the chair with her arms crossed on top of the chair's back. I took a second small sip of wine, put my glass down and moved across the room wearing trousers and a shirt and carrying a blindfold. I stood behind her and ran the blindfold very slowly down her neck and back.

"Keep your eyes straight ahead." My hands slipped the blindfold over the top of her head and down across her eyes. My hands kept in contact with her neck, shoulders and I stopped at the elbows. Gently, I moved her arms behind her back until her wrists touched.

Taking a small length of rope from my bag, I made a handcuff loop and placed it around her wrists. She let out a small groan as I drew the soft rope tighter around her wrists. It was comfortable but it kept her wrists bound securely. I stood back and found what I saw to be an incredibly pleasurable view.

"Slide back a little." She moved in the seat, arching her back so her butt hung slightly over the chair and her breasts rested against the chair back. The excellent view just got even better.

I knelt on the floor behind her. I brought my mouth down to her right ankle. Starting there I began to lightly kiss up the side of her leg. Moving slowly up, calf, knee, thigh. She began to press and grind her hips down, applying pressure to the chair. My mouth reached her right cheek and the grinding of her hips increased. I moved my body so that my chest pressed against her ass as I kissed the small of her back. I ran both my hands up the inside of her thighs gradually and repetitively, always stopping before I got too high.

I stood back and observed the sight before me once more. Taking a glass of water, I stood in front of her. I ran my fingers delicately from her chest, up her neck to her mouth. Her lips parted and tried to take my fingers in her mouth. I slowly drew them away but brought the glass of water to her lips instead. She thirstily gulped from it, spilling some of the cold liquid. It trickled down her neck and to her bra. She sharply drew in a breath at the cold sensation and grinned.

Putting the glass down, I brought my mouth to her ear and whispered, "You will wait here for me. You will keep your eyes facing forward and imagine the sensation of me sliding inside you. I went to the shower, leaving the door open so she could hear everything. I took a thorough hot shower, enjoying the thought of her anticipation building. When I returned, dry and naked, dusk had turned to night and the room was only dimly lit by the city glow through the windows. She was forcefully grinding against the seat with an incredible expression on her face. Pleasure and anticipation in equal measures. That was more than enough to make me instantly hard.

As I approached her she desperately opened her mouth. Realising that enough teasing had gone on for both of us, I brought my cock to her mouth. She let out a desperate noise and hungrily took me in her mouth. I couldn't restrain myself any more and slid my left hand to her ass and round under her underwear. My fingers glided over her wet pussy and her mouth's grip on my cock intensified. One finger slide gently inside. I pulled it out and brought it to my mouth so I could taste her.

I moved from the front of her and knelt down behind, pulling her underwear to one side. Running my tongue slowly around her clit and deep between her lips, I greedily wanted to taste all of her. She arched her back even further and pushed her pussy against my mouth. Feeling her hips enthusiastically writhe against my face was bliss. My hands grabbed her ass and I wanted to hold as much as I could fit in each hand as she thrust against me. Exploring and tasting her was incredible, especially after such a long and drawn out build-up.

It was time to switch things up I thought, so I reluctantly withdrew my face from between her thighs. I moved my hands to her wrists and loosened the rope and blindfold. She turned around and grinned at me. Standing up she said to me, "Lie down." I did as I was told.

She removed her underwear and bra then picked up the rope. Having a determined-looking woman standing over me with a rope is a sight not easily forgotten. She quickly spun around and squatted down over my face, her wet pussy right above me. Grabbing my cock in her left hand and holding the rope in her right, she began to push her pussy into my face, grinding into me. I was in heaven as I greedily explored and tasted her. Feeling a sting on my thigh, I realise that she had whipped me lightly with the rope. My cock throbbed in her hand even more. Again, the rope cracked down on my thigh. It stung but felt incredible.

She hastily climbed off me, spun around, grabbed my cock and slid me inside her. We both groaned as she brought her mouth down to mine. Grabbing my hair with one hand we finally kissed intensely and impatiently. The intensity of the moment, her grinding back and forth on top of me and our mouths dancing all over each other was incredible.

Our lips parted and she sat upright on me, rapidly thrusting on top of me with her eyes closed. Both her hands gripped my chest hard. I began to feel her nails dig into me. The sensation was intense, I couldn't get enough of it.

I could tell by the incredible look on her face that she was close so I licked two fingers, moved my hips and tucked my fingers up against her clit. Rubbing lightly, her eyes opened wide and she nodded intensely. Her mouth curled up as she came. Her body shook and writhed on top of me with her nails firmly dug into my chest.


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