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How best to apply sunscreen

"Oral sex in the sun by the pool"
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Published 1 month ago

One thing you wouldn't guess that turns me on? The smell of sunscreen. When I get a dose of that scent... I get a familiar glint in my eye, and you know what I’m thinking! I'd love to lay you down on a towel, face down outside by the pool on a sunny day. Your skin is warm to the touch and I’d slowly peel your bikini off.  I'd untie your top and slip it from under you and then kiss my way down your naked back to the crack of your butt. I'd slip my fingers under your bikini bottoms and slowly roll them halfway down your thighs. Just halfway. I'd slowly spread your cheeks and slide my tongue along your arse and down to your pussy spreading your legs as far as your togs will let me. You’d close your eyes and enjoy feeling of my tongue pushing around your pussy and swirling around your butt... the gentle exciting pleasure awakening g your desire. Then I'd pull your bikini bottoms off all the way and begin to rub sunscreen into your skin. Making you slick and your skin soft and moist. I'd rub it gently into your back and then down the backs of your legs and then roll you over so I can rub it into your neck, your arms, all over your breasts and under them. Along your stomach and spreading your legs where I can see a tiny little bit of moisture starting to seep from your pussy. Your lips are smooth and beautiful, the soft hair glistening shiny in the morning sun. I'd rub the sunscreen into your legs, and thighs and around your pussy, giving it no more attention than is strictly required to apply the cream. Then on down your calves and to your little feet. I'd then return to your pussy... which has been desperately wanting attention, but so neglected this whole time. Lying there on your back you haven't a care in the world... you know no-one is watching and couldn't care if they were... the man you love is between your legs and has his tongue deep inside you. You just know that he loves to make you come. And come you will. I have my tongue inside you slipping in and out of your tight little pussy and then snaking it up to your clit where I stay for a few minutes. Gently licking, sucking, using my lips to gently pleasure you, and then return to your wonderful tasting and smooth pussy. I’ll gently wet and then slide two fingers inside, first one, then the other. I move back to your clit where I start licking you faster and harder now, using my other hand to play with your breasts. Reaching up, rolling your nipples between thumb and forefinger, grasping, squeezing, until you come in a mighty explosion. I can feel your clit pulsing in my mouth. I know how sensitive it is when you come so I just hold my mouth against you, between my lips as I press me to you. You slowly start to come down and I look up at you and catch you looking down at me... your baby blue eyes sparkling in the sun. Just the way I remembered when we first met that day by the pool.

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