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On Kapiti Coast

"Morning sex on the beach"
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Published 1 month ago

We’d spent the night camping on the beach. The surf is very quietly lapping against the shore. It’s early morning g in the summer, the light not yet with us. We’re lying tucked up in bed inside the tent. Curled, entwined together, spooning, naked. I revel in the warmth of your skin, the smell of your hair. You’re still asleep, peacefully resting. I love this moment, this secret moment, and I hold it just for me. It is just becoming dawn and I watch as our world slowly turns from from grey, into the myriad colours. I marvel at the changes. Your skin becomes a golden brown under the morning light. Your lips a beautiful hue of ocre. The blonde hair, floating across the pillow, a rich straw colour. I hold you close and I kiss your neck. You stir and stretch. Your lithe frame presses back against mine, my cock starting to respond. It’s cold, the covers fall from your breast, exposing a nipple. I cover it with m hand and roll your little nipples in my fingers. Nuzzling you from behind, I kiss your skin. Gently biting, sucking, kissing. You feel warm and sultry in my embrace. You turn towards me and we kiss. Softly our lips meet, our breath mixing as our bodies tell each other things for which there are no words. Our tongues touching, searching, more urgently now with the power of our passion and lust. I move my hands lower, to your legs, and your sex and find you already have some moisture there. I wet my fingers in my mouth and gentry rub your pussy lips with my fingertips, opening you to my touch. Teasing, touching, tenderly. You can feel my cock pressing into your back. You reach behind you, stroking me to my full hardness ‘give me this’ you say. You’re barely wet enough, but I place my cock at the entrance to your pussy and pull you close as I slowly push myself into you. The tight feeling you give me is nearly too much for me, but I move slowly inside you... your eyes are closed as you feel me stretching you as I slowly push deeper into your body. I wait for a while before we begin to move together as one. I kiss you, and kiss you and kiss you. With my arms around you and me inside you, I feel like a god. We move so well together, all my senses firing together that it is not long before I can feel myself about to come. The feel of your skin against mine, the scent of our sex, combined with the intensity of the moment all combine. I want to wait for you to catch me up, but can't, I try to slow down but you speed up, wanting me to come inside you. This starts me to coming and I erupt inside you, the sensation of my fingers on your nipples and my orgasm sends you closer to your orgasm, we come together, panting. In the bliss we kiss, softly, and tell each other that we love each other... I love you, and feel so close to you in this moment. We kiss and can hear the waves and the birds beginning to move around on the beach, we are alone, but for each other in our lives.

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